Monday, July 20, 2015

Boys will be boys: On the road

Thanks to Alexander for his plot suggestion and a couple of fun emails!

Featured in this story: ZachLoganCal, Sammy and Brandon (click for pictures)

It was an extraordinarily hot summer day. Zach’s car was packed, and the air conditioning was not working. They had been driving for a couple of hours, and sweat was running down the five boys’ bodies. All of them were shirtless, wearing just their shorts that were clinging to their wet skin.

Zach was in the driver’s seat. The 20 year old stud’s muscular chest was wet with sweat, and his blond hair was sticking to his head.

In the passenger seat, 22 year old Cal was half-asleep. The handsome black swimmer’s eyes were closed and his mouth was hanging open. Occasionally, his muscular body twitched and he opened his eyes, only to fall asleep again a moment later, snoring loudly.

In the back of the car were Brandon, Logan and Sammy.

On the left was 18 year old Logan, a blond and blue-eyed highschool wrestler who was texting with his girlfriend.

On the right, Cal’s swim team mate Brandon, a 21 year old Asian-American with black hair and brown eyes, was staring out the open window.

Between them, 18 year old red-head Sammy was talking excitedly. His freckled face was beaming with heat and excitement. “This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to be there! I’m going to jump into the pool right away!”

They were heading to Sammy’s uncle’s house. He was in Europe for a week and had invited his nephew to look after the house.

“We’re going to have a great time!” Sammy said excitedly. “And we have to go to the public pool! There’s a pool at the house but at the public pool there are going to be lots of hot girls in bikini’s. I swear, last time I was there I had a constant hardon.”

Logan looked up and put away his phone. He ran his hand over his sweaty, hairless chest and adjusted his crotch.

“And the cheerleader camp”, Sammy continued. “I told you about the cheerleader camp next door, right?”

“Yeah, you did!” Logan, Zach and Brandon answered in unison. Sammy had told them what felt like a million times. It was part of the reason why the boys had taken him up on his offer.

Sammy chuckled and winked at Logan. “Too bad you have a girlfriend. On the other hand, if you’re out of the running there’ll be more girls for me…”

Logan grinned. “Who says I’m out of the running?”

Sammy raised his eyebrows. “But Ashley…”

Logan smiled. “She gave me permission. Isn’t she awesome? I can do what I want while we're here.” He reached into his pocket and produced a pack of condoms. “As long as I use these.” He grabbed his crotch, giving his bulging package a playful squeeze. “Believe me, this fella is going to see some action.”

Sammy looked down at Logan’s bulge with a surly expression on his face. It was obvious that Logan was hiding a nice, big cock inside his shorts, and a pair of big balls that were likely very damp and sweaty right now. “We’ll see”, Sammy mumbled before smacking Logan’s junk with the palm of his hand.

He felt Logan’s bulge flatten under his palm as Logan let out a surprised yelp.

“Ow”, he grunted. “That was completely uncalled for!”

Sammy burst out laughing.

Brandon turned his head, raising his eyebrows. “What---“

He was interrupted by another hard nutsmack courtesy of Sammy who was laughing his ass off as Brandon doubled over, groaning and clutching his crotch.

Logan grimaced and reached between Sammy’s legs, grabbing a good handful of his manhood. Sammy’s flimsy white shorts offered absolutely no protection, and Logan could almost feel Sammy’s balls pulsing in his hand as he squeezed them hard, eliciting a scream from Sammy.

“Hey!” Zach shouted, his eyes fixed on the road. “What’s going on back there?”

Cal was snoring peacefully.

In the back of a car, an all out testicle battle had broken out. They guys were laughing and screaming as they smacked, squeezed, punched and pulled each other’s nuts.

“Hey!” Zach shouted again. “Stop it!”

Cal opened his eyes. “What’s going on?” he asked sleepily.

“Nut shot war!” Sammy yelled from the top of his lungs.

The three boys on the backseat were entangled in a sweaty, testosterone-filled pile, each of them trying to get the upper hand and land a nice, hard blow to another guys’ babymakers.

“Nut shot war”, Cal mumbled before casually reaching over and smashing his fist into Zach’s unsuspecting crotch.

Zach let out a yelp, and the car started swerving back and forth.

The cars around him started honking.

Zach’s car was filled with screams and laughter.

Grimacing in pain, Zach pulled onto a rest area and turned of the car.

Brandon and Logan had teamed up on Sammy, with Logan holding Sammy’s hands up while Brandon delivered punch after nut-crunching punch into Sammy’s groin.

“Stop it!” Sammy yelled in a high-pitched voice. “Stop it!”

Zach groaned and rubbed the big bulge in his shorts. “Fuck”, he mumbled, glancing at Cal. “You got me good!”

Cal grinned proudly. “Sorry”, he said with an unconvincing grin.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Zach slapped Cal’s nuts with the back of his hand, making the handsome swimmer’s eyes bulge as he let out a dry cough.

“Sorry”, Zach grinned.

After Cal and Zach had called it a truce while Zach was driving, they continued their journey.

In the back of the car, the alliances changed every couple of minutes. Brandon teamed up with Sammy to bust Logan’s balls, then it was Sammy and Logan against Brandon, and in the end every man fought for himself, resulting in three badly bruised pairs of balls when the boys pulled up at another rest area an hour later.

“I need a piss”, Zach announced and walked away.

Logan and Cal followed him, leaving Brandon and Sammy back at the car.

They were both rubbing their crotches and grimacing in pain.

Sammy gazed after the Logan, Cal and Zach. “Look at Logan”, he chuckled.

Brandon followed his gaze. “What do you mean?”

“He’s walking funny”, Sammy grinned.

“Of course he is!” Brandon chuckled.

The two boys shared a laugh and exchanged a high-five, careful not to leave their groins unprotected.

“You know”, Sammy said. “We should team up.”

Brandon looked at him.

“Work together, you know?” Sammy continued.

Brandon shrugged.

“We don’t stand a chance against those guys”, Sammy said. “I mean, give a girl a choice – who will she pick? One of them or one of us? Zach has a big fucking cock. Cal has a big fucking cock. And Logan… Well, he’s Logan. He gets any girl he wants.” Sammy paused.

Brandon looked at him.

“Now look at us”, Sammy said. “What do we have working for us?”

Brandon thought for a moment. “We’re cute?” he said weakly.

Sammy rolled his eyes. “Girls like cute guys. But they’ll fuck the big-dicked stud.”

Brandon nodded slowly. “You may have a point there…”

“That’s why we should team up”, Sammy said.

“I don’t understand”, Brandon said, scratching his head.

“Level the playing field”, Sammy explained. “Make sure our three studs don’t feel like fucking.” He looked at Brandon expectantly.

Brandon’s eyes lit up. “Ooooooh!”

“Yeah”, Sammy grinned. “We have to crunch their nuts as often and as hard as we can.” He noticed Logan, Cal and Zach come back. “Deal?” he whispered.

Brandon smiled. “Deal.”

“Okay, boys”, Zach said, stretching his limbs. “Another hour and we’re there. Let’s go.”

Sammy looked at Brandon and gave a small nod.

Then they dropped to their knees simultaneously.

Three fists connected with three sweaty, sagging nutsacks, eliciting a dissonant choir of soprano screams.

Brandon and Sammy looked at each other and grinned.


Carter said...

I hope they get Logan real good!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! I'm pretty sure you'll get your wish... ;-)

BB_Daddy said...

It's good to see our star, Sack... I mean Zach back on action.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, BB_Daddy! I'm sure we all hope that Zach will enjoy his vacation... ;-)

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Lol I like this a lot and sorry if I haven't been active for awhile
Sincerely Orion

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Thanks for your feedback, Orion! It's good to see you back!