Sunday, November 22, 2020 Original Videos: Toby's ballbusting self defense

The lastest clip in our series of Original Videos is based on a fan suggestion. It was an awesome idea, and the resulting clip is just fantastic! Action-packed and hilarious, you can tell that Toby and Fluffy are having a lot of fun with the premise from start to finish. A great, great new clip!

Toby's ballbusting self defense
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 18 min
Price: $17.99 $15.99
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The world is a dangerous place, and bad people are lurking everywhere. Today, Toby and his bro Fluffy show us how to defend ourselves against attackers. Fluffy has volunteered to play the attacker, and Toby knows exactly where his weak spot is: below the belt. Forget about the head and the solar plexus - this self defense lesson goes right where it hurts! Nutcrunching kicks, devastating knees, hard slaps, relentless squeezing ("Grab, twist and pull!"), and several objects - a pillow, an umbrella, even a seemingly innocent lint roller! - can be used to defend yourself against an attack. Toby walks you through the most effective methods, enthusiastically using his buddy's balls for demonstration. Poor Fluffy... His balls are red and swollen at the end of this very educational - and highly entertaining - video! 

My opinion:
Self defense has never been more entertaining! Toby and Fluffy are at their very best in this incredible video. Painful and hilarious at the same time, the ballbusting bros are having a blast, coming up with increasingly ridiculous scenarios (How do you defend yourself against an attack from below?) and taking the concept to a whole new level. Fluffy's balls are busted time and time again, and we are treated to some glorious close-up replays of his nuts getting crunched.


往 Nut cam 往

The close-up footage from the "nut cam" are just fantastic! The angle is just right to watch Fluffy's beautiful sack get blasted, and we even get some slow motion replays for good measure. You have never seen two balls bounce like that! :-))

往 Prevention 往

My favorite segment is the "prevention" part of the clip: Toby explains to us how to defend ourselves from an attack before it has even happened. Wanna know how? By kicking the nuts from behind. God, I love Toby's nut kick!

往 Sticky 往

Who knew a lint roller would be such an effective weapon? I know it doesn't sound particularly painful, but it sure looks painful when you watch it in slow motion... And judging from Fluffy's reaction it feels painful, too...


往 World class acting 往

Can we please give Fluffy an Oscar? His burglar impression is just hilarious! Seriously, his delivery made me laugh out loud several times...

往 GTP - Grab Twist Pull 往

One of the most effective self defense moves is the GTP ("Grab Twist Pull") - and this clip has some pretty awesome footage to show you how it's done... Ouchie!

往 Verbal 往

Toby is very verbal in this video, and I can't get enough of him demonstrating those awesome nut kicks and then telling us to "Kick them in the nuts!" So fucking hot!

往 Warning: Gratuitous nudity!往

Both Toby and Fluffy are nude in this video. Why? Well, thy explain it to us at the beginning of the clip. Fluffy is nude, because "naked attackers are the most dangerous attackers". And Toby is naked because "when you are naked, you are the most vulnerable". Good thinking, guys!

往 Best bros! 往

I know I have said it before but I have to repeat it: The chemistry between Toby and Fluffy is just amazing. Toby is enjoying himself so much, and Fluffy is going along with everything. Best bros forever!

Bottom line:
Hit them where it hurts!


Toby's ballbusting self defense
Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 18 min
Price: $17.99 $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!

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