Monday, November 30, 2020

Another competition with consequences (written by Dominik)

This is a sequel to Competition with consequences (Dominik meets Ben and Logan), written by my friend Dominik, author of Pain by the pool and co-creator of German language story blog Jungs mit Eiern. I hope you enjoy Dominik's story as much as I did! :-))

Featured in this story: Ben and Logan (click for pictures)

"So, how was your week?", Logan asked his mates while they were stretching their legs to warm-up. "Mine was great. Ashley finally got some time off of work which lifted her mood and gave us some time to… you know", he winked. "My balls also were fit again practically the next day after our games last week."

"Mine wasn’t too bad either", Ben nodded while slowly lowering himself to stretch one of his legs. "No sex, duh – I don’t have any girls at the moment. But I wanked off a lot. My balls took maybe till Sunday or Monday until the swelling was gone, but from then on, nothing could have stopped my monstrous cock."

"Really?", Logan laughed. "Well, we’ll see about that today."

They both looked over to Dominik. He was the least focused on his warm-up of all three and had a pretty miserable expression on his face.

"Well, my balls mostly recovered by now", he said timidly. "But they are still a bit red and larger than usual. You really did a number of them with the shot ball last week."

"Glad I did", Ben laughed.

"As for my cock, it’s pretty sore and in bad shape", Dominik continued. "At least from what it feels like; wasn’t able to take a look at it, thanks to the fucking cage. But you probably figured that already."

"Oh yeah", Logan and Ben nodded.

Every Friday, the three guys met for a series of sport games to test their skills and endurance that had gotten increasingly painful over time. What started as a harmless way of cheering up each other to do more exercise and exceed each other had soon turned into a painful weekly ball-pop festival. Each of the three studs had gotten their fair share of busts already, but Dominik had a particularly bad luck last week when he not only had scored a lot of hits on his balls but also received a lot of damage on his cock.

He had already been wearing a chastity cage from the week before, but during one of their punishments, Logan had managed to stomp down hard enough on the plastic cage that it managed to break, freeing his cock but also digging some of the pieces into his cock skin on the consecutive stomps. But he hadn’t gotten a chance to enjoy his unexpected freedom as Ben not only smashed up his cock good with a shot ball but he also had to squeeze his battered cock into a new cage at the end – one out of metal and with some nasty spikes on the inside. It was meant to dig into his cock whenever he got an erection to make hard-ons not just uncomfortable but outright painful, but with Dominik’s cock being bruised and swollen already, the spikes had dug into his skin practically all the time, barely giving his poor member the chance to recover and constantly giving him a painful sensation on his cock. It had gotten somewhat better over the course of the week but not by much, and he could only imagine how gruesome his cock looked below it.

"Alright", what’s it gonna be today?", Ben finally asked after a few minutes of warm-up and smalltalk. Their Friday games usually followed the same pattern: they competed in five athletic rounds that were up to last week’s loser to choose – in this case, Dominik, just like last week. He also had the honor of deciding their punishments after each round, aswell as the punishment of the total loser who lost the most during their games.

"Shot put, 100 meter sprint, 3km run, discus-throw and finally a competition in who can do the most pull-ups."

"Fair enough", Logan nodded.

"Someone wants to get revenge with the shot on us", Ben giggled.

"And for the final loser – one week of spiked chastity", Dominik continued. "And ten dick punches with boxing gloves from each of the other two after the cage is on."

"You really want your dick to suffer, don’t ya?", Ben quipped.

"Better don’t celebrate too early, buddy", Dominik answered nervously.

"Your dick hasn’t even healed yet and you’re putting it on the line again", Logan laughed and touched Dominik’s shoulder. "You sure this is a good idea? You could have chosen a less severe punishment while you’re still sore."

"I doubt it’s my dick who spends the next week locked up", he countered.

"Suit yourself."

The three young men went to get shots for the shot put round. They were all dressed in shorts, sneakers and T-Shirts that put their muscles to good show.

"What‘s the punishment gonna be?", Logan asked as he picked up the ball and weighed it in his hands.

"Winner gets 15 attempts to throw the shot at the loser’s balls", Dominik decided. 
"Seems like a nice way of working on my aim", Logan quipped.

"On your aim? We’ll see about that", Ben chuckled. "Maybe I’ll be the one again to give Dominik some more shot smashes since he seems to want more of them after last week."

"Why do you have to assume I’m gonna lose?"

"Maybe because you’ve been losing for two weeks now…"

The three guys made their shots one after another. Ben made a beautiful, wide throw like the handsome athlete that he was. Dominik went second, and it already looked like he lost again when his shot landed far behind Ben’s.

"Looking forward to another ass-beating?", Ben grinned menacingly.

Last came Logan, and much to Dominik’s relief, Logan’s shot landed right behind Dominik’s – by a tiny margin.

"Damn", Logan sighed. "Then again, I know I suck at shot put so no surprises there. I was pretty lucky not to lose at this last week."

 "Time to pay up!", Ben grinned at his friend while cracking his knuckles. "Come stand over there... good."

Logan did as he asked. The sports field they were training at had some white markings on the ground, making it easy for Logan to position himself – much to his discomfort. Meanwhile, Ben grabbbed the put and strolled over to a white line a couple meters away while weighing the heavy projectile in his hands.

"Want me to spread my legs?", Logan asked, but Ben shook his head.

"Nope, the put is coming from in front of you, so spread legs will only make it easier to fly through your crotch past their target. But that’s what you were trying to accomplish, right?"

"Kinda", Logan grinned.

"Not gonna work with me", Ben smirked. He and Logan both had experience with ballkicking already and knew those little tricks to get through a given method a little easier – but they also learned to recognize when their friends tried to use their tricks against them. Dominik, being the inexperienced of the bunch, hadn’t really figured most of these tricks out. "Move your legs very closely together so that the put has nowhere to go but against your body."

"Nice", Dominik remarked while watching how Logan slowly hobbled his feet back together.

"Shut up, Dominik, you‘ll get your share."

"But not right now", Ben quipped in while reaching back with the put. "Ready?"

Before waiting for an answer, he threw the metal weight with what looked like full force in Logan‘s direction. He was off though, and the put bounced straight into Logan’s belly.

Logan grinned carefully. "Number one. Off with your aim today?"

Ben had grabbed the put again already and was placing himself for the next shot. "Just wait."

The next throw landed once again in Logan‘s belly. It did still hurt and made Logan twitch briefly, but he kept standing in line.

"Want to make me throw up?", Logan joked. "You‘re hitting the breakfast out of my stomach."

"Instead of the cum out of your balls like I usually aim to?", Ben giggled. "Im mean, would be fine, but I‘d prefer making you throw up by hitting your balls."

Logan lost his jokeful attitude though as the next throw crashed perfectly in his crotch area, flattening the bulge in his thin training shorts.

"Ugh. Fuck", he exclaimed while Dominik just grinned at his expression. "You were... on target this time... ugh..."

Ben didn‘t gave Logan much time to recover, but snatched the put from the ground, threw it and landed another perfect shot right into Logan‘s family jewels.

"Ouch, fucking nice one."

Logan was looking down massaging his balls, so he didn‘t notice in time that Ben just prepped himself for another throw. This time, his fingers that were massaging his balls where squashed along with his balls.

"Aaah..." Logan shook his hand and blew air on his fingers while simultaneously using his other hand to massage his once-again squished balls. "Why my hand..."

"Nobody ain‘t time to wait until you moved it out of the way", Ben quipped. "Unless you want your other hand hit too, you better stop touching yourself."

This time, Logan moved his hand out of the way just in time for the put to hit his crotch, making him jerk in pain and prop up his hands on his knees this time while leaning over.

"You hit my left one head-on two times now", he complained.

"Let‘s see if two left make a right, then", Ben grinned as he threw once again, hitting his nuts head-on.

"Ouch. Well, not quite, but you got both pretty good this time."

"I’m glad..."

The rest of the throws flew by, and Logan collapsed on his knees kneading his crotch after the last hit. Ben nailed most of his remaining shots, only hitting Logan’s knee once with a botched throw.

"Man, I wish I had your aim with such a heavy weight", Dominik admired while Ben was standing in some striking poses with the put, all while Logan was on his knees a few meters away from them.

"All a matter of training and persistence", Ben proudly explained. "Well, it helps to have some good training targets as motivation too."

"I bet."

"So, 100 meter sprint is next?", Ben asked after Logan had recovered a little, still having a sore expression on his face.


"What‘s gonna be the punishment? I think you should pick something tough this time!", Logan exclaimed. He was a great sprinter, his wrestling-matches at Highschool had shaped his short-burst performance pretty nicely, so he was confident he wasn’t going to lose this round.

Dominik nodded contemplatively, then he suggested: "Winner gets to put on some boxing gloves and use the loser‘s balls as a boxing sack for one minute. He gets to wrack as much havoc with his fists as he can in that time."

"Not terrible", Logan nodded. "Love to get my revenge on you, Ben. Or honestly, either one of you would be fine with me."

"Well, Dominik is still wearing his spiked cage, so I wonder what effect those punches would have on his dick."

"Good point", Logan nodded. "A lot of punches would land on the cage, so that would probably make these spikes dig in really deeply, wouldn‘t it?"

"Come on, guys", Dominik chuckled nervously, cupping his crotch area. "Let‘s first find out who the actual loser is, alright?"

He had been very careful to avoid fast movements with the cage over the last seven days. His tender dick was still battered and swollen from last week and not in a good way, which meant that he felt the nasty sensation of the spikes on his cock skin even when he wasn‘t erect. Any sharp movements of his dick, and the cage may be slightly displaced which would make the spikes scratch across his sensitive, swollen skin, sometimes ripping up parts of skin again that were already partly healed and would go on to hurt for hours.

The only erections he even remembered from the last week were when his morning wood woke him up, and that had already made for some very excruciating awakenings in the middle of the night, robbing him of sleep and making him exhausted. That doesn’t mean that he hadn‘t been horny – because he definitely had been. But whereas normal cages would just cause a slight discomfort when getting hard, any attempt to get hard in the spike-cage with his already bruised and injured dick were met with an overwhelming wave of excruciating suffering, quickly making him discard any further attempt at it.

In other words, he wasn‘t very keen on getting those spikes punched into his sore, messy cock again that had hardly healed from last week. But of course, he didn‘t think of that when making up the punishment.

"Sure, let‘s wait that one out", Logan nodded. "Don‘t want to give your battered dick too much to think about already."

The three of them went to the start of the 100m racetrack. Ben stretched his legs a little while Dominik cracked his knuckles.

"So are we in position? Then ready, steady... go!"

The three boys raced along. Dominik was off to a good start, despite the cage in his pants making his dick hurt while it was hobbled around from running. But a couple seconds in, Logan moved past him and took the lead. Dominik and Ben were tied. Ben gave him a mean smile and then reached out his hand to sacktap Dominik, but he saw it coming and punched his hand away at the last second, making Ben howl in surprise and fall behind.

"That was dirty, Ben", Dominik complained as he reached the goal, a couple meters behind Logan but still ahead of Ben who hadn‘t managed to catch up again. As Logan who hadn’t paid attention to them during the race gave him a questioning look, Dominik explained: "Tried to sacktap me in the middle of the race."

"Oh. That’s not exactly good sports", Logan nodded. "Then again, not a terrible idea either. But hey, seems it backfired."

"Yeah, sadly", Ben nodded. "Worth a try."

"Guess I‘m getting the boxing gloves then", Logan grinned. He returned a minute later while Ben and Dominik had gotten some rest.

Ben groaned as he stood in front of Logan, legs spread apart. "Let‘s get this behind us."

"Are you measuring time, Dominik?", Logan asked.

"Sure thing."

"Good." Logan kneed in front of Ben, getting himself into position to strike his target. He made a few air strikes that stopped right before Ben‘s crotch and made him wince in anticipation.

Then he went at it.

Dominik ran the timer while Logan mercilessly pounded his boxing gloves into Ben‘s crotch, striking his balls at multiple hits per second, alternating between both hands. Ben screamed and braced himself, hands on his knees for support, but it barely helped: he felt Logan‘s fists ram into his balls and cock at such a fast pace that the pain from the individual hits was barely distinguishable and melted together into an excruciating Staccato originating from his crotch.

"40 seconds left!"

Ben groaned, it had felt much longer for him already. Meanwhile Logan had a blast, driving his gloves into Ben‘s crotch without slowing down. He saw Ben‘s balls swinging and moving around below the thin fabric of his sport pants that barely provided any protection.

"20 seconds."

Logan felt the exhaustion grow in his arms, but he pulled through, willing to get every second‘s worth of ball-boxing out of this. His arms swung back and forth, showing off his handsome arm muscles, and a little film of sweat had been building on his pretty forehead.


Ben coughed, eyes closed, waiting for the constantly increasing stream of pain to stop. Logan slowed down to some less frequent, but more drawn-back and powerful strikes to finish his work.

"That‘s it!"

Logan stopped on time, not going on for a second longer this time. Not that he needed to, as Ben fell to the floor exhausted and in agonising pain, rolling around gasping for air.

"Nice, very nice", Dominik grinned and high-fived him.

"Would have been even more painful had he been wearing a spiked cage, I bet", Logan added, Ben just groaned.

"Did we hurt your balls of steel?", Logan quipped.

"No, just my pride", Ben softly replied, but it didn’t sound very convincing.

They took a couple minutes of break time to give Ben some chance to recover. He was still a little shakey on his legs and not looking forward to the next round.

"3km run", Dominik reminded them. "In retrospect I‘m not sure why I chose this. A spiked cage and such a long run don‘t fit very well together."

"For what it‘s worth, my balls are a little swollen, they might also be a hindrance", Ben smiled.

"Mine still look mostly fine, even after your treatment earlier", Logan shrugged. "And I barely feel anything anymore."

"Looks like it might be another win for you lucky bastard then", Dominik suggested. "Anyway, loser gets 30 elbow-hits from the winner. Let‘s get started, shall we?"

The three handsome musketeers went over to the start point of the tartan track. As they got into position, Ben nursed his balls once more while Dominik readjusted the cage in his pants, trying to find the most comfortable position for it. Logan meanwhile did some brief stretching exercises.

"Alright, are we ready?"

Logan‘s training partners reluctantly agreed, and so they started into the run.

Things were going well for all three of them, they were mostly even during the first few hundred meters. All three of them were relatively seasoned runners, going for runs and longer walks on an at least semi-regular basis, so the first couple hundred meters didn‘t give them any trouble.

Ironically it was Logan who fell behind a bit after the first Kilometer, though it wasn‘t clear if he was actually exhausted or just saving up his energy. Instead, Ben moved ahead of them, visibly putting all his effort into getting the edge early and building up some distance, whereas Dominik was jogging along inbetween the two.

Ben‘s conviction didn‘t last forever, though. After their second Kilometer, he was sweating and panting heavily, while Logan still seemed in pretty fit condition. Dominik was pretty exhausted aswell, though he was still comfortable at keeping his current pace.

About halfway through their third Kilometer, things changed up again. Logan seemingly manifested all the power he had saved up and suddenly moved past first Dominik and then Ben, taking the lead and by a steadily increasing margin. Ben didn’t look in any condition to catch up to him. Instead, he constantly looked back to Dominik approaching him from behind, both of them heavily panting and at the end of their strength. Dominik meanwhile, scared to end up last this time around, tried his best to catch up to Ben.

Just a few dozen meters before they crossed the finish line, Dominik caught up to Ben. But suddenly, Ben threw his fist out in a final attempt to get the upper hand.

This time, it caught Dominik unexpected, and Ben‘s balled fist smashed right against Dominik‘s cage and balls, making a sudden painful sensation rush through his locked dick and briefly squeezing his balls.

"Ah!" He stumbled for a few seconds before he managed to get himself running again, a bitter expression on his face. It wasn‘t enough however as Ben had already moved ahead in that time, just as Logan passed the 3km mark several meters in front of them. A couple seconds later, Ben passed through it aswell, shortly followed by Dominik.

"Looks like we have a loser", Logan smiled. Despite hitting the destination first, he still was the least exhausted of the three.

"Not fair", Dominik complained. "Ben fucking punched me in the dick again..."

"Not my fault you didn‘t see it coming this time", Ben laughed.

"I think Ben should be the loser this round for cheating his way out of the third place", Dominik suggested.

Logan shrugged. "You two can haggle it out between each other for all I care, but personally, I think Ben‘s right. We never said anything about below-belt shots being off-limits. Plus, it was a pretty awesome comeback, Ben."

Ben smiled at Dominik. "See?"

"B... but..."

"If you don’t comply, that‘s the same as not accepting the punishment", Ben said with a stern voice and padded his mate on the shoulder. "And you know what that means."

The three had made a rule that if someone wasn‘t willing or able to take the punishment of an individual round after coming out last, he was automatically declared the absolute loser of the day who got the final punishment, regardless of how the other rounds went – in this case, one (in Dominik‘s case additional) week in the spiked cage, something he desperately wanted to avoid.

Ironically, the only one of the three who gave up halfway through a punishment in the past was Ben a couple weeks ago when he got a particularly nasty task and had to let the winner jump around on his balls several times. Then again, he himself was the one who chose that punishment, in the firm expectation that he wasn‘t going to lose that round.

"Alrighty", Dominik said with a heavy sigh. It was his first loss and there were two more rounds, so still a good opportunity for him to make it.

"Excellent", Logan grinned. "Dominik, come on, why don‘t you sit down on that bench over there? Gives me a better aim, elbow shots are a little more difficult."

Still breathing heavily from the run, Dominik sat down on a wooden bench near them. Ben meanwhile flopped down on the next bench, legs angled and head resting on his legs.

Logan touched Dominik‘s crotch a couple times, feeling for his balls and dick. "Remember how I actually managed to break your cage last week?"

"Yeah, that was awesome", Ben grinned.

"Might be the one of the few upsides of a cheap plastic cage", Logan smirked. "This one‘s a pretty heavy one out of steel, so pretty much impossible I‘ll break it right now. Then again, at least the spikes won‘t make things too easy for your dick..."

"Just get it over with", Dominik groaned with a lousy expression on his face.

Logan took aim with his elbow, then rammed it down into Dominik‘s crotch with all the force could muster. Dominik screamed and twitched as Logan‘s elbow collided with his balls, mostly missing his cage, and sent a sharp pain radiating through his body.


"Fuck or not to fuck for a while, that‘s the question", Logan pondered before bringing his elbow down again, once again hitting Dominik‘s babymakers square-on as they were stuck on the wooden bench, unable to glitch away.


"Nice!", Ben grinned.

And again, Logan smashed his elbow down into his friend‘s crotch. This time, he mostly hit the cage, sending shivers down Dominik‘s spine as he was painfully reminded of the anti-erection spikes still surrounding his limp dick. Logan actually rubbed his elbow briefly after the hit since the metal cage was a little uncomfortable on his elbow.

"You‘re in luck, I gotta hit your balls more instead of your fucking dick", he said as Dominik was whimpering next to him. "They are not as hard on my elbow as that stupid cage."

On the next hit however, he managed to hit both: his elbow hit the sides of the cage but slid off and still making its way into Dominik‘s left ball with a hefty force.


"Well, better", Logan smiled. "Let‘s see if I manage that with the other one too..."

He aimed carefully and managed what he wanted: this time, his elbow struck down on the right side of his cage and collided with his right ball.

"Ouch!" Dominik closed his eyes in pain.

The next hit struck mostly his balls – much though Dominik‘s dissatisfaction, as it once again smashed them neatly against the intractable wood of the bench.

"For how inconvenient elbow hits are from this angle, you‘re doing a good job!", Ben praised him.

"Doing my best", Logan smiled as he brought down his elbow again, making Dominik whimper and claw his fingers into the bench. "Never turning down an opportunity at so many free ball hits."

And so he continued, smashing his elbow into Dominik‘s balls and dick cage with neat precision, making him wail around and groan in agony. After a particularly nasty blow, Dominik was almost ready to give up and pressed his legs together, but after a quick reminder of what would await him if he didn‘t continue, he reluctantly spread his legs again to allow access to his most priced possessions.

"And 30!", Logan laughed and smashed down his elbow one final time, after which Dominik finally closed his legs, resting his hands inbetween them.

"Fuck!", he moaned in a defeated tone. "My fucking dick and balls..."

"In all fairness, your cage struck my elbow at a few nasty spots aswell", Logan grinned. "Still feeling one of those. Hope I don‘t get a bump there..."

The boys took a few minutes of break time, stretched their muscles and drank a bit of water while Dominik was recovering. He stayed on the bench that has been the ground for his torment a little while longer before joining his friends again.

"So, discus throw", Logan said excitedly. He had already taken three discuses from the nearby sports shed. "No idea how well I perform here, you two might actually beat me again this time."

"Fine by me", Ben mumbled. "What‘s the punishment going to be?"

They both looked at Dominik.

"Well, since we already have three discuses here: loser has to sit on the ground and place his bare dick and balls on one of the discus balls. Then the other two can bring their discuses down onto his balls. The winner gets ten hits, the second place gets five."

"Not terrible", Logan nodded approvingly.

"I like that the second place gets some action in aswell", Ben agreed. "Though I bet getting his balls smashed inbetween two hard discs isn‘t exactly very pleasant."

"Who knows, maybe they‘ll be hard enough to put some dents into your cock cage after all", Logan teased Dominik.

"Maybe. I hope not. Don‘t really intend to lose either", he quipped.

It was a quick round. The three handsome lads chose a start line on the floor that they would throw from. Dominik was first, he threw the discus in a nice trajectory for several meters.

"Well..." Ben shrugged and got ready for his throw. "Here goes nothing."

His throw was good and he actually threw his disc the farthest, but he was off-angle, and so it happened that his disc actually landed closer to the start line than Dominik‘s.

"Fuck", he mumbled. Meanwhile Dominik briefly made an air guitar gesture, knowing that he wasn‘t last this time.

"Guess it‘s only me left." The sexy high-school wrestler took aim and threw his disc. He had the worst throw, and it landed far behind the other two.

"Man, I don‘t have enough experience with that thing", he complained. "Should have used the time before this round to get a couple training shots in. But no..."

"You know the thrill, buddy!", Dominik grinned, happy over both ears.

Logan nodded. "Hope you two are happy to see my balls again..."

With these words, he stripped off his training pants and quickly lost boxershorts aswell, exposing his nice, round balls and his above-average cock dangling healthily between his legs. His balls were a little reddened from the first round, but other than that they looked fine.

"My balls definitely took more of a beating today", Ben noted while looking at his buddy.

"Yeah, they look way to unharmed still for my taste. But we can do something about that", Dominik grinned fiendish. "Why don‘t you get on the ground?"

"Not like I have a choice, right?"

Logan sat on the floor, legs spread apart. Ben quickly gathered the three discs from the field, then he sat down in front of Logan‘s spread legs, picked up Logan‘s balls and dick with a pretty rough grip, put one of the discs underneath and then unceremoniously put Logan‘s genitals back down on it before giving them a little pat with his flat hand.

"I would have been perfectly able to do that myself, you know", Logan whispered.

"Yeah, I know."

Ben and Dominik looked at each other, united in their sudden alliance.

"Want to go first?", Ben asked. "I hit harder than you, so not sure how much there’s left after my five hits."

"Sure thing." Dominik kneed inbetween Logan‘s legs. Then he brought his disc high-up and let it smash down into Logan‘s balls.

Logan screamed as his ripe balls and pretty dick were smashed inbetween the two hard discs. "Fuck, that‘s a rough one!"

"Good!", Dominik laughed as he brought his disc up before hitting Logan‘s exposed balls with it again.


"Hm, seems I only hit one ball properly this time", he contemplated.

"Yeah, my fucking left one..."

"Gonna go for the right next time..."

And so Dominik alternated, hitting Logan‘s right nut head-on next time. It wasn‘t difficult to aim with an object as large as this.

On the 4th, 5th and 6th hit, he managed to hit both pretty well, much to Logan‘s discomfort and to Ben‘s delight. Afterwards he spent some attention on Logan‘s dick, first bringing it down on the base of his dick, but that one barely hit his balls, so on the next three hits, he focused on nailing the glans of Logan‘s dick that was about on the same level as his balls.

"Uuuuh!", Logan screamed as Dominik brought his discus down for the 10th time, brutally flattening both the tip of his dick aswell as his right ball one last time. Logan breathed heavily and started fondling his balls that had definitely turned more red than they were before.

"You worked on them pretty good", Ben nodded approvingly while weighing his discus in his hand.

"Yeah. That‘s more my kind of sport. Or maybe I just like it because I played it more than both of you so far", Dominik laughed.

"Very possible. Let‘s see. I only have five hits", Ben sat down by Logan who looked up to him with a scared expression.

"Better make them count", Dominik quipped.

"Planning to."

Ben studied his targets closely as they were lying helplessly on the circular sport instrument in front of him, while Logan watched him nervously.

Then he brought his disc up and used his strong, muscular arms to whip his disc down on Logan‘s balls.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs as Ben smacked both of his already sore gonads head-on.

But Ben didn‘t wait, he raised his disc and mercilessly brought it down again.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck...", Logan said, breathing heavily while his hands were scratching the floor.

And a third hit, this time aimed at the middle part of his dick, flattening it for a moment and making it look funny.

"Aaaah! My dick!"

The final two strikes were aimed at his balls once again. With deadly precision, Ben whipped up both of his balls with an audible "clap" two final times, after which he gave Logan time to roll up in a ball, hands over his crotch.

"Damn, nice one", Dominik said, while Ben flexed his arm muscles.

"Yeah. All that training pays off sometimes."

This time it was Logan who needed a few minutes to recover. Meanwhile, Ben and Dominik had sat down on the floor nearby and talked a little. Ben had started going on about his strength training and how he built up his muscles. He had stripped off his T-Shirt, only sitting there in his tiny sport shorts, putting his muscular, tight and somewhat sweaty upper body on view. Dominik had stripped off his shirt aswell, though while he wasn‘t exactly weak, he had a much narrower upper body and slimmer arms, not packing as many muscles in his arms and chest as his mate.

As Logan came back to join them, Dominik was currently touching Ben‘s chest muscles while he tensed them up.

"Impressive", Dominik admired.

"Looks like we are right on topic for the last round", Logan laughed. He was still wearing his shirt but had his in the meantime somewhat swollen balls dangling freely between his naked legs. "Though I prefer the sight of my own muscles over Ben‘s, you know."

"What‘s the intermediate result?", Ben asked.

"Logan lost two times, you and me both once", Dominik reminded him. "Which means Logan has a higher risk of being today‘s loser, but it could end in a draw for either of us aswell."

"Gonna give my best", Logan said. "It‘s push-ups, was it really that smart as a last round? Don’t you think Ben and me are better on that than you?"

Dominik blushed. "Well, I‘ve been training a lot, so..."

"Let‘s show us what you got, then", Ben quipped. "We do them in sync, right? And first one to give up is the loser?"

"Exactly", Dominik nodded.

"What‘s the punishment?"

Dominik thought for a moment, then he said: "The loser has to stand between the two winners, and they are gonna alternate in kicking him, one from the front, the other one from behind. Each winner gets ten kicks, and after that, they alternate on who’s in front and who’s behind and get another 10 kicks in."

"40 kicks. That‘s quite a beating for the final round today", Logan laughed.

"Yeah... better not be me", Ben said. "Want to get started?"

The three of them readied themselves and laid on the ground in position.

"Ready? And... go!"

"One... two... three..."

The three of them started counting in unison, and their counts slowly but surely became grunts in the lower two-digits.

"Twenty-one... ugh... twenty-two..."

"Logan, don‘t cheat, go fully down! Twenty-three..."

"Yeah, yeah, Ben... twenty-four..."

After a while, they reached 50. Ben was still the most composed of the three, whereas Logan and Dominik were both sweating and moaning heavily.

"Sixty-four... sixty-five..."

Finally, as they reached seventy-nine, it was Logan who gave in first and collapsed. Dominik, relieved about the turn of events, made it two push-ups further before following him.

"Fuck, my balls are still killing me from ten minutes ago, I didn‘t have my strength", Logan complained, panting while lying on his belly.

"Too bad."

Dominik rested on the floor grinning while Ben actually continued doing push-ups. "Eighty-nine... ninety..."

"Ben? You noticed that you’ve won already? We are both down already."

"Sure, but let me quickly finish my workout routine... ninety-five..."

Logan and Dominik exchanged looks, and Logan rolled his eyes.

"Suit yourself", Dominik responded while getting up. He was about to go to his backpack to get a drink, but just as he was passing behind Logan who was still lying belly-down around the ground, he noticed Logan’s balls peaking out between his slightly spread legs. He sensed an opportunity and drew back his feet before ramming his toes into his unsuspecting friend’s balls.

"Fuck", Logan groaned and rolled on his back, covering his balls. "Was that really necessary?"

"Nope, totally not", Dominik quipped before continuing to get his drink.


"For fuck‘s sake, Ben, you show-off, will you stop already", Logan rolled his eyes while cradling his balls.

"Just a few more. One-hundred-and-seven..."

Ben finally finished at 115 and sat up, heavily panting and breathing, sweat running down his glistening chest, belly and arms. "Did I miss anything?"

"Nothing at all", was Logan‘s response.

"Great", Ben said as he got up, grabbed his T-Shirt and used it to rub some sweat off his upper-body before carelessly throwing it on the floor again. "Gonna grab something to drink too, why don‘t you already stand over here and spread your legs for your punishment?"

"Sure thing", Logan said contrite. "Anything else?"

"Actually, yes. Get rid of your shirt and your shoes too. Your balls are already out, might aswell take your punishment completely naked."

"I concur", Dominik chimed in who had overheard the conversation.

Logan rolled his eyes before quickly stripping off his shirt, exposing his muscular, attractive upper body, and then slipping out of his sneakers.

Two minutes later, Logan was standing butt-naked and with widely spread legs between his friends. His reddened, slightly swollen balls and his at one or two spots bloodshot dick were dangling in his crotch, making for an easy target. Dominik was standing behind him, admiring his overly, muscular back and his fine ass for a moment, before exchanging looks with Ben who was standing in front of Logan. Ben didn’t pay any attention to his friend’s naked body; he had seen him so often already that anything other than his friend’s gonads weren’t an object of attention for him anymore, whereas Dominik was still pretty admiring of Logan’s perfectly splendid body.

"Go ahead", Ben said. "You are behind him so it‘s more of a surprise for him when you go first."

Logan just growled.

Dominik didn‘t have to be told twice. With a bit of a run-up, he knocked his left foot into Logan’s balls from behind, compressing them briefly and making them dangle between his legs.

"Aaah fuck..."

Ben followed, nicely swinging his shoe into Logan‘s dick and balls from in front.

"Fuck, Ben..."

No time to rest as Dominik drew his foot back again and thwacked Logan‘s balls a second time.


Followed by a second kick by Ben, nicely driving the tip of his shoe into Logan‘s balls from in front this time.


And another one from Dominik.


Logan‘s screams grew increasingly louder and more defeated with each kick, but he mostly took them like a champion, remaining standing while each of his friends got his 10 kicks in in alternating fashion. I didn‘t take a minute before they were done.

"Well, that was fun", Dominik smiled. "Let‘s change positions."

A few seconds later, Dominik was standing in front of his bare-naked friend who looked at him expectingly. He took a a couple seconds to soak in his view and admire everything from his pretty face down to his muscular chest and tight abs down to his battered, now somewhat more swollen balls and muscle-filled legs.

"Take your time", Logan said sarcastically.

Dominik was about to take his first kick, but this time, Ben was faster and rammed his foot into Logan‘s balls from behind, catching him off-guard as Logan still expected Dominik to go first.

"Uh, fuck..."

"Your turn!"

Dominik didn‘t need to be told twice and quickly followed with a devastating front-kick into Logan‘s swollen sack that made him whimper in pain.

The two boys alternated again in kicking his friend‘s nuts and limp, big dick. This time, Logan fell down to his knees two times, but quickly got up again, allowing them to resume.

"And – done!" Dominik finished with a particularly nasty final front-kick into Logan’s testicles. Logan groaned loudly and finally fell down to his knees.

"My fucking balls... I’m going to walk funny for a few days, I can feel it already..."

Ben and Dominik laughed and high-fives each other while standing over their defeated friend rolling around on the floor in pain.

"So... someone‘s gonna release me from my cage now?", Dominik asked.

"Sure thing. Gonna be a fun one putting it onto Logan‘s big dong", Ben nodded. "But first, I’m curious to see what your dick actually looks like, Dominik. Will be right back with the keys..."

Dominik sat down and took off his pants, looking down at his poor genitals. His balls were a bit swollen again from the torture earlier, though not as much as Logan’s – and his cock was still stuck in the thick, impenetrable metal tube with spikes on the inside.

Ben grinned at him as he returned with the tiny key and inserted it into his lock, allowing Dominik to finally pull his chastity cage off. He went at it very carefully, trying not to cause any more irritation in his skin from the spikes.

His cock was still a gruesome sight.

There were some big, dark blue areas all over his shrivelled cock from the internal bleedings, sprinkled with many tiny red spots where the spikes had dug into his skin. At certain spots, he had some sealed wounds from the spikes where they had clearly caused bleedings or at least ripped his skin open, and his his cock skin was also still bloated outwards at some points. There were also some sealed lines where the spikes had ripped a little through his skin, and there was a particularly hideous deep scratch where Logan had kicked the old, plastic chastity cage into his cock skin last week.

"Ouch!", Ben grimaced at he unsightly view before carefully touching Dominik‘s dick with his finger, which made him startle. "Does it still work?"

"It better. Not like I had much of an opportunity to try it out over the last couple days."

"Oh yeah, right. Almost forgot."

"But judging by the nightly hard-ons... probably. Something to try out. Though to be honest, I might just wait another week or two before going at it", Dominik smiled briefly. He took his limp, battered dick in his hands and inspected it from all sides – it was the first time since last week that he had the opportunity to.

"Yeah, understandable. Not sure if my dick has ever been roughed up that badly", Ben laughed.

"Man, that’s one hell of a scratched up dick", Logan said with a stunned voice as he had mostly recovered and joined his mates again.


Logan‘s balls had swollen to considerable size by now, and his own dick, while nowhere near as battered and tender as Dominik‘s, had some red spots aswell where his friend‘s shoes and earlier the discus had hit it.

"And I have to..." He pointed at the chastity cage lying inbetween his two friends on the bench.

"Oh yeah", Ben and Dominik said in unison.

"Fuck. Don‘t really feel like destroying my dick..."

"I don‘t think you have a choice, buddy", Dominik cheekily replied, mimicking Logan‘s response to a very similar question from last week.

"On the upside, Dominik‘s dick looked far worse after our treatment last week before it got into the cage", Ben tried to cheer him up, "so I doubt yours will look anywhere near as badly."

"Oh yeah", Dominik nodded. "Having it swollen and roughed up last week made the treatment from the spikes a lot worse. Then again, you do have a much larger dick than me, so who knows..."

A few minutes later, Logan‘s handsome dick was safely locked away in the same cage that had been in Dominik‘s pants just minutes prior. He didn‘t look very happy about it.

"And I‘m seeing Ashley again tomorrow", he complained. "What the hell am I going to tell her?"

"That your dick is out of commission for at least seven days. If the spikes don‘t treat you well, probably longer."

"On the upside, she does like cheese, right? Because your cock might look a lot like Swiss cheese when it comes out", Dominik added.

"Just great..."

"Dominik did mention something about ten dick punches with boxing gloves for the total loser, right?", Ben inquired.

"Oh yes", Dominik nodded. He had already grabbed the gloves in the meantime.

"Damn, totally forgot about that", Logan said. "But... just the dick, right? Not the balls again?"

"I‘ll be punching from the side so I‘ll mostly hit your caged dick", Dominik said. "Not sure what Ben‘s plan is."

"Then I‘m gonna try to hit them more from in front", Ben said.

"Well, let‘s just get it over with..."

Dominik kept his word, he mostly hit Logan‘s cage from left and right, ignoring his balls – but making it even more painful for his dick instead which was wildly thrown around and dangling like a pendulum from the impacts which made the spikes inside dig deep into Logan‘s dick without it even being hard.

"F... fuck...", he groaned and panted as Dominik finished. "So that‘s what it feels like..."

"Gonna be a nice preview to all the hard-ons you are going to have this week", Ben said cheerfully before starting his ten punches, making his gloved hands collide with Logan‘s dick cage head-on. The cage dangling in front of his balls mostly protected his balls from the impact, but a few hits got him into the gonads aswell.

"Not looking forward to this week", he panted as Ben finished.

"To be honest, me neither", Dominik said. He had already put on his pants and T-Shirt again in the meantime and was about to grab his backpack. "Not with my dick being as mangled as it is..."

"Don‘t worry, I‘ll wank off for the two of you this week", Ben laughed. "My balls still hurt but my dick feels better than ever, especially after seeing the mess that is yours, Dominik."

"Glad at least someone‘s getting orgasms this week", Dominik laughed. "Better make them count, who knows who‘ll get his dick messed up by the spike cage next week."

"Alright, I‘ll get going", Ben cheered happily, picking up his T-Shirt and throwing it over his shoulder. He gave Logan a quick pat on his naked chest, then paused briefly and gave him a quick slap on his bare ass which made Logan startle. "Don‘t forget to put on your pants before you go..."

Logan groaned and fondled his balls and dick again before looking where he had thrown is clothes whereas Ben and Dominik strolled away together.


Buster said...

So hot! Dominik, you're really good! Looking forward to reading more from you. I actually work daily with colleagues in Baden-W├╝rttemberg and when I visited (before Corona...) I could barely navigate simple phrases in German so it's exceptionally impressive that you can write an entire story in English.

That said, if you ever revise Jungs mit Eiern, I will always have Google Translate to help me out :)

007Fox said...

Damn dude! Awesome story! Loved the previous entry in this series too! Can't wait for the next one!

Dominik said...

Thank you both for the feedback and the nice words, I really appreciate it!