Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The B Factor - Season 2: The mentor (Elimination #7)


In our seventh elimination round of The B Factor - Season 2 we asked you to answer the following question: Who is most likely to go for the balls in a fight? 299 votes have been counted, and here are the results:

SAFE FOR NOW (in alphabetical order):
Dave Franco
Dylan O'Brien
KJ Apa
Nick Jonas

THE BOTTOM TWO (in alphabetical order):

Chris Hemsworth
Taron Egerton


Taron Egerton with 21,5 % of the vote. 

(More than one answer per vote was possible, so the total percentage adds up to more than 100%. The full, unredacted results of the elimination rounds will be published before the final episode of The B Factor.)

Oh, Taron. So sorry to see you go. I guess you should have gone for the balls in this fight... Well, Taron is out, and here's his story.


The mentor

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Taron Egerton and Colin Firth

“You should have gone for the bollocks when you had the chance, son!” There was an evil smirk on Colin Firth’s face as he tightened his grip on the pair of testicles in his hand. The 60 year old actor let out a laugh as he heard his younger co-star scream in pain.
Taron Egerton’s face was a mask of pain. He was half Colin’s age, and he had a lot to learn from him. His role in the Kingsman movie series, street-smart, rough-hewn Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, required him to fight dirty – and his co-star and mentor Colin Firth had decided to teach him a lesson.
It had started out as an ordinary wrestling match, with both of them wearing singlets and head-gear, but it had quickly turned into a dirty, no-hold-barred fight.
It was not Taron’s fault, though, he had passed on several chances to grab the older man’s genitals, give them a smack or a slap, or ram his knee between his thighs. But Colin was nowhere near as shy about using dirty tactics.
In a rather unconventional pin, Colin was sitting on the younger actor’s face, muffling his screams with his butt as he spread his legs apart, working over his genitals.
“Let’s see”, Colin grinned, pulling poor Taron’s nuts out of his singlet, exposing his bare ball bag and eliciting a muffled moan of protest. “That’s a nice pair you’ve got there, son.”
With that, he sent his fist down on Taron’s exposed nut sack, slamming them into his body and making Taron scream in pain.
“Lesson number one”, Colin grinned, grabbing Taron’s balls in a tight grip with one hand while running the other hand over them with an almost tender touch. “Don’t ever pass on a chance to go for the bollocks.”
With that, Colin brought his fist down hard on Taron’s balls, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting a muffled, high-pitched wail from the younger man.
Again and again Colin brought his fist down on Taron’s nuts, squashing them again and again, making Taron scream and squeal and beg for mercy. His voice was muffled but his intend was clear, and Colin knew he couldn’t ignore Taron’s pleading.
“Lesson number two”, Colin continued with a smirk. “Never ever show mercy.”
Taron shrieked into the older man’s butt as his nuts were crushed with punch after agonizing punch.
Colin chuckled, wiggling his butt as he felt Taron’s breath in his crack. He was enjoying himself tremendously. Teaching younger actors the tools of the trade was one of the most gratifying aspects of Colin’s advanced career…
He brought his fist down hard, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Taron.
“Ihgghmphghgh”, Taron blurted out. “Ihgghmphghgh!!!”
“You want to give up?” Colin grinned, lifting his butt just a little bit to allow Taron to say what he had to say.
“I give up”, Taron whimpered. “Please, I---“
Colin lowered his butt again, sitting back on Taron’s handsome face. “Lesson number three”, Colin grinned. “Don’t stop until you have utterly humiliated your opponent.”
The older man pulled out Taron’s dick and started jerking it, all the while squeezing and slapping and punching his bloated, battered ballsack.
Taron moaned and groaned into the older actor’s butt while his dick was jerked and his balls were tortured.
His unpreventable orgasm was total humiliation and utter relief at the same time. Jet after jet of creamy young spunk sputtered out of Taron’s tortured testicles, and Colin made sure to milk every last drop of cum from him before rolling to the side, allowing Taron to catch his breath and curl up in a ball.
“I hope you’ve learned your lesson”, the older actor smirked, wiping his cum-covered hand off on Taron’s shredded singlet. “Don’t ever pass on a chance to go for the bollocks.”

Seven out, five to go. The B Factor - Season 2 continues!


Andy said...

Brilliant story! :D
Man, I'd love to do that to a twink!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Andy! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))