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Jonny Firestorm – King of ball bash wrestling

Meet Jonny Firestorm -
the king of ball bash wrestling
You all know Jonny Firestorm. You have seen him wreak havoc on cute Reese Wells’ poor balls in BGEast’s classic 2008 video “Ball Bash 2”. You’ve watched him make Reese strip naked and put on a tiny little thong with a bullseye on the pouch. You have smiled at Reese’s erection poking out of that thong as Jonny punished his precious jewels. And you have cheered for Jonny as he squeezed, slapped, kicked and stomped Reese’s nuts into submission.

Ever since I watched “Ball Bash 2”, I have been a fan of Jonny’s. There’s no denying: Jonny Firestorm is the king of ball bash wrestling.

Jonny Firestorm goes for the bullseye
in BGEast's "Ball Bash 2"

Reese Wells' balls have nowhere to hide

Poor Reese is no match for Jonny

Defeated. Jonny has wrecked Reese's balls

Apart from “Ball Bash 2” (which is available on the BGEast website), Jonny bashed many more balls, taking on Jobe Zander in "Iron Men 1", and Dylan Roberts in "Rookie Wrestlers 1" (both available on the BGEast website), and many other wrestlers (see the short interview with Jonny below) in some fantastic matches that left most viewers crossing their legs in sympathy.

What I like most about Jonny Firestorm is that he obviously enjoys going after his opponents’ balls. He doesn't hold back, and he has a great sense of humor. In addition to that, he is never shy about touching another guy’s naked junk and deal out some serious punishment to a bare pair of testicles.

Now Jonny has started a great new project on his website: Club Firestorm. By joining the club, you gain access to exclusive content that isn’t available anywhere else. Every month you get two free streaming clips, there are free picture galleries from exclusive wrestling matches, there’s Jonny’s awesome blog, and a lot of additional perks.

Check out a free preview clip and join Club Firestorm now!

The best thing about Club Firestorm are the exclusive matches that you can buy and download. (Some matches are available for non-members, too, but members get a 50% discount on those.)

Right now, Club Firestorm offers two wrestling matches that focus solely on ballbusting, and there are more to come (see interview below).

"Dirty Daddy" Guido Genatto

The first one is Jonny Firestorm vs. Guido Genatto, a hot match featuring “Dirty Daddy” Guido Genatto exchanging low blows with Jonny Firestorm. Guido is wearing a very tight pair of pink speedos that leaves nothing to the imagination, and they both really go for it. This match has great reactions, and both of them sell the nutshots really well. I’m not sure if any testicles were really hurt during the match – but that isn't point. Both Guido and Jonny are having a lot of fun fighting dirty, and it’s a great match. (You have to be a member of Club Firestorm to buy this match. It’s available for download.)

Drake Marcos
The second one is Jonny Firestorm vs. Drake Marcos. And this one takes the cake.


Just wow.

Everything about this clip is perfect.

It's official: This is my new all-time favorite ball bashing clip!

The premise: Jonny is competing in the Ball Bash Olympics, and he’s going for Gold this year! Last year, he was defeated by those bastards from Ballbashistan – and he sure isn’t going to let that happen again! Unfortunately, his training partners have quit because he bashed their balls too much. Enter young, hot wrestler Drake Marcos, with that trademark smile on his lips. He’s happy to help out, and offers his balls to Jonny who gladly takes him up on his offer. Drake strips down to a jockstrap, and Jonny examines the goods. (His comment about Drake’s balls not being “regulation size” is a bit mean, by the way, since Drake has no reason to be ashamed of his nice, big pair of nuts…)

What follows can only be described as one of the greatest ball bash matches in history. Drake provides the balls for Jonny's training session, and Jonny goes after them with squeezes, grabs, slaps, punches, hits, kicks and stomps. At one point he even pulls himself up, hanging on Drake’s nutsack who is sitting on the corner buckle of the ring. Jonny really wants to win the Olympics! It's 30 minutes of hard, nut-crunching action that leaves nohing to be desired.

Midway through the match, Jonny strips Drake naked, and continues bashing his bare balls in every way imaginable. Make no mistake: We’re not talking fake punches, harmless squeezes and exaggerated reactions here. This is all real. Drake’s balls really take a beating. And they look nothing short of awesome (if a bit bruised in the end...)

One word about poor Drake. Honestly, that guy is a trooper. And he looks so hot with his legs spread apart, gritting his teeth and grunting in pain as Jonny smacks his naked nuts again and again and again. You almost feel pity for him as he takes Jonny’s punishment while screaming and moaning in agony. But then again, it's all for the Ball Bash Olympics, and we all want Jonny to win this time around, right?

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Jonny checks the goods before the training.
Are they regulation size?

Go for gold, Jonny!
Squish that ball bag and make him scream!

Right on target! A hard punch crunches Drake's nuts.

Now that's a vulnerable position!
Jonny abuses Drake's poor balls.

Keep your eye on the balls! Jonny pounds away.
That's gotta hurt: Jonny practises his kicks.

Bad news for Drake's balls:
The jockstrap comes off
and the ballbashing goes on...

It’s my new all-time favorite ball bashing clip! Oh, I’ve said that already? Well, let me say it again: It’s my new all-time favorite ball bashing clip!

Trust me, this clip is worth every penny ($60 for the download from, or $30 if you are a member of Club Firestorm). It’s my new--- Yeah, you already know by now…

Join Club Firestorm now, and get the clip!

By the way, I have no financial stakes in Club Firestorm. I’m just a huge fan of Jonny’s work, and I hope he’ll do many, many more ballbusting wrestling clips in the future. I am a paying member of Club Firestorm, and I paid for the clip – trust me, I haven’t regretted it. Club Firestorm is very new, so there isn’t much of content, yet. But what’s there is awesome, and it’s growing.

I had the chance to speak to Jonny about Club Firestorm and ball bash wrestling.


Q: Most of my readers probably know you because of that legendary ball bash match against Reese Wells. Are you proud of that match?
Jonny: Of course. I consider that one of the defining matches of my BGE career, I think it started my heel turn. Not that I wasn’t considered a heel before, but after people saw me ruthlessly punish Reese’s ample bulge, there was no arguing it.

Q: Who came up with the idea for the that match?

Jonny: It was actually Reese! He made the challenge, I accepted. You could tell from his reactions during the match, it was a fantasy come true for him. I was flattered he picked me to do it!

Q: In your experience, is a ballbashing match different from other wrestling matches?
Jonny: Very different. Right off the bat, there’s more of an erotic overtone. The thought pattern going into the match isn’t about what moves you’re going to do, the counters, etc. It’s about how you’re going to attack your opponents ball bag. You visualize fun ways (to you at least), to punish your foe.

Q: Why do you go for the balls?
Jonny: It depends on the situation. Sometimes it’s the best equalizer. If my opponent has the upper hand, it’s a momentum shifting move. It gives me a chance to recover, while he writhes in pain. When I’m in control, it’s just me being a prick. :-) Sometimes it’s to humiliate my opponent, other times it’s just another way to show my dominance. A stubborn jobber refusing to submit will change his tune quickly once you start attacking his balls.

Q: Do you enjoy working over a guy's balls?
Jonny: It depends on the opponent, sometimes if somebody can really take a full on ball bashing, it isn’t as fun. I like seeing the reaction, how it breaks down my opponents, rendering them helpless. It can be fun if they can take some punishment for real, but when you can repeatedly kick somebody in the crotch for real, and they barely bat an eye – what’s the point? Now if they take the hit, and you can see they’re struggling to remain stoic, you know you’re going to have some fun. That it’s just a matter of time before you break him down.

Q: Now, I really, really, REALLY love the Drake Marcos match. Tell us a little bit about the background. How did Drake Marcos react when you told him about the idea?
Jonny: He was torn between excitement and dread. He was on the receiving end of a painful ball bashing from me in our Custom Combat match at BG East. So he knew what he had coming, and he didn’t shy away.
We had a lot of fun filming it.
I had all sorts of crazy ideas that we just didn’t have the time or resources to do because we were filming during the down time of a BG East shoot. I wanted to get some of those balls that you see on the trailer hitch of trucks, spray paint them gold, throw them on a ribbon, and award myself the gold medal of ball bashing after. I thought of an opening ceremony where I’d walk in stepping on the crotches of jobbers (we didn’t have enough people willing or free).
Drake hand picked the jock strap he wanted to wear, and he told me to have at them, nothing was off limits.
We both laughed at some of the dialog, mostly the girlfriend line, I think his exact quote was “I’m not fooling anybody”, lol.

Q: The clip turned out absolutely awesome - you can tell that the two of you had a lot of fun... How did Drake feel afterwards?
Jonny: Very tender, lol. I went to see him at work that night, and he was walking around gingerly. He also said there was some swelling and they were raw from being stepped on/grinded with my fist/knee/boot.

Q: Poor guy. Are you happy with his performance?
Jonny: I always am. He suffers well but there are moments you can see he enjoys it, and eggs me on. It helps add some fuel to the fire. You can see he tries to protect himself sometimes, but I still power through his defenses and smack his balls. Everything was very real.

Q: How does Drake compare to Reese? Which match did you enjoy more?
Jonny: Drake invites the punishment more, and isn’t as shy. Reese liked the punishment, as we all saw, but didn’t egg me on verbally or though body language very much. Both were fun matches, hot in different ways. I probably enjoyed the Drake match slightly more because it was more focused. The bullseye thong was great though.

Q: I've seen your matches against Reese Wells, Jobe Zander and Dylan Roberts. Are there any other of your matches that you can point me (and my readers) to that focus on ball bashing?
Jonny: I’ve incorporated ball bashing into so many of my matches now that it’s hard to keep track. The Custom Combat matches both have sections devoted to ball bashing/crotch punishment (on BG East vs. Drake Marcos, and for Club Firestorm members on my site). I’ve gone to town on Skip Vance’s balls, both on BGE (Submissions A-Z) and the Firestorm site (Sex toys and the 2 on 1 w/ Christian Taylor for Club Firestorm members). Some matches that I’m releasing in the future on Club Firestorm have some ball bash focused material, especially if you see Ty Alexander as my opponent.

Q: That sounds awesome! So there are going to be more ballbashing clips on Club Firestorm? Can you tell us what you have planned?
Jonny: I’m going to film more matches with ball bashing and low blow themes. I have one with Austin Cooper ready to go.

Q: Is there anybody whose balls you'd really like to bash?
Jonny: Cameron Matthews, Scott Williams, Rio Garza, Joshua Goodman, and I’d like to have another go at Reese Wells, and Jobe Zander.


Special thanks to Jonny Firestorm for answering my questions!

I guess it's obvious: I’m very excited about Club Firestorm, and I have to admit that I can’t wait for that Austin Cooper match… In the meantime I’ll watch the Drake Marcos match again. And again. And again… :-)

If you want to see the match, too, buy the clip on his website or save $5 by joining Club Firestorm now and buying the clip with 50% off!

(P.S.: Reese, if you’re reading this: Pick up your phone and call Jonny now, so he can get another go at those beautiful balls of yours and show the clip to the members of Club Firestorm!)


Anonymous said...

Nice article!
Yes, That match with Reese Wells was so hot!!!
It's a shame Mr.Wells didn't put his balls on the line more often. Such a hotty!

Alex said...

Thank you! I agree, I'd love to see Reese Well's put on the bullseye thong once more and hand over his junk to Jonny... Maybe we should start a petition... :-))

Anonymous said...

So hot dude, so glad there are ballbusting communities out there.

Has anyone seen that ballbusting cam model kink or menchatslive?! He's totally in to all this.

Think his name is Matty Steel - you should get him a guest spot/character done for this website ;-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I don‘t know Matty Steel. I‘ll have a look at him. :-))

Anonymous said...

Would be amazing ;-) Im sure he'd get involved, he seems cook and is obsessed with ballbusting, dam hot body too

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