Friday, April 2, 2021 Original Videos: Let's retire your balls, bro!

Most of you already know it: Our bro Toby Springs has retired from the business, and for all that we know he'll never bust Fluffy's balls again. Before he started this new part of his life we managed to shoot one final clip with him. We gave him the chance to say goodbye to his bullbusting bro - and oh, did he enjoy it! Here it is, the final Original Video featuring our beloved ballbusting bro Toby Springs. It's not the end of our videos - but it is the end of an era.

Let's retire your balls, bro!
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 20 min
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Toby Springs is leaving - but not without saying goodbye to his bro Fluffy's balls! When Fluffy agrees to Toby' proposal he has no idea what he is in for! Toby makes the most of this final ballbusting session with his buddy by making him strip him naked and busting his balls in every way imaginable: he knees that ball bag and punches it, he kicks those rapidly swelling nuts from the front and from behind, he slaps and squeezes them - and he even brings out the boxing gloves for an extended speed bag ballbusting exercise that makes Fluffy's balls bounce wildly in his sack. The farewell turns into a retirement party - for Fluffy's balls! After all: When Toby is gone what good are Fluffy's balls anyway?! This clip is filled with awesome ballbusts and a great, fun atmosphere between the two bros. Toby is enjoying his final ballbusting session tremendously, and it's a joy to watch him busting Fluffy's balls. The final kick has to be seen to be believed - it's a sendoff that Fluffy's kids will feel... Goodbye, Toby, and thank you for everything you have done! 

My opinion:
This is clip #20, and it's the end of an era, but there is nothing sad about this clip. On the contrary: It's filled with fun and joy and bromantic excitement - and tremendous pain for poor Fluffy. Watching the footage I couldn't help but thinking about all those times that Toby busted Fluffy's balls, crushing those nuts time and time and time again. Other performers would have held back or taken it easy, knowing that this is the last clip. But both Toby and Fluffy are absolutely determined to make us happy until the very end, giving it their all. I could not be happier with how the clip turned out. It's a great ending for a great series of clips!

We will continue making ballbusting videos but this is your last chance to enjoy watching Toby bust some balls. And trust me: You will enjoy it!


 😈 The nut cam is back! 😈

After the tremendous success of Toby's ballbusting self defense, we shot this clip with two cameras again, giving you some awesome close-up action with several instant replays and slow motion deliciousness. You will love it!

😈 Fluffy's family tree 😈

Toby is as verbal as ever, and it's so hot to hear him talk about trimming Fluffy's family tree: "I almost feel like I would do your family tree a favor by, like - KRCHCK - ending it. [chuckles] Just like: KRCHCK - no more after you!" Toby is one hell of a tree-trimmer!

😈 A tip from the pro 😈

Toby is enjoying his final ballbusting session with Fluffy very much - but he never forgets to give some advice to his bros. Like when he kicks Fluffy in the nuts from behind several times (at around the 9 minute mark). He tells us: "The secret is: When you kick, bring up the foot a little bit, so if your whole foot doesn't hit it at least you'll have the toes that get 'em." You are such a great teacher, Toby!

😈 Bromance 😈

Toby and Fluffy are having a lot of fun in this clip. They both very obviously enjoy working with each other, they are comfortable with each other, and there are several moments of genuine fun and bro-ish humor. I know there are people who say that Toby and Fluffy are doing this for money (they are - it is their job, duh) so they can't possibly have fun. Well, those people have obviously never seen a full clip. These guys are best bros, and it shows!

😈 Tricking him 😈

Poor Fluffy! His balls suffer so much in this clip - and adding insult to injury is the fact that Toby tricks him several times: He fakes a kick, only to deliver it a second later to devestating effect; or he lulls Fluffy into a false sense of security by going into a monologue that sounds like it will go on for a while - only to hit him in the nuts mid-sentence. Hilarous and painful - it never gets old!

😈 Return of the speedbag 😈

Oh, the good old speedbag nutsack routine! Toby is a master at this (after originating it in Toby's ballbusting workout and doing it again in Wheel of nut pain), so he just couldn't pass up the chance to speedbag Fluffy's ballsack one final time. Fluffy's ballsack is perfect for speedbagging, and Toby is sooo good at it! There's a wonderful slow motion replay here so you see those nuts fly around.It's a great, great sight!

😈 If these balls could talk... 😈

One of the funniest moments comes near the end of the clip, when Toby talks to Fluffy's swollen nuts. "I think they're gonna miss me", he says. "We had wonderful times together." Fluffy replies: "I'm not sure they think so." - "Oh, they do", Toby says. "They're saying: [funny voice] 'Thank you for busting us!'" And if that weren't funny enough, Toby follows it up with a great palm strike to the sack that brings Fluffy to his knees. Comedy gold!

😈 Breaking the balls - and the fourth wall 😈

Toby turns to us, his audience, in the very final minute of the clip. He sounds very sincere when he says how much he enjoyed busting Fluffy's balls - but Toby wouldn't be Toby if he didn't lighten up this moment by smacking his bro in the balls. Toby, we'll miss you, too!

Bottom line:
Bye-bye, balls!

Let's retire your balls, bro!
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 20 min
Price: $19.99 $14.99
Quality Guarantee:
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