Monday, April 12, 2021

The championship rematch: Bartlet vs. Midtown (part 2) - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the second part of The championship rematch, an exciting two part episode of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.


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Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Small change in plans,” Chase says. “Logan brought a friend.”

“Who?” Adam asks.

“I… don’t know him. But he is older, and beefier. Nothing we can’t handle but this does change things.”

Max and Rex look at each other, and Max breaks the silence. “How big is he?”

The backdoor to the house opens, and Logan and Zach stride out along the garden path heading straight to the pool each one wearing board shorts. A collective gasp surrounds Chase as all three of his friends take in Logan and Zach. Logan is an impressive specimen, at 18 the blonde wrestling captain is at peak form. His chest is fully defined, his pecs resting proudly above his sculpted abs. As impressive as Logan is, Zach seems to be bigger than him in every possible way.

Zach’s chest is huge, his pectorals gleaming in the moonlight as he strode proudly forward but no one seems to be looking at that, or his broad shoulders. Zach’s shorts seem to be containing some sort of monster within that swings back and forth like a wrecking ball on the back of a construction truck. In amazement each of Chase’s friends reaches into their own shorts to adjust themselves.

“He’s not that big,” Chase announces. “I bet that I am still bigger.”

No one responds until Max whimpers, “He’s thunder thighs are going to wreck my growing boys. Chase, I think he can break balls without even trying.”

Rex seems to nod in agreement adding, “Do you think his huge balls even register pain like ours?”

Chase scowls at the approaching guys, but when Zach drops his shorts even he fails to say anything negative about Zach’s behemoth schlong and dangling mini basketballs. The fabric of the Speedos that Zach wears is stretched so thin that the fabric appears ready to burst at any moment. The orange speedo barely contains the contents of and the swinging mini basketballs given the term new meaning in this cloth.

Logan can’t help but laugh at the look everyone gives Zach and he ball tags Zach with the back of his knuckles. His fist sinks deep between both of Zach’s balls and he tumbles into the pool with a giant splash. Logan dives in after him pulling up his friend who regards him with a dark stare as he groans, “Shiiit man!”

Adam, Max and Rex seem to relax and swim over to join them leaving Chase to boil in the pool, his mood souring.

“I’m Logan, and this big doofus is my friend Zach.”

Max, Rex and Adam introduce themselves and they all start peppering Zach with questions about college life, the frat that he belongs to and his workout routine. Zach is all smiles once he recovers from Logan’s sneak attack, and the continuous questions only add to him feeling more comfortable around the youngsters and the hero worshipping that is occurring.

Logan swims over to Chase, leaving Zach to answer: “Okay, you have to tell me…how big are you?”

Zach laughs at Rex’s question and Logan does not hear the answer as he swims underwater surfacing inches from Chase who eyes him warily. “Hey man, maybe we started off on the wrong foot. Listen, I’m also here not just for guardian duties. I’m here to be like…a mentor. It’s only going to work though if you want me here. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

“Then you should tell Jayden, that this is not going to work out then. Tell him you tried, but you failed,” Chase retorts.

Logan regards him, seeing the defiance in every inch of him and knows deep down that he is going to have to earn Chase’s approval. Sighing, he already knows what that is going to take. “I think that you need to test yourself against me first. So let’s do it.”

“You don’t have the balls,” Chase says flatly.

“Yeah. Yeah I do.”

“Then it’s going to be like this, roshambo style. Me and my guys versus you and the circus freak over there. You two can stay the weekend if you put me and my guys down. If we drop you and Zach, then you tell Jayden what I want you to say, add nothing more. Got it?”

Logan knows a 4 on 2 is horrible odds, but he has been a model for Alex on his blog a long time, Zach even longer. Together he can take Chase and his friends. “Just let your friends know, it’s not my fault if they end up crying. I am not going to hold back.”

“Deal,” Chase holds out his hand and the two shake.


Outside of the pool the six boys shiver in anticipation of the coming events.

Logan and Zach on one side, seasoned Ballbusting warriors, although one has a larger pair fragile balls than the other.

Chase, Adam, Max and Rex stand in a huddle together in a circle finishing their strategic talk on how best to win.

“A coin flip to see who goes first,” Chase says pulling out a shiny silver dollar, he slowly strides towards the two water still dripping from his body. He never changed into a bathing suit, his wet briefs hang low almost revealing his blonde pubic hair.

“Sure, heads always.”

Chase grins and tosses it in the air. The spinning coin drops to the ground glinting a faint silver glow as the bird glows faint in the moon light.

“Tough luck, we get to go first,” Chase says. “Rex, start us off.”

Rex excitedly walks forward stepping up to Zach and Logan, “Put those hands behind your heads boys, this is going to hurt!”

Chuckling Zach and Logan comply.

“Show us what you got bud,” Zach smiles.

Rex approaches him first, and not even needing to take careful aim he kicks straight up his barefoot plunging into Zach’s pouch. Zach gasps once and grabs himself. “Not bad,” he admits rolling his nuts around.

Rex loving this moves on to Logan and kicks him next. Rex’s aim is true as he punts Logan’s nuts between his buttcheeks and Logan let’s out a grunt, but otherwise does not change positon calling out: “Next!”

Max runs up, stumbles into Rex and the two go spiraling into the pool.

Everyone laughs seeing the two goofy brothers popping up and start bickering.

“Watch were you are going!”

“I did not do it on purpose!” Max yells in return.

“Liar!” Rex says and kicks Max between the legs.

Max’s eyes bug out, “Shit, not again!” he bends over and Rex moves in to ball tag him again but yelps as Logan grabs him by the back of his speedo and yanking him out of the pool, giving him a slight wedgie.

Zach helps Max out, and the two older boys glare at Rex.

“What!?” he says. Rex holds out his hands in exasperation. “It’s Max’s own fault!” he says picking the speedo fabric from between his butt cheeks.

Max is on his knees holding his nuggets and moaning, “You know how sore my nuts are, they are still growing!”

“Stop talking about your balls all the time!”

Max’s amber eyes look up and he pushes his damp hair off of his forehead, as he stands up. “Maybe you would know what that is like when your balls finally drop!”

Rex’s jaw falls and his ears turn pink as Max glares at him.

“Take that back,” Rex growls.

Max says nothing and turns to Zach and Logan, “My turn guys.”

Zach and Logan go back into their position’s, hands tucked behind their heads as Max rears back his ankle and boots Logan first. A satisfying squish is felt on the top of his foot and he is rewarded in seeing Logan’s blue eyes cloud over with pain. Grinning in his victorious kick, he moves over to Zach and kicks him as well. Max’s footwork is not as clean here and somehow he manages to only hit Zach’s big left ball. Zach groans and says, “Lefty!” laughing.

Max snaps his finger, “Shoot, how could I miss that?!” laughing.

“Cause you suck,” Rex scoffs from behind him. Max spins around and charges at his brother Logan grabs him around the middle pulling him back.

“Rex, stop being a dickhead to your brother, or I will take my turn kicking you early. And if it’s true that your balls have not dropped yet, they won’t after I wreck them,” Logan says making Rex balk at his retort.

Logan whispers in Max’s ear as he holds the struggling boy. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to get Rex out first on your team. Okay?”

Max goes limp in Logan’s arms and he looks up at him, “Thank you. You have no idea how much that will mean to me.”

“No problem,” Logan says putting him on his feet.

Chase watches the exchange with a sour taste in his mouth. “Adam, your turn!”

Adam the stalkier of the four friends comes right up, assessing Logan and Zach and sees that after two kicks each neither seems to be going down anytime soon. Adam asks politely, “You mind if I…?” and he indicates with his foot slowly raising up to meet Logan’s targets.

“Knock yourself out!” Logan says.

Adam puts his foot against Logan’s package, his foot gently rubbing the bottom of Logan’s sac until he has a satisfied look on his cheeky face. “Now I know what you are working with.”

“Yeah?” Logan asks.

“Yup!” Adam says launching his foot through the air carefully smacking Logan’s nuggets in the back, the top of his foot penetrating deep into Logan’s pelvis. Logan feels a sinking, horrible ache pulsate once in his lower extremities and then the pulse shoots through his abdomen and he is forced to bend over groaning. “Awww that was a good one.”

Smirking Adam turns to Zach who gulps. Adam wastes no time feeling Zach’s nuts with his foot, not asking him for an invitation. Adam kicks confidently forward seeing Zach wince before impact. Adam feels his foot surrounded by Zach’s genitalia rolling around the intruding force slamming home. Adam manages to keep his foot in place for an extra second before yanking it back, making sure to catch Zach’s nuts on the return his big toe slicing across Zach’s left nut again.

Zach lets out a pitiful sound between a moan and groan and grabs himself. “My big boys felt that one!” He tries to laugh, but groans instead.

Chase slowly walks past Adam, high fiving him. Neither Logan nor Zach look as confident after Adam’s display and Logan plans on showcasing how formidable he is. “You’re wasting time, get in position…or submit. That’s always an option.” Chase smiles coolly.

It takes a moment but Zach and Logan get back into their positons, legs wide, arms locked behind their heads. Chase eyes his prey and attacks Zach first with a mighty first kick. The blow is awful in sound the wet splat is heard followed by Zach stumbling almost to one knee. My…balls,” Zach’s usual carefree responses replace with one of pure agonizing pain matching how his balls feel.

Chase grins down at Zach bent at the waist before turning to Logan. “Your next.”

Logan nods once and Chase ready to end this kicks up as hard as he can. Chase takes all of the lessons from battling Gino and Jayden and uses each muscle group to slowly extend and power his leg. When he connects with Logan’s groin, ankle first he knows that he did Logan dirty from the audible gasp escaping the wrestling captain’s lips as he reaches down to extricate and free his nuts from being crushed under Chase’s foot. Chase leaves his foot extended like Adam, except he holds the pose longer and when his calf muscles scream he bounces his foot a bit making Logan’s jaw drop in a silent scream before he pulls back.

Chase watches the wreckage across Logan’s face and knows that he is going to win this. “Line it up boys, it’s their turn to play.”

Adam, Rex, and Max comply coming forward making a line each one ready for Zach and Logan. But Zach and Logan are hurting and it takes them a few minutes before they can stand back up, let alone ready to confront the four of them.

Zach is ready first coming up to Chase.

“I should start with you,” Zach says with a grin, and a definite limp to his walk. His sagging ballsac appears quite bloated already after one round.

Chase puffing out his chest, trying to impress his boys stands erect jutting out his package. “Do your worst, Zach.”

“My worst, huh?” he grins, shaking his head. “If you, insist.” Zach rears back his leg and watches Chase’s blue eyes as he amps up his kick sending it straight into Chase’s fat nuggets. The wet splat of his underwear and the water that pours out, from his pouch makes the guys grimace around him. Chase’s bottom lip trembles once but he manages to stay on his feet, while pool water pours down his thighs and pooling around his ankles. “Not bad, Adam’s next then.”

Adam is nervous beside Chase, and lets out a gulp that makes Zach laugh. Zach continues laughing as his second shot flies between Adam’s thighs smacking him in his ballsac, nailing both against his tailbone. Adam drops almost to one knee gasping barely able to withstand the first kick.

“I didn’t kick you that hard!”

“My balls…,” Adam groans out sadly, his bottom lip jutting out his face showcasing a wounded expression.

“You got this Adam,” Chase says encouragingly. But no one is quite sure of that. Adam squeezes his eyes tight, as he groans his hands disappearing into his Speedos as he gently cradles himself.

“Oh god,” Adam moans starring off into the distance but somehow not going down.

“Close call there,” Zach says with a laugh moving on to Rex.

Rex is one of the shortest, and his little light frame shows off his swimmers body. His speedo pouch appears quite flat and Zach eyes it warily a questioning look appearing when he scrunches his eyebrows together.

“Huh,” Zach says scratching his chin. He looks back at Logan who shrugs in answer.

“What?” Rex asks in puzzlement.

“It’s just…naw, I’m not going to say it.”

“Say what?” Rex asks again, now getting annoyed.

Zach sighs and admits. “I just don’t know where…to aim.”

Max let’s out a snort of laughter, and Rex’s ears burn again and he points at his crotch. “They ain’t on top of my head. Not all of us have dinosaur balls.”

The guys laugh, Zach among then. “Fine then, let me know if you feel this.” Zach rears back taking aim, or attempting to. He sighs again and does his best to aim at Rex’s speedo center hoping to hit something and releases a kick up. Zach is rewarded with a slight impact of something small, and quite squishy. Zach has never kicked a set of peanuts as small as Rex’s and he hopes that he does not hurt the growth, or lack thereof, that might hopefully occur in Rex’s future.

Rex’s laugh ends abruptly and he falls straight to the ground. Max manages to grab one arm keeping him aloft as Logan calls out, “That’s cheating!”

“Sorry, reflex!” says Max pulling Rex upright before he releases his tight grip on his brother’s upper arm. “Won’t happen again, I promise!”

Rex stays precariously on his feet a low whine escaping his throat. “Oooooh you got them both!” Rex moans grabbing his speedos turning cross-eyed to look at Max. “My kids will feel that one!”

The others laugh and Max goes to pat his back, but Zach catching him unaware boots him in the nuts. Max freezes and Zach enjoys the look of defeat in the young boys amber eyes as he grits his teeth.

“Sorry, I forgot to give you a warning. The way they bounced when you went to check on your brother was begging for a hit!” Zach grins at everyone, and they all focus on Max who does not appear to be breathing.

Finally Max exhales and shakes his head, “Fuck, you kick hard.”

“Dang, I thought I would have dropped one of you! Logan, finish them off.”

“My plan,” says Logan striving forward going up to Max first.

“Wait, he just kicked me!” Max complains pointing at Zach, arm quivering as he points it at Zach.

“No rules on who I kick first, arm’s up or forfeit!”

Sighing, Max complies looking pointedly up at the stars and not at Logan. His thighs tremble in anticipation and Logan moves into position watching Max’s nuts bounce with each shiver. Logan times his kick to when Max’s nuts bounce up and on the downward movement Max’s bouncy balls strike Logan’s toes which kick right through them pinning them against Max’s pelvis as if Logan had pinned them to the walk with push-pins.

Max’s eyes crisscross again, and he exhales loudly his arms swaying by his sides after impact while Logan keeps his foot in place before slowly pulling it back. When only Logan’s big toe is touching Max’s sky blue singlet he flicks the digit up knocking Max’s wet penis head up.

Max bends over immediately cupping his junk moaning, “My balls, my balls, he hit my balls.” Over and over.

“Tougher than I thought,” Logan surmises before moving over to Rex, who barely has time to tuck his hands behind his head when Logan kicks him just as hard not really caring if he strikes his raisnietes or not but hoping to drop him from impact alone.

Rex leans against his brother his head falling onto his shoulder, biting Max shoulder skin as he mumbles out, “Fuuuuuuck.” Overemphasizing the word as a bit of drool leaks out the side of his mouth.

“That might also be cheating,” Logan points out. “But I’m not afraid of losing to any of you.”

Adam gulps as Logan approaches, and he looks as if he might flee.

“You can just give up,” Logan starts to say but Adam shakes his head.

“I’m a man, I can do this.” The mantra appears to be more for his own benefit than to strike a chord with Logan.

Logan shakes his head and kicks up hard at Adam’s bulge. Adam unlike the twins has a pretty decent set of balls and Logan has no trouble finding and connecting them with the business end of his ankle. The bone slams into Adam’s pouch and Logan enjoys feeling Adam’s balls squish and squash around in his Speedo until his foot kicks them up against his low abdomen when he pulls his foot back.

Adam swallows hard, and swears clutching his nuts which pulse in his hands. Adam whimpers and Chase sees the devastation that Zach and Logan caused and his chances of winning this bet seem a lot slimmer.

“Sac up guys, we got this!”

“You sure about that?” Logan asks stepping in front of him. “My foot almost brought each of your friends to tears. They won’t be able to withstand the next round, each of them will fall.”

“Stop talking, and start kicking. This is not over yet, Logan,” Chase says defiantly.

“Your sacs funeral,” Logan says.

Logan wants to make the biggest impact on Chase, knowing that if he brings him down to his knees the others might just give up. With the hope in mind that he could end things right here, Logan takes careful and considerate aim and slowly raises his leg up so that his foot kisses the bottom of Chase’s ample pouch. The wet underwear squishes as Logan feels around deciding on how best to place his kick. Chase tolerates Logan’s intrusion into his sensitive bits, and proudly sticks out his pelvis to give Logan more access.

“Impressed?” Chase asks with a snicker, and a smile.

“Very,” Logan approves. “A sac worth hitting.”

Chase gives Logan an eye roll as he pulls his foot back, and doing his best to focus on Chase’s position launches his foot straight up and out. Logan’s foot makes contact mere moment later and Logan hears the wet smack, before he feels Chase’s bulge squish around his toes.

“Got em,” Logan comments watching the recognition in Chase’s blue eyes as he humbles the youngster. Chase shows his first sign of weakness and caves down to hold his bulge, his mouth going slack jaw as the pain creeps in fast. The painful smattering of his testes keeps him in the here and now as Chase tries desperately not to drop.

“My big balls!” Chase wheezes out feeling the stinging when he cradles his wet underwear that provided very little, if any protection. “Awww, my big balls!”

Adam, Max, and Rex wince still in their own discomfort and none of them showing any signs of striking Logan and Zach, who high-five each other, following it with back-hand slaps.

“They done now!” Zach says with a gleam in his eyes.

“Super done,” Logan agrees enjoying the show of the four boys moaning and groaning. “Next round we finish the lot of them.”

“Yup!” Zach grins.

Chase pulls in his friends, still grimacing as his balls blaze fiercely in his ballsac. “Guys…we need to take one of them done. We won’t survive another double kick from those two. I need you to give it everything you got.”

Adam, Max, and Rex are nodding along with Chase’s ideas, Rex adds. “I think that we can put Zach on the ground first, his targets are too big to miss!”

“Yeah,” says Max nodding pulling down his Speedos and inspecting his reddening nutsac. “Look at them! My balls resemble superhot gumballs!” Max says worriedly starring down at his reddening testicles.

“Pfft, that’s nothing!” Rex pulls open the bottom of his Speedos and out pops out a small crinkly ballsac that resembles a big red walnut. “My nuts are fuuucked up!”

Chase reaches between the four of them and gently cradles his friends sacs giving them a reassuring massage as he continues speaking, “Our boys are red, mine are black and blue I think…but we are tough enough to withstand this.”

Rex and Max are nodding along, and cubbing up a bit while Chase gently fondles the twin’s testicles.

“Uhuh,” Max says biting his bottom lip.

“Yeah,” Rex agrees, sighing leaning against his brother dropping an arm around his shoulders.

Chase smiles at them and then he turns his attention to Adam. “Ready?”

“Yes,” Adam nods looking a bit jealous.

“Let’s finish them off then!”

Chase leads the boys forward fully intending on going first with their biggest hitter, he goes straight at Zach, raising his voice over their laughter. “Get in position, and get ready to kiss the ground Zach!”

Zach turns, a half grin still in place. “Alright little buddy, show me what you got.”

Chase wastes no time in kicking Zach in both of his big balls. Zach groans, reaching down to cup himself but Adam jumps right in behind him kicking right after before he can get to his testicles nailing the swing pendulum swinging stones up and around so they smack against his ass.

“….NNNNnnnn,” Zach grimaces arms outstretched with fingers twisting in the air.

Adam signals to Max, as he pulls his foot away and Max rushes forward and kicks solidly between Zach’s thighs for the third strike in under a minute. Zach’s face loses all color and he groans, a sad somber sound escaping between his teeth.

Zach almost gets to hold his testes, but Rex gets there first letting loose a loud, “Hi-yah!” coming as close as possible to Zach and kicking straight up. Rex kicks nothing but Zach’s big nuts which crack against his abdomen slapping his belly and rolling back down swinging wildly in his Speedo.

Zach still groaning takes one last look at the boys grinning faces and drops to his knees and ending with his face against the brickwork along the edge of the pool breathing hard.

“Yes!” All four boys cheer. Chase is the loudest turning to Logan and pointing at the wrestling captain’s chest. “Your next!” he challenges his confidence returning after they brought Zach down in the second round.

Eager to capitalize on their first win Chase steps right up to Logan wasting no time he fires back his leg behind him, stretching his legs muscles as far as they will go, and pelts his leg forward with all his might feeling a satisfying crunch when his foot makes contact with Logan’s impressive set of balls. Chase knows that he hit Logan well when Logan’s nuts get stuck between his ass and the top of his foot. Chase grins wickedly at his success, and leaves his foot in place trying his best to flatten out Logan’s rounded testicles.

Logan scoffs at Chases efforts at first, but then Chase hits him so hard his balls feel as if they get stuck in his throat.

“Oh god,” Logan groans, while Chase pulls his foot back watching the devastation as Logan’s balls reform from their dented state. Plumping back up and filling Logan’s Speedo’s he rolls his balls expertly with his fingers, probing to make sure that Chase did not squish them.

“Drop that hand Logan, it’s Adam turn!” Chase commands.

Adam steps right up and Logan sighs, and complies feeling extra vulnerable as his balls vibrate and throb. Adam launches his own kick right into Logan’s meaty ballsac striking true and hard. The crunch of Adam’s foot makes Zach look up from his prone position.

“You…okay?” Zach gasps still cradling his own balls.

Logan only nod, as he grits teeth. “Max…Rex…come on guys, let’s go.”

Max and Rex both look at each other in amazement, “Can’t believe that he can still stand!” Rex says walking up to Logan.

“Maybe now he won’t be!” Max says taking careful aim and with a running start kicks his bare foot up into Logan’s coin pouch. Max knows that he connected well when Logan’s balls squish out of the way, the orbs rolling sideways to avoid the blow. Max curses out a “Shit,” but Logan’s eyes go wide clearly the move cost his manhood and his legs tremble and he let’s out a puff of air blowing it between his teeth.

“That…oh…shit,” Logan cannot complete a sentence, but Rex pushes past his brother making Max topple into the pool.

Max comes up spluttering, “You are such a dickhead!”

“You should have moved out of my way!” Rex laughs a glint of mischief in his twinkling amber eye. “Say goodbye to the Krueger line,” and kicks up at Logan’s still swinging stinging nutsac. Rex catches Logan’s balls on the swing forward his foot knocking Logan’s balls up and against his belly where two tiny splat’s are heard making the boys cringe. Nobody cringes as much as Logan. After his 8th hit in ten minutes, he is in serious pain.

Logan bends at the waist, Rex skips off to high-five Adam but not before he shoves his brother Max back into the pool on his way by. Max almost fully out of the water plunges back in with a yell of frustration. Logan barely notices anything that is happening besides the flaring painful explosions occurring between his legs. Logan does not even want to try and hold onto them for fear of causing another wave of pain to shoot into his abdomen.

Zach now able to stand comes up to him, “What now…you give up?”

“Not even close,” Logan says through gritted teeth, pulling himself back to standing.

Max is out of the pool by now and yelling at his brother. Chase has his hands on both of their chests keeping the two squirming brothers apart. Chase sees Logan approaching, his jaw set, his eyes determined and tells Max and Rex, “Chill guys, here comes Logan.”

All three turn watching Logan’s approach, Max and Rex finally stop struggling and their arms fall out their sides. “He looks mad,” comments Max with a gulp.

“Go get em!” Zach says encouragingly from behind him.

Logan goes straight for Chase, but stops just before getting to him. “I’m taking all three of them down this round, and then it will just be me and you.” Logan declares his voice full of resolve as he pokes his index finger in between Chase’s pecs.

Chase scoffs, “You saw what we did to Zach. This isn’t our last round. It’s yours. You can’t stand another four kicks from us.”

“Believe me, there won’t be four of you left standing to kick me.”

Logan still staring at Chase kicks without warning right into Adam’s plump low hanging bulge. Adam unprepared gasps and drops to his knees starring stupidly up at Logan, “My nuts.” He whimpers in a whisper. “He got my nuts.”

The twins put their arms into position behind their heads but not before Logan strikes Rex. Rex freezes, arms in the air Logan’s foot kicking so hard in between his legs that it knocks him into the air. “Nooooo,” he calls out trying to grab onto something as he tumbles to the bricks curling into a tiny ball. This time, Max does not try to catch or steady him.

“My peanuts…he cracked my peanuts!”

Logan moves to Max next ready to flatten him. Max gulps as Logan eyes his modest lump in his Speedo and grins. “You mentioned that they were still growing?”

Max nods, “Uhuh.”

“Not anymore,” Logan deadpans kicking straight into Max’s pouch. Max stumbles backwards, not going airborne and manages to stay standing, but that’s about all. Max groans grabbing himself and sinks down, his knees almost touching the ground as he hugs himself around his knees.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” Max groans as he tries to deep breathes to withstand the overflow of pain that runs rampant in his testes and up and down his abdomen.

Logan tisks, disappointment that he did not finish Max as well as he turns his attention to Chase.

“Two down,” Logan says taking aim turning his head slightly. “Two to go!”

Chase sets his jaw, squaring his shoulders and takes a deep breath watching Logan’s foot shooting up and in between his legs. Logan’s toes brush his thighs until his foot reaches its destination. Chase’s nuts are no match for Logan’s powerful kick and Chase’s blue eyes bug out of his head, his mouth hangs open agape a little drool drips from one corner of his mouth as he moves to grab his balls. His fingers find Logan’s foot still there.

Logan grins at Chase’s discovery and holds it planted in place Chase’s fingers gliding along the ankle as he curses, “My fucking big balls!”

Then Logan pulls away, watching Chase for movement. All he does is grab himself and start hopping around moaning out, “My big balls,” on repeat.

Logan heads back over to Zach, “Two down.”

“Yeah, you won’t be taking four more hits in a row. Still, do you think you can take two more?” Zach asks with some concern.

Logan reaches down and finally touches his nuts, and winces. “Maybe…I should not look at them until after I finish this.”

“I’ll check,” Zach says with a grin stepping up and pulling Logan’s Speedo’s back inspect the inside pouch.”

“Just don’t touch them,” Logan warns.

“Have no fear there,” Zach says with a chuckle glancing within. “You’ve had worse. You can withstand the next assault. Zach gently closes the Speedo’s against Logan’s abs rubbing them a bit. “You can absolutely brag about this win.”

“He has not won yet,” Chase says striding forward Max by his side. “Position, Logan. Get into it.”

Logan sighs and tucks his fingers behind his head, legs opened wide ready for round three. “Only two of you left,” Logan surmises.

“Still, double the kicks,” Chase emphasizes.

Max grins at that and steps up to Logan, “We wanted to end the game with him, so I’m going first.” Max stretches out his leg and pretends to kick Logan, but is too far away to make contact. “Get ready,” Max says stepping forward and does a jump kick. Logan anticipates Max would be kicking with his left, but he switches it for his right sending his more dominant foot upwards plowing into Logan’s clearly defined ballsac.

Logan immediately after receiving his 9th hit groans low and deep bending at the midline, “Fuck,” he breathes out the word barely audible. Max hears it though and can’t help but grin because he caused the 18 year-old this pain.

Chase wasting no time orders Logan, “Arms back in position, its my turn now.”

Logan coughs, “Give me a second.”

“Take all the seconds you want,” Chase says smiling. “But admit defeat first. Otherwise, I said arms up.”

Logan curses, and complies staring daggers at Chase. “I’ll remember this.”

“Yeah, you will,” Chase says in agreement rushing up and strikes with a physical blow imagining that his foot is a blade as it cuts up the heel of his foot making contact with Logan’s bulbous balls. Chase’s instincts to follow up the kick with locking his leg in place so that he gives Logan a taste of his own medicine as his more powerful calf and thigh muscles power up his ankle so it sinks a bit deeper into Logan crotch denting Logan’s bulge inwards.

Logan balks, and releases out a ferocious animalistic sound ripping from deep inside as the 10th kick finally registers.

Chase smiles, pulling his leg back watching the damage on Logan’s boyish face. “I got both of them good right? Jayden’s a great teacher. You may have given him too many pointers on how to…”

Logan’s foot ends Chase’s dialogue.

Chase stares down at the foot he never saw coming and sees his balls crumpling underfoot. “Shit,” he squeaks and grabs himself weakly.

“Logan are you, okay?” Max asks as Logan kicks him sideways clipping his nuts at the perfect angle so that they swing and hit his pelvis before Logan’s ankle smacks them against his pelvic bone.

Max’s eyes roll up, and he looks like he might pass out but he manages to hold on and stay with everyone screaming out, “My nuuuuuuuts!”

Logan stomps on the ground in agitation, neither boy fell and even though they are in pain he knows that they will recover soon enough to strike him back.

“That was a dirty trick,” Chase says. “Max?”

Max just shakes his head unable to answer.

Chase pats his bare shoulder, “You are doing great, superstar.”

“Tough as hell,” Adam agrees.

Rex crosses his arms, glowering. “It’s only cause Logan got me in the air. I would still be in it otherwise. He isn’t kicking Max as hard.”

All three boys look at him, but Adam gets to him first with a backhand that ricochets his tiny nuts in his Speedo to opposite sides of his ballsac.

“Adam!” Rex squeals. “What was that for?”

“If you have to ask, maybe I should repeat the lesson.”

Rex stares angrily up at Adam cupping himself, with both hands.

“I don’t know why you need both hands Rex, when they could easily fit into the palm of a five year old,” Max says, pushing his own nuts out so that they stick out at him.

Rex’s ears turn pink again and he moves to reach for his brother, but Adam’s foot gets him from behind.

Max and Chase see Adam’s toes sink into his tiny pebbles and Rex sinks to his hands and knees gasping for breath.

“You can fight Max after the match, not before.”

Rex appears not to hear him as he gags on the brickwork.

Max seeing an opportunity comes up behind him and reaches down and grabs his brother’s nuts.

“No…Max…my peanuts!”

“You know that you deserve this,” he says as he drags his brother to standing still squeezing his nuts in his hand while he pushes him to the end of the pool. “Now I will let go if…and only if, you play nicely with my balls for the rest of the weekend.”

Rex nods his head enthusiastically, his tiny scrotum stretched out as far as it would go. “Just let em go!” He pleads, his amber eyes crossing.

“Sure,” Max says and snaps them back at Rex’s body. Rex swings arms but loses his balance, tumbling into the water. He surfaces grabbing onto the pool wall, looking slightly pale. “Okay Chase, let’s finish Logan off.”

“Already working on that!” Chase says powering his leg up and into Logan’s groin again.

Logan stumbles back but Chase can feel that he did not connect very well.

“Shit, I missed!”

“Yup, you hit my cock instead.”

Chase sees that Logan chubbed up in his Speedos and grins, clearly a plan was afoot.

Chase scowls and demands, “I want another kick!”

“You’ll have to wait until after my turn kid, but for now it’s…”

“My turn!” Max says kicking Logan sideways snapping Logan’s balls perfectly against his thigh doing the same move that Logan did to him.

Max grins, and grabs his own nuts sympathetically. “Even I felt that one!”

Logan moans, and bends over again closing his eyes.

“How is he not going down?” Chase asks in complete exasperation.

“Balls of steel?” Max suggests.

“Only an expression, but maybe…12 kicks and still. He stands. Damn,” Chase says grudgingly acknowledges Logan’s powerful testicles and their pain threshold.

Logan somehow pulls his top half back up, even though everything in him screams to stay down. Logan lumbers forward and says. “Round four for you two,” Logan says swaying unsteady on feet, one hand wrapped around his junk.

Max and Chase look at each other, nodding their heads and go into position, fingers wrapping around their short hairs at the base of their necks.

Logan grimaces, sucking at his cheeks his balls blazing. He does not think he can take another round with both of them still in it. With his face full of determination, and raw steel he moves forward to get in Chase’s face first patting his chest. “You did good, but it’s over now.” He backs up a bit his longer fingers trailing and then falling off of Chase’s pec.

Chase says nothing but clenches his teeth preparing for the blow. He does not have to wait long.

Logan with moonlight in his blonde hair, and eyes reflecting the wavering pool beside launches a kick up and into Chase’s wet underwear. Chase’s world starts to end as his balls explode in agony and he falls to the bricks. Chase sees the ground coming and almost welcomes it as Logan steps past the falling boy and catches him before he makes contact pulling him against his larger chest. “You did good,” Logan says comforting Chase warmly. “But it’s over now.”

“Fuck, my big nuts,” Chase almost sobs, and it has nothing to do with Logan’s kick.

“Everyone loses to me Chase, but I’ll teach you my secret after I put Max out of commission.”

Chase wipes his face, and sucks in a breadth. “I failed in front of my friends,” he whispers, not believing that he is actually confiding in Logan while he embraces him.

“I’m telling you, from one Captain to another Captain…that’s the best way to lose. They need to see that you are only human, and better yet they need to see you dust yourself off and get back into it. You hear me, Chase?” Logan says.

For the first time, Chase meets Logan’s eyes and something within him shifts. He let’s Logan in, just a little but it’s still an opening. “Okay,” he says taking Logan’s hand and getting to his feet, one hand like Logan wrapped around his nutsac.

“Alright little man, your turn to kiss the bricks,” Logan says striving forward.

Max looks more determined than ever, he throws his shoulders back puffing out his chest his little pecs reflecting the watery swirly blue pool below and the moonlight hitting it. Max clenches his abs showing the others his tight set and he says, “Not tonight, Logan.”

Logan has to give it to the kid, and he will gladly help him up after he drops him. Logan aims for Max’s lightly larger walnut sac and lifts his foot up lazily, powering through with a mighty swing that betrays the first lift of his foot. Logan’s foot flies up and crashes into Max’s nuts squashing them flat against his pelvis.

Max goes airborne like his brother, and drops down. Max though manages to land on his feet. Stumbling from the drop he almost goes to one knee, but catches himself. Max looks up in surprise, and then the hit sinks in. Max coos in agony, “Oh, gosh!” and slumps forward almost dropping to his knee but he refuses to go down.

“Shit,” Logan says and Chase, Adam and even Rex cheer as if he has won.

Max groans as the other’s crowd around him. “Sweet man!” Adam says hugging him around the middle.

Max’s lips curl up but he grimaces instead moaning.

Rex pats him on the back looking impressed. “I did not know you had that in you!”

Chase smiles, “Thanks.”

Max tries to smile up at him but he cannot. Max stumbles out of their embrace and moves right up to Logan. Max is woozy but still ready to fight.

“Can’t believe that you can still stand,” Logan shakes his head. “How many nuts you got left?”

Max tries to smile, it still appears to be a grimace. “More than you are gonna have.”

“OOOoooh! Now that’s a challenge,” Zach states, clapping Logan on his shoulders. “He plans on taking you down.”

Logan smiles, flipping a lock of wet blonde hair off his forehead and getting into position. “One on one little man, show me what you got!”

Max limps would wincing a bit, bending at the waist grimacing. “Aww, lefty still hurts.” Max pulls his Speedo’s back and quickly closes the top not liking what he sees.

“That bad?” Logan asks.

“You can kiss them and make it feel better when I drop you to your knees,” Max says, his eyes twinkling with the faint amber glow as he gets into his kicking stance.

The boys all “OOooooo,” at his comment laughing.

Max and Logan stare at each other while Max mentally prepare for kick. He licks lips once, and concentrating on big bulge in Logan’s Speedo’s boots his foot forward striking Logan dead center, splitting the nuts on either side of his foot. Max’s toes strike all the way through Logan until they sink into his pubic area knocking him back.

Logan groans and grabs his nuts while Max watches on a hopeful expression on his youthful face.

“Not hard enough,” Max says snapping his finger and hitting his side.

“Not going down Max,” Logan groans, eyes crossing a bit until he shakes it off. “Spread them.”

Max does with a sigh, his proud bulge juts out throbbing still from the last hit.

Logan attempts to stand up, can’t and sinks back to a bent over position and Max takes the opportunity to taunt him.

“Thought that you wanted me in position Logan, what are you waiting for?”

Logan gives him the stink eye as he moves to standing.

Max sticks out his tongue, antagonizing him some more and smiles brightly. “Do your worst,” Max states with confidence his words dripping with his foolish courage.

Logan takes in the bold 14 year old and plans on finishing him with this one last kick, although he thought he would have before. “You asked for it,” Logan warns rearing back and kicking his barefoot foot forward feeling the air whoosh around until the inevitable thump of connecting satisfactorily with a pair of nuts. Max’s amber eyes bug out, and he crumbles forward gasping. Logan is about to ask if he has had enough when Max kicks him back without warning.

Max’s foot smacks Logan’s balls hard, and he lets out a gagging cough. Logan is so close to Max know that he has to back up to kick him back.

Adam, Rex, and Zach watch on in horror as two continue to punt their bare feet into each other’s groins. Both have stopped keeping count and so have the other’s.

With one final grunt both Logan and Max kick each other at the same time. The sound of four balls squelching in Speedos echoes around the pool area as they both drop to the bricks, Logan first but just barely.

“Max won…?” Chase says, his voice full of surprise.

“Holy shit!” Rex comes up to his brother placing both hands on his shoulder. “You did it!”

Max curls into a whimpering ball, his fingers poking out between his pale thighs clutching his sore, throbbing testicles.

Logan is on his back, holding his own testes starring dully up at the moonlight. “Fuuuuuck,” he says.

Zach is speechless, and grabs onto Chase. “Guess Logan and I won’t be staying the night after all, you ended up winning because of the little guy.” Zach squeezes Chase’s shoulders and let’s go. “I’ll help pack us up,” Zach says heading towards the house.

“A deals a deal,” croaks Logan from the brickwork. “Just give me a few minutes…I’ll be on my way too.”

Adam and Rex turn their gaze on Chase, who looks down at Logan getting down beside him.

“You know…I kinda…,” Chase clears his throat. “I’m no good at these things.” Chase seems to be looking around his pool for someone to help him out, but everyone stays silent.

Chase finally goes on, “You can stay the weekend. You’re already here.”

“Naw…you won,” Logan says his breathing rough as he props his head up. “I’ll go.”

Chase bites his lip, and he says very quietly so only Logan can hear him, “But I want you to stay.”

Logan smiles and nods, “Then I will.”


A few minutes later all the boys are sitting on the sofas around the TV near the entryway with blue ice filled bags rest in between their legs. Chase isn’t sure what to do with himself and he keeps asking if anyone wants something to drink, eat or their ice bag refilled.

Everyone seems fine…well except for Logan and Max. Both of them have not moved from their spots on the sofa next to each other.

Logan sitting next to Max, reaches over and puts an arm around his slim shoulders. “Don’t know how you did it…but you beat me kid.”

Max’s amber eyes go wide and he says, “I kinda cheated. That last kick was supposed to be yours, and I kicked you at the same time. Sorry about that.”

“Actually I think the opposite happened. Both either way kid, you won.”

Max smiles and then grimaces. “I’m going to be sore for days,” he complains.

“Me too, thank god Ashley has a cheering weekend or I would be in so much trouble,” he laughs.

Chase starts pacing the room again asking about “Ice, anyone need more? Maybe a soda?”

When a knocking stops him.

Opening the front door Jayden peers inside and sees all the ice packs and looks at Chase, “What the hell happened?”

“Well,” Chase says taking a deep breath. “That’s a long story.”

“You did one of your plans, huh?” Jayden asks crossing his arms.

“It’s all good,” Logan calls from the sofa. “We worked it out.”

Chase stares at Jayden’s shoes guiltily.

Jayden taking pity on his boyfriend pulls him to him. “Really?”

“Yeah, we good.”

Jayden tilts Chase’s head up to his and kisses him fully on the mouth. Chase mumbles in his mouth caught unware but quickly catches up and puts both arms around Jayden pulling him inside and kicking the door closed.

“Take me upstairs,” Jayden says huskily pulling apart briefly. “I want you in my mouth.”

“I’m so sore,” Chase complains pointing at his sore bloated ballsac.

“Fine, then I want to be in your mouth.”

“That I can do,” Chase grins taking Jayden’s hand and heading to the stairs.

“Wait,” Logan calls from the couch and both boys stop to look back.

Logan clears his throat and says, “Play safely, use a safety word if that’s your thing, and above all else…” and at this point Logan subtly winks; “Put my wrestler in those hand-cuffs, he deserves it after almost losing today.”

“What?” Jayden says. “Traitor!” Jayden says laughing, incredulously that Logan would suggest such a thing.

“I have not put you in my closet yet, let’s see what I can do you when you can’t escape,” Chase says with a grin pulling Jayden up the stairs two at a time.

“Chase…” Jayden starts but when they get to the top of the stairs Chase leans in to kiss him, and instead sinks his thigh deep in between Jayden’s legs. Jayden coughs and goes limp. Chase slams the door shut and downstairs Jayden can hear laughing as Chase starts to cuff his writs overhead after Chase drags him into his closet.

“You are in for it now,” Chase smiles as he starts to undress him.

Jayden quite agrees, but still his penis starts to harden. Chase sees the growing member and grabs a hold, making him gasp. Chase gives Jayden’s member a helpful squeeze saying “I see someone is ready to play?”

Jayden nods his head as Chase slowly pulls his underwear down, “My safe word is going to be: Logan.”

Chase looks up as he slowly slides Jayden’s underwear down, “Okay then. I can’t wait for you to explain that when you end up calling out his name.”

“I won’t mind that at all,” Jayden says with a wink. “After all, I want him to see just how tough I am.”

Chase says nothing as Jayden’s hard dick slaps his abs. Both of them stare at the pulsing erection and Chase murmurs, “I want to hear you scream,” as he opens his mouth wide engulfing Jayden.


From downstairs a half hour later the tired boys begin to head up the stairs, but they all hear Jayden scream out Logan’s name.

Everyone looks toward Logan, and he shakes his head saying, “Duty calls.”

Logan pauses in front of Chase’s bedroom door knocking. “Everything okay in there?”

Chase answers, leaning against the door frame wearing nothing but his bathrobe. He grins at Logan and ask, “You sure, you want to come in?”

A musty boyish smell leaks from the bedroom and when Logan inhales he smells the familiar mixture of sweat, cum, and chlorine.

“Naw,” Logan says. “Jayden is a big boy, he can take care of himself.”

Chase leans forward wagging his eyebrows, “He is a big boy, I’m still bigger if you were wondering. I bet that I am even bigger than you.” Chase grins, a loud groan coming from somewhere in the bedroom. “That’s Jayden, he’s ready for the next round. Night Logan,” Chase says closing the bedroom door behind him.

Logan shakes his head thinking, ‘I think I finally managed to connect with him.’ Logan calls out, “Night Chase, and Jayden. And Chase, whenever you want to put it on the line let me know. I won’t mind showing you how wrong you are.”

From inside the bedroom Chase stops walking and fumbles with the door handle before swinging it open. “Kruger, you are on.”

Logan grins, “Looking forward to it.”


Anonymous said...

Awesome story Jimmy.
Part 1 was super hot and this was even better. I loved your portrayal of the twins, they are really becoming great characters and i really like that there are now some physical and personality differences.
I loved how Chase's gang managed to dig deep, despite none of them having the toughest eggs in the nest. I loved Chase's shame when he finally buckled, and Logan reassuring him was a nice life lesson.
I love how Chase thinks his big balls can actually challenge Logans. I guess he hasn't seen Logan naked yet and i'm sure he will soon be eating his words. Again i hope Logan consoles him and reassures him that he (and Jayden) are still growing boys!
I can't wait to read more from this series it jusy gets hotter and hotter with every story.

Mickey said...

Wowww Jimmy! This story was soooooo hot. I absolutely love the competition between them. And goodness, Whilst I do love the vulnerability Chase showed to Logan at the end, I definitely hope there's more to come for Logan - After all, How could Chase take this defeat and shattering of his pride and manhood.
And gosh, the winner of the whole thing was definitely a surprise!

Y1ddo said...

Wow! What an absolutely phenomenal part 2, Jimmy!
I love the dynamic between Chase and his gang, and the two big-balled jocks.
As it turns out, Zachs "huge balls" could in fact register pain just as much as the younger boys' peanuts (sorry Rex). In fact those big danglers makes for a much easier target, and one would think that Rex wants to avenge Zach for making fun of the size of his nuts... Now that he knows how fragile those "mini basketballs" are, he might even fancy taking on the muscular frat boy by himself!
I love the evolution of Chase as a character, and it is nice to see his heart opening up a bit more as he gets more assured of himself. He's still convinced that no one can match the sice of his "big balls" though, and maybe it's soon time for a little reality check on that front!
I wonder if we'll get to hear more from the jocks weekend at Chase's mansion, I'm pretty sure their stay will involve a lot more "hands on" ballbusting.

I had big expectations for this follow-up, and boy did you deliver Jimmy!
Thanks a lot for your huge effort and inspiration, keep it up!:-)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,
I am so happy with how this story turned out, and I am loving how much everyone digs it. Bringing Chase’s gang back together has been a blast to write, and even though the boys were doomed from the start, they never backed down. Max and Rex to me really got to shine here in different ways, and their sibling rivalry has been an utter blast to explore. The tender moments between Logan and Chase and their developing kinship really gave Chase’s character someone that he could look up to, and it certainly seems like he is ready to do so.
Reg your words truly flatter me, thank you so much! I just confirmed that my next story (not Gino and Jayden), but second chapter in the Before They Were Ballbusting Boys drops Friday. More ballbusting fun is on it’s way!
------- ------ ---------- ----------------------- ----------------- ------------------ ----------------------------------- -----------------
Dear Mickey,
I have never written a “competition” type story before, I found it challeneging, but ultimately very rewarding as it framed the framework for the story where I could pack a ton of ballbusting, but also explore each character and their connections to each other. I can guarantee you there is more to come between Logan and Chase, the two are just starting to connect and we all know how well Chase does in creating relationships. He is bound to mess up!
The winner surprised me too, I did not blame it that way but as I was going along it made the most sense to me to end it the way that I did. So far everyone seems okay with him “winning,” even if he may have cheated a bit in the end. ; )
----- ---------------- ------------------- ----------------- ---------------- -------------- -------------- -------------- ---------- --------
Dear Y1ddo,
It sounds like I did not disappoint you with Zach’s entry, goal achieved! Zach was so much fun to write here, and complimented Logan, as he always does.
Even though Rex dropped out early, he was a little thorn the whole story through, and I like the idea of Rex trying to avenge his peanuts against Zach, I’ll think about how I could work that into a story in the future!
For the next chapter I delving into a readers request for some Dad adventures, and it’s looking not too shabby.
I could have written another chapter to the Chase sleepover adventure, but Jayden can be a bit of a partypooper and deciding on no more ballbusting. But really now that Chase gets to play with Jayden, he has he weekend well planned out.
I’ll see if I can bring all the boy’s together again in the future though!

Most of the readers have finally joined on the Chase train, and I am so glad that everyone has enjoyed his evolution. Lot’s more Chase to come in the next chapter!

Harry said...

Zach is the man! Up for anything, any time, any where. How come I never meet dudes like him? Smh...

Anonymous said...

So hot to see Caleb dominating Jayden and jerking his cock with his feet. I wish he had milked him dry though, why no cumshot?? How big is Jayden's cock now?

Y1ddo said...

Thanks for the wholehearted response, as always Jimmy!
It's so nice how you seem to appreciate all the feedback you receive on your stories. The next chapter sounds really promising, and I'm sure it will turn out not too shabby at all!:-)

I have some proposals on how Chase's gang and our beloved muscle jocks might meet again in the future, if you're interested to hear them. It would be a shame for Rex to miss out on the opportunity to avenge the mocking of his "peanuts"... :)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,
Zach is really amazing, and honestly we could all use a Zach in our life. Thankfully Alex created a great character, and I enjoy playing with him; honestly. I hope that you meet the Zach of your dreams and he busts your balls real good Harry!


---- ---- ---- ---- ------------ ----------- --------- ------- -------- ------------ ----------- ------------- ----------- -------- -------- --
Dear Anonymous,
There were not any cum shots this story! I will have to fix that in the next one. I’m glad that you liked the Caleb and Jayden interactions. Since Caleb is “growing up,” and does not a babysitter anymore I think it’s time he gets a bit more action which is why he experienced his first ball shot from Jayden. He did request it, after all.

I don’t think we have had the boys measuring each others cocks…they are always way more concerned about their balls. I will have to fix that, ; ).


---- ---- ---- ---- ------------ ----------- --------- ------- -------- ------------ ----------- ------------- ----------- -------- -------- --
Dear Y1ddo,




Just kidding, lol.

I’m really pumped for the chapter, it’s really something. A fellow author is going to play around with it when I send it to him on Saturday (my deadline that I made for myself. It helps keep me motivated and of course on track). But thank you for the kind thoughts, right now it’s kind of a mess. I added way too much story into it. The poor boy is going to have his work cut out for him!

I love story suggestions! My email is send me an email. The next story is already done, and I have a hilarious one coming afterwards which will make everyone chuckle starring our boy Jayden. Then I have a really sexy story…Jayden and Chase’s first Three-way. Afterwards, I can absolutely do a Rex story. I have next week off so I am hoping to bang out another story, maybe two. Can’t wait to hear from you!


---- ---- ---- ---- ------------ ----------- --------- ------- -------- ------------ ----------- ------------- ----------- -------- -------- --

Anonymous said...

Cock comparisons are so hot! I guess we all imagine how the boys look in their birthday suits, so how about some guesses about how they measure up?

So from the clues in the stories so far, here is how i imagine the boy's boners measure up:
< 4 inch : Bill, Rex, Caleb
4.5 inch : Junior
5 inch : Adam, Max, Jake?
6 inch : Aldo, Sam Hell
6.5 inch : Chase
7 inch : Jayden, Leroy, Doug?
7.5 inch : Logan
8 inch : Gino
9 inch : Zach

Jimmy, they are your characters, so what do you reckon?
Maybe Alex could make it his next survey haha

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,

You suprise me with your memory, and your knowledge of deduction skills when it comes to the boy's cock sizes! Because most of those are right on for what I was thinking! I will have to double check my notes. Once I have the correct sizing right I will have to figure out a cool story to write about measuring.

A survey would be hillarious! I'll ask Alex, lol!