Saturday, February 29, 2020

Check out @whiteworm10's ballbusting artwork!

Artwork created by @whiteworm10

If you're following my twitter account you have probably seen my recent retweets of some fabulous ballbusting artwork by a wonderful artist called White Worm. His twitter feed @whiteworm10 is full of delightfully kinky artwork, covering all kinds of topics like SM and bondage, public humiliation, forced shrinking, body modification, white male anxiety, farting, small penis humilation, and (YES!) ballbusting.

The pictures in this post are some of my favorites from his twitter feed, and there are a few others. Follow @whiteworm10 on twitter and have a look at all his wonderful kinky art!

Artwork created by @whiteworm10


Kevin said...

I would love a story based off that top pic

Anonymous said...

Yes PLEASE. Could you include it in your snapshot series, Alex

Alex said...

That's a fantastic idea! Thanks for your comments, guys! :-))