Saturday, July 25, 2015

Video links: Nadverts (2)

Crunched nuts in aisle 4
After Wednesday's post, our reader Toothpick has pointed us to two awesome nut-related commercials.

The first one features a boxing glove to the nuts - always a great idea! And I love the way it is presented... Everybody loves free gifts, right?

The second one has a squirrel attacking a guy's nuts. Make sure to watch that one with the sound on - I'm sure that the filmmakers had a lot of fun in post-production when they had to come up with the right "CRUNCH!" sound...

Special thanks to Toothpick for sharing those links with us!

What is your favorite nutshot commercial? Leave a comment or send me an email (!



Carter said...

Can't believe I forgot this one. This is the censored version. The uncensored version features two baseballs and a beer bottle at the end instead of one, mimicing a pair of testicles.

Carter said...

Also I don't have time to check these all out but hopefully at least one is good

Alex said...

Nice finds, Carter! Thanks for sharing them! I'll include them in the next Nadverts posts!