Monday, April 19, 2021

Gai Tendo – busted by a fan (written by Mickey with artwork by Jack Ray)

This is a wonderful story written by our frequent collaborator Mickey (author of The fall of Gai Tendo part 1 and part 2 and other awesome stories). The artwork was created for Mickey by Jack Ray. I am very grateful to Mickey for letting me publish this little gem, and hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

You’ve been a fan of Gai Tendo for a really long time. You know all his matches records, his moves, his execution of them, his clothes size, even his bulge size. Basically, you’re a really big fan.

You like him so much you decided on pursuing pro wrestling as a career path, just so you can be part of his world.

Pulling all your possible strings, you’ve managed to arrange an exhibition match with him as an opponent. You were sure that this was going to be a memorable night. You’ve been training so long to impress him with your dedication.

The time finally came, and in a few minutes, you would be up there in the ring, fighting with your idol.

Yet as you’re walking backstage, you heard the growling sounds from the dressing room that could only belong to Gai.

Peeking in, you’re shocked to see Gai’s bloated crotch being ministrated by a woman you’ve never seen before.

“S-stop it. We’ll finish this after my match” he murmured, and he pushed away her hands.

“But I don’t want to wait. I have other customers to attend to.” She complained much to the displeasure on Gai’s face.

“Listen here woman, you’re the one who’s late. I was supposed to get a blowjob before this damn newbie exhibition match and now I’m the one who has to fight this random newbie all frustrated.” He said, pointing at his bulbous bulge.

“Listen, the person I’m fighting is just a weakling newbie, it’ll just be a few minutes. You stay put here and I’ll pay double when you jerk me off after-“

It was all you could stand before you ran off.

It was an anger you’ve never felt before. To be dismissed and looked down so much by the guy you’ve admired for so long. In his eyes, you were a hassle he needed a jerk off before he could handle.

You decided then that the red-haired muscle head idiot was going to get a beating of his life.

Gai appeared in his trademarked navy trunks was motifs of fiery flames – the same trunks that had passed the woman’s ministration in the dressing room. His bloating pouch told you he hasn’t had his release, and is itching for once if the irritation on his face was any indication.

Looking at you, his arrogant face scoffed.

“You small fry. You drew up the short end of the stick when it was decided that I was your exhibition match. Don’t cry when it’s over. With our difference in strength, this won’t even be called a fight.” He shouted between laughs. His rude derogative that once sent you into ecstasy now only fueled the flames of anger.

The bell rang and you immediately knew Gai was going to start with a high kick. It was always his go to move whenever his emotions were high and wanted to quickly finish up a match.

Familiar with the momentum of his moves. You promptly duck his incoming powerful kick, and was rewarded with a faceful of his his bloated bulge – the bulge which that woman played with prior.

The sight of it so near sent anger running through your veins.

When Gai noticed what you were about to do, it was too late.

With emotions running high, you sent up a powerful uppercut into his groin, immediately rearranging the contents of his manly baskets

Like a slapstick comedy, everything seemed frozen for a few seconds, before Gai’s spat of a mouthful of saliva as he let out a voiceless scream.

Gai gasped in pain as he jumped around the ring like a deformed bunny as he fondled his crotch in pain and worry. He looked at the referee for some form of intervention but all he got was a look of disinterest.

You looked towards his crotch and noticed the frontal area seemed rather damp. He must’ve been so close to release before he stepped onto that ring if a single uppercut caused him to prematurely ejaculate.

Seriously, how much was he looking down on you to engage in such activities before the match.

After a few minutes of laughter from the crowd, Gai was now apparently done with hopping around.

With his manhood stricken and his manliness threatened, Gai was enraged like a cornered beast. He rushed at you like a mad bull, but that only made the doge easier.

With a flowing movement, you easily sidestepped his full body assault before you sent a kick right between his legs.

He shrieked in pain and began to once more hop awkwardly around the ring in agony.

The second groin hit from you was too much for him to withstand. His previously damped bulge was now dripping with sticky substances

He saw you walking towards him. And in his pained state, all his could do was lift his hands towards you and he plead with his saliva riddled lips and tearstained eyes.

“W-wait….It’s a cheap shot” He mumbled between hiccups as if you didn’t know what you had just inflicted upon him. But rules don’t apply to you. Oh, you forgot to mention, but this whole wrestling gig belongs to your father.

Unfazed by his plea or his wet and dripping crotch, you grabbed him by his legs and sent his body crashing onto the floor.

He realized what you were about to do, and tried to make another desperate plea, but you couldn’t be bothered by his words.

Lifting your feet, you stomp down hard on his object of pride.

“Garghhh!” Gai squealed in pain like a pig in the slaughterhouse

Each stomp resulted in a higher pitched scream and each stomp resulted in more squelching sounds as he released more and more of his pent-up load.

“N-noooo! Please stop!” He screeched out desperately, voice blurred by the pain, the overflowing tears and his foaming mouth, but you were enjoying it too much to care.

You never knew that stomping this soft squishy crotch of his would make you feel so good. And his foaming mouth, blurry eyes and tearstained face only added to the experience. With all this in mind, how would you be blamed for the long period of gas pedaling you gave to his family jewels.

When you finally stopped, Gai was wriggling on his back in short spasm trying to get away.

His now drenched and sticky trunks was still bulging and squelching – who knew he would be so well hung – and each slow movement of his to get away from you leaves behind a trail of sticky fluid reminding you of a snail’s trail.

“I guess you won’t be getting a blowjob anymore after this, but hey, with all this mess you made, you’re probably done for the day.” You muttered

Gai looked up at you from the floor, his glazed eyes filled with pain and fear.

You gave him back a nefarious smile, sending him shivering in terror.

Today you’ve lost an object of your admiration – alas how would you still admire this pathetically looking cum drenched idiot.

On the other hand, you now gained a boy toy to play with whenever boredom strikes. Daddy surely won’t mind.

With a snap of your fingers. Two henchmen hurried to desecrated champion off the ring.

Gai tried to cry but his voice was hoarse from his prior screaming and screeching. He tried to struggle, but the gas pedaling has drained away all his strength. And soon he realized he had no way out.

You followed your henchmen into a room with a small makeshift ring before you instructed your henchmen to hold Gai still.

You walked up to him tapped his face.

“You know, I used to be a big fan of yours. But your callousness pushed me away. But after today I think I’ll be a fan of your crotch, who knew they would be so fun to play with.” You said, lightly tapping his still wet bulge. Gai couldn’t stop himself from letting out a sensually pained gasp as his previously tenderized balls were touched.

“Your rudeness though, and your arrogant attitude, I think those needs to be punished. And I know just the right way.” You said smiling, ignoring the was his face was shaking in denial and plea.

“While it’s fun to use my feet, it just doesn’t give the same sensation when I use my hands.”

Curling your hand into a fist, you sent it straight into his damp bulge. The hit sent his eyes crossing as his mouth involuntarily spit out a mouthful of drool.

In the ring, the punch you slammed into his balls was too quickly executed. But now where you can leave your fist hanging, you let yourself suck in the moment. The squishy sensation of his pouch, the deformity of his crotch, the melodies of his cries, the comedy of his face.

You looked up at Gai in ecstasy and smiled – and he returned you gesture by shivering uncontrollable as his eyes teared up.

It was going to be a long night for you, but a surely rewarding one as you slowly explore your newfound interest. The same couldn’t be said about Gai, but why would you bother with what the red-haired idiot thinks?


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Mickey and Jack Ray,

What a team-up! This story, and art was fantastic, and I think thta this was your best work yet!

Gai is a fun character, and he never seems to learn how to protect his balls. Maybe one day he will learn!

The artwork by Jack was on point and added such a layer of intensity to the story, and the dramatic pull really brought me futher into the story.

Can't wait to read more!



Mickey said...

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you for your kind words. Gai is definitely a fun character, his self confidence, arrogance combined with his lack of foresight makes him a great target to be busted :))

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...


I super agree! I wonder if he is able to even bust another guy back in the nuts. He gets crippled very quickly. It would be neat to see him bust some nuts in the next one, even if he ends up losing in the end. Great work though!



BB_Daddy said...

Joe Hikashi is another SNK's arrogant jock and he's still my main fab material since I hit puberty (though I prefer his ealier design which his hair looked a lot more natural and less 'Benimaru'). I wonder if these two could end up fighting or better yet, let them team up and we can beat their manly parts to pulp altogether.

Unknown said...

Hi Jimmy.

His nuts are quite weak indeed. It might be something for me to consider next time - I just love writing about his busted that they all turned out this way 😆😆😆

Hi BB Daddy,

I think I do remember your art on it, was it Joe standing with his legs between two trees before he was busted? I do like Joe but his boxing pants leaves a lot to be desired (tighter fabric would be most lovely 😆😆) But yess, seeing them busting each other and crawling in pain in the end would be most amazing.

Harry said...

Mickey, cool fight story and nice illustrations to match. Thanks for sharing it!

danny perkasa said...

It gonna be perfect if gai begging to them not to destroy his babymakers cz he want have kids but they did more torture on his trsticles