Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The choice - Option B: Jayden chooses Chase (written by Jimmy)

This is OPTION B of an interactive storyline that has several options. At the end of the week you will get to choose how things will go on.

Special thanks to Jimmy for his incredible work!

Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill

Coming up:
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy
Option D: Jayden chooses no one
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end

Author's note: The ending of Jayden Choices Bill is changed below. This an alternate story about Jayden making a different choice, this one for Chase instead.

In the cool water Bill and Jayden kiss, their lips wet and slick but Jayden pulls back, the taste of Bill still in his mouth as he looks at the smaller boy with hurt in his brown eyes. “I…Bill,” Jayden’s words fail him as he rubs up and down the slick smooth skin of Bill’s back as he swims out of reach grasping the side of the pool cement needing the solid unmovable object for what comes next.

“Bill,” Jayden’s brown eyes soften as he tries again, blinking back the pool water from his eyes. “I love you, and some part of me always will. It’s just…it’s not the same. I want to try with Chase. I’m so sorry Bill.”

Floating near Jayden, Bill bobs up and down the water hitting his light blue eyes reflecting the crystal clear water all around him as he gazes at Jayden. “I thought that you might say that,” Bill says.

Jayden wants to go to him, the need to touch him, to comfort him, to reassure him is so deeply ingrained in him that it takes everything in him not to go to him putting his arms around him;  instead he lamely hugs the smooth pool water, his fingertips turning white from gripping it so hard.

“Are you…I was going to say, Chase’s free periods next. He usually spends his in the pool too,” Bill looks away his eyes looking at the boy’s bathroom.

“Bill?” Jayden reaches for him, forgetting himself.

Bill reaches back taking Jayden’s hand. “It’s okay Jayden,” he smiles, and it’s forced. They both know it too. “I’ll always love you.” Bill turns swimming away.

Jayden’s heart threatens to shatter, and he can’t stop the tears that run down his face. Taking a shuddering breath Jayden dives under the water sitting at the bottom of the pool, squeezing his eyes shut; the feeling of weightlessness feels right as he waits for oblivion to claim him.

Warm hands wrap around his own, and when Jayden opens his eyes he sees Bill, sitting on the bottom of the pool with him, he obviously had swum back to check on him, and the kindness from his overwhelms him. Jayden knows he is crying, and he guesses that Bill does too.

The two stay like that for as long as Jayden can hold his breath and when it threatens to burst from him, his lungs achingly painful and vibrantly alive he swims up, Bill by his side guiding him and his bum ankle to surface where they crash through air pouring into their lungs hungry and raw. Jayden after catching his breath turns to face Bill and he can’t help but him close the distance between them and kisses him one last time tenderly.

They part at the same time, starring into each other’s eyes before swimming to opposite sides of the pool. Bill climbs out, his bare feet slapping against the surface, the sound echoing around the pool walls back to Jayden. Jayden can tell that Bill is running. He puts his head in his arms and weeps against the pool wall, Max seems to materialize next to him and Jayden hugs him fiercely leaning heavily against his chest and wishing that Bill was still there.

It takes Jayden the rest of the period to get his emotions under wraps but Max’s question still goes round and round his head, “Are you sure Jayden? Is this what you really want?”

Jayden is still unsure of both answers. Max has to head to class, but he helps Jayden out leading him to the Jacuzzi; which sounds amazing. Another donation from Chase’s family.

Laying back in the hot water Jayden feels the energies within warming his ankle and he sighs contentedly, completely cried out and wanting to Chase.

Jayden does not have to wait long. Chase opens the Jacuzzi door and his fiercely blue eyes finds his own, and Jayden sucks in a breath, waiting to see what will happen.

Chase walks confidently into the room. Dressed only in his blue speedos that match his eyes, Chase lowers himself before Jayden, his perfectly formed muscular swimmers body slips beneath the bubbling froth as he dips his legs first into the hot water until he is at waist height standing before Jayden his blue bulge looking plump on full display. Chase’s bulge threatens the skin tight Speedo’s to hold up properly, and Jayden notices that this is a well-worn pair and the fabric gives even more definition to the outline of his fat cock and balls.

Chase not saying a word climbs on top of Jayden’s lap, a leg on either side of him as he lowers himself in the water until he sits on top of Jayden’s lap.

Jayden let’s out the breath that he was holding  since Chase entered the room and his hips bounce once almost in a knee jerk reaction making Chase chuckle.

Jayden opens his mouth to talk but Chase lays one finger across his lips, shushing him and shakes his head. “No words, they are not needed.”

Not sure he agrees or disagrees, he tries to talk again but Chase reaches into the Jacuzzi and grabs Jayden’s nuts, one in each hand leaning forward his lips brushing Jayden’s as he gives a tentative squeeze. “What did I say?” Chase asks his blue eyes dancing with mischief and temptation.

Jayden tries to speak but Chase silences him by placing his lips against Jayden’s, his tongue skipping into his mouth as he digs into Jayden’s nuts with his fingers. Annoyed, Jayden does the same to Chase reaching for and grasping his large fat nuts.

The two stare into each other’s eyes as they kiss, growling with tenacity and passion as they kiss, and squish and squash each other’s nutsacs. Underneath the water a warzone occurs as both crush each other’s balls in tight vice like grips, each boy trying to outdo the other.

Both swimmers stay stubborn crushing the nutsac of their opponent in their grip, the warm Jacuzzi water makes it even easier for Jayden and Chase to hold onto the ballsacs and the squishy contents within as their balls hang lower.

Jayden and Chase stay like that for a few minutes until Chase relents letting go of Jayden’s bigger nuts, even though he will never admit it, and pulls off of Jayden’s lips putting his arm’s in the air surrendering.

“Fuck man, I surrender!” Chase groans with a laugh.

Jayden smiles too, moving his hands to Chase’s waist.

“Where’s my treasure then? I only take prisoners if I get treasures!” Jayden’s eyes twinkle with trouble.

“You are the treasure Jayden, and I am still your prisoner,” Chase grins, his cheeks coloring red.

“Chase,” Jayden whispers.

“I’m ready now, I wasn’t before.” Chase comes off of Jayden’s lap sitting next to him grasping his shoulder. “Jayden Gomez, would you do me the greatest honor and be my first boyfriend?”

Jayden breaks into a beaming smile and looks Chase in the eyes, and says, “Yes.”

“Really?” Chase asks. “You mean it?”

“Absolutely. I’m glad that I get to be your first.”

“Well…” Chase grins. “My first boyfriend. Everything else for firsts are pretty much covered I’m afraid,” a sheepish smile spreads into a wide smile.

“That’s too bad,” Jayden says dramatically laying across Chase’s chest dramatically. “I was going to suggest that we have sex in this very Jacuzzi. Too bad that’s already covered.”

Chase’s eyes open in surprise, “The Jacuzzi?” He looks around nervously, “At school?”

“During, we have ten minutes we have left. Think you can spew before then?”

Chase’s mouth drops open.

“I thought that you had all your firsts?” Jayden tisks. “That’s okay, let’s take another one off of your list.” He lowers himself below the surface, pulling down Chase’s speedo’s his heart thundering madly in his chest.

“But what if someone comes in…” Chase stops talking as Jayden pulls him into his mouth, and lifting his butt in the air so he can breathe as he sucks Chase down to the hilt, his lips sucking deep. “Fuck, Jayden!” Chase groans holding Jayden’s wet head, as he starts to bob up and down.

Chase’s mouth goes dry, as his eyes stare frantically as the door, “Someone’s going to…oh, shit!” Jayden swirls his tongue, and uses one hand to grab the root of Chase’s dick and pumps along with bobbing of his head, his mouth sucking deeply buried in Chase’s blonde pubis.

Chase tries to spout off another reason to stop when Jayden closes his fingers, making a fist and powers a punch into Chase’s underwater pouch striking Chase’s Speedo bulge with such power and tenacity. Chase lurches up, plunging his cock even deeper down Jayden’s throat as the pain bursts in his low hangers. “Fuck Jayden,” Chase moans. “Did you have to…” but Chase’s words get stuck in his throat with his nuts as Jayden still sucking deeply throws another punch at the same spot feeling the orbs smoosh against Chase’s pubic bone.

The blonde swim champ digs his fingers into Jayden’s scalp, his blue eyes crossing comically as he humps Jayden’s throat, his hips shifting back and forth underwater his balls still blazing from the raw impacts south of the border. “Jayden not so…hard!” Chase squeals as Jayden changes tactics and pounds his fist from above so that the hammering blow bursts from the surface giving Chase the view of his gonads impending doom before it slams straight down.

The splash of the water hits Chase full in the face and that seems to do the trick making his erection throb. Jayden sensing Chase’s upcoming orgasm clamps both Chase’s dick firmly between his lips, sucking at the tip; while his other hand grabs Chase’s tenderized testes and giving them a friendly squeeze.

Chase opens his mouth to announce his upcoming eruption but gets the surprise of his life as the door to the Jacuzzi room opens.

“Fuck!” Chase groans as he starts to spew as Doug, a towel around his waist pauses in the doorway, the wrestling star stops to glare at his rival as he orgasms down Jayden’s throat.

“Chase are you…shit!” Doug covers his mouth laughing at the stupid look on Chase’s face as his orgasm explodes down Jayden’s throat sending volley after volley down. Jayden manages to swallow all of it, and pops of Chase’s cock with a small ‘pop’ sound that echoes around the small room, as he turns to stare at the intruder that interrupted the fun.

The last time that Doug saw Chase he lost in a spectacularly embarrassing fashion in front of almost the entire school. Now that the surprise has worn off Doug looks ready to start the next match. Jayden puts up his hands in the surrender position. “Doug, remember me. It’s Jayden, I was the one that helped you get a spot on the swim team before I left. I saw a lot of good potential in you. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out. But you’re a wrestling star at the school, that’s pretty cool we have that in common. I wrestle at Bartlet High…”

“Do you ever stop talking?” Doug says interrupting and silencing Jayden.

“I was just trying to…”

“Fuck in the schools Jacuzzi, yeah I got that,” Doug glares.

“Hey, we are a little busy,” Chase says pulling up his speedo, tucking his cock and balls back inside. “Take a hike buddy.”

“Chase!” Jayden warns.

Doug narrows his eyes to slits then a thought comes to him. “We face your team in two weeks Jayden.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” Jayden says trying to move onto more pleasant topics.

“Yeah. I’m going to kick your ass while your boyfriend watches. See you in two weeks!” Doug turns, but before he leaves he adds. “You better be out of that Jacuzzi because by the time I get back I will personally make sure that your expelled Chase for fucking in a school!”

Doug lets the pool door slam on his way out, letting out some of the hot air. But Jayden is sweating more now than ever before, and it has nothing to do with the heat.

“We better go,” Jayden gulps.

“Fucking prick,” Chase growls climbing out.

Chase sees Jayden struggling and helps him up.

“My crutches are over there,” Jayden points.

“I see them,” Chase walks over, picks them up and brings them back to Jayden. “Don’t worry, you will beat Doug’s ass. If I can, you certainly will. He will rue the day he challenged you.”

Jayden tries to smile, but it does not quite make it to his eyes. Chase notices and leans into him, “Hey, look at me.”

Shuffling down the corridor to the changing room he does, and sees Chase’s blue eyes glitter, his warm smile and his ragged good looks and confident swagger infuses Jayden with a sense of confidence as he says, “I love you, and you love me. Let Doug be angry. He can’t take that away from us or spoil this moment.” Chase leans in his lips brushing Jayden’s tenderly, before he leans in kissing him sweetly. Pulling back, Chase gives his trademark Cheshire cat grin, “See? He’s just jealous that he can’t kiss you like that.”

Jayden shakes his head laughing, “You are such a dork! But tell me again…what part of me do you love the most?”

“Oh that’s easy,” Chase smiles, he leans forward kissing Jayden on the mouth. “I really love your lips, and here,” Chase kisses Jayden’s collar bone at the nape of his neck, giving the skin a little nibble. “Oh, and here.” Chase kisses Jayden’s right nipple, biting the tip his teeth clenching around the nub.

“Mmmm,” Jayden hums as Chase kisses his left.

“Can’t forget about that one. Oh and right here,” Chase kisses Jayden belly button making Jayden giggle.

“And here,” Chase kisses right above his speedo making sure that his chin rubs the top of Jayden’s very rigid erection that has not gone down since the Jacuzzi.

“Then here,” Chase kisses Jayden’s head through the fabric, licking the wet spot where Jayden’s pre-cum soaked.

“And these,” Chase kisses each of Jayden’s through big nuts in his speedos. “I love these most of all,” Chase grins watching the testicles swing back to their previous positions.

Jayden smiles warmly as Chase from his positon below him lines up an uppercut, “Especially,” Chase grins. “When I do this!” And arches back his arm and drives it forward with amazing speed and accuracy slamming the fist deep in Jayden’s bulging sac, the wet splat echoing off the walls.

The impact was so forceful that Jayden loses his footing and drops, the crutches skitter across the wet tile in the changing room but Chase catches him in a classic pose, cradling him tightly against his chest as Jayden lets out a breath of relief. “See, I got you. And I’m not planning on letting you go.”


That was
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase

Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill

Coming up:
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy
Option D: Jayden chooses no one
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)

Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end


Anonymous said...

I loved this story and it's a perfect way to show why I love the pairing between Chase and Jayden, where with Bill, If he were to hit Jayden's boynuts, Jayden would hesitate at first to retaliate because of his small babynuts or because he's stronger than him, making their ballbusting stuff together very one sided, as seen in the Love Hurts Story or the boyfriend debacle one, but with Chase, if he were to attack his boynuts, Jayden is not afraid to pay Chase with the same coin and attack his "Big Balls" to retaliate, the way the two of them can love each other so passionately and still hold that rivalry between their own manhoods is super hot, plus, Chase has gone through so much character development for Jayden that it would be a shame to have it all thrown away and make him come back to just being a bad guy again, Chase actually showed he loved Jayden and he already has confessed that he loves him, and I truly love how passionate they are for each other when they get so intimate

And that final part was absolutely adorable where he catches him and promises to not let go was adorable

Yeah he can be a dick, but I'm sure Jayden will be there to knock some sense into him (Especially on his "big nuts")

-Anon Uno

Harry said...

Just saw on the Associated Press twitter that they've already called it for Chase.

I'm as surprised as you are, dudes, but I guess Alex can cancel the rest of the event...;)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Chase! I knew your big nuts would be simply too irresistible for Jayden to resist. Biggest balls on the swimteam! You really are quite a catch!

I'm not convinced that this will last too long though, you're still a bad boy at heart and i still wonder if you really broke up with the girlfriend?

Haha enjoy it while it lasts with Jay!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anon Uno,
I’m a huge fan of the connection that Chase and Jayden have (I could make this same argument for Chase and Bill, but in a different way). You captured their relationship perfectly in your synopsis. Chase and Jayden have that electric charge for each other that pulls the two of them together (usually violently) as electricity burns brightly. Chase will obviously be a big contender for Jayden’s affections, the two are so drawn to each other. I am looking forward to see what everyone ends up voting for, thanks for writing in!
Dear Harry,


Oh man! That was great! Clearly, I can see that you were captured by this story, but it is not over yet! Your vote might be swayed in a different direction. We will see!
Dear Reg,

Was there ever a doubt who you would be voting for?

That’s a great question you propose, did Chase ever break-up with that girlfriend that we so briefly in the infamous date that Jayden and Bill went on? Hmmmm?

Chase is a bad boy at heart, always is, always will be. But, you have to admit, Chase is certainly trying to grow as a human. Maybe he is going to leave some of those bad boy vibes behind? He is certainly going to try it looks like!

Thank you and everyone else for writing in, liking the posts. I am having a blast reading all of your reactions to the event!



Anonymous said...

Wait a second,The "Girl" that Chase brought to the date that one time wasn't a girl at all, it was just Adam in drag...? oh, poor Adam, but he must have known that this day was gonna come... Right?

-Anon Uno (Again)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anon Uno,

Oh my god! That would be hilarious! Hahahaha! Poor Adam! Chase seems super uninterested in him, maybe I should explore Adam giving it a real go for Chase at some point...but does he have the balls to really try?