Friday, April 9, 2021

The championship rematch: Bartlet vs. Midtown (part 1) - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the first part of The championship rematch, an exciting two part episode of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.
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Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Jayden could not believe that it was finally Friday. After a very full week his plans overall were pretty successful, and it all came down to this: his match against Aldo. Aldo and he would be competing in the tie breaking state championship match as the only two wrestlers that did not cheat during their championship match. This was to decide the fate and break the tie. Whoever won this match would either win it all or for their team, or lose the championship. After last month’s meet the other wrestlers knew what was at stake, and what to expect: sabotage from Midtown. As soon as Jayden arrived at school with his older brother Gino he was sheltered from room to room. On top of that he even had partners when he went to the bathroom from his Bartlet wrestlers. While Jayden appreciated the support, being followed was not something that he wanted to have on an ongoing basis, and he was very happy when the school day ended without incident.

That’s not to say that people did not try to take him out. Kim launched many various attacks on him throughout the day, his favorite was when Kim was sliding down the railway staircase trying to kick him. It almost worked but Gino threw a well-timed time punch that hit Kim in the face and caused him to tumble down to the next railing legs spread wide. Jayden did not see the drop, but he heard the fall. The sad wet splat and the high pitch scream that echoed from Kim’s throat rocked the staircase. He high-fived his older brother as he led him to the lunchroom.

While Kim was out for the rest of the day nursing his balls in the nurse’s station, plenty of Midtown supporters continued to show-up but Jayden’s guard kept him safe. Jayden was more than happy to be stepping onto the mat, ready to end this final match with Aldo as quickly as possible.

Aldo was a fresh face in Midtown’s lineup. He had no prior wrestling experience in his past, but was eager to try something new. Aldo can usually be found in the pool, as he is a swimmer on Jayden’s previous swim team and is currently dating Leroy, Jayden’s ex. Although, he set the two of them up Jayden is quite happy knowing that Leroy finally got the boy that he had a crush on for so long. Aldo’s swimmer body, and tight muscles were highlighted in the soft sky blue singlet that showed off his growing young muscly frame. Jayden was used to seeing him in much less, but he would not let Aldo’s good looks distract him from taking the championship title. He had a job to do.

Logan and Gino rubbed his shoulders giving him encouragements and building him up, right until it was time for the match to start. Coach Johnson paused the match right before it was to begin and walked over to him to speak alone.

“Jayden, do me a favor. Take a dive tonight, and let Aldo win.”

“What?” Jayden asks incredulous that his coach would ask something like this from him, his jaw falling open in shock.

“Think of what it would look like,” says Coach Johnson stepping forward his eyes flicking to Jayden’s crotch.

Jayden’s eyes also follow Coach Johnson and he sees that he was starting to chub up, a frequent occurrence before big matches such as this. Plus he was excited to get his hands on Aldo. Jayden shifts his legs, but the movement does nothing to block his growing erection.

“We don’t want a fag to represent us. Lose Jayden. This is your last match, you are off my team.”

Jayden is completely taken aback and finds himself dumbfounded. Jayden feels as if his heart stops beating in his chest. Jayden wants to say something, anything to his coach but his mouth had gone dry and he stares at his white and red sneakers in utter embarrassment, the color draining from his face. Coach Johnson pats his shoulder and gives him a sad smile, as he walks off of the mat.

Jayden feels all eyes on him and is dimly aware of when the bell rings out and Aldo rushes up to face him. In all his life, he has never before been called a “fag.” The word used so casually cut him so deep it left him feeling hollow inside. Jayden just had time to see the dark bright eyes of Aldo as he spears him in the middle dropping him to the mat.

Before Jayden can get his breath back, the referee has called the first call in Aldo’s favor: Midtown 1, Bartlet 0.

Logan is next to him in an instant before he even tries to climb to his feet.

“What happened?” his captain asks, concern in his voice.

“I…I froze,” Jayden says his tongue feels fat in his mouth, and he tries hard not to cry. Jayden feels so defeated, and it has nothing to do with Aldo’s pin.

“Hey, it happens,” Logan says smiling, not knowing what is really bothering him. The warm is genuine and Jayden knows instantly that Coach Johnson and his friend are not on the same page. “It’s only the first fall. He has to pin you twice more. He won’t be able to get you twice more.” Logan’s determination and confidence in him usually raises his spirits, but for once Logan’s words do not reach him.

Jayden knows that he is supposed to respond, but he does not. Coach Johnson’s voice is all he hears in his head, the line repeating over and over again: ‘We don’t want a fag to represent us.’

Logan sees that Jayden is not all there, and he grabs his chin roughly turning his focus to him. “Wherever you are, come back to me Jayden. You have this. You are a better wrestler than him. Take him out.”

Jayden nods his head, unconvincingly. “Do you want me on the team?” he asks, his voice soft as a breath of air, his heart beating faster as he waits for Logan’s answer.

Logan’s eyebrows crease, and his blue eyes seem thoughtful and soften at his question. “Of course Jayden, where is this coming from?”

“Logan, get back here! Jayden has a match to finish!” Coach Johnson yells across to him.

Logan turns and stands, his eyes fierce and squinting at his coach. “I’m not done talking to my wrestler.”

“Yes, you are. Get off the mat.”

Logan still glaring reaches a hand down, Jayden takes it climbing to his feet to stand next to his tall captain whose chest puffs up as he turns back to Jayden. “Whatever Coach Johnson said to you,” Logan says introspectively. “He does not speak for me, or our team. Play for me Jayden, pretend I am the only one watching. He doesn’t matter.”

“I’m not going to repeat myself!” Coach Johnson bellows, his face full of agitation as he throws his blue jacket on his metal foldout chair.

“I’ll do it Logan,” Jayden says.

“Good, because I would not trust anyone else to finish him. If I could put anyone against Aldo Jayden, I would have chosen you. And I will continue to do so,” Logan says giving Jayden’s shoulder a firm squeeze and stalking off across the gym ready to confront Coach Johnson.

While the match was supposed to be the focus on the wrestling room, all eyes were drawn to the heated match between Coach Johnson and the wrestling Captain. Logan and Johnson glare at each other, and the word battle between them is lost to Jayden as the bell rings again. This time, Jayden is not a frozen statue, he is ready to participate.

Jayden runs forward to confront Aldo, the two fourteen-year-olds clash together each battling for an upper hand. Grappling with Aldo, Jayden notices some important facts. While the two may be the same height Jayden seems to hold more raw power as he spins Aldo around and leg sweeps him, dropping him to the mat below. Jayden about to pin Aldo is stopped cold by a well-placed elbow to his guts. Jayden releases a breath of air, as Aldo climbs out of Jayden grasp and launches himself at him while he clutches his abdomen.

Aldo’s features are unreadable as he grapples with Jayden, both on their knees their arms locked together scrambling to get the upper hand against one another. Jayden powers forward, and Aldo’s eyes widen as he topples over Jayden landing on top. Jayden is about to pin him again, but Aldo sneaks in another elbow this time hitting lower, much lower. Jayden feels Aldo’s pointy elbow sink deep into his right ball and he lets out a soft groan, whimpering out loud “Ow.”

Aldo feels his elbow easily digging into Jayden’s ball, he was a little off in his strike but the meaty orb that he did find digs deep, skewering the ball in Jayden’s pouch. Aldo taking full advantage of the weakness Jayden portrays, flipping him onto his back and moves in for a second pin fall. Jayden lurches up at the last possible moment much to frustration of Aldo who hides a punch downwards nailing both of Jayden’s testicles to the mat, this time smooshing them both successfully.

“My boynuts!” Jayden says with exasperation. His voice drowns out, by a second even more devastating punch into his sac. Aldo’s fist dug knuckles deep into his vulnerables, his singlet providing little to no protection as the fist digs deep.

Aldo is smiling now as pulls Jayden against his tight swimmers frame, “What’s the matter Jayden, your huevos feeling fragile?” Aldo whispers in his ear, his mouth so close that he can smell Jayden’s rich boyish aroma.

“You dick,” Jayden murmurs back, one hand wrapping protectively around his big nuts, which do not fit in one of his hands easily plenty of weak parts are left exposed. “We were supposed to fight honorably, the only two that didn’t cheat.”

“Screw that idea!” Laughs Aldo, “I’m here to win!” Aldo’s dark eyes full of mischief match the mirth in his smile as he eyes Jayden’s painful expressions, as he cradles his wounded boys.

Jayden is forced to admit, that he was treating Aldo with kid gloves. He did not want to hurt his friend, especially now that he is Leroy’s boyfriend, but the low blows have had their desired effect on him, and he can feel his strength starting to fade. Jayden cannot afford to continue to take Aldo’s treatment and still win. On top of that the referee is the eldest in the league, his eyesight and hearing are going, he seems to be oblivious to all the low blows that have taken place thus far. Meaning…if he was going to dish out some low blows of his own, this is the match to do it.

Aldo launches another strike, again going low. Jayden turns his hip at the last moment so that Aldo’s fist bounces off of his butt, before he grabs Aldo is a classic wrestling grapple forcing him to go on the defensive as he applies pressure with his upper body. Aldo redirects his efforts, teeth gnashing, brow crinkling trying to force Jayden backwards. Jayden almost chuckles, Aldo’s newness on the mat is showing through now. Immediately Aldo should have known to not get into a strength battle with an opponent that is stronger than he is. Aldo’s pride is showing and Jayden uses that to his advantage. With one great shove Jayden knocks Aldo on his butt. Jayden scoops him up slams Aldo over his knee in a back bend stretching his body out painfully as Aldo’s arms and legs flurry on either side of Jayden’s knee. The move opens up Aldo’s lower half for him to explore as it juts out.

Jayden hears Aldo’s grunts as he tries to maneuver out of the hold, while Jayden spies Aldo’s packed package. Aldo’s veiny penis is pointing straight up and to the left, while his balls hang low poking out like two overlarge hanging apples on a low branch. Jayden smiles as he wraps a hand around both of Aldo’s vulnerable heavy nuts. Aldo freezes in his struggles, and Jayden hears him take in a breath full of concern. Jayden gives a warning squeeze, his fingers tip tapping along the bottoms and sides of the sensitive boyish testicles. Jayden is amazed by how much he is packing, and his grin widens as he explores the rounded in danger testicles in his fist.

“Jayden,” Aldo gulps struggling against Jayden’s leg bind, trying to get free. “You aren’t going to…” his voice drops off because Jayden gives him another squeeze this one lasting longer.

“Not going to what?” Jayden asks innocently, as he treats Aldo’s huevos to another squeeze, this time adding a twist and pull making his opponent suck in his cheeks and groan out a familiar painful sound.

“My huevos, you have my huevos!” Aldo’s dark eyes cross while Jayden manipulates the two orbs squashing them into a single mound enjoying the look of helplessness crossing his face.

“You can tap out,” suggests Jayden using his other hand to press Aldo’s chest further into the mat as he overextends the leg bend at least making an attempt at showing that he is wrestling and not man-handling Aldo’s junk as his priority targets.

“Fuck that,” Aldo groans again. Jayden’s other hand keeping him too far away from his privates to do much to stop him, but still he fights on straining his chest and upper body trying to get out of the hold.

Jayden only chuckles at Aldo’s efforts and then increases his hand hold, really amping up the pressure between Aldo’s thighs and mashing the boy’s nuts in his palm, his fingers plunging deep into the balls centers. The dense nuts pulsate between his fingers as he manipulates and manhandles Aldo’s junk. All of sudden Aldo goes still and Jayden witnesses the pain becoming too much for him and with a long, low sad groan he begins to tap out acknowledging defeat.

Jayden let’s go immediately popping up. The score moves to: Midtown 1 and Bartlet 1. The match is now tied.

Logan and his brother Gino are the loudest among the wrestlers on Jayden’s team cheering on his first fall, and the audience on the Bartlet side of the gymnasium start to go nuts. Jayden spots his boyfriend Chase in the audience, and gives him a wink as he takes a sip of water, and notices that Aldo is still on the mat curled in a ball whimpering.

Chase leans back in his seat putting his hands behind his head, “Jayden’s going to finish this easily now.”

“I’m still surprised that Jayden did not get 3-0. What was that first fall, anyway?” Max asks, tucking a curly lock of hair behind his left ear, his fingers curling the strands more so as he does.

“No idea bro,” Rex says. Rex and Max are twins, practically identical. There are some differences between the two. Rex has shorter hair, Max wears his slightly longer. Some bigger variances are a pattern of freckles on Max’s chest in the shape of a shooting star and some very recent growth spurt that left his slightly mere moment’s younger twin in the dust when it comes to genitalia. Max now has a bigger, thicker penis along with a heavier set of balls that dwarf his slightly younger bro, making Rex quite envious. “I can’t wait to get out of here and go camping. This boy’s weekend is going to be great.” Rex stretches his arms overhead his shirt riding up, revealing his bellybutton that juts out a bit.

Chase sucks in a breath, and carefully explains to Max, Rex, and Adam that he cannot go camping as planned this weekend. In fact he goes so far as to tell them his new experimental living situation with Logan, who is attempting to be a stand in guardian for the weekend, a test run. His friends listen intently, and at the end of his tale Adam clears his throat and asks, “So, what do you have in mind to fix this?”

“Glad that you asked, because I have a plan…if you all don’t mind helping out.” Chase’s blue eyes seems to shine with the plan that he is eager to share with his friends.

Adam is eager, always up to please. Rex seems to be indecisive, but it’s Max who crosses his arms and says, “This sounds like one of your schemes Chase, and I for one am not up for one of those.”

Rex’s eyebrow goes up and he chews his bottom lip thoughtfully, “Afraid that you might get your new big nuts busted?” Rex asks running his hand up his brother’s shorts and giving Max’s nuts a squeeze.

“Careful! They are still really sensitive after my last growth spurt,” Max whines grabbing his brother’s arm trying to pull him out of his shorts.

“Just messing with yeah,” Rex grins, applying more pressure while everyone watches Max’s eyes cross. Finally satisfied that he got his brother good Rex turns his attention to Chase. “Would it be so bad living with Logan?”

“I don’t know,” Chase admits, “But I don’t need a Dad.”

None of the boys know what to say to this, so they all listen to Max moan clutching his aching nuts.

“If Chase wants Logan gone, we should help him. It’s his house,” Adam says in Chase’s defense.

“Fine, I’ll help,” Rex says. “Max?”
“My nuts,” Max groans again. Squealing as Rex shakes his fist, “You really got lefty!”

“I thought I got both.”

“Righty took it like a champ,” Max grins, his hair falling into his eyes.

“I’ll have to fix that later.”

Max immediately tries to puts his hands up to block a blow, and the guys all laugh.

Logan taps Max’s shoulder, redirecting his gaze. “The match is starting back up.”

Turning his focus back to Jayden, Max misses Rex’s fist which catches his package perfectly.

“No!” Max groans, Rex’s fist sinks into his nuts denting his shorts inward as he bends over in his seat gasping.

Chase holds his friend against his chest, one arm still around his thin shoulders. “Tough break. He got righty that time?”

“Yup, he got him both,” croaks Max, his amber eyes crisscrossing.

“I’ll help you get Rex back…if you help me with Logan,” whispers Chase in his ear. “Please, I could really use your help.”

Max turns his attention away from Jayden and Aldo squaring off and with his broken smile says, “If it means that much to you, okay. Plus, I would really enjoy getting Rex back. He’s been relentless.” Max explains, his voice husky from the low blows.

“Consider it a deal,” Chase says smiling, giving his shoulder a squeeze. “We will pin his tiny marbles to the wall.”

Back on the mat Jayden, has Aldo in a headlock, one of his hands is stretched up behind him and Jayden uses his foot to kick Aldo’s legs apart then leans him back, digging his knee into Aldo’s lower back. Aldo’s one free arm is pinwheeling around, and around trying to figure out how to get him out of this mess as Jayden’s knee moves between his legs and starts searching along Aldo’s inseam tapping until he makes sure he locates his targets.

“Shit!” Aldo whimpers feeling how susceptible he is in this position.

“You got that right,” Jayden says, slamming his knee upwards the bony knob punctuating his statement with a solid blow smashing Aldo’s fat nuggets against his abdomen with a satisfying squishing sound.

Aldo’s eyes bug out and he looks at the disappointment in his team’s eyes, especially the exasperated hands in his hair Devil Boy, Sam Hell who grabs onto Jake’s thick upper arm yelling at him how Aldo is “Fucking this up!”

Aldo shifts his focus to the audience behind them and sees his boyfriend Leroy, a black boy who he has recently gotten together with.

Jayden follows Aldo’s gaze, and he chuckles, “Leroy is going to be disappointed in your performance later. I don’t think your huveros are going to be performing tonight.”

Groaning, Aldo tends to agree and he watches Leroy grimace as Jayden hammers a second knee into his bread basket. Aldo drops to his knees and Jayden follows him still keeping him in a head lock, as his free hand moves in with a swing slamming a mighty fist into Aldo’s bulging, pulsating balls. Aldo’s body jerks at the hit, his balls already aching now seem to pulsate and throb brutally and he bucks against Jayden trying to get free and prevent the next punch, which he is unable to do. The second one hits him so hard that Aldo gags and Jayden pushes him to the mat moving in for a pin hearing him groan out, “You broke my huevos.”

Jayden stands victorious, Midtown: 1, Bartlet 2.

“Daanng, Aldo’s hurtin!” Rex grins. “Jayden’s giving me all kinds of ideas,” he grins, his mischievousness showing through making his twin Max gulp at the look Rex gives him.

“Don’t get any funny ideas,” Max states, moving his hands to protect his valuables.

“Naw, I can’t here in these seats, not enough room.”

Max relaxes a bit, and the others laugh.

“The match is almost over, at this point Aldo should just give up,” Adam says.

Chase agrees with a nod, his arm still around Max’s shoulders. A week ago none of his friends were talking to him, his boyfriend Jayden changed all of that. Words cannot properly express how lucky he feels, or how his feeling for Jayden have only strengthened. Adding Logan to his life though…well, that is something he is not quite ready for.

Max turns to Chase thoughtfully, “So what is the plan on getting Logan to rethink moving in?”

“Glad you asked buddy,” Logan says leaning in so that his face is mere inches from Max’s. Adam and Rex lean in as well, and he smiles, his white teeth shinning. “I think we should play a little game with him called roshambo.”

“What’s that?” asks Rex.

“It’s a game that old people used to play where they kick each other in the nuts to see who the toughest guy in the room is,” Chase shrugs at his explanation. Sounds dull, but we are going to switch it up a bit. Each of us will play against Logan, determining immediately that he is the toughest out of all of us. So he will be playing against all of us at the same time,” grins Chase.

Adam has the biggest smile, “We will annihilate his gonads.”

“That’s the idea,” Chase says. “After that match, he clearly won’t want to put his balls on the line living with me, plus it puts me in the clear with Jayden. After all, it’s just a game.” Chase says with a huge smile.

“He’s going to crack my nuts!” Max says with worry in his eyes.

“Maybe a little bit,” Chase reaches down and gently rolls Max’s nuts in their ballsac. “But your kick against him might be the one that finishes him. Can your nuts withstand just one of Logan’s kicks?”

Max bites his lips and he gives a nod, “Okay, Chase. Count me in.”

Chase smile grows and he flicks his thumb along the underside of Max’s limp noodle making him suck in a breath of air in pleasure. “Good, I knew that you would.”

Adam crosses his arms, and Chase reads that posture of jealousness. Chase pays him a compliment to placate his old friend, “And Adam, I know that you will be left standing with me in the end against Logan. You have the toughest nuts out of all of us.”

Max and Rex nod their heads in agreement.

“Chase has glass balls, like my brother. It’s going to be us in the end,” Rex laughs.

“They aren’t made of glass!” Max scoffs.

“Sure, bro.”

“Here they go,” Chase leans into Max who bumps into his brother. “Time for my boyfriend to win the championship.”

Jayden cracks his head side to side, slowly approaching Aldo, who has one hand protectively over his groin, a worried look in his dark eyes.

“Want to call it?”

“Can’t. I’ll get my ass handed to me by those guys,” Aldo says thumb pointing over his shoulder.

Jayden slows his approach and checks Sam Devil and Jake across the room. “Are they going to punish you for losing?”

“You have no idea,” Aldo says shuddering.

But Jayden did. He grinds his teeth, seeing the bullies. He has to win this match for Bartlet, but he does not want Aldo to take the fall for that.

“I have an idea, if you are willing to go along with it.”

“Yeah, what’s that?” Aldo asks warily.

“Join Bartlet, leave Midtown.”

“I…I can’t leave the swim team. They are my boys. I can’t come to your school yet. Not until next year,” Aldo shrugs. “But I appreciate it, mi amigo.” His dark eyes smiling.

“Fine, but then I expect to see you at tryouts next fall. Logan is moving on to college, we have a big spot open, come join us!”

“Deal, now let’s wrestle.”

Jayden grins and the two boys run into each, each trying for the upper hand. Jayden immediately sees an opening and spins Aldo around grappling him from behind and holding onto his chest. Jayden is immediately impressed with Aldo’s pectoral development and the firm muscles in the skin tight blue singlet. Jayden tweaks Aldo’s nipple a bit before he bends Aldo into a back bend over one knee. Aldo’s body lays across one knee, arms and feet dangling as he hammer an elbow straight into Aldo’s abdomen, while his other hand holds his chin in place pointing it at the mat below.

Aldo moans, and Jaden hammers a second elbow straight to the dead center and in his element, his team and the audience start cheering he hears the crowd for the first time chanting his name: “GOMEZ!”

Jayden’s brown eyes brighten and he slams his elbow in once more, making Aldo grunt as he drags the elbow across Aldo’s lower body following the line in his abs downwards stopping just before Aldo’s junk. He looks up at his team and grins his eyes twinkling as he mouths, ‘Do you dare me to?’

“Yes!” they all scream in unison. Jayden shrugs his shoulders and knocks his elbow back and follows it through with a whoosh as his elbow glides down the straight line in Aldo’s abs hitting Aldo’s bulbous balls protruding up. His elbow hits both balls at the same time and he feels the satisfying squish of Aldo’s huveros smacking downwards between his butt cheeks.

The crowd laughs and groans as one. The referee looks around wondering what is happening and chuckling Jayden grabs a hold of Aldo’s nuts and neck, sucking in a deep breath and he powers to standing, lifting Aldo upwards above his head his shoulders which scream with the effort as he squeezes both Aldo’s balls and his windpipe, his arms stretching to the florescent lights above.

Aldo flairs overhead, mouthing off some kind of painful gasping response that Jayden cannot hear. The roar of the crowd and his team is deafening as he manipulates Aldo’s balls in his hands, crushing the sensitive nuts. Jayden can barely keep him aloft but he manages to turn around in a full circle so everyone can see him dominating Aldo before he slams him down on the mat.

Aldo bounces up, gasps, and falls back to the mat starring unblinkingly at the lights above. Jayden proudly puts one foot on Aldo’s chest and the referee counts the fall.

Bartlet wins: Midtown 1, Bartlett 3.

Jayden flashes the audience a winning smile, as the boys from his team surround him and hoist him in the air. The youngest member of their team just won them the state championship. Jayden did it. Jayden’s eyes find his brothers who screams his name, and then Jayden’s eyes land on Logan who tells him, “I knew that you would win!”

Jayden is in another world as they begin to carry him back to the locker room, but something catches his eye and it’s the Devil Boy strolling onto the mat his red eyes fixed on Aldo who lays crumbled on the mat defeated.

“Wait,” Jayden tries to tell them as he watches Sam Hell grab Aldo pulling the youngster to standing by the straps of his singlet.

“We have to go back! Aldo!” Jayden calls outs as his team pulls him into the locker room, one hand reaching out to his friend. The locker room door closing behind him Jayden looks back frantically through the arms of his teammates, but it was no use: Aldo’s fate is out of his hands.

Once the team carries Jayden into the locker room they place him down next to his locker all offering their congratulations. Everyone was offering their compliments over his match, and all Jayden wanted to do was escape and get back to Aldo but his teammates would not stop shaking his hand. All of them could not help but talk about the next level: they were headed for regional championships.

Jayden kept trying to slip away, to get back upstairs but no one would let him until Gino got to him.

“Gino!” Jayden pleads in complete exasperation. “It’s Aldo, Sam Hell is going to hurt him! I have to go back upstairs and help!”

Recognition flashes in Gino’s warm brown eyes, and he puts two fingers in his mouth and a loud, screeching wolf-whistle pierces the locker room, echoing off the high walls. The Bartlet wrestlers cover their ears until Gino stops blowing. “We need to get upstairs, Devil Boy is up to his no good antics,” Gino says grabbing his brother’s arm and pulling him through the crowd.

Logan commiserates with Gino’s statement, “You heard him, let’s get upstairs!”

A sea of red boys clamber up the cement steps, their shoes slapping the steps until the door bursts open Gino in the lead. What the Gomez brothers witness freezes them to their spot, the half-dressed boys behind him all crane their necks to see.

Doug, captain of the Midtown team is in Sam Hell’s face; Aldo is next to him looking sheepish his singlet ripped at the chest, a bit of blue fabric flaps under the fans whirling overhead. Doug appears to be heated and is gesturing at Aldo and the other teammates. “I lost to Jayden too,” Doug yells his voice carrying. “Should I have my ass handed to me?” Doug challenges.

Sam Hell’s nostrils flail, his red eyes appearing as menacing as always squinting down at his captain. “He failed us,” Sam Hell growls.

“No, we win or lose as a team, Hell. You better get used to that if you plan on staying on this team,” Doug says, the threat undeniable.

Jayden is hanging onto every word, unsure if he can trust his ears. From what he has seen from Doug it seems unbelievable that Doug had this in him. Jayden’s dark brown eyes flick to his brother, and Gino places a hand on his shoulder. “Looks like Doug’s got this.”

“Yeah,” Jayden says.

Logan gestures to the other boys to head back to the locker room, and they turn heading down the steps. Dash heads down last but rubs Jayden’s head, “Only you would be worried about your opponent. It’s a wonder you can even wrestle and win with that big heart of yours.”

Jayden smirks, and turns to follow but Sam Hell’s response slows his retreat.

“It’s only your team…for now, Captain.”

Doug’s eyes go wide, but Sam Hell pays him no heed as he turns away heading over to Jake who is cracking his knuckles his beady eyes fixed on the Midtown captain.

Jayden, realizes just how lucky he was to have left Midtown, as he moves to head down the stairs to change but the wrestling coach stops him.

“Remember what I said, this was your last match.”

Jayden gulps, and musters his courage. A range of emotions flow through him but he licks his lips once before he retorts. “No, I’m not sir. I’m headed to regional with the team. I’m locked in now in both my weight class, and my age. I’m the only freshman you have. You can’t compete without me.”

“Then we will forfeit each freshmen match. Read my lips Gomez: You. Are. Done.” The hate and cold stare from Coach Johnson boars into him but Jayden manages to stand his ground.

Jayden’s heart pounds in his chest, and he can feel a trickle of sweat drip down the side of his face like a rain drop coursing down his check crisscrossing until it’s eventual plunge to his chest.  “No, this is my team. I am not abandoning them, no matter what you have to say about it.”

Coach Johnson’s appears to ready to strike him, his fists are clenching and his jaw is set, but Gino appears a moment later.

“What are you doing?” Gino asks Jayden. “We got to get going, you have to babysit the brats remember?”

Jayden nods, and turns away from Coach Johnson knowing that their conversation is far from over.


Leaving the locker room from the back entrance, Logan, Gino and Jayden have showered and are heading out to the parking lot Junior and Caleb are there looking excited to see Jayden.

Chase, Adam, Max, and Rex are also there gathering around Chase’s car but clearly wanting to see Jayden off.

Jayden greets Chase’s cousins first giving each of them a hug as they plow into him, congratulating him on his win. Jayden manages to dodge around some expected low knees, and shoos them back to Logan’s car. It’s nightfall, almost 9:30 pm and Junior is already yawning.

“Head into Logan car, I’ll be there in a second.”

“Okay,” Junior says sleeping climbing into the back.

“You going to make kissy faces with Logan?” asks Caleb, making loud smooching noises.

Jayden laughs and pushes him towards Logan, “Get your butt in there!”

Laughing Caleb continues to pucker his lips at him as he climbs into the car.

Rolling his eyes, Jayden turns to see Gino talking with Chase.

“You can’t drive, you don’t have a license.”

“I have one, I even got it legally this time,” Chase grins showing him the plastic card.

“You’re fifteen, that’s illegal.”

“Nope, special circumstances. I’ll email you all the details.”

“My brother is never going to ride in a car with you until I am satisfied,” Gino says in exasperation.

Chase crosses his arms, and Jayden can tell from his stance that what little patients he has is quickly fading away. “Look Gino…”

“Chase!” Jayden says pulling him towards him. “You know how Gino worries. I’m sure once Gino gets a chance to read over the documents he will be satisfied.”

Gino let’s out a “Pfft,” dismissive sound indicating how wrong Jayden’s statement is.

“Anyways, I want to wish you good luck with Logan tonight. Let me know if you need anything,” Jayden pushes himself closer to him and Chase’s overall demeanor changes. Chase pulls Jayden towards him, so that they are chest to chest, Chase peers down at him his blue eyes locked on Jayden’s muddy brown ones. Jayden’s lips find Chase’s welcoming the soft, but firm lips which curl around his own and the two get lost for a moment in their embrace.

Max and Rex start making wolf calls, shouting up to the moon.

At the same time Caleb leans out the window screaming: “Get a room!”

Chase and Jayden break apart laughing.

Logan walks over to the parting couple and says, “See you after I drop Jayden and the kids off. Should be a fun weekend,” Logan claps Chase on the back and the smile on Chase’s face instantly evaporates like a rain cloud on a sunny day.

“Sure Logan, I’ve got your room all prepared for you.”

“Great, see you in a few!”

Logan high fives Gino, and he heads to his car. Jayden reaches for Chase saying, “Good luck!”

Chase does not answer as he and the boys pile into the car and drive off.

“He’s pissed,” Gino laughs.

“He will get over it…most likely.”

“See you at home later,” Gino says heading to his truck.


“Bye, Logan!” the cousins say after they slam their doors and rush to the house.

“Meet you in the pool, Jayden!” Caleb calls over his shoulder.

“Wait for me!” Jayden yells after them.

Jayden and Logan look over at Chase’s house seeing Chase’s car parked in his driveway. Chase, Adam, Max, and Rex have beat them home. Jayden is unsurprised, Chase is a speed demon.

“Call me if you need help,” Jayden says.

“Likewise,” Logan says.

The two smile at each other for a moment before Jayden climbs out of his car heading to the house, his backpack hanging from one shoulder. “You have a plan?” Jayden asks over one shoulder.

“Even better,” Logan says getting out of his car, a shoulder bag on one arm as he watches a car pulling up behind his own. “I have back-up.”

*** Jayden ***

Jayden heads out to the pool dressed in his red Bartlet speedos. The fabric barely stretches over his large cock and hefty dangling fruit that swing between his legs. Jayden already wishes that he packed some board shorts, but this was the only clean pair that he had. His washing machine was on the fritz again and clean clothes were hard to come by in the Gomez household and nothing is worse in his opinion wearing swimwear that has dried with chlorine in the material.

Caleb was on the diving board, seemingly waiting for him. Caleb was in a pair of green board shorts, more than likely Jayden thinks because of his rather unimpressive equipment. Caleb’s thirteen year old frame was showing more muscle growth especially in his chest and shoulders that looked as if he had been weight lifting with Logan. Caleb’s arms curl overhead, and Jayden is surprised to see some light blonde armpit hair. He did not grow his own until recently. Maybe Caleb would be an early bloomer. Caleb bouncing once launches off of the board into the water.

“Nice dive,” Jayden says when Caleb appears bursting from beneath the surface, water streaming down his head.

“If you think that’s a good one, watch this!” Junior says climbing from the water up the ladder, water pooling around his feet as he runs along the side.

“No running,” Jayden chastises dropping towels on a pool chair as he gazes at Junior’s tight form streaking down the diving board and back flipping off of it landing with a splash.

Jayden watches the two compete for a bit until he spies his watch. It’s past their bedtime.

“Guys,” Jayden says to get their attention.

“Five more minutes,” pleads Junior at the side of the pool giving him the sad eyes.

“I’ve already given you an extra hour,” Jayden laughs plopping down next to him. “If your parents come home and see you two still up, I’ll get in trouble. They won’t let me come over anymore.”

“Doubtful,” Caleb says behind Jayden. “Your reliable and haven’t run screaming away yet.”

Jayden spies him over his shoulder recognizing the threat.

“It’s true,” Junior says thoughtfully, his pink tongue sticking out as he contemplates his older brother’s words. “We could change that!”

Jayden knew things had gone ‘swimmingly’ for too long tonight.

Caleb reaches for him and Jayden tries to fight him off, struggling in his sitting position, but it’s the danger of Junior who swims up between his legs as his dangling feet on either side of him worry him the most.

“Let’s see what we have here,” Junior says plunging his hands between Jayden’s thighs and locating Jayden’s big nuts. Scooping a ball in each hand Junior’s eyes appear to be consider how best to ruin Jayden’s future of having an orgasm later as he locks his little fingers in place and plainly explains: “This is going to hurt.”

Jayden gulps and tries to plead for his vulnerable boynuts. “Wait, Junior don’t!”

Jayden’s words fall on death ears. Junior closes his hands while Caleb holds his arms behind his back, stretching them back so he can’t defend himself. Jayden feels the tingling sensation of dread that first fills him before each of Junior’s fingers dig into his tender testicles.

“Shit,” Jayden moans, making the two laugh.

Junior’s hands show no mercy as he expertly rolls Jayden’s balls in his fists squeezing Jayden’s balls in his hands, sinking his tiny fingers deep into the sides of his boynuts. Junior is still amazed by Jayden’s size. Junior is proud of his own growing spuds, but Jayden’s large squishy nuts are so enjoyable to crush.

“Caleb, I got his boynuts so good!”

“Crush them!” Caleb encourages keeping Jayden’s arms locked behind his back.

“Guys, my boynuts!” gasps Jayden trying to maintain his composure and some semblance of control. “You’re…” Jayden starts to say but a deep groan shakes him, and his thighs start twitching and he squeezes his eyes shut the first big wave of pain strikes him and he tries to master it, but fails shuddering.

“You got him good now,” Caleb acknowledges. Sitting behind Jayden, Jayden’s massive arms held in place. Caleb pushes his feet around Jayden’s waist pulling himself against him, seeing Caleb’s ankles curl around his abdomen.

“You should see his face!” Junior laughs.

Opening his brown eyes, Jayden looks for an escape. His arms are useless, but his feet dangling in the pool could be useful.

Trying to maintain his strength, and not give into Junior’s iron ball crunching grip on his boyhood, Jayden takes both feet and kicks out striking Junior twice in his tight abs, his toes sinking into his stomach on either side of his belly button.

Junior’s eyes go wide, and he coughs taking in some pool wall. Jayden kicks again and knocks Junior backwards in the pool, the youngster flailing going under the surface.

Jayden breathes a sigh of relief until Caleb reminds him that he is still there. Caleb’s feet lock around his waist lower until the boys toes begin to try to press together. Jayden’s brown eyes go wide as Caleb scoops up his flaccid penis roll the piss tube between his feet.

“That’s not right,” Caleb comments in Jayden’s right ear rolling Jayden’s sword around, his wet slick feet roaming his length and pulling the fabric of his skintight speedos off of his pubic area exposing the top mound and the sparse brown pubic hairs above the root of Jayden’s penis.

“Caleb!” Jayden warns, gritting his teeth, putting his feet on either side of the pool wall trying to give him some leverage to toss Caleb off. “That’s not an option in wrestling.”

“Who says I’m wrestling,” he asks his big toes come together gripping Jayden’s head in the webbing in between Caleb’s toes and he starts giving Jayden an impromptu foot job, jerking Jayden’s penis up and down. Jayden can feel himself slowly starting to harden, his dick filling up with blood.

Jayden shudders speechless and prepares to throw Caleb off when Caleb’s ankles slam down crunching his nuts against the rough pool surface. “Oh no,” Jayden moans his balls being squished underneath each down stroke of Caleb’s foot rub.

Junior surfaces in the water, coughing and sucking in air as he runs his fingers through his wet blonde hair gazing up at older brother manhandling Jayden. A smile creeps over his face as he spies what is occurring in between Jayden’s legs.

“Jayden, you give up?” Junior asks floating up between his legs, this time carefully grabbing his ankles.

“God, yes!” Jayden groans.

Caleb smiles, “I’m not quite finished yet.” Caleb leans in to Jayden whispering his ear, “Right, Jayden?”

“Come on, bro,” Junior says pulling himself out of the pool and standing next to Caleb, outing one hand on his shoulder. “He surrenders.”

“Party pooper,” Caleb says rubbing his feet up and down, really getting into the groove now. Caleb is able to increase both the speed and his grip and he can feel Jayden’s mighty rod pulsating between his feet, but he relents on the last down stroke his ankles crashing into Jayden’s sore beat-up balls flattening them before he finally let’s go pushing Jayden into the pool.

Caleb stands up and stretches, a small stiffy pointing straight out in his board shorts and Junior eyes his older brother, “Thanks bro, I could tell that he was done.”

Jayden comes up coughing, grabbing his sore sac in one hand groaning.

“Whatever,” Caleb says grabbing a towel and passing one to Junior before heading into the house. “I’m taking a shower.”

Junior waits patiently for Jayden to recover. It takes a while, he wants to make sure that he is no longer hard when he climbs out of the pool.

Jayden is in a lot of pain, and he waits for the cool pool water to calm down his ferrous erection before he climbs out of the pool, water dripping down his tight frame. Jayden takes the towel that Junior holds out, “Thanks man.”

Junior smiles and puts an arm around him as the two walk into the house. Junior is mostly dried by now and he climbs right into bed, his blue eyes heavy. Jayden tosses him a clean pair of underwear. Junior changes beneath the covers and Jayden asks if he wants PJ’s.

“Naw, it’s too hot for that,” Junior yawns his eyes closing.

“Night bud,” Jayden says rumpling his hair, and wishing that he could also crawl into his own bed.

Jayden slowly closes the door, and is unsurprised to hear Junior’s deep breathing already signaling that he is asleep.

Smiling Jayden heads to the bathroom to check on Caleb but the door is open, the bathroom empty. The two brothers usually sleep in the same room, but sometimes Caleb goes back to his own. Jayden peers inside but sees the stillness in Caleb’s room so he continues down the hallway his bare feet slapping quietly on the warm hardwood.

Jayden takes the stairs, hearing the television in the living room. The door is open and Jayden walks in. Upon entry Jayden is aware that Caleb is wearing a pair of boxer shorts and nothing more eating a sandwich that he must have made for himself with some golden salty potato chips accompanying the meal.

“Almost ready?” Jayden asks plopping down next to him.

“Not yet,” Caleb says his eyes never leaving the screen.

Jayden moves to the kitchen, makes his own sandwich with peanut butter and jelly, a favorite of his and heads back in finishing it before he even sits back down.

Caleb is done too and he brushes the crumbs off of his chest. And turns his attention to Jayden during a commercial. “I want you to be the first guy I kiss,” he says innocently.

Jayden’s eyebrows raise up. “Caleb,” he starts unsure how to go on.

“I have thought a lot about it. You were there for my first ballbusting * (See Chapter 16, Worst Babysitter Ever), and I want to share this first with you too. I saw you with Chase, you know what you’re doing,” Caleb grins scooching up to him placing one hand across Jayden’s shoulders.

“I’ve had some practice,” Jayden admits. “I am sure that you will too, with the right guy.”

“I don’t want to look like an idiot,” Caleb confesses, his blue eyes flicking back to the screen before he grabs the remote and turns it off. “It would mean a lot to me, if it was you.”

Jayden knows only a year separates the two but still he is hesitant to say yes. He licks his lips, and then notices the gesture and immediately stops. “I’m your babysitter,” Jayden starts.

“About that, let’s face it neither Junior or I are babies. My parents pay you to hang out with us because we don’t… we don’t make friends easily,” Caleb’s face reddens at his disclosure. “I could watch my brother, it’s really because I don’t think you would hang out without us unless we paid you to be here.”

Jayden’s eyes widen. “Is that what you think?”


Jayden reaches over and pulls Caleb into a hug, “You are my friend. You don’t have to pay me to be here. The money is nice, and I’m always broke…but I could find another job. I would still hang out with you, and Junior. I like both of you.”

Caleb smiles at that, and rushes forward planting a messy kiss against Jayden’s lips for the briefest of moments and pulls away, just as quickly.

Jayden smiles at Caleb’s efforts, and the terrible kiss.

“How was that?” Caleb asks tentatively.

Jayden shrugs, “Not bad for your first one. You will get better.”

“Dammit!” Caleb punches the couch. “I knew that I would…”

Jayden curls his fingers through the back of Caleb’s head and pulls him toward him. “Shush,” he says his fingers locked around his short hairs. “Follow my lead,” Jayden leans in and gently presses his lips against Caleb.

Immediately Caleb seems let out a cooing sound and Jayden takes that as a sign and extends the kiss a few moments longer before breaking away. “That’s how you kiss.”

“Oh,” Caleb says.

Jayden stands up, “Since we are friends and this is my last time babysitting for you, I won’t tell you to go to bed.” He smiles and runs his fingers through Caleb’s still wet hair. “But I will see you around. We can train you to be ready for the wrestling team next year. We are going to lose a Krueger. We could sure use a new one.”

Caleb slowly smiles and walks with him to the front door.

“Thanks Jayden.”

Jayden winks at him and slips the key to the resistance off of his keychain and drops it in Caleb’s palm. “See you around friend,” Jayden turns on his heel grabbing his well-used backpack next to the front door and heading down the walk way.

Caleb touches his lips and leans against the door frame watching him go and calls him back. “One more things…”

Jayden turns back, his left eyebrow raised.

“You can finally hit me in the nuts now…since you aren’t my babysitter anymore.”

Jayden grins, “Sure, if you really want me too.”

“Yeah, I do.” Caleb says pulling him back by the hand.

“How do you want it?”

“Knee me,” Caleb says.

Jayden grabs his shoulders, taking careful aim with his knee and bracing it against Caleb’s groin feeling the tiny spuds in his underwear. “You sure?” Jayden asks sinking his knee in so that Caleb’s nuts have nowhere to go.

“Uhuh,” Caleb moans, his voice thick and Jayden feels him starting to chub up.

“Okay then.”

Jayden pulls his knee back starring into Caleb’s blue eyes and slams his knee straight up plowing into Caleb’s groin. Caleb moans, his eyes going wide and he leans his head forward laying it on Jayden’s chest.

“Oh my god,” Caleb groans, his mouth leaving a bit of spittle on Jayden’s bare shoulder.

“Yeah, my knees are the worst.”

Caleb slowly sinks down to his knees and Jayden watches him pitifully.

“Still happy to get that knee?” Jayden asks.

Caleb curls into a ball in the doorway, and Jayden pats his back.

“Feel better friend,” Jayden says closing the door as Jayden turns heading next door, obviously to see his boyfriend. Jayden can still hear Caleb’s moans as he walks down the pathway.

Jayden is already half-way up the path when he hears boy’s voices coming from the living room off of the entryway. Jayden hurries up the stairs and reaches for the metallic golden door knocker and giving it a good clanging knock.

“Chase?” Jayden asks peering inside when Chase opens the door his eyes going wide. “What’s going on?”

*** Chase (before) ***

Chase was all smiles, playing host when he opened the door for Logan. The great hall in his home was immaculate as always, the floors were shinning from their Friday waxing, and fresh sunflowers decorated the staircase and end tables next to each doorway.

“Come right in Logan, I’ll help you get settled—who is that?” Chase asks pointedly.

“I’m Zach,” says the towering blonde, answering for Logan. Immediately Chase sees an almost a sibling-like resemblance between the two, it’s as if this towering hulking well-built man could be Logan’s older brother. Zach holds out his hand to Chase, shifting his own rucksack on his opposite shoulder.

“You invited company?” Chase asks incredulous, ignoring Zach’s outstretched hand.

“Yeah,” Logan smile widens. “Problem?”

Chase’s blue eyes are skeptical drifting between Logan and Zach knowing that this was not as easy as he had planned it to be. This is a complication. Letting out a breath of air, Chase sighs. Taking Zach’s hand and trying to squeeze the life from it.

Zach chuckles, “Quite a handshake you got there little dude.”

“Little dude--?” Chase says rolling the words in his mouth and finding them distasteful. “I’m not little.”

“Zach calls everyone dude,” Logan says, his grin only widening, although he tries to hide it.

Chase rolls his eyes, his voice unable to hide his annoyance. “This way.”

Turning away from the entryway Chase leads Logan and Zach up the staircase. Zach whistling behind him.

“Damn! This is quite the setup. You have a cool house Chase.” Zach says.

Chase chooses not to speak as he leads the two up the stairs and to the left, and up a second set of stairs. The hallways off shooting from the staircase are painted white, framed hand painted photos of Chase and some of his family hang from the walls but mostly the rich cherry hard wood floors and intricate crown molding with wide windows spell out the majestic feel of the home.

Chase points out two adorning rooms for Logan and Zach to stay.

“I’ll be in the pool,” Chase says watching them taking in their rooms. “My friends are waiting for me downstairs. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Before you go,” Logan says quickly as Chase goes to leave. Chase pauses at the doorway starring back, one eyebrow raises up.

“We should go over the ground rules.”

“This is my house, I make the rules here,” Chase says.

“Not while I am in charge,” Logan clarifies crossing his arms over his chest.

Chase shows no emotion, but his blue eyes turn to ice regarding Logan. “You are a guest—“

“No, I am not. I am instead acting as if I am your guardian. It’s my job to keep you safe, and furthermore…

Chase walks forward his blue eyes harder than ice, “You are not my father.”

Logan pauses, “No I am not, but I am still in charge. It’s important that we establish that first.”

Chase’s lips slowly curl upwards, “We will see about that.” He spins around marching from the room.

“Well…that could have gone better,” laughs Zach.

Chase is steaming by the time he gets to the pool pulling off his clothes by the edge and diving straight in. The cool water hits him and he revels in the stark temperature change as he propels himself through the water swimming between the dangling legs of his friends until he reaches the other side of the pool.

Surfacing, he takes in a deep gust of air and opens his eyes bobbing next to Adam and the twins.

“Small change in plans,” Chase says. “Logan brought a friend.”

“Who?” Adam asks.

“I… don’t know him. But he is older, and beefier. Nothing we can’t handle but this does change things.”

Max and Rex look at each other, and Max breaks the silence. “How big is he?” 

to be continued


Anonymous said...

Wow Jimmy! Outstanding story and i can't believe your cruelty...leaving us with such a cliffhanger!

The wrestling scene is superbly written, and i love how Aldo is becoming more confident and even a little nasty lol! I guess he eanted revenge after Jayden trashed his huevos in "Battle for the Captains' title".
I also loved the interplay between Chase, Adam and the twins. The old gang is back together and sure to cause more trouble. I kinda wished Chase had given Max a little fondle and reminded him that he's not the big stud he thinks he is haha.
The Roshambo match sounds so awesome and i guess Chase and his boys will all want to prove they don't have glass baubels! I'm sure Chase will be torn between mocking his little buddies as they nurse their marbles and trying to motivate them to take it like a man and carry on haha.
I can't wait to read the next part!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Can I do this... (yeah I think I will); Alex wanted me to split it in two pieces it was too long (Sorry, Alex). So blame him!

You will not have to wait long. Monday is the concluding part to this Tuesday, so you will not have to wait for the conclusion.

I am so glad that you liked this story! Aldo certainly got a chance to shine in this story, and you are right he finally got a chance to bust Jayden's huevos a bit.

It was a lot of fun to bring the "gang" back together, although they have a very different dynamic now to them, which will be played out more in the second part.

I hope that you like the next part that comes out in a few days! It's quite a contest!



Y1ddo said...

Another brilliant story from you, Jimmy!
The grapple between Aldo and Jayden is especially well written, in my opinion. It's also nice to see how adorable Jayden treets the cousins, even after they give his mighty "boy nuts" some rough handling, haha.
I have to say that bringing Zach into this story was an absolutely brilliant surprise, which I really appreciate. Zach is my favorite character in Alex' universe, and it would be awesome to see how the young boys react to their new stud of a counterpart.
Logan and Zach together should in fairness have no real problem dealing with the group of younger and weaker boys (sorry Chase, haha).
Though, despite of the older jocks stripping bodies and overwhelming muscles, we know that especially Zach has a bag of overly ripe and fragile fruits swinging between his thighs. If someone could get their hands on the "forbidden fruit", things may turn out all right for Chase and his friends...
Good work as usual, and really looking forward to the next part!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Y1ddo,

I am stoked that you enjoyed this story so much, and that I could feature your favorite character. It's Zach's second time coming to the series. His first appearance is way back in the Chapter 25 Dreams Do Come True: Gino Meets the Ballbusting Boys. If you have not read it, it features Zach quite heavily.

I think you will love Zach's interactions with Chase, Adam, Max and Rex, it was so much fun to write his interactions with the boys. Chase would highly disagree with you in that he would lose the challenege. I agree with you...which is why they might not play fairball ; )

It is already written, and coming out on Monday. I hope that the story is everything you want and more!



Y1ddo said...

I have no doubts about that, Jimmy!
Can’t wait til’ monday (thought I’d never say that!)
Really looking forward to the interactions between Zach and the boys! I bet Chase is jealus of Zachs jewels, even he couldn’t claim the biggest balls between the two...

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...


Well... maybe Chase just needs glasses? Or everyone else? It's hard to tell, but it would be pretty hard to say that he had a bigger set than Zach; that's for sure Y1ddo!

I think that my writing might have slightly gotten better, and that's because I've worked with Alex, Reg, and another writer that I can't mention quite yet. But man-oh-man wait until that story drops! We have some great stuff planned out. April is going to be balltastic!

Let's not let the weekend go by too quickly, but I am absolutely looking forward to your reactions to it!



P.S. Alex and I are on the same wave length on this, the readers reactions, comments and suggestions make for the best part about story telling.

Y1ddo said...

I agree:-) Your writing has improved steadily through the series in my opinion, even though I thoroughly enjoyed the first stories about Gino and Jayden!
Can’t wait for the stories to come, but first of all;
have a lovely weekend, Jimmy:)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Y1ddo,

Thank you so much for saying so! You made my night! Have a wonderful weekend!



Harry said...

Damn Jayden! Foot on the chest is a baller move. Must have been channeling that WrestleMania spirit from this weekend lol. Great fight sequence, Jimmy, and props to your boy on a dominant victory!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

Two comments from you in one day, you must like me!

Jayden got to be a badass in this story. He certainly did not start off on the right foot, but he finished the match his way and absolutelty stuck it to Coach Johnson. He does not plan on ending his wrestling career anytime soon!

Foot on chest was really the only way to go for him. : )