Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Video links: Comedy gems (22)

I almost didn't manage to write a video links post for this week. So this one is quick and dirty.

Here are some more of my favorite clips featuring testicular injury played for laughs.

The kick from behind in the next clip is made particularly funny by the sound effect and the ensuing dialogue: "Do you know how painful this is?" - "I don't know because I'm a girl." Duh!

Skip to 3:25

Here's an awesome funny fight scene that has two instances of testicular damage in it. I love the soprano "Ouch!"

Are you interested in a thoughtful entry in the debate about gender differences? No? But you are interested in seeing a handsome young man getting kicked in the nuts, right? Well, here we have both!

The whole segment of this comedy show is dedicated to one long joke about a man getting hit in the nuts. I don't understand a word that is said - but the language of nutshot comedy is universal, isn't it?

Some men are hot, some men are funny. Here's an example how a man can be hot AND funny!

What's your favorite nutshot comedy scene? Let me know by sending an email ( or by leaving a comment!


Anonymous said...

Lol.. thanks. We need the English transcription of the Las Noches del Futbal clip. I was just hoping he'd be wearing a nice pair of briefs!

Alex said...

You are right: Can anybody help us with the translation? And yeah, briefs would have been nice... :-))