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The choice: The end (written by Jimmy)

This is the finale of an interactive storyline that has several options. Today you will get to choose how things will go on.

Special thanks to Jimmy for his incredible work!

Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy
Option D: Jayden chooses no one
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden

Author's note: This story wraps up the Choice, no matter which character ends up with Jayden after the vote this will be the ending of the story. Jayden’s entrance into this part is subject to change based on what’s chosen from the poll. The poll is going to start now that this story is published. Please vote for the story that you want, I will build the story around what gets voted in as the most popular parts and will rerelease "Gino and Jayden Chapter 23: The Choice" soon after the poll concludes.

Walking back into the house, Jayden can’t help but smile. Things have turned out well for him today, despite the hard goodbyes Jayden is happy with his choice. The old front door creaks upon opening and what he sees inside gives him a welcome surprise.

“You’re home!”

Jayden’s mother and father are sitting at the dining room table finishing laying out a meal, Gino is by their side. His parents look exhausted, but happy. When the group turns to see him his mother gets to him first, followed by his father. Jayden and his mother instantly start crying tears of pure joy at the sight of each other. Jayden’s father doesn’t cry, but the sight of his wife and youngest son so happy does bring tears to his eyes.

“Mi Hijo,” Jayden’s mother coos. “Mi pequeno, I am so glad to see you,” she cries.

“Mom,” Jayden’s voice trembles. “I missed you so much.”

“And I you,” she says.

“Thank you papa,” Jayden says to his Dad. “Thank you for bringing her back home.” Jayden grips his Dad back just as tight.

Jayden’s Dad in his mid-to-late forties grasps his son’s upper arm tight. “It was all a misunderstanding. It’s cleared up now.” Both of Jayden’s parents are taller than he is, but his Dad is still even taller than that. Mr. Gomez, Marco is full foot and a half taller. His Dad has a wide chest, chestnut brown eyes closer to Gino’s and a wide smile with crinkles around his eyes. His hair around his temples is going grey, but his powerful build even bulkier than Gino’s shows that he is still a formable athlete and uses the gym in the garage as much, or more than his two sons.

Gino finishing setting up the table comes over to all of them, “Don’t worry Jayden, they aren’t going anywhere, and we should eat while it’s hot.”

“Good idea son,” their father says giving Gino a pat on the back.

The family begins to head over, as Leroy exits the bedroom that Jayden and he have been sharing. Jayden just now realized that he was not in the same room, but he’s not alone either. Leroy’s Mom, dressed in a black suit, with matching black heels walks beside her son, both seem to be just as tearful as Jayden and his Mom.

“Your Mom is here too!” Jayden says excitedly.

“Yeah,” Leroy beams, his smile huge on his face. “Turns out that they made a mistake with my Mom as well,” Leroy adds.

“It’s all cleared up, and that’s what matters. Stay for dinner?” Gino and Jayden’s Dad asks.

“I wouldn’t want to impose on your family reunion,” says Leroy’s Mom.

“Nonsense Virginia, please stay,” Jayden’s mom smiles.

“Please Mom,” Leroy asks.

“Well, alright,” Virginia says “As long as I get to sit next to this one.” She pinches his cheek.

Jayden whispers into Leroy’s ear his eyes giving him a questioning look, as the two families jostle around the table finding their seats. Leroy only grins saying, “Later. Oh wait, you have a phone. I’ll text you.”

Eagerly awaiting the text Jayden sits down and as soon as his but hits the chair his mom starts in on him, “What happened to your leg? Gino was telling me all about the bike accident. You must be more careful! No more silly tricks!”

Jayden about to say something stupid is kicked under the table in his upper thigh. “Oh yeah, that was stupid of me.”

“I’m glad that it was only bruising, but honestly it could have been way worse, were you wearing your helmet?” She asks, her brown eyes fierce.

“Yes, but…”

“Well, thank heaven for that! And you! She rounds on Gino, you were supposed to be watching him!”

Gino knowing better than contradicting her that he is fourteen, a teenager and getting closer to adulthood placates her, “Your right Mom. I should have been doing a better job.”

“Too right you are! But honestly Jayden your fourteen, you should know better!”

For the rest of dinner Jayden’s Mom lectures the whole group on bicycle safety, the importance of wearing a helmet and that if Jayden is not careful she will take his bike away and make him walk to school. Gino and Jayden give their mother the line “I am so sorry,” when appropriate but really they are both happy that she is buying into this story, and are more than happy to have her back, so they let her go on and on.

After forty-five minutes Gino and Jayden’s Mom seems satisfied in her lecture on safety as they move into dessert. Jayden finally can stop paying attention as they move on to safer topics, school, the wrestling and swimming teams.

Jayden’s eyes widen as he reads screen shot sent to Leroy’s phone.

Chase: Your mom had a horrible first year defender lawyer. I made a few phone calls, she was actually arrested by mistake and misidentified. A quality lawyer would have caught that in an instant. She’s in the clear.

Leroy: I don’t know how I will ever thank you enough, you put my family back together. Thank you man!

Chase: Just make sure that you take care of Jayden.

Leroy: We both will, alright?

Chase: Deal. And work on your backstroke in the pool and cut down on that turn in the end, it’s disgraceful.

Leroy: You got it captain. Although you should really work on your dive, that guy that you lost to last week only won because of your poor start.

Chase: True. But at least I don’t look like I’m having a seizure underwater when I turn around, I thought the lifeguard was going to in after you to save your life.
Jayden stops reading, he looks up grinning at Leroy. Chase has really started turning around, and Jayden is proud of him. He hopes that this new change lasts.

The plates are being cleared away and Jayden goes into his bedroom to help Leroy pack up his things.

“I’m going to miss you sleeping here,” Jayden says.

“Sleeping?” Leroy asks his eyebrows going up and down, “That’s not what you will miss.”

“Guilty,” Jayden says blushing.

“All set honey,” Leroy’s mom asks coming into the room.

“Yes, I got everything. I still have some stuff in the drier,” he adds, throwing the rucksack over one shoulder.

“You don’t have to come get that, I will bring it to you,” Jayden says.

“Not on that leg, he will come pick it up. Won’t you?”

“Yes, Mom,” Leroy laughs.

“You won’t have to come very far, we had to move again. This time by choice, we are renting the house a few doors down the street from you actually,” Leroy’s Mom informs him.

“Really?” Leroy and Jayden ask at the same time.

“Mmmmhmmm, now let’s go. We have some packing to do.”

Gino comes in, “I’m coming to help.”

“Thanks man,” Leroy says. “I’ll call the swim team, see who’s around.”

Jayden watches them go, no one wants him to come on his bum leg. Wishing them well he heads back into his bedroom, his Mom coming in and giving him a goodnight kiss, something that she has not done in a long time. He rather enjoyed it, and kissed her back. She decided to go to bed early, and Jayden thinking about doing the same. His parents told him that he was skipping school tomorrow, which he was planning on doing anyways. Better to start fresh on Monday.

His Dad enters as he is changing into his sleep shorts, and tossing his clothes into his dirty laundry. Shirtless, Jayden turns to see his Dad looking at his foot.

“Let’s take a look at that shall we?” Mr. Marco Gomez says.

“Sure,” Jayden says shrugging his shoulders and sitting down on his bed.

Jayden’s Dad is also shirtless ready for bed. Marco Gomez chest puffs out, his muscles huge compared to his youngest son, which makes Jayden seem a bit inferior but he remembers the size of his Dad’s downstairs equipment and feels only shame for thinking of his thoughts of inferiority.

Carefully he looks at the ankle holding it carefully turning it this way and that. Marco Gomez says carefully “So this does not look like a bike accident to me.”

Jayden looks up with worry in his eyes, “Ummm…”

“I don’t need to know the details, but I do want you to know how to defend yourself.”

“Dad, I have an older brother that I have had plenty of practice with, not to mention that I am on the wrestling team,” Jayden says rolling his eyes.

“And that helped you stopped getting your ankle from almost getting broken?” His Dad asks raising his eyebrows.

“Well…no, I guess not.”

“Exactly my point! Now I have always taught you to be fair, but sometimes Jayden, and only in emergencies now; it’s okay to not fight fair. It’s not dishonorable to defend yourself with using less than gentlemanly tactics. Okay?” He says.

“Sure, okay Dad.”

“Do you know what I mean by that?” Marco Gomez prods.

“I’m not sure…” Jayden says.

“When you are fighting a guy bigger than you I want you to remember, because this move is not legal in wrestling, but you can hit a boy between his legs. The testicles are actually very sensitive, and if you hit them, and it does not even need to be hard, that move can be quite destructive to an opponent, and can give you a chance to run away,” Jayden’s Dad informs him.

Jayden tries to keep from smiling as his father’s explains how “low blows work.” Clearing his throat Jayden manages to get out, “I am familiar with how hitting a guy below the belt is effective.”

Patting his sons shoulder, Jayden’s Dad says, “That’s good son. I want you to practice these types of moves more thoroughly.”

“Sure Jayden,” Jayden grins.

“This is not a joke son,” Jayden’s Dad says looking shocked.

Shaking his head, Jayden tries to get his serious face plastered back on, but fails and lets out a laugh.

Standing up angry and red in the face Jayden’s Dad says, “You need to take this seriously. You are in crutches for God’s sake! What happens if you are attacked again?!” Marco Gomez warns him.

Jayden stops laughing at the look that comes from his Dad’s eyes, and how he towers over him. Suddenly Jayden can’t remember what he found funny anymore and looks down at the ground ashamed.

“Better, now stand up,” Jayden’s Dad says handing him his crutches.

Not sure what his Dad is on about now, he does with a questioning look. Taking his crutches from him he comes to full standing, with one foot still in the air.

“Good, now I want you to practice your low blow moves on me, you’re in crutches so it will be different than before,” his Dad explains.

“Wait,” Jayden puts up a hand, “You want me to hit you in the groin?”

“Yes son, right in the old buckaroos.”

Jayden lets out a snort, “Bucka—what?” and what little hold he had on himself on maintaining his composure is lost again. “You can’t be serious! I’ll hurt you.” He says flabbergasted by the notion.

“That’s the idea. Now show me what you got,” Jayden’s Dad spreads his legs out wide, and mentally prepares himself for the blow.

Looking between his Dad’s legs Jayden sees a moderate bump in his father’s pajama shorts. Jayden has only had one experience kicking a man that was older than him, but Jayden has hit plenty of sets of hanging testes that were smaller than his own. His father is no exception. Both Gino and Jayden knew that their father did not measure up to either of them, and they both had hoped that he never learns of his shortcomings in comparison to his own sons.

Taking a deep breath, Jayden takes aim and lifts up his knee. He does not want to hurt his Dad, but he is also slightly a teacher’s pet so he feels like he wants to do his best. Jayden feels the impact of his knee in between his father’s thighs and the moderately sized bump squishes beneath his knee bone. Jayden cringes in sympathy pain for what he just did to his own Dad.

Jayden’s Dad gives a jerk, stumbling back with a slight exhale and an, “Ah.” His Dad stays standing, and when he looks up his father says. “Is that all that you got? Put some muscle into it!”

Jayden’s jaw drops a bit, and he shakes his head in disbelief. “Okay Dad, if you want me to…” Jayden takes aim once again the bulge in his Dad’s short sways a bit from the last hit. He uses his good leg, rears back kicking with everything he has as he swings it forward his whole body swinging with it. When Jayden hits his Dad this time he jumps a bit in the air and lands hard on one knee on his sons bedroom floor.

This gets a reaction from his Dad that he expects. Jayden’s Dad keels over on one knee, one hand on the floor for support, the other clutching as his nutsac. “Not bad son,” Marco admits.

“Did I get em that time?” Jayden questions, smirking a bit.

“Yes, yes you did,” his Dad groans still rubbing between his legs, fingering his ballsac.

“We good now?” Jayden shrugs looking down figuring that his Dad must want to be done by now.

“No quite,” his Dad says getting back to his feet with a grunt. “Let’s pretend that your attacker gets in close and you can’t use your legs. I want you to be able to reach up locate and find his testicles, and give a good long threatening squeeze. Try it.”

Jayden just stares at him. “You want me to grab your balls?”

“Yes son, grab your Dad’s buckaroos, see if you can now. Remember to be quick!” Jayden’s Dad says encouragingly and he’s beginning to see the family resemblance between Gino and his Dad, if only Gino knew!

Jayden reaches up easily scooping, and grasping his Dad’s nuts in one hand. Making a fist, Jayden squeezes his Dad’s scrotum in one hand, they are a bit larger than some of his friends. He thinks that they might be the same size as Leroy’s, he will have to tell Gino this fun fact later.

Standing still Jayden’s Dad watches his son proudly crunching his nuts into a small mound, rolling the contents with his fist. “Oh man, it’s been a long time since someone has worked over your old man’s buckaroos,” he sighs, his legs starting to tremble. “Good technique,” Marco adds with a groan.

“Thanks Dad,” Jayden grins.

“Add your thumb,” he instructs.

“Like this?” Jayden asks, still grinning as he presses his thumb deep into his Dad’s left nut, the hard orb bends at the pressure.

Groaning a bit more Jayden’s Dad whimpers out, “A bit more and I won’t be able to stand anymore. Ugh,” he groans louder his hands griping his son’s waist now for support.

“Tell me when to stop,” Jayden says giving the small sac a twist to left making his Dad’s eyes bulge.

“Good…form,” he moans as he slips down to his knees Jayden releasing his Dad’s nuts letting him fall to the floor. “You did good boy,” he reaches up to pat his son’s leg but his hands bump his son’s balls which are plump, full and heavy. “Is that your?” Marco looks up and seems to see Jayden’s fat nuts for the first time. “They are huge!”

Jayden blushes, always hating being the center of attention, especially when it comes to his groin. “They are a little big for my age,” Jayden admits grudgingly.

“Let me see,” his Dad says standing up.

“Are you sure?” Jayden asks, not believing his ears.

“Absolutely son.”

Slowly, both father and son watch as Jayden lowers his shorts down to his knees. Jayden’s Dad gasps as Jayden’s large cock swings down between his legs, his balls below. “I…that’s an impressive set of genitals son.” His Dad says proudly. “I have to admit that you’re a lot bigger since I helped bathe you last when you were six.”

“Yeah…I guess I grew up,” Jayden says proudly looking up at his Dad.

His Dad reaches forward and slowly pulls up his shorts. “You have a fine specimen there Jayden, you’re going to make Leroy really happy with him when you two are ready to have sex.” Marco says patting his sons balls, before dropping his hand.

“What?” Jayden says his mouth dropping open in utter surprise.

“I saw the way the two of you looked at each other across the table,” Jayden’s Dad pats his cheek affectionately. “I want you to know that I love you son. You being gay does not change that. Leroy seems like a good kid, just remember what I taught you about sex, and how to use protection, and be safe.”

Jayden’s Dad pulls in his son hugging him, and slowly lowering him to the bed, giving him a kiss on his cheek as he takes his crutches and leans them against the wall.

“You’re a good kid Jayden, follow your heart, and have fun. Your only young once,” he says knowingly as he heads towards the door.

“Dad,” Jayden calls after him. “You’re not…mad at me?”

“No son, why would I be?” His Dad’s brow crinkles as he looks down at him laying on the bed.

“Because I’m…gay?” Jayden gulps, his heart thudding wildly in his chest, goose bumps running up and down his arms.

“I’ve known that you and your brother gay since you were little, and I’ve never been anything but happy to be a father to my two gay sons,” he says paternally, flicking off the light switch his brown eyes shining with happiness.

Jayden’s brown eyes slowly adjust to the darkness of the bedroom as his Dad closes the door, and he can’t help but get teary again as he says, “I love you Dad.”

“And I you,” his Dad says as the door lock clicks into place.

Jayden lays in bed awake for a long time waiting for Gino to come home. He has so much to tell him, but he finds his dropping eyelids pull down and settles on telling Gino all about it at breakfast the day, well most of it. One part he plans on keeping all to himself.


That was
The end

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Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy
Option D: Jayden chooses no one
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden


Anonymous said...

So... If Jayden and Gino didn't get their massive "assest" from their father, did they get it from their mother's side of the family? Or maybe Marco is just a grower not a shower? Or did Gino and Jayden just get REALLY lucky when they were born? Or is Marco just the oddball out of the Gomez family tree with all the male members endowed with big juicy apples between their thighs?

(And with that logic, I thought it would be funny if it was backwards for Bill, where his father has a pair of nice fat juicy man balls while his son has small tic tacs. "Don't worry, son, they'll grow! I was just like you when I was your age!" (He wasn't, he's just trying to make him feel better!) or maybe Bill's dad is just like his son and has a matching pair of tic tacs)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,


That's hilarious! I love where you took that! If you remember back to the dislocation story arc Gino and Jayden had no other family to call upon for help when their mother was deported. So the two of them might not know that answer. It's an interesting concept and clearly the only one who knows is Marco, Gino and Jayden's Dad. If he finds out about Gino's large assets then we might get a chance to find out more!

Bill's family became suddenly more interesting with the new editions of Sam Hell and Jake. We might indeed find out more about Bill's Dad, and how "big" or "little" he is. But that is such a great line you came up with...I might just have to use it. ; )



Buster said...

*CLANG* That, sir, is the sound of a mic drop! This whole setup is extremely epic! So much effort clearly has gone into this whole saga and to cap it off with these multiple paths is just brilliant. Bravo!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Buster,

Thank you so much!

I really appreciate your kind words. I love writing for all of you, and I am so glad that this event really spoke to you and the other readers. So many places that this story could go and that will all be determined in the polls!