Saturday, November 14, 2020

Rocky Sparks - the new star of ball bash wrestling!

I am a huge fan of ball bash wrestling, and sites like have done a great job flying the flag for this wonderful, painful subset of fetish wrestling since Jonny Firestorm, the undisputable king of ball bash wrestling all but disappeared from the scene.
But now ball bash wrestling is back with a fresh new face and a fresh new pair of balls – and I am so excited! I have been following blond adonis Rocky Sparks on twitter for a while now and I highly recommend checking out his hot content on pornhub.
There are two clips that I particularly enjoyed, and I suggest you head over to Rocky Spark’s pornhub place and have a look right now. Both clips are VOD, but they are certainly worth the price.
Full disclosure: I do not profit from the sales in any way. I recommend them to you because I like them and because I want them to be so successful that people make more of them. :-))

So here we go:
Give-and-take Gut and Ballbusting Wrestling

Ash DeLeon & Rocky Sparks #4: Give-and-take Gut and Ballbusting Wrestling (16:25 min, available at pornhub for $9.99) stars Rocky Sparks and Ash DeLeon in a raunchy back-and-forth of gutpunching and ballbusting that had me rock-hard within seconds. The wrestling part is dialed down a bit in favor of making out and smacking nuts. The clip starts with a kiss, and it gets hotter and hotter from there. Rocky’s nuts suffer a lot more than Ash’s in this clip – and if you want to know why just look at Rocky’s massive erection! This guy clearly enjoys having his balls beaten by his buddy – and Ash sure as hell enjoys beating them! The chemistry between these guys is just amazing, and their sexual energy and their passion for each other is on full display – just like Rocky’s impressive equipment.
Give-and-take Gut and Ballbusting Wrestling

The guys start out wearing underwear, but about halfway through the clip, Ash pulls out Rocky’s hard dick and his rapidly reddening ballsack – and they never get covered up again. Let me take a moment to admire Rocky’s wonderful plumbing. His dick is nice and fat, and his balls are plump and meaty – just perfect for a good ballbashing! And Ash clearly is up for the job, squeezing and smacking Rocky’s nuts around when he is not pounding his abs. My favorite part is at the 12:30 mark when Ash pulls back Rocky’s nuts between his thighs and squeezes them. Just when you think “Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!” he slams his hand down on Rocky’s nuts, making Rocky moan in pain as Ash grins. So fucking hot!
Give-and-take Gut and Ballbusting Wrestling

Ash DeLeon & Rocky Sparks #4: Give-and-take Gut and Ballbusting Wrestling
(16:25 min) is available at pornhub for $9.99.
Click here to watch a trailer.

Sunny Sunday Ballbusting, Gutpunching, Bondage, Cumshots
My second recommendation is Ash & Rocky: Sunny Sunday Ballbusting, Gutpunching, Bondage, Cumshots (31:26 min, available at pornhub for $12.99). This one is even hotter and even raunchier than the clip above, and it drops all pretense of being a wrestling clip. Once again, it pairs poor Rocky Sparks with Ash DeLeon, and once again the chemistry is incredible. Ash tortures Rocky’s abs, his dick and his nuts with glee and joy and increasing arousal. Rocky is hard throughout the clip, and Ash takes full advantage of Rocky’s horniness. The first half of the clip takes place on a bed. Rocky magnificent dick comes out fairly quickly, and Ash starts jerking him while slapping and squeezing his balls and punching his abs. Just watch the look on Rocky’s face in the next pic, when Ash is tapping his balls. He is so fucking horny!
Sunny Sunday Ballbusting, Gutpunching, Bondage, Cumshots

Things get even hotter in the second half of the clip, when Rocky is tied up in a standing position, and Ash continues working over his abs and his dick and balls. Gradually, Rocky loses what’s left of his clothing, and Ash jerks and busts Rocky to a creamy finale. When Rocky is all out of cum, Ash squeezes his drained nuts in a beautiful close-up, dick dripping. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, Ash makes Rocky lick up his forcefully extended liquid lust. From a viewer’s perspective I can attest that that Rocky wasn’t the only one who lost his load during this clip…
Sunny Sunday Ballbusting, Gutpunching, Bondage, Cumshots

Sunny Sunday Ballbusting, Gutpunching, Bondage, Cumshots

Check out Rocky Spark’s twitter for additional clips and pics and all sorts of hot content, and make sure to have a look at his clips at pornhub. He is awesome, and I hope he’ll continue making ballbusting clips!


ThroatSTL said...

You are right to point to these two fuckers: their work together is super hot and lacks any trace of the "fakeness" that spoils so much gp and ballbusting porn.

Rocky is hot. No doubt about it. Watching Ash squeeze a load out of his nuts is awesome. Ash has a sadistic streak that seems absolutely sincere.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, ThroatSTL! I agree 100%! :-))