Friday, April 23, 2021

Grower (Jonas meets Logan)

Special thanks to Jonas (author of the awesome 2019 story Studcracker) for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the tiny-dicked loser who is neither a shower nor a grower!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)
Wolf-whistles and laughter filled the locker room as Jonas changed into his underwear.
Jonas was a grower, not a shower, and his buddies at school were quite familiar with his penis in its soft, shriveled state. Overconfident and quite cocky, Jonas liked to drop trou to prank his buddies, and most of his friends had fallen victim to what Jonas called “The Finnish Fire Starter”, a naughty little stunt that involved rubbing his dick on a buddy’s forehead until it was beet red. There were volumes of pics showing embarrassed, red-faced guys and Jonas’ little prank maker that were shared between the pupils of Bartlet High.
So it was fair to say that Jonas wasn’t exactly shy about his equipment. In addition to “The Finnish Fire Starter”, Jonas’ repertoire included tea bagging, nut-scaping and other genital-related stunts. It was almost as if Jonas made up for the obvious short-comings of his dick (it was perfectly appropriately sized when it was hard – but his buddies had never seen it in that state, and likely never would) by showing it off as often as he could, and to hilarious effect. Like he was making his buddies laugh with him instead of at him.

In sharp contrast to Jonas’ dick, his balls were nice and big, not huge by any means, but clearly not below average. His dick and his balls were a funny combo.
His buddies were laughing and cheering as Jonas pulled down his pants and shook his hips. “It’s the helicopter!” he yelled cheerfully, making his buddies roar with laughter.
“A mini copter”, someone chimed in, making the crowd laugh even louder.
Jonas was 19 years old, with dirty blond hair. Neither tall nor tiny, neither skinny nor fat, he had some muscles, but he was definitely not on a bodybuilder’s level.
“Careful, or the mini coper will come for you!” he yelled, jumping across the locker room like a maniac, his dick and balls flopping around wildly as he threatened to hump his buddies.
He was rudely stopped when one of his friends turned around and lifted his leg, making Jonas run into his knee nuts-first.
Jonas’ eyes bugged out and his cheeks puffed as his genitals were flattened and crushed by his mate’s knee.
“Ooops”, Logan said, withdrawing his knee and letting his friend slide to the ground, letting out a wheezing moan. “I hope I didn’t destroy the copter.”
“Oh god”, Jonas whispered in a toneless voice as he sank to his knees, tentatively cupping his aching gonads.
The crowd erupted in laughter, and one of the guys started singing ‘I believe I can fly’ in a comically high-pitched falsetto voice, making everybody roar and cheer.
“Looks like that copter has come down for a hard landing”, Logan quipped with a wide grin. He was 18 years old, a handsome guy with blond hair and blue eyes. He was one of the most popular guys at Bartlet High, and everybody loved his sense of humor.
“Well”, someone chimed in, “I don’t think you should use ‘hard’ in this context.”
The crowd laughed.
“Or ‘cum’”, somebody else added, causing the crowd to laugh even louder.
“My nuts”, Jonas moaned, clasping his bare balls as his buddies were laughing and cheering with malicious glee. “You crushed my fucking nuts.”
“Oh, come on”, Logan quipped. “Your nuts aren’t crushed, are they?” He leaned over, a cheerful expression on his face as he squinted between Jonas’ thighs.
Jonas was a good sport, and he played along, pulling his hands away and revealing his aching gonads and his tiny little dick. “You crushed them”, he muttered. “You turned them into peanut butter.” He looked up at Logan and blinked. “My poor nuts!”
Logan chuckled and brought his leg back. He sent it crashing into Jonas’ crotch, squishing his nuts flat.
His large foot slammed into Jonas’ genitals, and it looked like a giant T-Rex stomped down on a tiny bird’s nest, destroying the little bird and the defenseless eggs with one devastating stomp.
Jonas’ eyes crossed and he let out a wordless, toneless scream that made the crowd go wild. They laughed and cheered at Jonas’ misfortune, mocking him and his hapless genitalia.
As if the pain in his testicles wasn’t bad enough, when Jonas pulled his hands away, his dick was hard. Jonas let out a small gasp and grabbed his boxers, quickly covering his hard cock with it.
Logan saw it, and – being the nice guy that he was – decided to not comment on it. But not everybody was so kind.
Someone yelled: “Look at that tiny boner!”
Jonas’ face turned beet red. “It’s not tiny!” he protested.
It was a matter of pride: Jonas knew he had a small dick. But it was perfectly average sized when hard! He had never had a girl complain about it!
The locker room was filled with laughter. Most of the guys had not seen Jonas’ hard dick before he had covered it up with his underwear, but everybody assumed – everybody knew! – that it just couldn’t be anything but tiny.
“It’s not tiny!” he yelled.
Ironically, the fact that he was covering his crotch with his boxers wasn’t helping. Everybody just assumed that he was lying.
“It’s not tiny!” Jonas exclaimed to riotous laughter.
Logan looked down at him, chuckling.
He brought his leg back and kicked him in the nuts again.
“Tiny! Tiny! Tiny! Tiny!” the crowd started chanting as Logan kicked Jonas’ balls once again.
Jonas screamed from the top of his lungs, his face beet red from pain and humiliation.
Again and again, Logan’s foot connected with his crotch, accompanied by the malicious choir of his peers: “Tiny! Tiny! Tiny! Tiny!”
“It’s not tiny!” Jonas screamed, his voice cracking much like his rapidly swelling nuts.
In a final, utterly embarrassing humiliation, Jonas’ body was rocked by a powerful orgasm, triggered as much by Logan’s powerful kicks as by the crowd’s attention to Jonas’ shortcomings.
It was unfair, plain and simple, and Jonas’ indignation exploded into his boxers, creamy jet after creamy jet.
The crowd was roaring and cheering and laughing and jeering as Jonas’ eyes rolled back into his head and he shot load after load into his underwear.
“Fuck!” he croaked, his body covered in sweat, his boxers dripping with his spilled sperm.
Logan reached down and pulled away Jonas’ boxers, holding it up with disgust and disdain. Jonas’ spunk was dripping down onto his sweaty body as the crowd cheered and laughed.
“See? It’s tiny!” somebody yelled.
Much to Jonas’ horror his class mate was right! After his involuntary orgasm, Jonas’ dick had shriveled like a tired worm, and it looked even tinier than before!
“It’s not tiny when it’s hard”, Jonas whimpered, his face a mask of pain.
“Uh-oh”, Logan grimaced. “You know what that means, guys! Make him hard again!”
“No!” Jonas eyes opened wide as the crowd grabbed him, spreading his legs and spreading his arms, pinning him to the floor.
“The soccer team goes first!” Logan chuckled, inviting a group of tall and muscular guys to form a circle around Jonas.
They started kicking and stomping and grinding Jonas’ nuts, trampling him and making him worship their large feet as they took turns crushing his nuts and his tiny dicklet.
The crowd went wild with cheers and laughter as the guys kicked and stomped Jonas’ balls.
The baseball team went next, and Jonas screamed from the top of his lungs as his genitals were attacked by several baseball bats as his buddies tried to hit his balls out of his sack.
“Gymnastics!” Logan yelled, prompting a svelte, flexible young man to somersault his way through the locker room, landing square on Jonas’ testicles.
He performed a few very impressive tricks, eliciting cheers and applause from the crowd as he crushed Jonas’ balls under his body weight.
The football team went next, replacing graceful moves with brute force.
By now, Jonas’ body was covered in sweat and he was screaming from the top of his lungs.
His balls were swollen and battered, bruised and bloated.
In a very unfortunate turn of events, his balls dwarfed his little dick – even when it sprung back to life and grew hard.
The result was positively ridiculous.
What should have been a triumphant moment for Jonas – finally, everybody saw that his dick was perfectly average when it was hard! – turned out to be embarrassing and painful in every sense of the word.
Jonas was screaming and squirming, sobbing and crying as his friends tortured his testices.
It was the handball team that ended Jonas’ torment with a long, hard, twisted squeeze.
Several hands were crushing his nuts, twisting his sack, kneading his dick, when Jonas’ dick exploded in another massive orgasm, showing himself and the closest bystanders with spurts of creamy spunk.
Logan ended it by bringing his foot down hard on Jonas’ genitals, stopping his orgasm with his oversized foot, flattening his throbbing balls and his pulsing dick like pancakes.
Jonas was a drooling mess on the floor, his balls depleted, his dick shriveled, his dignity destroyed.
The locker room emptied. One by one, everybody left, leaving Jonas on the floor, naked and humiliated, in a puddle of his own jizz.
“It’s not tiny”, he whipered. “It’s not tiny.”
Logan was the last one to leave. He looked down at Jonas. “Actually, it is.”


Jonas said...

It's not tiny, I swear!

(Great job as always, Alex ;)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Alex,

You are a dream maker! Also, that was a fun story. Who would not feel bad for poor Jonas! Plus we got to see Logan, and everyone enjoys seeing him! Great read my friend.



Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, guys! I'm gald you enjoyed the story! :-))

Alex said...

P.S. @Jonas: I hate to break it to you - but it is tiny. Everybody knows it.