Friday, April 16, 2021

Before they were Ballbusting Boys: Practice makes perfect (written by Jimmy)

This is the second part of our wonderful anthology series Before they were Ballbusting Boys telling us about the origin stories of our favorite characters. Our friend Jimmy (creator of the hugely popular Gino and Jayden stories) has assembled a great team of guest writers. This part (featuring everybody's favorite high school wrestler Logan) starts right where the first part finished off. Enjoy!

Featured in this story: with cameo appearances by Gino, Jayden, Danny, David, Kev, Zach and Alex (click for pictures)

“That was awesome!” Gino grins, looking at Jayden as Danny finishes his tale.

“You have to go next,” Jayden suggests to Logan.

“He’s right dude,” Zach. “We have to hear what happened between you and David. Did something happen?”

“Well….” Logan grins sheepishly. “You want to tell it David?” Logan asks.

“I didn’t want to the last time, and I certainly don’t want to now.” Glowers David, his piercing eyes holding back Logan with his intensity.

Shrugging his shoulders Logan moves to the front of the room.

“I remember this one,” Danny smiles. “David told me some of the details!”

“No I didn’t,” David scowls. “I couldn’t be bothered with you back then, and I wouldn’t waste my breath now. This show and tell is stupid.”

“No one is forcing you to be here,” says Alex, his voice growing icicles. “There door is over there.”

The room seems to catch their breath at the same moment. Alex has taken a lot of abuse from David over the years but he has never outwardly met him with such forcefulness and confronted him like this in front of everyone. This has not been lost on anyone.

David gets up from his chair, putting his wine glass on the table and moving over to Alex glowering at him in raw rage. The negative energy comes off of him in waves. “Fine, you don’t want me here? I’ll leave! But don’t expect me back! You would have to beg me on hand and knee for me to return!”

Alex holds his ground, starring right back. “Not. Going. To. Happen.” Alex says annunciating each word loudly and clearly.

David gets right up in Alex’s face, looking dangerous. Danny comes up trying to defuse the situation and grabs his younger brother’s arm. David spins around and launches one of his legs straight up kicking his brother square in the balls.

“Don’t touch me!” David yells.

“Sorry,” Danny yelps, grabbing his nuts and bending over at the waist, he whimpers.

“That will teach you to…”

Alex’s foot fires upwards between David’s butt cheeks plowing the younger Gallagher brother in his nuts so hard that they slap against his abs.

“How dare…you?” David moans grabbing his nuts and bending at the waist, bot brothers in the same position draws a laugh from the nervous crowd.

“You deserved that,” Alex says simply.

David turns back to face him standing up straight and runs at the host.

Logan intervenes giving the dancer a shove in the chest. David falls back into Danny and rolls off of Danny’s body landing flat on his back starring up at the ceiling.

“You need to cool off!” Kev grabs one of David’s ankles and Zach grab the other and they begin to drag him across the floor, much to David’s utter annoyance.

“Stop this! Unhand me with your unwashed hands you deviant cretins!”

Kev and Zach just laugh, when they get to a small staircase, neither pays much attention and heads up the stairs, David however is caught in between and as the two college guys pull, they hit a snag, most specifically the railing pole crotching David.

David moan, “You idiots!”

“Maybe if we pull hard enough…?” suggests Zach.

“We will pull him up the post and along the railing?” fills in Kev questioning.

“That’s what I was wondering!”

“One way to find out,” Kev smiles back as David. “Ready?”

“You wouldn’t?” David asks.

“We would,” they say together and pull with all their might.

David flails on the floor, his nuts being utterly crushed by the unmovable poll between his thighs. “My balls!” He cries out, his face flushing in a mixture of pain and the loss of pride as Kev and Zach pull and yank, slamming his nuts repeatedly against the wooden post.

After a full minute of effort, the boys move to give up but the twins come to the rescues! Michael and Will run up each taking one of David’s flailing arms and suggest, “We will push!”

“No!” David yells, “Don’t you dare!”

Everyone ignores him and the four boy’s bot push and pull David until he starts to slide up the post. David howls in agony, as his balls are slide painfully over each ridge of the grooved pot until final he rests at the top.

“Nice work guys!” Kev smiles.

“I knew that we could do it!” Zach says.

Michael and Will high five each other and let Zach and Kev pull him easily across the top, his skin screeching until he drops back to the floor on his ass. Zach and Kev toss David onto the front stoop, he immediately curls into the fetal position swearing and bitching at Zach and Kev who ignore him and slam the door behind them.

“What a time waster! Let’s here the story!” Kev shouts and the guys cheer passing out more beer.

Gino and Jayden don’t partake, the later begins to head to the exit.

“Where are you going?” Gino asks worriedly. “Logan is about to tell his story!”

“Tell me about it later,” suggests Jayden. “It’s time for me to leave.”

“But…” Gino starts.

Jayden leans into his brother’s side and looks up at him, “Go have fun with your new friends. This isn’t my world Gino. This is yours.”

“But, I want you in in.”

“I can’t,” Jayden smiles. “Not of age. But you are. Go back to the party,” Jayden kisses his brother lightly on the cheek feeling the stubble underneath and turns to go.

Gino watches him sadly, not wanting to be separated but somehow knowing that he might be right.  “See you at home?”

Jayden turns back, “Absolutely. I can’t wait to hear all about it.” The door closes firmly behind him and Gino not sure where to stand or how he fits in yet moves over to where they were all standing before and looking up at Logan as he prepares to tell his tale.


At the breakfast table sitting in his black leotard, barefoot and sulky Logan stares daggers at his father Bradley. Logan is thirteen, blonde, blue eyed and his developing frame shows promise of the monster wrestler he dreams to be when he is older. Logan has been using his father’s old dumbbells at home since he was ten when his dad finally caved in and let him use them, in secret Logan started when he was nine. Logan has deep admiration for his father and wanted to be just like him so he tried to bulk up fast.

Today however he despises the man.

Crossing his arms over his developing chest, Logan can feel the silky feel of the tight material against his chest; but it does not have the same power he feels wearing a singlet; instead feels slightly ridiculous in the unfamiliar leotard. Logan dreams of his freshman year and trying out for the wrestling team, but as his coach keeps telling him he has to be more nimble. He’s too stiff, not flexible enough. Potentially his years of early muscle growth work against him here.

“Dad, come on this is so stupid,” Logan drags out the ending word a bit longer than necessary.

Bradley, Logan’s dad chuckles seeing the pouty look on his son’s handsome face, “You heard the man. You wrestle like a toy wooden soldier. In a few more months ballet will pay off.”

Grumbling Logan stands up annoyance coming off of him in waves.

“Not so fast!” Bradley points his finger at Logan’s dirty dishes. “You’re on table duty this week.”

Rolling his blue eyes, Logan sulky heads back to the table then smiles.

“I’ll wrestle you for it.”

Bradley turns back from the sink his hands wet with soapy water. “I wouldn’t want to make you cry,” he jibes back at this son.

“I will not cry!” Logan says in shock and disgust at the very idea. “You will see I will be captain of the wrestling team someday.”

Bradley eyes his only son with love and pumps his shoulders up and down in a shrug. “Want to be like your old man, huh?” Bradley turns back to the wash dunking another plate beneath the soapy water.

“Of course I do,” Logan acknowledges his voice full of respect. “You’re my Dad. The best man that I know.”

Bradley’s throat is thick when he looks back at Logan, giving him a goofy smile. Sometimes his son makes him feel incredibly lucky to have been a father, and its moments such as this that tells him he’s on the right track of raising his son.

“Can I quit ballet now?” Logan asks sheepishly.

“Did you give me a compliment only to get what you wanted? You scoundrel!”

Logan seems to burst with energy as he replies, “No way! I meant it!”

Bradley turns back in the washing, giving him a smile. “Your next class starts in half-hour.”

“I’m ready…we have time to kill before it starts.”

“You can clear the table then,” Bradley says.

“Wrestle me for it!” Challenges Logan again, pumping his arms in the air, and giving his Dad a showman’s pose showing off his small biceps. “Unless…you’re afraid you will lose to me.” Logan bends his head to kiss one bicep and then the other. “Let’s face it, you are not match for these babies.

Laughing Bradley says, “Not going to happen.”

“Then let’s go!” Logan challenges again rushing up to his Dad and bumping him into the sink with his shoulder good naturedly. The soapy water, and full sinks splashes up onto Bradley’s chest and stomach and dripping down into his black slacks soaking his underwear.

Logan stumbles back, his mouth falling open as he sees his Dad covered in white bubbling soap suds. Logan bursts out laughing, and points his finger at his Dad. “Oh shit! I got you good!”

Bradley is not laughing, “Language!” Bradley shouts.

“Sorry,” Logan says sheepishly.

“You are going to get it now!”

Logan takes off running, shouting over his shoulder “You have to catch me first!”

Bradley in hot pursuit runs after his son, the blonde boy streaking down the hall and running around the coffee table trying to escape. Bradley catches him by the back of the ballet leotard before he can try to get to the staircase and yanks his squirming son against him giving him a bear hug from behind.

Struggling in his arms, Logan shouts, “Gross you’re all wet and slimy!”

“Gee…” Bradley thinks out loud as he squeezes his struggling son more firmly to his chest feeling himself coating his son’s leotard in suds. “How did I get so wet…huh, I wonder?”

“Jerk!” says Logan laughing as his Dad tosses him onto the coach.

“Ung,” Logan grunts the air whooshing out of his lungs.

Bradley follows his son to the couch pinning Logan’s legs to the soft leather and belly flopping on top of him making sure to get Logan as wet as he is.

Shrieking in distress Logan feels Bradley’s wet body covering his front completely soaking the material of the leotard. “Gotcha!” his Dad laughs digging into Logan’s sides, tickling him.

“No!” Logan grumbles underneath his Dad laughing hysterically. Logan throws punch after punch into his Dad’s wet chest but he gets no purchase there, his fist seems to slide right off of Bradley’s barrel chest.

Finally exhausted Logan screams out, “I give up!”

“You do, do you?” Bradley asks sticking one hand in Logan bare armpit tickling the feather light smooth skin he finds there. “Tell me why you should be sorry?” he teasingly ask.

“For getting you wet!”

“You’ll clear the table?”

“Yes!” Logan laughs. “Just stop…hehehe…tickling me!”

“I don’t know…you were pretty naughty…”

Logan squirms some more violently shaking the couch and dislodging Bradley’s hold on his legs. Logan uses that to his advantage to try to escape.

Bradley grabs his squirming son as he tries to wiggle away from his dad, “Where do you think that you’re going?” he asks pulling him back underneath him. “I did not say that you could escape!”

Struggling, Logan wriggles, twists, and writhes underneath Bradley’s bulk until he tries to pull his knees to his chest, one of them hits something soft and flimsy and Bradley body locks into place letting out a low sad moan.

Logan stops struggling feeling his Dad go stiff above him. “You okay?” he asks, hoping that he did not hurt his Dad.

Bradley sucks on his teeth, as he nods. “I’m…okay.”

“Did I hurt you?” Logan asks tentatively.

“Just a bit…”

“Where did I get you?”

“Not important.”

“I want to know!” Logan says annoyed pulling up his knee again, feeling something fleshy and moveable between his Dad’s legs give underneath his hard strong thigh.

“My nuts,” Bradley moans rolling to his side and grabbing himself between his legs.

Logan shifts under Bradley’s movements until he is on top of his Dad looking down into his Dad’s face. “Your nuts?”

Bradley shakes his head with another moan.

“Sorry,” Logan smiles guiltily. “I didn’t mean to.”

“I know,” Bradley says, taking a deep breath. “Still hurts though.”

Underneath his Dad Logan ponders his Dad’s reaction, “Does it hurt a lot?”

“Never had your nads knocked around yet?” Bradley groans. “Lucky.”

“Never,” Logan grabs reaches down to fondle his nutbag, rolling the contents within. “I will try to be more careful when we wrestle.”

“Appreciate that,” Bradley says with a long sigh sitting back at the other end of the coach and getting off of Logan.

Logan stands up feeling bad, “I’ll go clean the table.” Then he stares down at his wet ballet leotard, and smacks his hand against his belly sending some soapy suds to the floor. “What am I going to do about this? I don’t have another one.”

“You can get dry in the car…I’ll get you a towel. In a…few minutes.” Bradley groans holding his nutsac protectively.

Logan gives his Dad who’s curled up in the fetal position on the coach a sad look before he turns and heads into the kitchen still feeling bad about what he did to his Dad.


Twenty minutes later Logan arrives at ballet class, still damp but no longer soapy. He waves goodbye to Bradley who stays in the car promising to pick him up after class.

Logan walks into the studio, the warm sun fleeting behind him as he goes into the building the cool air conditioner seems to be on full blast making him shiver in the wet black leotard clinging to him making his dime size nipples hard and poking out. Crossing his arms over his thin chest he heads inside the first ballet room seeing a small group of kids his own age. One he recognizes, it’s the boy he accidently kicked the other week.

Not knowing his name, but still feeling bad Logan walks up to him to apologize. “Hey, I’m Logan. I wanted to say I’m sorry about last week.” Logan holds out his hand to David the black-haired, startling pretty green eyed youth that looks at him in total disdain. A year older then Logan, but not more muscly the two are about the same height starring at each other.

“Are you…wet?” David asks disgust thick in his question.

“Oh,” Logan looks down at himself and grins. “Yeah, that’s a funny story. So my Dad and I…”

David cuts him off with a wave of his hand, “I don’t care.”

Logan affronted shrinks his blue eyes at David, “Well, you asked.”

“I regret it, obviously. You are still talking to me.”

Logan’s eye brows raise up and he’s about to tell David what he really thinks as his ballet teacher walks in clapping her hands and calling for the attention of her class.

“Today I am going to pair of our more experienced dancers with our newest members. Please feel free to go throughout the studio’s many rooms to practice for the next half-hour. After that we will see what you have learned from your practices with the more experienced students. Pair up please.”

Logan starts to look around but with the eight dancers it’s clear, he’s stuck with David. Regretting apologizing to him and losing out on maybe making a new friend with any of the other dancers and getting stuck with David for the next thirty minutes he heads out of the room sulkily.

David leads him to studio room five and the two head into the much smaller practice studio. The room is bare except for the gorgeous cherry-wood floor, the long bar that crosses along one wall with wall length mirrors on all sides of them.

Looking at his refection he can’t help but compare his body to that of his fellow dark haired dancer. David is lean, long and graceful. David’s long neck and body give him the look of perfect balance. David is wearing a matching ballet leotard with matching black tights, while Logan wears white. The worst part for Logan after wrestling with his Dad, was that his junk got soaked. Logan’s growing parts are easily definable which makes it that much clearer, at least to him that Logan is bigger where it really counts. The thought makes him snicker, that he’s bigger than a kid a full year older then him.

David looks back at him with abject contempt. “I’m so glad that you find yourself amusing. Now if I’m going to waste my time teaching a novice like yourself I expect to you to show me respect.”

Logan’s eyes narrow again and his hands clench into fists. “I need to like you, to respect you. You are a jerk.”

David and Logan stare at each other each fuming.

“You can’t speak to me like that,” David growls.

Logan laughs meanly at David’s attempts to sound intimidating. “Wow, was that your scary voice.”

Marching right up to Logan he stares down his nose at him, “If you want to look like a fool when Ms. Barns calls us back together because you can’t do a simple plie and look like a stupid jock be my guest.”

“I can do whatever you can do,” Logan challenges.

Now it seems to be David’s turn to laugh, which he does openly. “You were a mess in your first class. I don’t see how you could get any better.”

“The same way that anyone does, I practiced.”

“Show me,” challenges David. “We were working on plies and arabesques. Go on then, if you’re so special.”       

Shrugging Logan moves to the wooden bar, and stretches out for a minute, then when his muscles feel relaxed, he plies bending his knees and stretching low.

“Amateur stuff,” scoffs David. “Now an arabesque, a real challenge.”

Logan moves to the center of the room, for once the sparky young teen does not issue a reply. The arabesque is a more difficult move, it involves lifting one leg up and sticking right out behind you, while both arms flutter into the one behind and one up above and rising to your tippy toes. Logan practiced the move all week, and didn’t actually get good at doing it until yesterday. Logan might hate ballet, but if he has to do it, he plans on doing it well.

Taking a deep breath Logan launches upwards perfectly balancing on his left tippy toes, his right foot arching upwards behind him, with his arms fluttering into position one above his head the other behind. Logan stands strong holding the pose, his muscles, fluid and held in place.

Impressed David can’t find words to diss Logan and finds himself starring introspectively muttering, “Beginners luck.”    

“Sure,” Logan smiles confidently coming back to the ballet floor smoothly. “Tell yourself that, I bet it took you longer than a week to master.”

“It didn’t,” David says defensively, his face flushing.     

“Sure, you keep telling yourself that. Maybe I should be the one teaching you, after all I seem to get the moves faster then you.”              

David growls low in his throat, his anger flaring as he comes up to Logan and his smug grin and licks his lips once before smiling deeply. “If you are so talented, try this!”

David turns, anger still washing over him as he does the most difficult move he knows he can perform. Shaking with anger, Daniel tries to clear his mind; not being able to he begins to do the beginning motions anyways for the insanely difficult pirouette. The pirouette is one of the most difficult ballet moves, and one of the most classic. A ballet dancer must be able to make an act of spinning on one foot, typically with raised foot touching the knee of the supporting leg and spinning in a full circle arching around and around keeping perfectly balanced. The move requires complete control of one’s core.

The pirouette on any day is difficult for Daniel who is still struggling to perfect the move, but he knows that he will outmatch Logan, the jock in this single move. Daniel swings his foot up to meet his knee, and begins to rotate, his movements not as fluid as he would like as he gains speed, and spins his leg out and back in and when his foot returns back in he misjudges the placement badly and manages to kick himself with his heel deep underneath his hanging nuts.

Daniel freezes and bends over grabbing his crotch, and to the utter delight of Logan grimaces and groans.

“Ooooh, that looked complicated. Are you sure that you nailed that?” Logan asks tauntingly, grabbing his middle and full on belly laughs at Daniels discomfort. “I don’t think I fully got that move, try if again!”

“You…” Daniel starts, trying to stand up but the achiness in his balls makes him bend back down.      

“What was that?” Logan laughs even harder. “I am finding it difficult to understand you.”

Ignoring him Daniel gently rolls his nuts in their sac, turning away from Logan and giving him his back so he can inspect them privately. His balls appear undamaged, but the stinginess continues as his balls throb in his hands.

Logan walks up to Daniel gleeful to witness him so cocky and failing so badly to impress him. “Not so sure that you want to do that in front of the class,” Logan says patting David’s back in mock consolingly, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Through his dark hair Daniel stares up at Logan saying, “Don’t you, touch me!” Daniel shakes off Logan’s hand moving away to hold onto the barre, the ballet wooden bar that travels across the room along one wall. Gripping it tightly in both hands David attempts to stretch out the pain placing one of his feet on the bar and stretching low, feeling his loins extend and springiness of his muscles contrast. The move does not seem to give Daniel the desired effect and he moans again gripping the barre until his knuckles turn white.

Full of amusement Logan creeps forward a wicked idea occurring to him. Carefully Logan tiptoes across the ballet studios smooth wooden boards cloaking his approach as he sneaks up behind Daniel. Logan takes careful aim and kicks out his leg with surprising speed and accuracy, his foot sailing through the air.

Daniel has time to see Logan’s foot arching towards him and before he can get out of the way the top of Logan’s dressed in black ribbon ballet shoe plunges deep into his bulge. Daniel wails as Logan’s foot warp’s his balls around the tight fitting leotard squishing the wiggly balls against his pelvis. Logan leaves his foot in place feeling Daniel’s youthful boy bulge squishy underneath the top of his foot. When he pulls his foot away Logan makes sure to scrap his toes along Daniel’s flaccid penis and balls which pop out of the way when Logan pulls his foot back.

Immediately after Logan pulls his foot away Daniel drops to the studio floor on his knees. Distantly he hears Logan’s taunt, “Maybe that will stretch them out for you!”

Holding his privates and feeling stupid Daniel put his forehead to the mirror, his jaw slacking while he mules like a dying antelope; he certainly feels as if he’s dying. Daniel cannot believe his luck of being hit in the groin so often over the past week, and twice by the Neanderthal jock Logan.

Logan gazes happily down at Daniel’s crumpled form watching him twitch and moan. Hitting Daniel in the nuts was much more enjoyable than nailing his Dad Bradley, and Logan plans on using this trick in his wrestling practice from now on. Logan has been lectured in length on never going for the groin of an opponent, that the move is illegal and extremely hurtful. What his coach failed to explain to him was how much fun it is.

A few minutes later Logan gets bored and heads to the center of the room after taking as much enjoyment as possible from Daniel’s nut pain. Without a hitch Logan springs into what Daniel called one of the most difficult forms of ballet: the pirouette.  Swooping and spinning Logan executes the move flawlessly, his natural almost superhuman talent shows off what a natural born dancer he is turning out to be.

Daniel watches Logan’s performance in the mirror in complete envy seeing the ease and flow of Logan’s body, his muscles aligning in perfection as he holds himself in such confidence and grace. Logan’s teenage muscles show off his growing six-pack, his tight pectorals just beginning to be defined and his muscly strong arms. In awe Daniel sees Logan finish with a flourish and his blue shinning eyes find Daniel’s in the reflection of the mirror and he smiles wide in pulling off the move so flawlessly and moreover outperforming Daniel in every respect.

“I think that I am ready to perform for the class. What will you show them?” Logan asks his smugness creeping into his expression, his blue eyes daring Daniel to do something. “I wouldn’t want you to hit your small tiny peanuts, you’ll hinder your growth and we both know that you need it.”

Grabbing the barre in one hand Daniel manages to get slowly to his feet, his legs trembling like jelly underneath him. Daniel moves to lunge at Logan throwing all cation to the wind so that he may get his hands on him but the door to the studio opens and their ballet instructor pokes her head inside. “It’s time for us to get back together, come with me.” She waves for them to follow her as she holds the door open.

Logan smirks at Daniel giving him a cheeky wink as he follows her direction, Daniel scowls that he is not going to get his revenge and dutifully follows.

The next twenty minutes the ballet students demonstrate what they have learned. Logan outperforms them all and the ballet instructor with the rest of the class clap and praise his performance and newly discovered talent; all with the exception of Daniel who crosses his arms sulking.

“You are a natural!” she proclaims, she walks over to Logan and hands him a certificate. “I will be moving you to a different class, congratulations on moving up so quickly!” She performs a little graduation ceremony for him in front of the entire class. Logan eats up all the attention, making sure to be as over the top as possible just to see the look on Daniels face.

When the class draws to an end Logan waves goodbye to Daniel saying, “Looks like we won’t be in the same class anymore. If you ever need help, be sure to let me know.” Logan’s cheeky response makes Daniel go scarlet and silent watching Logan step outside to wait to be picked up.

Logan waits for a while, sends his Dad a reminder text and feels the need to pee. Deciding he can’t wait until he gets home he heads back in his phone pinging at the urinal.

    Dad: “Be there in five slugger.”

Smiling Logan slowly lowers the leotard so that he can pull out his cock. Logan’s cock and balls tumble out swinging in between his legs. Logan grabs his penis and immediately feel the release as a yellow stream shoots out arching in the urinal. Logan sighs contentedly holding onto his penis with both hands as his bladder empties, and he gives a gentle tug or two for the last remnants to dribble down into the white porcelain below.

Logan starts pulling up the leotard back up from below his thighs, he faces the bathroom exit door. When the leotard is over his abs he feels a tug at the back as the material is pulled away from his body the cool ac washing over his lower back.

“What the…”

Logan tries to glance over his shoulder to see what has happened but stumbles backwards instead as he is pulled into the only bathroom stall and the leotard arm straps are yanked until the material wraps around a hook meant for jackets on the back of the stall.

Logan hears the click of the bathroom stall, and feels the material of the leotard bunching and pinching in the crack of his ass from the wedgie he now finds himself in. Standing on his tippy toes to relieve some of the building pressure he reaches up doing a backwards pull-up feeling his feet leave the floor his arms straining as they hold up his body.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. What do we have here?” Daniel asks reaching out with both hands and grabbing a testicle of Logan’s in each hand. Logan freezes feeling the unfamiliar invasion of someone grabbing his privates.

The cockiness that Logan usually displays evaporates as he asks, “What are you going to do?”

Daniel smirks up at the hanging boy and gives Logan’s nuts which he confirms are absolutely bigger than his own, a suggestive squeeze.

Logan sees Daniel’s hands contrasting on his testicles once and releases. Logan hopes that it is over as he breathes out in relief but that’s when Daniel digs in. Logan has never felt anything like this, the feeling in his nads is hard to describe in details but Logan first feels the pressure building around the thin walls of his testes and a deep ache develops within quickly. The intensity of Daniel’s grip seems to overwhelm Logan’s senses as this new and distinctly horrible feeling creeps up into his lower body.

Letting out a weak moan, Logan’s blue eyes fall short to Daniel’s green ones which blaze with fury delighting in getting his sweet revenge. Trying to find an argument of why Daniel should stop Logan still gripping the bathroom stalls wall feels his arms shake. Amazingly his young muscles seem to be losing out on an inner battle as Daniel’s ballgripping attack on his boyhood seeps him of his strength.

Slowly Logan droops back down as his arms lower, and the pain of the wedgie along his backside intensifies along with his nuts at the same time, the attack of his front and back is not lost on him. Logan tries to yank Daniel’s hands off of his precious balls but Daniel’s hold is sound and he can’t get free.

“Where is your cocky retorts now Logan?” Daniel torments as he plunges his thumbs into the sides of Logan’s balls. Logan feels the thumbs instantly, they have more power behind them then the other digits on Daniel’s hand and Logan can sense his balls changing shape as Daniel plunges his invading thumbs deep inside the center of each of his nuts.

Logan opens his mouth to say something, anything really at this point but all he manages to let out is another low moan.

Laughing, Daniel redoubles his efforts in crushing Logan’s balls. “If this is the only way to shut you up, so be it!”

Logan vehemently shakes his head groaning out, finally able to talk at last, “Daniel…let my balls go! It hurts!”

Daniel only laughs again and pulls Logan’s nuts toward him increasing the pressure of the wedgie behind Logan, the matieral bunching in the crack of his ass.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” Logan grunts out as they both hear a loud ripping sound. The two boys freeze and Logan’s eyes go wide as he feels and hears the straps to his leotard give way and he tumbles forward into Daniel.

Daniel’s eyes go wide as he stumbles back falling onto the toilet landing on the seat, his hands releasing Logan’s nuts so he could grab the toilet to slow his descent a bit as Logan comes toppling after landing on top of him, straddling him on the toilet.

Both boys grunt upon impact and Logan finally cradles his nuts delicately in one hand, while the other grabs Daniel around the throat squeezing hard.

“Get… get off of me!” Daniel squirms shooting his hands up to push Logan off shoving him in the chest. Logan loses his balance and slides off tumbling to the floor banging his head onto the stall door and then the floor landing in a heap his ripped and ruined leotard fluttering around his abdomen.

Logan’s vision blurs, and he stares blankly up at the unremarkable white bathroom ceiling his body motionless trying to process what just hit him.

Standing up Daniel accesses Logan, noticing his lack of movement, but his steady breathing indicates that he is still conscience. Daniel kicks Logan’s legs apart and notices no response from the blonde adversary but when he lifts up one foot and plunges it straight down on top of the twin targets that gets a reaction that he is looking for. Logan lurches up, manages to hit the stall wall with his head and drop back to the floor dazed again while Daniel presses his foot deeper into Logan’s nuts crunching them under foot, enjoying the sensation of crushing Logan’s balls against his pelvis.

“You won’t forget this,” Daniel muses. “And neither will I!”

Daniel pulls up his foot out and back, and takes careful aim as he kicks out as hard as he can bouncing Logan’s nuts upwards with the tip of his shoe.

Logan cries out, rolls into a ball and groans, shaking in agony the tremors of his encounter roll through his body in painful waves, his blonde hair flopping into his eyes that he squeezes shut feeling the pulse of his balls through his fingers. The pulsing seems to be in line with his heart beat and Logan groans the agony of his first ball bust coursing through his body.

Daniel unlocks the bathroom stall and steps over the fallen Logan washing his hands in the sink with soap and hot water enjoying the sounds coming from Logan behind him. Daniel does not look back as he walks out of the bathroom satisfied that he has put Logan in his place.


It takes Logan a long time to recover, even after his Dad has texted him that he is outside Logan stays slumped on the bathroom floor feeling his oats, and wishing that he had never come to ballet; this time for a whole other reason.

Finally after another twenty minutes, and several text messages and phone calls from his Dad; Logan stumbles out of the bathroom. Moving is difficult and painful, but he plunders onwards. Logan used the broken straps to tie the leotard firmly around his waist, leaving his upper torso bare. He gets a lot of snickering from a group of girl ballerinas walking into class, the girls clearly ogling the boy. One of the girls stops short as the others file past her. She is a blonde pretty girl, dressed in a simple pink leotard with matching pale pink tights.

She giggles and says, “Rough class?”

“You have no idea,” Logan says his lips curling into a broken smile.

“Well I have to take this class. My cheerleading teacher is forcing me to take it, flexibility or some nonsense like that,” she rolls her eyes and smiles, her pink lips forming a perfect smile.

“Me too!” Logan says, aware that the girl is staring at his dime sized nipples and developing chest. Logan wants to cover up but fights the feeling off as he holds out his hand. “My names Logan.”

“Ashley,” the girl replies giving his hand a little shake before pulling away. “See you around?” She questions taking a long moment to fully inspect his body head to foot. Her probing blue eyes linger on his crotch for a moment before she meets his eyes again.

Logan gulps and manages to croak out, his voice cracking a bit “I sure do hope so.” Logan feels himself getting aroused, Ashley does not seem to notice as she turns and heads into the studio.

“Nice to meet you,” Logan calls after her as the door closes behind her feeling his dick getting all the way to half-mast. Logan is well aware of how obscene he would be hard in a leotard and quickly dashes down the hall and out of the studio.


Walking out to his Dad’s car, Bradley says, “Hi son.”

“Hi Dad,” he grins slouching into his seat.

“Seat belt on,” Bradley advices and turns to look at his son and grimaces. “What happened to you?”

“Loooong story. I met a girl though,” Logan smiles his erection still climbing. He tries to hide it, but Bradley notices instantly.

“Oh no, it has begun!” Bradley laughs.

“What are you talking about?” Logan asks, his cheeks reddening as his Dad pulls out of the ballet studio and starts to drive home.

“Girls,” Bradley shakes his head. “I think that it’s time for us to have a little talk about the fairer sex.”

“Out-oh…this isn’t that talk, is it?” Logan asks tentatively.

“I’m afraid so. It’s going to be painful and awkward for the both of us, so let’s just get it done and out of the way.”

“Man! First I got hit in the nuts for the first time and now this!”

“You what?!” Bradley shouts coming to a full stop at a stop sign. “What the hell happened in ballet?”

Logan laughs, he can’t help it. “If I tell you my story does that mean I don’t have to learn about sex?”

“Nope! No way, but I will buy you an ice cream on our way home, your choice,” reasons Bradley turning the car down the street.

Logan smiles, “Deal! I’ll go first. So theirs this dick in my class, a real prick… so I…”

Bradley nods his head as he listens to Logan’s story, smiling at his sons antics and glad that the two of them have the type of relationship that Logan still wants to share all of his secrets with him. Bradley listens to the best of his ability while drives pulling into the town’s local ice cream parlor. He puts one arm around his son’s shoulders listening as Logan goes on and on about how much it sucks to get hit in the nuts.

“Now that I know how much it sucks to get kicked and grabbed in the nuts, I will be extra careful!” Logan finishes.


“So this David character…he never punched you in the nads?” Bradley asks.

“Nope,” Logan ticks off his fingers. “Wedgie, ball squeeze, stomp, and a kick. All the big ones!” Logan puts his hands hind his chair laying back. “I want a chocolate and vanilla swirl please.”

“Sure, but first…” Bradley takes careful aim and wonders only for a second: is this really a good idea. Before he pushes the thought aside and swings his arm hard punching straight down into his son’s obvious rounded protuberances in the black leotard. “You should really experience a punch. It’s a rite of passage, don’t you think?”

“Dad!” Gasps Logan as he goes to grab his balls, but his Dad opens his palm first fitting both of his son’s nuggets into his palm and closes it. Logan’s pain filled blue eyes look up at his Dad as he gives Logan’s nuts a little squeeze.

“One more question: did you want crushed nuts on top of that ice cream swirl?”


Y1ddo said...
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Y1ddo said...

You're the gift that keeps on giving, Jimmy!
It was nice to see David put in his place at once, though he got his revenge on young Logan in the end...
The dynamic between Logan and his father is perfectly written, and makes for a really fun read. Everyone should have a father like Bradley!

Another brilliant story, my friend! :-)

PS. I've sent you a mail, though it turned out a bit of a mess...

Sincerely, Y1ddo

Anonymous said...

Excellent story. Not sure if you realised, but David's name got changed to Daniel for part of the story but no harm done haha.
I always loved how David is proud of his balls, i imagine they are perfectly proportionned, like the rest of him, if not always the biggest!
Logan's ballet skills came as a surprise, and maybe motivated David to become the international ballet star he is today !

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Y1ddo,

Awww, you are far too kind! I am glad that you liking the new series. We have some really great stories coming up. Another author does the next one, and it's one that we all know super well, I think you and everyone else will love it!

I enjoyed painting in some of Logan's back story. I have written his character so much, but I have never written his Dad, and this story gave me an excellent chance to do that!

Alex, if you are reading this could you tag Logan's Dad "Bradley," I know that we have a lot of readers whow would appreciate that.

I have not gotten your email! Could you resend it? I checked my junk and spam folder. I retyped it out just in case I made a mistake.


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Dear Reg,

Dang, I messed that up! Alex, do you mind changing that if you get a sec? I made a mistake! I have to show everyone that I am only human. I have to do this…a lot, lol.

David is such a proud character. It’s a perfect description of him, and while I got a chance to humble him a bit I also wanted to stay true to form and have him have his shinning moment of glory as well. I like to think that Logan might have had some influence on David’s ballet skills, not that he would ever admit to that!
I am very happy that you dug the story Reg!



Y1ddo said...

I've re-sent you the suggestions, my mail address is

Sincerely, Y1ddo

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...


I just read it...I am so honored that you wrote that, and also I can't wait to discuss it with you! Emailing you now!