Monday, November 2, 2020

War - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the 22nd part of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Author's note: This is the longest story I have ever written in the Gino and Jayden Universe. It is fifty-three pages long. It is packed with characters, developments, and of course plenty of ball busting. It will take some time to read, so get prepared in your favorite armchair, by a cozy roaring fire and enjoy. As always, I write for all of you. I hope that you enjoy this latest installment.

*** Jayden ***

“Why bother, I’m sure that he will love you in just that,” Gino grins sleepily at the breakfast table eating a bowl of crunchy cereal.

Jayden heads towards his room as the doorbell chimes to change, pauses and heads towards the front door instead in just his boxer shorts, which leave very little to the imagination as he slept in them the night before and outline his genitalia quite nicely. “Oh well,” Jayden grumbles, reaching down to adjust himself before answering the door. “I can change later.”

Jayden opens the creaky door to Leroy standing on his stoop, a rucksack similar to Jayden’s own hanging over one shoulder.

“You certainly keep your promises,” Leroy says punching Jayden on the shoulder. “Nice underwear. Glad to see we can wear what we want in your house and don’t have to be all dressed up to eat.” Leroy grins walking past Jayden. Leroy is dressed in a black tank top, and matching black basketball shorts Nike’s emblem is the only decoration on each. Leroy’s tight muscles, are visible through the black material and his ebony skin has a fresh glow from a recent shower.

“Kinda,” Jayden laughs stepping back and inviting him inside. “As long as my folks are not around. They should be here by the end of the week though. Let me show you my room, you can bunk with me until everything gets figured out.”

“Mr. Sullivan is going to flip his shit! He’s about to lose two incomes this month on not having you or I with him, he’s not going to be happy!”

“Boohoo,” Jayden mock whines.  “Here I’ll take that. I made eggs with crispy bacon on the table, and if you eat lighter there is cereal.”

“That sounds awesome, thanks. I will eat it all,” Leroy grins, heading towards the kitchen. Before he can sit down Gino comes out of his room which is right off of the kitchen. Gino eyes Leroy warily taking him in for the first time, and his eyes feast on the modest bulge that sticks out of the black gym shorts that he wears. “Hi,” Leroy waves as he sits down to eat, “You joining me?”

“Nope, already ate. I will join you though,” Gino informs him plopping down in chair across from Leroy grinning at him, kicking his feet out so Leroy’s are in between his own. “So you’re staying with us for a few days,” Gino muses, eyes twinkling with mischief.

Leroy begins shoveling taking globs of scrambled eggs and half a dozen slices of bacon onto a plate, and taking a bite before answering. “Uhuh,” he mumbles with his mouth still full, his eyes soften at the delicious taste of Jayden’s cooking.

“How come you didn’t come that day when I invited Chase and the others to have a go at Jayden’s nuts a few months ago?” Gino asks, the question popping into his head at the last moment.

Swallowing, Leroy responds with a noncommittal shrug, “Seemed like a dick thing to do.” Leroy explains meeting Gino’s eyes across the table, “I’m not a dick.”

“You two getting acquainted,” Jayden asks, worry creasing his brow as he watches the two eyeing each other.

Gino flashes Jayden a smile, “Oh, yeah. He’s going to be a great addition to the Gomez household.”

Jayden breathes a sigh of relief and rubs Gino’s shoulders, “Glad to hear it. Man that was fast Leroy. You want seconds?”

“I’m good,” Leroy leans back in his chair, his feet getting tangled up with Gino’s under the table.

Gino seems to relax more into the massage that Jayden gives as his neck is kneaded from behind. He too leans back into the rubbing of his neck as one bare foot inches up Leroy’s thigh, scraping the inseam of his gym shorts until his bare toes begin to tickle the bottom of Leroy’s sac. Leroy exhales a sharp puff of air starring across at Gino, as his own foot mimics Gino’s landing snuggly in between Gino’s thighs, nestled in the warm embrace of Gino’s manly bulge. The two begin a silent dance underneath the table feeling out each other’s manhood’s as Jayden talks about sleeping arrangements neither boy listens to a word he says.

Noticing the lack of attention he is getting Jayden grips Gino’s neck roughly in a manly squeeze isolating a knot in Gino’s neck, making Gino sigh and look up at his little brother. “You’re the best bro,” he grins affectionately. “I think Leroy and I have a measure of…what each other is packing now.” Gino pushes back gently from the table tugging at his fly, as he goes to his room, “I’m going to get ready for school,” he waves over his shoulder, “You should be all set in a few hours to return to Bartlet High. You can stay here and keep Leroy busy until then. Then I’m going to do the same for Leroy. More than likely Leroy you can go back to your old school tomorrow. I’m guessing that you want out of the academy right?” Gino asks, rubbing some sleep from his eyes.

“Oh yes please, I miss my friends.”

“Consider it taken care of,” Gino yawns entering his room, and closing the door gently behind him getting ready to take a shower.

When Leroy stands up from the table he can see that his friend is a bit chubbed up and Jayden can’t help but snicker. “Measure of what each other is packing huh?” Jayden teases. “You sure that you want to bunk with me tonight, I can check in with my brother and give you the bedroom if you want.” Jayden offers.

Leroy interrupts him with a look, and the words melt off of Jayden’s tongue as Leroy walks towards him grabbing his hips and pulling Jayden to his body so that the two are hip to hip, the half-mast erection pokes Jayden in between the crevice of his dangling fruit. Leroy is so close that he can smell the crisp bacon on his breath as he leans in, their mouths barely a hairs breathe apart as Leroy whispers, “I’m already claimed for tonight. He will have to get in line.”

Jayden stops breathing all together as his heart skips a beat, he longs to lean in Leroy to kiss him, but he’s nervous and jittery all at the same time; he’s not sure if having Leroy here in his home will change what started to bubble between the two.

“Breath Jayden, I won’t bite,” Leroy murmurs his lips brushing gently against Jayden, tickling his skin. “Unless you want me to,” he adds his eyes alight with possibilities.

“Kiss me already then,” Jayden whimpers, as he grabs the back of Leroy’s neck and pulls him in. Jayden opens his mouth at the same time Leroy does and the two groan together as their lips meet.

Not to be outdone, Leroy immediately takes the lead and pulls Jayden’s hips even deeper into his as he pulls Jayden down onto the wooden table, the left over eggs and bacon plates clings loudly as they skitter across the hard surface.

Jayden gasps as he lands on top of Leroy and feels him underneath, writhing against him, his knob no longer anything but hardened steel poking him in his bare abdomen. The boys tussle for dominance, the need to touch everywhere as they manage to rip Leroy’s tank top off, discarding the fabric garment to the floor as Jayden sinks his teeth in the space between Leroy’s neck and collarbone and sucks deeply, making Leroy pull up a knee in response. The knee jerk reaction hits home, and Jayden see’s and tastes stars as Leroy’s thigh pummels into his balls, and throbbing erection making his penis slap against the bottom of his abdomen, trailing a wet sticky string of pre-cum that soaks through his boxers.

Jerking against Leroy, Jayden does not let go but thrusts his hips into Leroy’s so their groins pound against each other’s. The tips of his strong penis glides along Leroy’s full length making the two squirm in ecstasy, as their swinging testicles begin to pull up. Again Leroy, slams his thigh into Jayden, making him groan his balls bursting anew with fresh sweet pain in his loins, but Jayden does not ask him to stop as he kisses up the side of Leroy’s neck and nibbles at his ear, tasting the desire the tingles in his flesh with his teeth and tongue.

“Bedroom,” Leroy moans, the sound vibrating underneath Jayden’s teeth as his tongue searches for the next place to attack.

“Quickly,” agrees Jayden groaning that he has to stop even for a moment. The two touch and bump up against each other as Jayden has trouble opening the door. Laughing Leroy hip bumps it knocking it open and pulling Jayden inside.  

Jayden leans in, laughing with Leroy ready to kiss him when Leroy stops him with a finger pressing into his lips. “Hold still,” Leroy commands. “And whatever you do, don’t cum until I say so.”

Nodding Jayden waits as Leroy puts both hands on his chest, circling his nipples, before he pinches the tips in his fingers. Squirming under the pressure, Jayden bites his lip a quiet moan escaping between his teeth as he watches Leroy’s eyes darken with desire. Then Leroy leans in close and begins to kiss down the center of his chest pausing to either suck or nip as he descends further down to Jayden’s hip bones, and his pronounced V. Jayden thrusts up involuntarily at the air as Leroy licks up and down his V, his breath hitching in his throat as he bites one of his knuckles to keep from calling out as Leroy hickeys directly underneath his navel.

“You ready?” Leroy asks, his voice husky as he licks around Jayden’s outer belly button, his pink tongue wet and warm.

Jayden not trusting himself to speak only nods as Leroy slowly pulls his underwear down exposing his pubis, and the light brown hairs that have begun to grow there recently. With a groan deep within his body Jayden feels his dick whack against his abdomen, aching with need trailing a line of clear liquid from the red underwear prison that it was released from. “It’s so big,” Leroy declares grabbing Jayden’s erection by the root and giving it a few quick strokes.

Jayden begins to go into the zone, his feet planted firmly as he trusts up into Leroy’s hand. Then a burst of warmth below engulfs him as he feels Leroy’s wet mouth on his ballsac, sucking in his right nut into his mouth. “Oh god,” Jayden moans, as Leroy sucks his boynut, biting it ever so gently. Leroy’s hand begins to blur up and down Jayden’s long cock, the wet sound of fapping in the room as Jayden’s orgasm begins to get closer. Without even touching his own penis, Leroy is rock hard and leaking. He is close to Jayden’s size in length, if not in girth and Leroy is unsure if he will make it until Jayden cums he is so turned on by the boy in front of him that he just might explode just from touching him.

“I’m getting close too,” Leroy groans and Jayden sees Leroy’s own dick is out now and Leroy is jacking off both of them at the same time, the sight makes Jayden’s nuts begin to ascend.

“Me too,” Jayden warns him as he feels Leroy pop his nut out of his mouth before diving on top of his rigged pole, the taste of pre-cum saturates Leroy’s tongue as he sucks all of Jayden down burying his nose in Jayden’s pubic area. Jayden begins grunting uncontrollably as he thrusts his hips, his desire for more overwhelming his senses.

Leroy let’s out a low moan around Jayden’s cockhead as he restricts his throat sucking deeply, as he begins to shudder. Trying to moan a warning all Jayden feels is another mumbling as Leroy’s throat vibrates and he feels Leroy’s semen firing hot, wet, and sticky over Jayden’s legs.

Jayden almost ready to cum, grabs Leroy’s head, anchoring him as he thrusts deeper and he feels Leroy grab each of his nuts tightly, digging in his fingers into his tender boynuts that have risen up to the base of his penis. “My boyballs,” Jayden moans as his toes dig into the wooden floor, his toe nail scrapping the wood while his whole body vibrates and he loses all control and let’s go.

The first blast of Jayden’s spunk easily goes down his throat, but the second and third volley are much harder to take but Leroy somehow manages, his gag reflex starting to kick in. The fourth and fifth begin to fill his throat completely, and Leroy pulls off spitting the mixture out, as he releases one of Jayden’s boynuts still squeezing the churning larger right testicle as his hand brings forth three to four more good spurts before Jayden starts to trickle off using his hand.

Moaning in pain and ecstasy Jayden pumps his cock getting to that place of too sensitive, far too quickly he pulls away from Leroy. Leroy releases his penis but re-grabs both of Jayden’s nuts and bares down on the testicles. Jayden groans and drops down onto his knees, his empty spud churners weak. Leroy leans in and finds Jayden’s open mouth and kisses him fully sucking on his bottom lip. The two stay in that embrace as Jayden tries and fails to extricate his nuts from Leroy’s grasp.

Pulling away Leroy says, “You think I can squeeze out another load?”

Jayden shakes his head, but his dick begins to rise again. “Shit, Leroy…my boynuts are empty.”

Leroy looks down at Jayden’s rising dick now standing rigid right below his navel, the first droplet of pre-cum at the tip. Looking back up at Jayden Leroy’s right eyebrow goes up, “I think you may be more ready than you imagine.”

“Fuck,” Jayden concedes as Leroy pushes him to the ground. Leroy continues with one hand squeezing part of each of Jayden’s nuts as Leroy uses the cum that they both recently spewed to rub their erections together. Staring into Jayden’s eyes, Leroy’s darker brown eyes are full of yearning as he plunges their dicks against each other. Both boys begin rubbing against each other using their cocks to dig into the center of their navels as they revel in their mutual erotic feelings.

Still crushing Jayden’s recently empty nuts Leroy twists his hand, “You may not enjoy the pain of this, but they are so connected to you orgasming Jayden. I think you’re going to be cumming before me this time. Right?” Leroy says squeezing Jayden’s balls.

Jayden tries and fails to speak, groaning instead as his thrusts with Leroy the two getting into rhythm with each other, their swords piercing into their skin slick with cum. “I’ll get you back for this,” Jayden promises his arms not long enough to grab Leroy’s nuts with are just barely out of his reach.

“I sure hope so, I can most likely cum a third time, you are just so fucking hot,” Leroy groans biting his lip.

“Three?” Jayden looks up skeptical and worried about his ability to get erect if Leroy keeps that handhold up.

“Don’t worry, your big nuts can take it,” Leroy says with a smile as he thrusts, his penis slick with cum against Jayden’s erection, his grip deadly and extra harsh upon Jayden’s recently emptied balls.

Jayden may not be able to reach Leroy’s nuts with his hand, but he has other appendages that can. Careful to take aim, Jayden positions his knee just so between Leroy’s thighs. Leroy in the zone, humping against his stomach keeping their erections throbbing, does not seem to notice. Jayden makes sure to stare into Leroy’s eyes as he lifts up his knee with deadly precision and connects with Leroy’s balls, which are pulled up nice and tight against the root of his cock.

Leroy’s eyes bulge in surprise, and he constricts his hand on impulse Jayden’s nuts in response as his own balls explode with fresh pain. Both boys moan and temporarily stop thrusting, the impact of the blow reverberates through Leroy’s body as he groans. He tries to use his free hand to feel for damage as Jayden grabs it, and knees Leroy again. The second blow, not a surprise but still just as devastating knocks Leroy’s nuts even harder into his pelvis and he lays his head down on Jayden’s chest swearing, “Fuuuuck!” closing his eyes, as he tries to take measure of the pain now coursing through him.

Jayden feels Leroy’s grip on his nuts slacken, and he takes the opportunity to roll Leroy off of him onto his back. Leroy stares up at the ceiling, as Jayden rolls on top smiling down at him as he reaches into his nightstand for his favorite lube and shoots a generous amount between the two covering their bellies.

Leroy tries to grab his nuts, but Jayden stops him and pins his arms down with one of his, showcasing his raw strength and capitalizing on Leroy’s injured manhood. “Jayden,” he groans as he feels Jayden grab his own black ball bag in hand and takes a gentle squeeze. “Shit, they are so sore!” He complains.

“Good,” Jayden smiles squeezing the smaller nuggets as he makes a fist, clenching the balls tightly. “That was my intension, how are they feeling now?” Jayden teases, as he pushes his thumb deep with Leroy’s left nugget, skewering it against the right one in his fist.

“Oh man, that’s painful!” Leroy groans, as he uses all of his strength to push up and shove Jayden off.

Jayden still clenching Leroy’s nads, rolls onto all fours dragging the boy with him, Leroy re-grabs Jayden’s big balls one in each hand as they both get into a mini squeezing contest, neither boy winning this fight; it’s clearly one of mutual losing.

They stare at each other as they squeeze, just as Gino bangs on Jayden’s bedroom door with his fist. “Hey bro, I’m heading to school now to fill out the paper work. See you in a bit, okay?”

“Sure,” Jayden groans, his boyballs aching in Leroy’s fists.

Gino laughs on the other side of the door, “Have fun guys, remember you only got an hour before you get there so finish up, okay?”

“I will…” Jayden grimaces.

“My nuts!” Leroy squeals as Jayden applies more pressure, his body bucking as he tries to pull his body away and free his nuts.

Gino wants to join, but knows he shouldn’t and heads out, the front door banging behind him.

…finish this!” Jayden says as he uses his free hand to punch Leroy in the abs. Leroy lets out a moan, and his fingers slick with both cum and lube let Jayden’s big nuts slip free. Jayden quickly shoves Leroy to the floor and begins humping him, his hand still clutching Leroy’s nads.

Leroy beginning to get his breath back and starts thrust back into Jayden’s navel, his erection taking over as Jayden humps him harder their penis slippery and hard as they rub and thrust against each other. “Not so hard…shit,” Leroy moans deep in his throat as he grabs Jayden’s shoulders and plunges his dick harder into Jayden’s abdomen.

Leroy gives up on getting to Jayden’s nuts again, and falls into the rhythm, the two thrusting their sexes against each other, his balls still being crushed with Jayden’s fist, but the younger Gomez boy relents a bit and does not squeeze as hard. But knowing that he has Leroy where he wants him fills Jayden with a deep sense of power as the two begin to get closer.

Jayden can feel Leroy’s nuts trying to get hug the bottom of his cock, and he lets that happen as Leroy’s eyes  roll back Jayden leans in and kisses him on the mouth as Leroy starts to spasm, his cock firing hot blasts of cum between the two as Leroy’s nuts churn out more batches of liquid. Jayden feels himself begins to get climax as well. He releases Leroy’s nutsac and thrusts one last time as his own erection so hard and throbbing begins to release the pent up cum within. Jayden makes little mewing sounds in his throat as his penis fires, and Leroy can’t help but wait until Jayden’s last tremor of semen is released before he still grabbing Jayden’s shoulders powers his thigh as hard as he can into Jayden’s recently emptied nuts.

Jayden’s eyes bulge open, and he silently screams staring into Leroy’s eyes in horror as Leroy’s thigh pushes him upwards, his balls screaming in utter agony as Leroy holds him in the air.

Slack jawed, Jayden let’s out a little groan as Leroy with his knee still trapped within Jayden’s crotch jiggles his leg. Jayden moans as his balls bounce between his own pelvis and Leroy’s swimmers thigh.

“My….balls…oh god! No!...shit,” Jayden groans as Leroy shoves him off to the side where Jayden curls up clutching himself, his balls awash of pain and utter agony that reverberates in his lower abdomen.

“Ready for round three?” Leroy laughs, holding his own sore testicles.

“Fuck no…shit,” Jayden whimpers.

“You ride your bike to school right? That will be a sucky ride,” Leroy teases standing up and putting his black gym shorts on. Before reaching down and helping Jayden to his feet, which are super unsteady on his wobbly legs. “Let’s take a shower together and wash off.”

Jayden just nods his head and walks very slowly, and with aid into the bathroom.

After showering, and dressing Jayden decides to walk to school, and get a ride home with Gino in his truck, riding his bicycle sounds like an awful idea to him at the moment. He waves goodbye to Leroy standing on his front porch still grinning.

“Round three later?” Leroy jokes.

“No way,” Jayden calls back. “Well, maybe,” he smiles back as Jayden turns the corner and starts heading down the next block, the cloudy day providing cover from the hot sun on this spring morning.

Leroy stretches and heads to the grass to do some exercises when he hears a familiar unwelcome voice, “Hey Momma’s boy, did you think that you could get away from me?” Jake demands, the humor in his voice absent as he and the Devil Boy himself, Sam Hell get out of a black sedan parked across the street.

“What do you two want?” Leroy asks, his eyes narrowing at the unwelcome sight of the two bullies that he was stuck with in the foster home.

“We missed you Leroy,” Sam Hell smirks, his bottom lip curling as his red devil like eyes roam up and down his foster brother. “We thought we would spend some quality time with you,” he pulls out a pair of metal handcuffs, the metal ringing against each loop as he dangles them threateningly.  Jake leaps forward grabbing him around the middle.

“Hey, let me go!” Leroy yells as Jake places a hand over his mouth.

Still struggling Leroy attempts to punch Sam Hell but Sam catches it lazily and punts his black boot right in between Leroy’s thighs the laces smashing into Leroy’s post ejaculation spud makers. Leroy gasps in Jakes arms, as Sam clasps one hand in a metal cuff, and then the other.

Moaning, Leroy is dragged over to the black sedan and is forced into the backseat. Leroy is surprised to see both Bill and Chase in a similar state, restrained in hand cuffs, although both of them are gagged.

Leroy goes to call out for help as he sees Jayden returning back down the street a look of annoyance on his handsome face as he digs in his backpack, clearly searching for something he forgot to pack before heading to school.

“Jayden!” Leroy calls out to him making Jayden pause in his hurried walk and look up at Leroy just as he is shoved into the backseat of the black sedan.

Jake leers at Jayden and waves with a mean little smile on his face. “We got your boyfriend!”

Jayden takes off running after the car, but Jake gets in the passenger seat and Sam Hell gives him the middle finger as he peels away from the curb and drives swiftly down the street, faster than Jayden can run. From the backseat both Chase and Bill mouths gagged look back at him as he runs after the moving car.

“Stop!” Jayden yells as they turn a corner and disappear from sight.

“Shit,” Jayden curses. His heart pounds as he thinks quickly of what to do next.

He makes a quick decision and runs to his house, through the front door and into the kitchen. Jayden goes to pick up the landline but looks down on the kitchen table instead. It’s Leroy’s phone and it’s buzzing. Without considering other possible ideas Jayden picks up the cell and swipes the scream Devil Boy is on the caller id.

“Where did you take him?” Jayden demands, his voice low. “What are you going to do with my friends?”

“Friends? You mean fuck buddies right?” Sam Hell’s deep voice mocks. “You’re going to do everything I say, or else I’m going to play a little game with your friends that you are not going to like.”

“Friends? Did you take more than one of my friends?” Jayden demands, his brow creasing in growing horror.

“Yup, all three of your little boyfriends are in my backseat. I had no idea that you were such a player, now listen closely I have some important information for you,” Sam Hell says.

“I’m listening,” Jayden says. “Just don’t hurt them. What do you want?”

“If you don’t want them hurt, do exactly as I say. You are going to bring your brother and Logan to a location. I will text it to Leroy’s phone when they get out of school. I have some business to conclude with you and Logan. And we both know that you are going to bring your brother. Bring no one else. This is going to be a small gathering.”

“What’s going to happen when we get there?” Jayden asks, his brow sweating as he licks his lips nervously.

“I get my revenge.”

The phone call ends and Jayden runs his fingers through his wet hair as he tries to remember how to breathe.

Quickly Jayden sends a text to both his brother and to Logan, knowing both of their numbers by heart.
Jayden: Sam Hell aka Devil Boy and Jake, my old foster brothers and you know them Logan as Academy wrestlers have captured my friends Leroy, Bill, and Chase. Sam Hell says that the three of us have to meet him after school. He will send a location, or else he will hurt them. He says that he wants revenge, I think that it has to do with us beating the Academy in wrestling. I need your help!

Gino: Fuck.

Logan: Shit, we will be there. Relax Jayden, stay home and let us know if he gets in touch with you again.

Gino: Lock the doors.

Jayden: I will. I have to save my friends.

Logan: We will.
Later on in the day Jayden is in the car with Logan and Gino. Gino’s truck died in the Bartlet parking lot and they were forced to abandon it. Gino saying that he will worry about it later.

Jayden gives Logan the address and he grimaces.

“What?” Jayden asks concern creeping into his voice.

“It’s in the bad part of town Jayden,” Gino says. “I don’t think that we should take him with us.”

“You can’t leave me out of this, it’s my friends! This is my fight!”

“Your brother is right, this is some type of plan and it’s against you. Are you sure that your ready for this?” Logan queries looking at Jayden in the rearview mirror.

“Not even a little bit, but I don’t have a choice. I have to go. Who knows what they might do if I don’t show up!” Jayden says pounding his fist into his hand.

Gino grimaces, “I don’t like this. We are walking into a trap.”

“But we are doing it together,” Jayden says gripping his big brother’s shoulder from the backseat.

Gino manages a half smile before turning back to the road.

Before Jayden is ready, he and his companions are pulling into a parking lot, the abandoned building in front of them in the seaport district had a haunted look, with boarded up windows, and a large sign on the door saying ‘Keep Out.’

Jayden recognizes the black sedan and he points it out to Gino and Logan. “That’s the car my friends were in, they must be inside.”

“At least we know we are in the right place,” Logan admits stepping out of the car and heading to the front door. “Let’s see if it’s locked,” Logan mutters testing the handle.

The door creaks open, the old wooden door trembling as Logan pushes it inside motioning to the Gomez boys to follow him.

Jayden gulps, and follows Gino who says, “It’s still not too late to wait in the car.”

“Not going to happen,” Jayden says gritting his teeth.

Gino nods his head and Jayden trails his brother Gino inside.

Logan stands in the entryway not having moved as gazes down in amazement. The warehouse is huge, and professionally well taken care of. Five cement staircases on the ground level form a large circle leading downwards to stadium seats in front of three large professional wrestling rings. On top of each wrestling ring is a large metal cage, almost like one would see in the WWE. What surprises Jayden the most is seeing that Bill, Chase, and Leroy are separated and handcuffed to the metal chain links in the cages, each one is in a cage by themselves. Bill, Chase, and Leroy’s arms are spread out wide, chests bare and gagged. Each boy appears to be struggling to get free and give warnings to the group of rescuers that have come inside.

Jayden’s heart lurches at the sight of them but standing in his way of getting to his friends is none other than Sam Hell, the Devil Boy himself. His gaze is electrified as he stares up at the three. He’s wearing a red and black singlet that clings to his muscled frame, a long black trench coat swirls around him almost touching the floor, his big black boots are spread out wide on the staircase a few feet from the wresting ring.

Sam’s lips twist upwards as he greets the boys, “Welcome to the ring. As you can see Jayden, I kept up my end of the bargain. The boys are here, and free to go…if you, Gino and Logan win them back.”

“Win them back? What does that mean?” Jayden asks.

“So glad that you asked,” Sam Hell wolf whistles and from the doorways around the ring comes out Adam, Chase’s right hand man. The twins follow behind him grinning wickedly up at Jayden. Max, Rex, and Adam are all dressed in similar black and red Lycra wrestling singlets. At the end of the group is Jake, and he looks even bigger than Jayden remembered. The singlet seems to cut into his flesh and he looks bigger than any other wrestler Jayden has ever seen, which is surprising from this distance; his hubcap sized hands rest on his proud hips as Jake stands next to Sam Hell. What’s even more terrifying is that Jake wears a black leather mask, only his eyes are visible with black face paint has been applied around his eyes. “You see each of you will have to win back your friends in a wrestling match against one of our combatants here. If you lose, they stay with me.”

“No!” Jayden yells down.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Gino mocks.

“I promise you, that I am not. Jake, Adam, and myself each have a key to unlock the handcuffs of one of your friends. All you have to do,” and Devil Boy smiles wickedly before going on. “Is take it from us.”

“I can’t wait,” Logan grins as he begins pulling off his clothes, his red Bartlet singlet gleams underneath. Gino does the same, and the two red Bartlet warriors stand on either side of Jayden.

Jayden takes a breath before he does the same. The three of them figured that they would be wrestling, and they came prepared. Standing together all in red solidarity, gives Jayden confidence as he mentally prepares for the war that is about to be waged.

“Time to face the music, Jayden you will be in a three on one match against Adam, Max and Rex. Jake will be facing Gino, and I will be taking on Logan, and this time Logan I will be victorious. My devil balls of steel will prevail. I am ready for you and your low blow tactics this time Logan,” Sam Hell grins.

The combatants begin to move into their cages awaiting Logan, Gino and Jayden to follow.

“He’s facing three on one,” Gino grumbles, “No way is that going to be a fair fight!”

“This is not going to be fair at all,” Logan agrees and steps up next to Jayden. “You just need to hang in there until either I or Gino can get to you, okay?” Logan says grasping onto Jayden’s shoulder affectionately.

“I’ve beaten these guys before. I know I can do this,” Jayden clenches his fists and smiles bravely, but the concerned look lingers on the faces of Gino and Logan.

“Try to take out one of the twins early,” Gino suggest.

“Right, the less opponents that you face the better,” Agrees Logan.

Jayden just nods his head, and turns to head down the ramp, feeling his brother and Logan staying close to him as they descend and get closer to the cage wrestling matches that have been setup.

Jayden sees that his cage has Leroy who is struggling in vain to free himself from his bonds. Leroy watches Jayden anxiously as he climbs up the steps toward his cage fight. Simultaneously both Logan and Gino do the same. Gino faces Jake, who looks menacing in his leather mask pulled over his head. Jake’s expression is unreadable in his mask as he paws at Bill’s little package who squirms against his touch, mumbling something into his gag. On the far side of Jayden is Logan who faces Devil Boy himself, the two older teens stare at each other in anger, tensions are high as Sam Hell counts. “And we start on three! One, two…”

On one Adam, Rex, and Max rush Jayden as the cage door swings shut, an electric lock chimes as the door locks itself.

Jayden not able to concentrate on anything but what’s occurring in front of him dodges the three and rolls into the ring. Adam, Rex, and Max scramble up after him. Spinning around to confront his foes, the three encircle him quickly having worked together for some time in school yard fights the three know how to work together and Jayden can already tell that he is going to have the fight of his young life. He gulps and briefly looks up at Leroy whose concerned stare invigorates him to do all that he can to free his friend.

Max and Rex remind Jayden of Bill when he’s wears his wrestling singlet, the blond twins are slimly built but with slightly more athletic bodies. Like Bill, their pouches are barely filled-out, but Jayden can just make out the outline of their cute boyish cocks and the twin bulges of their acorn-sized testicles. Despite their modest assets, Jayden knows that both brothers are rather weak between the legs; just one solid hit to those little gonads will drop them moaning to their knees. Adam, on the other hand, is physically far more imposing. If he were a wrestler he would be at least in Jayden’s weight class, his solid muscles are similar in size but he has a bigger bone structure and a more barrel shaped chest. Fortunately Adam also has a rather low pain tolerance and if Jayden can land a few quick low-blows he can extinguish the threat of this strong kid too, he just needs to get lucky. Jayden is well skilled after spending a few months under Logan’s tutelage and having wrestled with his brother Gino unofficially for years.

Jayden readies himself into a wrestler’s stance as he puts the ropes behind him. Trying to keep all three in his view Jayden, motions with his hand; “All right, I see it takes three wimps like you to take me on, so come on!  Show me what you got!” Jayden challenges.

Adam sneers and barks out some quick orders “Rex, you go right, Max go left. I’ll take center. We strike together and take him down!” After Adam’s instructions the twins quickly comply and their coordinated response cause Jayden some concern. He tries his best to stay cool and wait for his moment; he too has a plan and he hopes it will work.

Max and Rex race forward, super eager to get to Jayden first. They both try to reach for one of his arms to subdue him but Jayden drops in an arching split and powers two uppercuts right between both twins’ wide open legs catching the small nuggets in their wrestling pouches.

“Ooof!” the twins groan, frozen in place as the painful hits sink in.

Adam storms forward growling, and Jayden is unable to defend himself and can only watch as Adam launches a kick right in between his splayed out legs on the mat. Still in split position, Jayden feels Adam’s toes sink into his big nuts, crashing them into his pelvis. Jayden’s eyes bulge as he opens his palms and grabs both Max and Rex’s nuts and squeezes their little boy-balls as his own pain sinks in.

“Fuck,” Jayden curses. Adam grabs Jayden’s shoulders and stomps down on Jayden’s nuts which sit precariously on the mat. Jayden watches as his nuts flatten like soft pancakes and he is forced to let Max and Rex’s balls go. Luckily they fall to the mat next to Jayden holding their injured gonads, but Adam’s foot continues to grind down on  his testicles and Jayden is helpless to get out of this split, which is looking more and more like a disastrous opening gambit.

“Your overgrown nuts have given us nothing but problems!” Adam says, squishing and squashing the fat nuggets underneath his shoe. “Honestly, I don’t know why Chase bothers with you, you’re not half the stud he is!”

“Fuck! Why are you even here?” groans Jayden, grabbing Adam’s leg and trying to remove it from his groin.

“To save Chase, obviously!” Adam says as if that should be obvious. “Sam recruited us to finish you off. As soon as you submit, Chase will be free to go.”

“Ugh! We all want the same thing, Adam. Let’s team up!” Jayden gasps, finally pushing Adam’s foot off and grabbing the ropes, hauling himself gingerly to his feet only to have Adam punt him between his still wide open legs.

“Oh god, no!” Jayden moans falling to his knees clutching his nuts.

“Logan will never beat Devil Boy, no-one can he has balls of steel! Even Logan can’t beat that!” Adam clarifies grabbing Jayden by the hair and pulling him whimpering to his feet, before he tosses him to the mat.

“Ugh!” groans Jayden as he rolls to one of the post and stays dazed against the side starring up at the big bright white house lights above holding onto his aching boyhood. Jayden tries to regulate his breathing as Adam comes toward him, ready to take him out of the match. Struggling, Jayden gets weakly onto one knee and Adam has to appreciate that Jayden is one tough wrestler even after getting his balls rearranged he is not going down without a fight.

Adam sees Jayden getting up to one knee and he rushes forward ready to plant another foot between his thighs when he switches tactics at the last moment and knees Jayden right below the rib cage taking all the air out of Jayden’s lungs. Groaning, Jayden collapses back to the mat. Adam sends a kick to Jayden’s side so he flips over on his back. Jayden holds his stomach and his abs as he prays that his brother Gino and Wrestling Captain Logan are in better shape.

Getting to the outside of the ring Adam, walks around to Jayden’s feet grabbing each of his ankles and setting up Jayden’s legs so that they are on either side of the round metal post of the ring. Jayden still dazed wonders why Adam is pulling his feet, as he looks up and sees the post coming at him exceedingly fast. His thighs brush up against the metal until it makes full contact with the bottom of his sac, which squishes horribly making a splat sound. The jarring impact sends Jayden reeling as he feels his balls being crunching up against the post, and the horrible impact is followed with a sickening pressure as Adam yanks his ankles for all they are worth.

“My boynuts!” Jayden cries out, grabbing the post in both hands and trying to relieve some pressure, but Adam has the upper hand and more body strength as he pulls his legs harder. Jayden can feel and see his nuts compressing against the post and he whines low in his throat, his boynuts screaming for relief. Jayden looks over briefly at Leroy whose eyes are full of concern as both Max and Rex finally able to stand come towards him pulling his hands away from the post so Adam can have free range on however he wants to attack him.

Feeling despair, Jayden looks over to his brother’s match and does something that he has never done before, he calls out “Gino, help!”

Gino barely hears Sam Hell, the Devil Boy counting down for his match to start. All Gino knows is he has only one opponent, and his little brother next to him has three. He has to finish this match quickly, but his opponent is really something to behold. Jake is taller than Gino by several inches with beefier muscles and massive gorilla-like arms that reach almost down to his knees. On top of all that he wears a full leather mask that covers everything but his eyes, and those small beady eyes seem lost in his brutish, oversized head, as though this huge body is being controlled by some evil dwarf in a darkened chamber. Gino shudders as the sub-human Neanderthal peers at him across the mats then reaches out a long arm towards Bill.

Poor Bill has a look of horror as Jake meanly toys with his under-developed family jewels. His cute testicles have finally started to grow and Gino knows that Bill is becoming quite proud of them but that hasn’t stopped his classmates from mocking him which he hates above all else. The slim boy is shirtless and Gino can see the pain and humiliation in his blue eyes as he suffers under the cruel ball claw that Jake has applied. With such huge hands it takes only a thumb and forefinger to manhandle both of Bill’s nuts, rolling them around and squishing them painfully. Gino touches his groin in empathy as Bill shrieks in pain, and Gino hopes he can keep those huge frying-pan hands well away from his own virile oversized balls.

“Let the kid go Jake,” Gino growls, making his voice deeper and trying to sound threatening.

“My names not Jake here, Gino. Here in this ring, I am the Kid Devils Demon,” and Jake dramatically bangs his chest with his fist spraying blood from a flap in the leather mask that Gino did not notice.

Gino jumps away from the spray of red blood in disgust.

“Next time the blood will be yours!” Jake bellows, spreading his arms out in victory, letting Bill’s poor nuts go. Bill seems to sigh in relief, which is short lived as Jake hammers a powerful kick between the fourteen year’s legs, crushing what little he is packing in between. Gino grimaces hearing poor Bill’s nuts audibly squish when his sac smacks against his butt cheeks.   

Anger flairs in Gino’s eyes seeing his little buddy tormented and he runs up to Jake, smug in his victory and punches him in the face.

Jake’s head snap backs as he punches back but Gino ducks avoiding the blow and hits home again with a flurry of powerful punches that rock his towering opponent. Then suddenly he sees stars as Jake finally connects sending Gino staggering back from the phenomenal power, his lip bleeding and he tastes metallic but then he sees lean forward, pulling his  mask up to spits on the ground and there’s real blood and he knows the brute can be beaten. Growling defiantly, Gino leaps forward, grabbing Jake’s head and smacks it hard against his knee, sending Jake sprawling backwards against rope.

Gino goes for a clothesline but his opponent is barely dazed and grabs Gino’s head and head butts him with his leather cranium. Gino eyes begin to get glassy as his head drums, and Jake pulls him in for a full body squeeze. Grunting Gino is shaken side to side like a rag doll then thrown across the ring. Gino tumbles hard rolling until his back smacks against the metal post and he drops down onto his butt, grimacing.

Jake stomps across towards the fallen warrior in the corner of the ring and Gino rolls aside just in time to avoid a brutal stomp to his guts. Avoiding the blow Gino pulls himself to his feet and leaps to the top rope, and Jake looks up dumbly only to be socked in the jaw.

As Jake stumbles backwards Gino grits his teeth and launches himself in the air, propelling his body like a missile towards Jake. Jake yells out in pure rage as Gino spearheads Jake in the mid-section and the two crash down into the mat, with Gino landing on top of him and rolling away. Gino and Jake are breathing hard, but somehow Jake crawls and clambers to his feet, swaying momentarily before moving towards Gino again ready to continue. Gino looks up in disbelief; that gut-busting strike should have bought him a little recovery time but not against a tank like Jake.  Gino barely gets to his knees as Jake reaches him, grabbing his shoulders and retaliating with an ab-breaking knee to the sternum.

Gino heaves as the air is forced from his lungs, his feet lifted clear from the mat and he falls hard on his back groaning, his arms and legs splayed open like a starfish as he gasps for air. Jake gives him no chance to recover, grabbing both of his twitching legs, lifting them high, kicking Gino’s hands away as tries to protect himself then dropping knee-first right into Gino’s very full, vulnerable ballsac. Gino’s hunky body arches up his balls exploding with pain but he manages to swing an elbow into Jake’s jaw knocking backwards so he too crumples to the mat. Gino’s balls throb horribly and he goes to curl into a protective ball as a familiar voice breaks through: “Gino, help!”

Looking over Gino sees a horrible sight, Jayden has his legs spread between one of the posts and Adam is pulling on his legs threatening to ruin his brother’s blossoming boyhood. Poor Jayden is helpless as Max and Rex hold his strong arms up so he can do nothing to protect his boyhood or escape from the emasculating maneuver.

“I’m coming Jayden, hold on!” Gino shouts as he grabs Jakes legs and pulls his own foot slamming against the Lycra covered groin of Jake.

Jake moans, grabbing Gino’s foot but Gino uses his other one to kick out at landing on Jakes chest sending him careening back against the mat. “My balls!” Jake cries out with a surprising teeny voice and when he lands Gino can see the glint of silver as the necklace, flings off of his neck landing near Bill’s feet with the key attached.

Making sure to take careful aim at Jake’s unprotected balls, Gino looks down and mashes his toes against the tender, soft gonads beneath his foot, surprised to see how small Jake’s balls really are. Gino can’t help but voice his newfound discovery, “Jake…I mean Demon Dudderhead. Are your nuts really this small?” Gino uses his heel to really deflate his targets as he squishes them into the mat below. “Looks like using too much testosterone did not do you any favors down here huh Jakey-boy?”

“Don’t call me…ugh!”

Even with the mask on Gino can see Jake’s eyes cross comically and he lets up on the ball crushing foot to reach forward and grab Jake’s leather mask in hand twisting so that the eye holes change positon and Jake hollers in alarm unable to see anything.

Gino gets to his feet and runs for the key scooping it up, another yell from Jayden’s cage and he looks over and sees that Jayden is in dire need of his assistance. Cursing Gino begins to unlock Bill’s cuffs. Before Bill can drop to the mat, Gino catches him around the middle and gently puts him on shaking legs. “You going to be okay Bill?” Gino asks.

Bill, still gagged nods his head. Gino hugs him briefly, catching Bill off guard from the sudden embrace. “I’m sorry that you and Jayden broke up Bill. I’ll always be your friend if you need one. I have to help Jayden.” Gino messes up Bill’s hair and turns away back to see Jake climbing to his feet on quivering tree trunk legs. His leather mask is in his hands and the black face paint around his eyes has smudged across his ugly face enhancing his gorilla-like appearance.

“You are not going anywhere!” Jake roars as he beats his muscular chest with his arms. “Sam Hell wants to see you suffer for being Jayden’s brother and I will make that happen!”

Gino gets into a warrior’s stance, ready for whatever Jake might bring, ignoring Bill who sneakily snaps a hand-cuff onto his wrist, cuffing the other side to the metal links of the cage.

“Bill! What the hell are you doing?” Gino demands, his look of confusion and hurt suddenly amplified as Bill punts him hard in the balls.

“I’ve decided to switch sides Gino,” Bill grins, his lips curling in a small tight boyish smile as Gino doubles over. “I’m done being one of the good guys, it’s never got me anywhere!”

Gino grabs Bill’s singlet strap hanging around his waist pulling him upwards to stare into his eyes. “How could you?” he asks but he has no chance to continue as Jake reaches him, grabbing his free hand so he is forced to release Bill. Jake forces his arm out until he has both arms spread out wide. Gino struggles, beginning to panic and yells over to Jayden, “Hang in there, bro!”

Jayden looking back at Gino, his eyes going wide in horror seeing his brother tied up helpless and at the mercy of Jake.

Jake pulls his leather mask over his face, before he comes up to Gino his chest breathing in and out deeply as he snarls, “You’re finished!” and knees him in the nuts.

Gino can only grunt in defeat, still staring at Bill as if he has never seen him before.

“Now I’m going to go check on Chase,” Bill smile only widens.

“Make sure you don’t miss the Devil Boy in action,” Jake grins at him “It’s a rare treat!”

“I’m sure that I will enjoy it,” says Bill as he turns on his heel and heads out of the ring, slamming the metal door shut as he whistles a little tune as Gino watches on the betrayal of his little friend stinging deeply.

*** Logan ***

“Three!” Shouts Sam Hell, otherwise known by his nickname Devil Boy. Watching his prey carefully, Sam Hell spreads out his black leather coat behind him which seems to float giving him the eerie impression of having bat wings to go with his blazing red eyes.

Logan watches the display with mild amusement. It seems hilarious and almost pathetic that Sam Hell feels a need for such theatrics, as if having those freaky eyes wasn’t weird enough. The kid is clearly a complete nut-case, Logan thinks as he drops into a fighting stance. It’s not the first time he has faced Sam Hell on a wrestling mat and he has no doubt he will prevail.

Their previous encounter was a few months back when Bartlet wrestled against The Academy so Logan knows exactly what he’s up against now. On that occasion, Logan had wisely averted his gaze from the Devil Boy’s soul-sucking stare-down and focused on demolishing him on the mat like any other opponent. It had been a pretty tough fight, Sam was a stocky powerhouse but Logan’s was far more skilled and as usual he was keen to show off in front of his cheering team-mates. Flashing his trademark cocky grin, Logan had managed to subdue the enraged Devil Boy with his impressive repertoire of crippling holds and pins. Somehow, Sam had managed to escape each time but this had only prolonged his humiliation, allowing Logan to twist him into another body-breaking position. Despite his tortured muscles, the fanatical Devil Boy had stubbornly refused to submit so with just a minute on the clock Logan decided to end his rival’s futile resistance. With a wink across at his team mates, the blond hunk plunged his hand between his rival’s legs for his favorite finishing move: the Stud-Wrecker!

Grabbing his beastly rival by his distinctly man-like testicles as he gave the boy a first tentative squeeze. Logan can still recall the feel of Sam’s average-sized orbs in his hand, Sam’s gasp as he pressed those solid orbs together, hard enough to make  most opponents squeal out their submission, but not Sam Hell! So naturally Logan squeezed harder, making his tough rival growl and groan as the pressure increased until soon the stubborn fool was writhing in distress, clutching at Logan’s emasculating wrist while Logan flipped him around on the mats, blocking the illegal hold from the referee’s sight. Grinning at his team-mates he clenched his fist ever harder, pressing his experienced fingers deeper into the devil’s pride until, finally, his tortured opponent stretched a hand out, fingers quivering above the mat as he prepared to finally tap out. Then, to Logan’s disbelief, the Devil’s hand clenched tightly into a white shaking fist with the middle finger extended defiantly in Logan’s face just as the clock ticked down to zero and the bell rang out. A draw! With the jeers of his team-mates still ringing in his ears, Logan is feeling more determined than ever. He has another score to settle today.

Logan glares across at his nemesis.  Both wrestlers are well built, their teenaged bodies ripped and bulging with powerful muscle. The main difference is in height, Logan towers several inches above Sam Hell, and he plans on using his height advantage as well as his superior wrestling skills.

“You have some nerve bringing us here, Sam! How dare you treat Jayden and his friends like this. I’m going to make you pay for this!” Logan warns, his blue eyes digging daggers into the red ones on the other side of the ring.

Sam Hell grins wider “I don’t think so” he smirks as he reaches down and grabs his satanic bulge, taunting the blond hunk by rolling his solid gonads in his hands “Do you want to massage my tough Hell Stones again, Krueger? Maybe this time I’ll give your soft-boiled eggs a squeeze too to see how tough you really are.”

“You wish,” Logan cracks his knuckles rushing forward, it’s only when he gets closer to Sam Hell that he can see Chase, shaking his blonde head his eyes bugged out trying to warn him. Sensing a trap Logan tries to bring himself to a stop to reassess the situation but it’s already too late. His eyes open in alarm as he notices the taut, almost invisible cord stretched out across the ring at ankle height between the opposite corner posts. Before he can react he finds himself lurching forward as the cord snaps loudly at his feet and the blond fighter finds himself sprawling on the ground at Sam Hell’s feet.

Trying to stand, Logan is barely able to get onto all fours before he is booted in the face rocking him backwards onto his back. Logan grimaces and kicks the rope that has tangled his feet away as Sam Hell jumps on top of him landing an elbow into the center of his sturdy abs.

Grunting Logan lurches up, as Sam wraps his arm around his neck pulling him forcibly to his feet while choking him at the same time keeping tight pressure around his neck. Logan fumbles on his feet, his hands desperately pulling at Sam Hell’s arm wrapped around his neck but is unable to remove it. “You’re not the only one that likes cheating, Logan!” growls the Devil in his ear. “How does it feel to be on the receiving end?” with that he knees Logan in the back of his thighs forcing him to slump to his knees.

Logan knows he’s in a world of trouble and as he gazes across at the other two cages hopefully but sees both Gino and Jayden losing in their matches as well. His heart sinks as he sees the poor captives quivering in their cages, knowing that Devil Boy and his evil crew soon have them all at their mercy. With the stakes higher than ever Logan digs deep, grabbing and wrenching on Sam Hells arm with all his might sending him flying overhead until he lands on his back in front of Logan who is still struggling to breathe after the assault on his windpipe.

Still coughing, Logan’s lungs struggle to return to normal as he goes on the attack reaching down to tussle with Sam climbing on top of him, reaching back to execute a crippling nut claw on Sam Hell but the Devil Boy is expecting it. He pulls his legs up wrapping them around Logan’s neck, pulling him down roughly to the mat. Logan lets out a quick yelp of surprise as Sam’s muscled legs twist around his neck and the now familiar feeling of struggling to breathe over takes him, forcing Logan to grab at Sam’s legs as he kicks his feet out trying to find purchase and leverage to get out.

“What was that Logan? You want me to massage your love-spuds already?” Sam Hell gives a mocking laugh as he reaching down with a free hand, his fingers gliding down Logan’s rippling abs then raising up and patting the hefty bulge of his well packed scrotum. Then his lithe fingers glide upwards, roaming over Logan’s limp penis and begin stroking him sensually to add to his humiliation.

Logan struggles desperately, arching his back, kicking his legs, banging his hands against Sam Hell’s thighs. Gritting his teeth Logan continues to writhe, but the hold that Sam Hell has on him is strong, and feels unbreakable. Trying as hard as he can, Logan twists his hips desperate not to get a full erection that he knows will restrict his movements and give Sam another vulnerable target to exploit. But, Sam Hell clearly knows how to handle such a virile penis and to his dismay Logan quickly begins to get hard, his dick filling with blood. Sam Hell wolf whistles, “Look at that piece of meat, you’ve got a nice fat one Logan! Too bad all of the seed that you will shoot will be wasted.” He chuckles, pressing his thumb into Logan’s piss slit and rubbing his rough thumb up and down Logan’s scar.

“This will teach you to never go for my tough nuts again,” Sam Hell growls as the Lycra covering Logan’s dick provides a great lubricant, which he uses to jack Logan, while his other hand reaches and scoops up Logan’s nuts which don’t fit in his hand. Logan groans, as his balls plop unwillingly into Hell’s nimble fingers and he jiggles them a bit. Logan stops struggling, his turns his head to face Sam’s and his eyes try to search for Sam’s intent. “That got your intention,” he grins his red eyes pierce Logan’s as he gives a quick squeeze feeling Logan’s breath hitch in his chest.

“Now I am going to teach you a lesson in humility, I’m going to make you spew your man milk in front of young Chase here,” Sam’s red eyes look up briefly at his captive who has long since stopped struggling in his hand cuffs as he eagerly waits for an opportunity to get freed. “Then I will do the same to Jayden, in front of you I think. Defeating you Bartlet boys will give me so much pleasure in this way. You have to admit when Jayden and Gino see you utterly humiliated by me they will never look up to you again! You’re just a worthless cocky, alpha-male, Krueger; so proud of your playboy smile and your hunky muscles and your big swinging package. Well I hope you enjoyed it, stud! Your friends will never look up to you as their leader again, I’m going to break you and strip you of what you cherish most, your pride! You’ll finish your senior year as a disgrace, bringing dishonor to your school and your beloved wrestling team.”

Sam Hell presses his fingers deep into Logan’s ample ballsac and gives it a tentative squeeze. “Your balls are so soft and weak compared to mine! You will rue the day that you messed with me!” Sam Hell finally stops trash talking to really focus his efforts on humiliating Logan and making his orgasm as painful and shameful as possible. He is used to humiliating other guys, but usually he picks on guys younger than himself and he has never managed to subdue such a manly stud before. Logan is a year older than him, more physically and sexually endowed and a lethal opponent on the mat so Sam maintains a crippling grip on the blond stud’s male weakness to keep all his muscles subdues. He certainly feels no qualms about fighting unfairly, after all the blonde Adonis started it and now he will end it.

Logan continues to move, twist, and fight against the leg lock wrap around his neck keeping him pinned down and giving Sam Hell free access on his manly goods. He can feel how rock-hard he is, his erection towering painful as he is forcibly given a hand job against his will. His balls are throbbing as Sam Hell squeezes the big man-orbs, forcing the fat organs to press up against each other. Logan’s heart sinks, knowing deep down that his struggles are futile but he still refuses to give up completely. His friends are counting on him. He is their captain, he can’t let the boys down but his mind is in turmoil, his pulse is racing, lungs starved from lack of oxygen, his genitals screaming in both pain and ecstasy his whole being is spiraling down in a tailspin and he knows he will soon crash and burn.

Logan manages an involuntary whimper as he hears the cage door open. He looks up hopefully and sees Bill, Jayden’s ex-boyfriend climbing into the ring. Logan reaches out for help with one hand, and Bill ignores it.

“This big worthless stud is going to cum soon, Bill,” Sam Hell states plainly, sweat forming at his temple.

“Good,” Bill says. “After you make him spew he should be finished after that.”

Bill touches Sam Hell’s shoulder briefly with his hand before he walks up to Chase. “Didn’t see this coming did you?” Bill leans in and Logan struggles to hear what’s happening but he feels his body start to lose control, and he can’t seem to focus on anything that is not being manipulated by the Devil Boy.

*** Bill ***

“Well, hello Chase” Bill sneers meanly, leaning into the tall, gagged athlete, snuggling his knee between Chase’s beautifully muscled thighs, his knee cap rubbing the base of the blond boy’s bulge “It turns out you’re not the only one with devious little schemes, Captain! See I found a way to get Sam and Jake on my side, something way more compelling than your filthy cash…I gave them a home.”

Bill grins victoriously, enjoying the power he now holds over his more manly classmate. “And you know, Chase, my new friends were quite upset when I told them that you took in Jayden and not them. It’s funny, those guys are so happy to come live with me, and so excited about the prospect of helping me to screw you over. You know that Sam Hell is a smart guy, we came up with this plan together. So, what do you think of that, Chase?” Bill taunts him as he lines up his knee with the blond boy’s vulnerable testicles, grasping his solid bare shoulders and seeing the terror in his captain’s eyes.

“Oh yeah, I forgot you can’t respond,” Bill chuckles, thunking his forehead in mock stupidity. Bill yanks down the gag. “You know Jayden once told me you can’t handle a good knee in the balls, well let’s see. I really want to hear you scream!”

Bill plows his knee high into Chase’s nuts, his slender thigh smashing low and hard into Chase’s low hanging testicles.

“Ugh! Oh fuck, my big nuts!” Chase growls has handsome face contorting in agony as he struggles in his bonds before turning angrily to Bill  “You’ll pay for that, Baby-nuts! Oh dear God, my balls…you don’t seriously want to live with those dickheads, they’re both psycho’s…are you an idiot or what?”

“You’re calling someone a dickhead, well that’s rich!” Bill smirks kneeing Chase again, knocking his hefty balls against the metal chain cage making the blond stud tremble, his sculpted, naked chest heaving as he groans.

“You have no idea how long I have waited to have you in this position Chase. Jayden won’t rescue you this time, I finally get to finish what I started when I put on a Bartlet singlet.”

“Fucker!…ugh my goddam balls. Ugh! When I get out of here…” Chase groans and gasps, his body hanging limply.

“Hey!” Adam two cages over calls out. “That was not part of the deal, Hell! What is Bill doing?”

“Stay where you are!” Sam Hell yells back. “I’ve almost got him to spunk. Right Logan?”

Logan unable to speak lets out a soft moaning sound his body pulsing with longing, craving for release.

Adam ignores Sam Hell, and snaps his fingers. “Max, Rex leave Jayden there,” he orders as he climbs down and exits the cage.

Max and Rex use the wrestling ropes tie a limp Jayden up so that he hangings limply by ropes, his balls bursting with pain. Jayden is on his knees starring across at Leroy unable to muster the energy to do anything buy lay limply with the ropes twisted around each arm holding him in place. Rex and Max run to catch up to Adam as the three enter Sam Hell’s cage, the faithful twins flanking him.

“You said you’d protect Chase if we took out Jayden, and we did our bit, Hell. Now let him go….as for you, Baby-nuts, get away from him now! The adults are talking,” Adam yells.

Bill turns to face Adam and sees him with his usual two cronies. “Oh I see, you thought you were going to be the big heroes today and save Chase?” Bill sticks out his small pink tongue at them and laughs, “You big dummies, we used you! We don’t need you anymore, why don’t you three run along home.” Bill makes a shooing motions as he flicks the air with his limp wrist.

Adam stands his ground looking slightly confused when suddenly Logan breaks the silence, groaning deeply, his face turning crimson, panting hard as Sam Hell brings him to orgasm and he cums hard. All eyes are on Logan as the beaten blond hunk spews his load spectacularly in his singlet, the red material unable to withhold the liquid which bursts outwards like a geyser.

“Holy shit!” Rex’s jaw drops open, he comes over next to his brother leaning against him, creening his head over Max’s shoulder, “Look at that!”

“Man, that’s one big load!” Max agrees leaning back against Rex’s frame. “I can’t wait until I can do that! I’m getting hard just thinking about it!”

“With those little peanuts you boys will never be able to spew like that,” Bill laughs meanly.

The twins look dangerously over at him, their intent clear. “Can we take out baby nuts now?” Max asks Adam.

“Go for it, he’s all yours. I will free Chase,” Adam says.

As the three start to fan out, Sam Hell leaps to his feet, tossing Logan over the side and stands up to block their path.

“No,” Devil Boy sneers. “I don’t think so.”

Adam, Max, and Rex stop starring at the formidable Sam Hell, his blood red eyes judging each of them in turn, and quickly deducing that none are worthy opponents as Bill rushes over to his side. His new foster brother is smug, shirtless his thin chest puffed up from wailing on Chase’s nuts. Bill’s lean frame doesn’t stop him from crossing his arms over his bare chest as he taunts them, “Come on then, guys, I dare you!”

Rex and Max look toward Adam for direction, and he takes a moment weighing their odds and then back at Chase; bound and defenseless. Adam knows deep down that this fight is going to suck, and they are likely to lose painfully but his passion for Chase prevails. He can’t leave his beautiful friend in this situation. Taking a deep breath, Adam gives a left and right hand motion to Rex and Max to move in from the sides.

“You have got to be joking,” Bill watches in astonishment as the threesome assume their familiar formation. Rex and Max wheeling out to the sides as Adam comes slowly up the middle heading directly towards Sam Hell and Bill. “Wow Adam you’re even dumber than I thought!” Bill says shaking his head, he cracks his knuckles getting ready. “I guess we’ll have to lay you all out. I’m looking forward to it.”

Sam Hell just grins, showing his teeth in a smile as he says “Well than, come on kids let’s see what you’ve got.” And Sam Hell rushes forward his body nimble, and agile bounding towards Adam taking on the biggest of the three threats. Max sticks out his leg as he passes him, causing Sam Hell to stumble a bit. Sam swears as he regains his footing ready to continue his pursuit towards Adam, Rex leaps on his back from behind, wrapping his thin arms around Sam Hell’s neck holding tightly.

Max going to do the same is stopped by Bill, who punts him from behind hearing the familiar and deadly crunch of Max’s nuts above his shoe laces crunch pitifully. The thin tight fabric holds Max’s nuggets perfectly in place allowing Bill to score a perfect shot. Max falters and drops to his knees groaning reaching down to find and hold his tender family jewels keening, “My raspberries! Bill got me in my god damn raspberries… Rex!”

Bill moves past the fallen twin seeing Adam and Sam Hell battling for dominance while Rex swings maddeningly from around his neck hampering his movement.

“Get off me!” Sam Hell grunts, his voice not as loud from the pressure that Rex inflicts with his both his arms twisted around his neck.

“Not likely! Get up Max, come on bro, take it like a man. I’ll massage your family jewels later! Baby nuts just got a lucky shot, you can take it!” Rex urges his brother, knowing their numerical advantage is critical. He then wraps his legs around Sam Hell’s waist to slow him down “Now Adam! Hit him hard now!”

Adam wastes no time as he tries to take down Sam Hell, who is staggering clumsily, his limbs restricted by Rex’s body bind, as if tangles up in creeping vines. Taking careful aim Adam kicks the Devil Boy right in the nuts, which are outlined in the thin black Lycra; hitting them as hard as he can.

Sam Hell seems to freeze for a second as if he is tasting the pain, sensing and assessing the damage done. Gritting his teeth, Sam powers through the pain, and Adam gapes in astonishment as Hell reaches back grabbing Rex by his singlet strap and trying to pull him off of his back where he struggles and kicks like a cat grabbed by the scruff of its neck.

Bill rushes forward to intercede but runs straight into an unlucky kick from Rex’s flailing feet as he struggles in Sam Hell’s grip. Bill gasps as he’s punted right in his finely muscled skinny-pack and folds over at the waist, clutching his aching guts as he doubles over winded, clutching the red mark just above his navel. He can only watch in annoyance as Adam winds up another kick into Sam Hell’s crotch. THUD! Sam’s ample man-bulge is deformed horribly, his wedding tackle moving and shifting into two separate bulges each side of Adam’s toes which he leaves buried in their target, his leg muscles straining as he glares angrily at the red-eyed hunk, confident that this latest strike will have a bigger impact than the first.

Adam’s second kick looks like a critical hit, weakening Sam Hell who drops Rex to the ground so he can tend to his shattered jewels. The twin lands nimbly standing up and sticks his tongue out at Bill. Angry, Bill runs toward the group lifting up his arm, making a fist as Rex knocks the incoming blow aside and lifts his knee up forcibly using Bill’s momentum against him. Bill’s balls burst in pain from the blow as his whole body seems to crash into Rex’s knee, his boyhood folding around the immoveable object as he moans out, “My nuts.” His light blue eyes crossing comically as he lets out another whimper falling forward into Rex sending the two of them to the floor.

Jumping out of the way of Rex and Bill who now roll around for advantage, Adam sees Sam Hell gritting his teeth and returning to standing spouting, “Pathetic, kid! It’ll take more than that to take out my Devil Coins.”

Adam gawks, unable to believe how much pain the Devil Boy can handle, the red-eyed hunk seems barely phased as he strolls forward, his movements smooth showing no evidence of the testicle trauma he has just suffered. Adam begins to doubt if he can take him down with low blows at all with such resistance to pain. “Dammit dude, have you even got balls down there?” Adam asks, shaking his head as he rushes forward again to attack Sam Hell the two flailing against each other.

“Oh I’ve got big balls alright! You just hit like a girl,” Sam Hell laughs, as he avoids Adam’s fist then head butts Adam right in the noggin making him see stars. “Now let’s see if you really are a girl!,” Sam grins meanly, reaching down and isolating Adam’s tender nuts, rolling the two in hand. “Oh what cute little boy nuts!  Let’s see if your voice gets higher pitch like a girl when I squeeze them!”

Adam trembles in fear, gulping as Sam Hell powers him into the corner, one hand gripping his developing baby-makers. Raising his arms up Adam falls back towards the corner under Sam’s hulking strength, both struggling for a moment and then Sam Hell presses down, force Adam to his knees prone in front of him, staring directly at Sam’s bulging black singlet, his man-sized cock curled around his sturdy nuts protectively. Adam’s arms tremble as Sam Hell pushes him backwards more, the glint in his red devious eyes showcasing how he enjoys dominating the youngster.

With Adam falling helplessly to his knees, Adam looks ready to concede when Bill and Rex come rolling across the mat, grappling fervently right next to Sam Hell’s ankle. Adam and Sam look down to see Rex is now on top of Bill with one hand deep inside Bill’s briefs, his shorts already torn off and Rex is shaking his fist clearly crushing Bill’s modest nuts within, the arm muscles straining as Rex flexes his power and control over him. Bill looks up at Devil Boy, red faced with shame and pain, blinking pathetically as if appealing for help to save his boyhood from Rex’s crushing grip.

His tactic works, and Sam Hell growls angrily and kicks Rex hard in the side, knocking him over allowing Bill to roll up on top, and the boy quickly takes advantage raising his knee firmly between Rex’s skinny thighs, slamming it home to flatten his tiny acorns then leaving it nestled against the boyish pouch between his legs. Rex yips in surprise and groans, his grasp on Bill’s testicles waning as Bill uses this opportunity to seek further revenge and grinds his kneecap deep into Rex’s nuts deforming the small oval testes of the twin. Rex’s eyes open wide, and he lets out a soft exhale of breath as he moans out, “My nuts, my nuts, oooh fuck! Max help! My nuttttts!” his voice trembling on the last word. Releasing Bill’s nuts, Rex tries to push Bill off shoving him in the shoulders, but Bill stubbornly grinds his knee pressing it even harder against it’s targets.

Sensing the inevitable victory, Sam Hell makes one last brutal shove causing Adam to over balance and fall over on his back in front of him, his legs and arms splayed out completely at the mercy of the Devil Boy. Sam Hell delights in Adam’s predicament, lifting his leg knowing that one stomp will put Adam out of commission for good. Suddenly Max’s arm powers up between the Devil’s thighs whistling up through the dark leg hairs before hammering an uppercut right into his devil coins.

For the first time Sam Hell arches his back and howls in pain from this latest assault on his manhood. All the boys in the room pause and turn towards the animalistic sound and some look cheered this first sign of weakness. Max is quick to exploit the moment repeating the same move and landing another perfect uppercut into the seventeen year old’s junk. Max’s upper arm is small but solid, and on top of that it fits perfectly in between Sam’s thighs effectively impacting and separating the contents as the delicate underside of each of Devil Boy’s coins slam upwards deep within his singlet pouch. Bending over slightly, Sam groans out in anger and steps backwards every muscle flexing as his knees fold inwards. Gritting his teeth he suddenly grabs Max in both hands lifting him clean off of the floor bringing him to eye level as his dangling feet sway in the air.

“How dare you touch the Devil Boy’s balls?” Hell yells, shaking the lad, as Adam now on hands and knees performs the same move sending a second uppercut, giving Sam yet another critical hit to his groin.

Adam knows that his strike was straight and true, as he split the nuts in Sam Hell’s sack down the middle, separating the hefty pair so that they flop and smack Sam’s lower body. Sam shudders, quaking from the impact as he drops Max back to the mat, his singlet straps warped and hanging lopsided from being stretched out.

“Nice one Adam!” Max grins, grabbing Sam Hell’s shoulders and powering a knee right into the targets that now swing in between Sam’s sagging legs.

Sam groans and his legs turn to jelly as the seventeen year old finally drops to his knees before Max.

“I’ll take that,” says Adam pulling the key off of Sam’s neck. He turns on his heel heading to Chase, triumphant.

Chase moans in his mouth, but the happiness in the blue eyes is obvious as Adam holds up the key.

Max taking the initiative kicks out at Sam Hell as hard as he can finding, and squashing the Devil Boy’s coins once more, until finally he falls over to the mat grabbing his aching balls. He stares in horror as his nuts pulse with pain and Logan, sticky and wet in same state manages a small, sad tiny smile saying “Glad yours are fucked up like mine.” Logan starting to regain his strength starts to crawl over to the fallen devil ready to finish him off.

Jake still pounding away at Gino’s obscenely swollen ballbag looks over at Sam Hell’s cage. “Shit,” Jake says shaking his head. He lifts up Gino’s head which rolls onto his chest, Jayden’s older brother is sweaty, in pain, and utterly defeated. He looks up at Jake with uncomprehending eyes. “I’ll be back to finish what I started,” Jake grins using one massive hand that encompasses both of Gino’s balls he gives them a squeeze making Gino scream. “See you in a minute,” and he turns slipping out of the ring, the cage door closes behind him as he moves into Sam Hell’s cage ready to enter and finish the fight that started here.

Adam puts the key into Chase’s first hand cuff on his left hand, twisting the key. Chase’s left arm drops to his side, it aches from staying in the position so long. Adam removes the key and moves to the other side starting to work on the right when Chase shouts, “Adam, lookout!”

Turning Adam finds Bill’s foot solidly planted in his nutsac, his balls struck for the first time today. Adam groans, as Bill reaches into his palm grabbing the silver key and putting the necklace around his own neck. “You won’t be needing that!” Bill states pulling his foot out, his toes catching Adam’s moderately average nuts kicking them up.

“Ugh,” Adam moans, grabbing his nuts.

Bill goes to kick Adam again, but Max gets to him first grabbing Bill’s heel mid kick making him jump comically up and down trying to stay up. “Uhuh babynuts, Adam actually has nuts, unlike yours.”

“Your one to talk!” Bill says throwing himself at Max making the two tumble to the mat with Bill on top.

Adam sinks to one knee before Chase, as Chase pulls off his gag. “Thanks’, I’m almost freed.”

“Give me a second, I’ll finish him off, and get the key back” Adam groans holding his bulge.

Chase with his left hand puts it on Adam’s shoulder, “You got this.” Chase’s blue eyes sparkle down at him and Adam smiles despite his pain in his nether regions and climbs back to his feet.

“Time to finish this,” Adam turns to see Jake standing in the ring, one large foot on Logan’s lower back pinning him in place, and with his hand he helps Sam Hell to his feet. Adam’s heart beats faster as he sees Bill putting the same move on Max grabbing his nuts with both hands tucked in his underwear. His eyes flick over to Rex and sees him still curled up in a little ball.

“Hurry,” Chase whispers. “This is your only chance!”

Adam rushes forward, his heart wildly beating in his chest as he gets to Bill yanking the key necklace up and off over Bill’s head, who yells immediately; “Give that back Adam! He’s got the key!”

Adam turns on his heel seeing Jake coming after him, tries to run faster, but its Bill who gets to him first. Bill launches himself immediately, tackling him to the ground mere feet before Chase.

Bill reaches for Adam’s hand but in one last ditch effort Adam tosses the necklace. The silver key glimmers in the air under the hot house light as Chase reaches out; all eyes are on the silver flickering piece of metal as it turns end over end midair glinting.

The key makes on last twist in the air, and Chase snatches it in his grasp, pulling it in close to his bare chest saying, “Yes!” before he bringing it up to the last lock. If fumbles for a second but Chase hears the satisfying click as his hand tumbles out.

“No!” Shouts Bill reaching up, but Adam now rolls on top of him pinning his slender arms above his head.

“Too late, Bill. He’s freed!” Adam sing songs. “Go get ‘em Chase!”

Before Chase is fully used to his freedom Jake gets to him grabbing him in a back bending embrace, lifting the blond swim captain into the air. Jake’s bulging muscles dwarf Chases and Chase is twisted back and forth painfully causing short bursts of sharp white pain in his lower back his arms uselessly trapped by his sides.

Adam gives a quick, one two punch, his fist barely sinking down into Bill’s package hitting his young nuts easily as the little bump in Bill’s shorts directs Adam on where to aim. Bill groans beneath Adam, his nuts awash in fresh waves of agony that makes his lower lip tremble. “Now stay down Bill,” Adam warns before he gets to his feet rushing to Chase to help get him away from Jake’s clutches.

Sam Hell shrugs off his leather coat tossing it over Logan’s limp body, as he lumbers his legs still feeling like jelly to Jake, “On your left!” Devil Boy warns.

Jake turns still holding Chase tightly in a bear hug to see Adam aiming a kick which he launches up, unfortunately for him, and for Chase Adam’s aim was on the money, but Jake’s turn at the last possible second causes Adam to hit the wrong target. Adam can feel his toes sink deep into Chase’s groin getting nice and cozy in Chase’s warm pelvis.  Chase groans, Adam starts his apology, “Chase…I… shit. I didn’t mean to kick you…” but is interrupted by Chase kicking back just as hard backward his own ankle sinking into Jake’s modest bulge.

Jake freezes, his body starting to register the devastating impact deep within his ballsac. Moaning deeply, Jake throws Chase aside reaching down to grasp his nuts but Adam gets there first giving Jake the kick that was meant to hit him in the first place. Jake manages to graze his tender, throbbing testes with his fingertips but before he can keep them safe Adam’s quick footwork pulverizes them both followed by a lightening quick follow-up punt that sends Jake flying back against the ropes, where he slumps down groaning; one huge hand cradles his small unimpressive gentiles.

In victory Adam lifts up his arms, “Woohoo! I got him too! Chase did you see?” He turns to see Chase still holding himself his blonde hair falling into his blue eyes. “Shit, I did feel that blow when I got you. You will be okay though, your big nuts can take it, after all they are bigger than Jayden’s, right?!” Adam reminds him trying to cheer up his wounded captain.

Lumbering forward, back on his feet Sam Hell stalks forward interrupting Adam’s encouragement with a clothesline, his thunderous massively muscled arm drops Adam like a stone in the ocean. Adam gags on the mat, hacking and coughing clutching his throat with Devil Boy staring down in amusement; his red laser eyes devouring the pain he has wrought. Lifting one foot he drops it straight down impaling Adam’s nuggets under his massive black boot. Poor Adam’s nuts in his singlet did not stand a chance as Devil Boy grinds them into his pelvis, the thin fabric offering no protection what-so-ever.

“Oh, good god!” Adam shouts his body rising off of the mat clutching Sam Hell’s leg and looking up at his unmoving lifeless red eyes gulping back his pain, as he trembles in agony.

“Heh,” Sam Hell grins, his lips curling at the corners, the bright white house lights showcasing his pain illustrated in fine detail caught in the brightness of the pale glow. “Not so tough without the twins holding me back. You’re just a weak little brat. Should have stayed on the winning team…mine.” Devil Boy uses his other boot to kick Adam in the chest, his head snapping against the mat with a dull thud.

“Get off my friend,” Chase mouths off rushing forward and spear hitting in the stomach of Devil Boy taking, forcing him down to the mat, and freeing Adam from Sam Hell’s ruthlessly unforgiving boots.

“Chase,” growls Sam Hell as he drops to the mat with Chase on top of him.

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out; it’ll cost you now that I’m no longer funding your extra curricula activities. You really can’t afford it,” Logan says as he climbs up Sam Hell’s waist wrapping his limber fingers around Devil Boy’s neck. “Now then, it’s time that I get to be the hero and finish you off!”

Jake grabs Chase’s arms yanking them behind his back, and lifting him easily off of Sam Hell. Chase begins to swing and kicks his feet but before he can connect, from below him Devil Boy grabs both of his ankles spreading his legs out wide as Chase struggles trying to get free.

“What were you just saying, heh. Hero boy, right?” Sam Hell takes carefully takes aim and kicks up from the floor as hard as he can. The impact of the smack is heard all over the arena as Chase’s balls are crushed against his pelvis.

“My big balls,” Chase flounders, groaning as the aching pain begins to set in. Jake holds his arms tightly behind his back, and even as he tries to free himself Sam Hell kicks up again hitting the big bullseye targets which slap against his abs painfully the whack making the two bullies laugh.

“He’s a big boy,” Sam Hell laughs kicking up again and this time leaving his foot firmly planted in Chase’s neither regions bouncing the sole of his foot repeatedly, continually tap, tapping the big nuts.

Adam, Max and Rex groan holding their nuts watching helplessly as Chase gets his balls annihilated. All of their effort has been in vain to free him as they seem to be in an even worse positions than before.

Max near the back of the matt slips off of the ring and tip toes to the cage door, slipping away unnoticed staggers still holding his little raisins. Max enters Leroy’s cage and heads right over to Jayden who is tied up in the ropes and seems unable to free himself. He looks up at Max in anger, “Come to humiliate me?” Jayden asks, his voice dripping with content. “I’m wide open, and I’m not going anywhere Max, go ahead kick me. Do whatever you please,” Jayden indicates down to his very defenseless groin, and his wide spread out splayed legs. Jayden notices, not for the first time that his bulging ballsac stands out in his Lycra pouch, but especially now after the beating his nuts have recently taken.

Max’s face colors red in embarrassment, “I’m so sorry Jayden. I should not have done this to you or anyone else.  I have come to get you out of here.” Max says, his voice low and gently. He gets closer, his face is still flushed scarlet from embarrassment and starts untwisting Jayden’s arms from the ropes freeing him from the restraints.

“Do you have Gino’s key?” Jayden asks.

“No, but we can get it together,” Max says smiling.

Jayden grins back, “Let’s go show them what we can do when us ‘little kids’ work together.” Jayden thumps Max on the back enthusiastically, feeling the thin stretchy fabric of the loose singlet strap beneath his hand, one of Max’s pink dime sized nipples pokes out the side. Max can’t help but smile but, he’s feelings of shame still vibrant in his face.

Before they depart, Jayden goes up to Leroy pulling off his gag. “I’ll come back for you,” Jayden whispers leaning in and kissing him full on the mouth. Jayden tries to put extra feelings of hope, and confidence in his kiss. Leroy, murmurs into his mouth and when Jayden pulls away his face is full of determination.

“You’ve got this Jayden,” Leroy says reassuringly.

Jayden nods his head, hurrying from the cage with Max at his side. “We can’t beat them, not without help. Max I’m going for the key. I’ll get it to you, free Gino; we are going to need him. Okay?”

Max looks at him fiercely, “Absolutely, I will follow your lead.”

They head into the last cage together side by side, and see the destruction within. Logan has replaced Chase’s spot along the cage wall, hanging limp defeat etched into his handsome face, his singlet still has a wet stain where he jizzed in it; hand cuffs on his wrists. Chase is being pummeled in his most vulnerable over-large testicles by Sam Hell who has his arms wrapped around the wrestling ropes, just like Jayden was in earlier. Jayden’s heart does a cartwheel seeing him in that state.

Bill is back up and going after Adam with a vengeance and Jake looks almost bored as he paws at Max’s twin Rex holding him in the air one handed by the wrists poking him in one nut, then the other. Every poke into Rex’s left or right nut gets a squeal of anguish from Max’s twin.

Jayden can see Max’s desire to get to his brother Rex, and he knows that brotherly instinct so he starts with Jake, who also happens to have Gino’s key around his neck. “Let’s get Jake first, okay Max?”

“Yes,” Max quickly agrees, “Please.”

“Your helping me save my brother, I will help you with yours,” Jayden says.

Max looks at him thoughtfully as they creep into the cage, staying low and sneaking around to get behind Jake. “Your actually kinda nice…I didn’t think that you were. I have been listening to Adam too much.”

“You have, but its okay. We can start over. Friends?” Jayden asks.

“Friends,” Max agrees surprising Jayden by giving him a quick hug.

“I’m sorry that I left you at Junior and Caleb’s house that was unkind of me.”

“I deserved it,” Max says. But that’s in the past now. Let’s save my brother.”

“Okay, here we go.” Jayden tucks and rolls into the ring, landing on his hands and knees. Spying on all three attackers, and getting a lucky break with none of them noticing him. Jayden climbs the top turnbuckle all the way to the top, crouching down low and preparing to spring.

“Hey!” Sam Hell calls out.

Jake turns to look at him and sees the warning in his eyes, but by the time he looks back it’s too late. Jayden leaps into the air and kicks him hard with both feet firmly planted in his chest. Jake goes down, slamming into the mat and making the whole ring shake, while Rex at the same time that was being held suspended in midair lands next to him immediately curls into the fetal position grabbing his throbbing nuts. Jayden lands hard on top of Jake, knocking the air out of him. Jake’s head bounces off of the mat and Jayden sees the lights in his eyes dim as he falls into unconsciousness. Jayden does not waste a minute but throws the key to Max at the cage door entrance shouting, “Go!”

Sam Hell let’s out a wail of fury and charges at Jayden, Bill stops his attack on Adam and almost reluctantly follows.

Jayden runs back to the ropes, Sam Hell hot on his heels as he bounces off of the ropes and goes flying backwards slamming into Sam. Sam ready for the move twists with Jayden in the air and tosses him. Jayden falls to the mat, tucks into a roll and jumps back to his feet as Sam Hell, eyes ablaze with fiery rage that seems to energize his red eyes surges after him. “You will not stop me! I am the devil!”

Pausing, Jayden tries to collect himself as he spots Max in the corner of his eye using the silver key to unlock Gino’s cuffs, the silver necklace glints awash in the bright stage lights. In the corner of Jayden’s other eye stands Bill unsure of how to proceed. Before Jayden can do more than glance at him Sam Hell is upon him tossing him against the ropes.

Bouncing against the wrestling ropes Jayden holds on tight to them forcing his body to decelerate and stay still, but the momentum of Sam Hell’s throw grits at his efforts. Barreling toward him Sam Hell lets out a vicious roar leaping at Jayden who moves at the last possible moment to the left. Kid Devil bounces off of the ropes, fleetingly dazed and Jayden capitalizes throwing his arms around his neck and supper flexes him overhead, his lower back muscles scream at the effort as he power slams him onto the white wrestling floor on his shoulders.

Sam Hell merely grunts pulling himself to standing a moment after Jayden succeeds in the move and comes after him again, his white teeth flashing as his red eyes lock onto his adversary. Colliding once more, Jayden’s arms buckle against the overwhelming strength of Devil Boy as he pushes him back against the ropes. Jayden’s muscles scream, and tremble as he fights against him. Clenching his teeth Jayden, he stares in defiance as he fights back gaining inches, but slowly pushing off the ropes and gaining lost ground.

“Impressive, but not enough,” Sam Hell snarls as he snaps up a vicious knee impaling Jayden’s boynuts, knocking him back against the ropes making Jayden moan. His liquid brown eyes showcasing the hit but still Jayden stays upright and somehow lifts his own leg kneeing Sam Hell right back.

Sam Hell, with shock and surprise registers the blow and knees the stubborn boy in return. The two stay locked together against the ropes kneeing each other, pulverizing each other’s groins until finally they drop to their knees no longer able to stand up. “You are one badass kid,” Sam Hell admits chuckling as he grimaces coming back onto his feet, somehow keeping his pain in check as his wobbly knees tremble with effort. “But I always win.”

Jayden on his knees watches in amazement as Sam Hell stands before him lifting his chin so he can stare into him with his piercing blood red eyes. “Submit to me Jayden, you know how this will end.”

Jayden leans back against the bottom rope and slowly tries to stand, tisking Sam Hell laughs. “You don’t know when to quit!” And he grabs Jayden’s shoulders and powers a kick so hard in between Jayden’s thighs that he gasps audibly, his eyes crossing and drops back against the ropes falling on his ass, legs splayed out.

“Get away from my brother,” Gino demands jumping into the ring and shoving Sam Hell in the chest forcing him to stumble back.

“Ah, big brother has finally arrived,” Sam Hell smiles. “Let me introduce myself, I am the Devil Boy, Sam Hell and I have taken your little brother’s seed once before, and I will again today while you watch.” Sam Hell says with vicious content before he adds, “He will always be my foster brother, I count him as one of my brood now.”

Gino bends down to check on Jayden, the brotherly love between them is clear; just as Max rushes to his brother Rex to do the same. Gino comes back to standing one hand on Jayden’s head protectively. “I don’t think so Sam, this is over. Let the kids go.”

“No. It’s only ever over when I say so. And you have to see your brother beg for release.”

“He has never begged for anything Hell, and he is not going to now!” Gino walks toward him, fists clenched.

Sam Hell smiles, his red eyes jarring to those who have never seen him before. “Your brother is mine, I have marked him as my own. He can never get away from me.”

Gino says nothing but punches him as hard as he can. Sam Hell blocks it, and the follow-up punch. Gino does not back down but fights all the harder. Around the ring all eyes are watching the final showdown. Win or lose, this fight the boys seem to know will decide who wins the war.

Getting out of his reverie Bill final moves forward but is blocked by Max whose righteous anger is painted all over his face.

“Stand down Bill,” Max says.

“Nope,” says Bill. “I’ve come too far.”

“You made a mistake,” Max counters. “We both did. It’s not too late.”

Bill pauses as if thinking and shakes his head sadly, “I…I have to do this.”

Max comes up to him, “Come on man, haven’t we already fought enough?”

Bill turns his cheek watching Gino and Sam Hell battling like titans, and for a moment he seems to consider Max before turning back, more determined than ever before. “This is my one chance to take out Chase. I’m not going to lose that.”

“If that’s all that mattered to you Bill, than why are the rest of us even here?” Counters Max diplomatically stretching out his arms around the ring. “We fucked up. You can get more revenge or whatever later. Be the good guy that Jayden always says that you are! Help me end things, here and now.”

Bill looks hurt, his pale blue eyes seem to fill with moisture, “I was never enough for him.” His voice trembling, his bottom lip quivering. “I…”

But before Bill can finish his thought Adam sits up dazed and confused. “This just never ends,” Bill says turning to attack him, but Max stops him again.

“He won’t hurt you.”

“And who is going to stop him Max, you?” Bill scoffs. “You do everything he says.”

“That’s all going to change. You did a shitty thing today Bill, but so have I. And my brother Rex. Adam. Chase…everything is going to change. Let’s put this all behind us, and be friends,” Max suggests reaching out his hand to Bill, his face open and hopeful.

Bill gazes at the open hand in puzzlement, not sure what to do with it. Max does not back down but continues to stand there with his palm open, waiting for Bill for as long as it seems to take him.

“I can’t turn on them,” Bill whispers. “I invited them to live with me.”

“You don’t have to Bill, sometimes the biggest thing that you can do, is nothing.” Max says smiling warmly.

Bill’s mouth starts to curl up and he reaches out taking Max’s offering and shakes his hand. “This is so weird.”

“It’s kind of been a day,” Max agrees.

Rex sits up next to Adam, groaning. “What did I miss?”

“A lot,” Adam says looking at Bill and Max shaking hands.

A huge crash at the other end of the ring draws their collective attention back to Sam Hell and Gino, who continue to grapple; but one has bested the other as Sam Hell tosses Gino against the corner his body crashing against the turnbuckle. Gino wobbles back to Sam, his feet seem to be on autopilot as he stumbles back to him on unsteady feet. Sam Hell lifts him in the air, using a finisher and slams him down onto his knee, balls first.

All four boys make an “OOOooo,” in sympathy as Gino stumbles off dropping to the floor at Hell’s feet.

“You are finished,” says Hell as he drags Gino over to corner throwing one leg over the rope and then the other so that Gino’s legs are wide open, his testicles completely at Sam’s mercy.

“No!” Jayden gets back to his feet, running forward. Sam Hell turns and throws Jayden against the ropes and he lands exactly where Gino is so that both brothers are in the same position legs open-wide, their balls defenseless.

Sam Hell grins, his thin red lips twist into a large threatening smile as he runs up and lifts his boot firing it as fast and hard as he can booting the brothers in the groin, the family jewels completely busted. Gino and Jayden both jerk against the blow, feeling the vibrations traveling through their groins, and then to add insult to injury Sam Hell drags his boot across the bottoms of their ballsacs scraping the nuts non too gently.

Gino and Jayden groan against each other, neither mustering up the strength to pull themselves up but Gino alone manages to push Jayden off of the bottom turnbuckle so that he is at least not stuck at the bottom turnbuckle like he is.

Adam, Max, and Rex seeing Gino and Jayden struggling against Sam Hell come to help, rushing forward across the ring. Devil Boy swerves hearing their foot falls and lets out a vicious growl making the boys slow their descent as they approach him with more caution. Max and Rex as usual flank Adam as the group slowly, and carefully moves towards Sam Hell.

“We played this dance already tonight boys, I won. Don’t make me make fools of you again. Your all sore and will go down easily, my devil coins will not falter. Escape while you can,” Sam Hell warns drawing one finger threatening across his own scrotum.

“Jake’s done,” Adam explains, “And on top of that, Bill is no longer interested in continuing this. You are all alone devil boy.”

“Wait…did he just…call his nuts, devil coins…?” Rex smiles, and can’t help but let out a laugh. “You are ridiculous!”

Max and Adam begin to snicker too, making Sam Hell if possible get even madder than before.

Logan and Chase strain in their binds watching helplessly, Leroy all the way on the other side does the same trying to follow what’s happening. Gino still stuck grabs the top rope and slowly begins to pull himself up, but slips and falls back down into almost into a split, he grabs his groin comically, eyes protruding and groans. Jayden below him struggles to try and get up, his balls hurt too much to move, so he instead curls into the fetal position wishing that his balls were as tough and resistant to pain as Sam Hell’s seem to be.

Sam Hell looks at Bill his eyes flashing, “That true, Bill? You giving up?”

“No it’s just…”

“I thought that we were brothers,” says Sam Hell simply.

“We are,” says Bill, a note of pleading and desperation growing in his voice as he comes forward.

“Brother’s stick together Bill. Remember what you want. You want revenge against them, now is the time to get it,” Sam Hell says.

Shaking his head Bill says, “I don’t want that anymore. Let’s just take Jake, and go home.” Bill thinks for a moment and adds, “Please?”

Sam Hell breathing hard lets out a long breath, and smiles at him. “If that’s what you want Bill, come here little buddy.”

Bill shyly approaches Sam Hell, who motions for him to come closer. Bill does and opens his arms for Sam to hug him. Sam’s larger arms hug him fiercely and he leans in whispering into Bill’s ear. Bills light blue eyes, the color of sky on a cloudy day widen and look up at Sam’s vibrantly red ones and he looks down in shame; nods his head once and flanks Sam’s side.

Victorious in the outcome Sam Hell ridicules the three in front of him, “You were saying?”

“Bill,” Max says his eyes only on Bill’s waver back and forth searching. “You are stronger than this.”

“You are right, he is. He’s with me,” Sam Hell says his voice laced with satisfaction, as he lets out a belly laugh.

“You can still do the right thing,” Max implores him, ignoring Sam Hell. Both Rex and Adam look his way in mutual respect. “You’re bigger than he is, and he needs you way more than you need him.”

“He’s trying to divide us. I will fix him,” Sam Hell darts forward, but Adam, Max and Rex reshuffle getting close together forming a wall; ready to fight as one.

“Last time you had…”Adam starts.

“Me!” Jake groans, waking up from Jayden’s powerful kick. The young man yawns as he slowly walks forward to join Sam Hell by his side. “Now let’s take these turncoats out. They will regret turning on us, Sam. The devil and the demon together are unstoppable. And if I do count it’s now one, two, three against three. Seems fair now,” Jake laughs as he cracks his knuckles threateningly, eying the boys in front of him for who he wants to take out first.

Jayden slowly stands up, one hand down his pants fondling his swaying, achy nuts. No way is he letting his friends face his enemies alone. Jayden knows that it’s silly, and not his fault but he personally feels responsible for bringing these two cretins into everyone’s lives.

Adam, Max, and Rex’s wall seems to quaver at the intensity of the dark ones in front of them, menacing as they surge forward, Jayden coming right behind them launches himself right at Jake; trying to take down the larger of the two opponents. And all hell breaks loose.

The six boys are a mess, hitting, punching, and kicking. Jayden can hardly keep track of what’s happening around him. Jayden sways on Jake’s back as he tries to stay attached, swaying back and forth squeezing Jake’s thick neck trying choke out his foe. Dropping Jake would be ideal, but Jayden can barely stay on as he battles the young boys in front of him.

Bill watches morosely from the side, unsure of what to do. Chase leers at him tied in the ropes and says, “If you are going to be a dick Bill, just be one. Don’t be a pussy about it. If not, then do the right thing and get me out of here so I can help them!” Chase argues.

Chase shakes his head in disgust, “You can’t do anything right Bill. Once a loser always a loser. You are…” but what Chase is about to say is cut short as Bill fires a kick low and hard, right in Chase’s plump nuggets nailing both of them.

“Ugh,” Chase groans, and before Chase knows what’s happening Bill pulls his shorts and underwear down in one fell swoop.

“I may not know the right thing to do over there, but I certainly know what to do with you!” Bill says, his voice growing darker as he scoops up Chase’s big nuts, one in each hand. Still amazed by their size compared to his own, Bill cradles one of the largest sets of nuts that he has ever seen and gives the orbs a squeeze, making Chase gasp; his bare chest tensing for what’s to come. Bill’s light pale blue eyes narrow to slits on his targets as he digs into Chase’s balls squeezing them hard.

Chase groans, watching Bill attack his precious and impressive large nuts while he attempts to free himself again from the ropes on the ring. However, no matter how he pulls, or struggles he stays just as stubbornly stuck as he was before reduced to a moaning mess as Bill works over his nuts good. Bill starts to really use his thumb to press the center of each large egg deep watching the bulbous orbs cave in around his little digits, enjoying Chase’s sounds of discomfort since he can do nothing to change how Bill has his way with him.  

Bill starts to really lay into Chase’s scrotum, twisting the nuts and even giving his limp penis a few tugs. This makes Chase look down at Bill with a questioning face, as he starts to chub up. “What…no, wait…Bill?” Chase moans between his teeth as Bill flicks his head with his thumb. Bill ignores Chase and continues to squeeze the two fat nuts in his palms, making sure to really dig in, delighting in how the balls cave in under direct pressure.

Chase groans, wheezing in pain while behind Bill his swim teammates and Jayden battle Sam Hell and Jake. Jayden who has been hanging onto Jake finally pulls him against the ropes, his back flush against them. Pulling with all his might Jayden snaps Jake’s neck back, cracking his head against the top turnbuckle sending him flying forward. Jayden lets him go as he watches Jake go sprawling onto the mat coughing, groaning, and pitching a great sigh as he finally starts to catch his breath.

At the same time Sam Hell is in his element. Under one arm is Rex in a head lock, unable to get free. Max pulls at his other arm, that Sam hits him with every few moments in the head or chest. Adam facing Sam Hell front and center tries to be more careful this time, not wanting to hit the wrong person. Adam waits a tad too long as the Devil Boy manages to score a perfect boot to Adam right in the stomach successfully winding him and knocking him out of the way.

Sam Hell starts to flex his arms ready to smash the twins together, but before he can Jayden leaves the winded Jake behind on the floor and rushes up behind him and uppercuts Sam Hell right in the devil coins. Gawking Sam Hell grinds to a halt, clenching his teeth as he drops Rex who gasps in fresh air loudly, as he reaches back to snag Jayden. Jayden grabs the extended hand and starts to stretch Sam Hell’s arm out, Max gripping the other arm of Sam’s does the same stretching his arms out wide.

Sam Hell roars in annoyance, “You cannot stop the inevitable.” And using his raw strength, muscles straining lifts both Max and Jayden up in the air, their toes dangling for purchase as he tosses the two youths across the wrestling ring.

Max and Jayden land hard rolling a few turns before coming to a full stop out of breath. They look up at each other, winded and tired. Sam Hell seems to be an opponent that they just can’t beat even with numbers on their side.

Still Jayden finds an inner strength and rises on his unsteady legs, sweat pouring down his face, his red Bartlet singlet sticks to his bare skin as his straining muscles flex.

“Give up!” Yells Sam Hell.

“Never!” Jayden retorts back contempt lacing his voice. “These are my friends, and I won’t let you do whatever you want with them.” Running he wipes his hands over his brow as he rushes forward more determined than ever, while Adam, Max, and Rex look on in awe that he just won’t go down.

Sam Hell does not rush to meet him, but gets into a warriors defensive position ready for anything. “It’s your balls on the line Jayden, if you want them busted up some more…bring it on.”

And Jayden does, at the last second he tucks and rolls in a ball barreling straight at Sam Hell’s legs. Sam not expecting this is toppled over landing on top of Jayden, his head saved from landing on the mat as he drops in perfect push-up position with Jayden underneath.

Jayden, not wasting a moment does his signature move and lifts up his dominate right thigh slamming it into Sam Hell’s testicles. The unexpected knee crashes into Sam Hell’s devil coins blasting them against his ass cheeks. Sam returns the favor but because he is on top a lot of the force behind his own knee hits the mat and is wasted. Jayden still sucks at his teeth, the blow resonating in his boynuts, but he manages to take it digging deep, and lets loose a second knee, just as devastating as before and he finally see the pain in the devil’s red eyes.

“No, I cannot lose!” Sam Hell grimaces arching back his knee, higher now for further impact; knowing that his last hit was not as direct.

Jayden twists underneath him, so the knee connects with his hip which sings in stinging sharp pain before he swings back his knee arching upwards with deadly precision, pounding into Sam’s balls once again. Sam Hell for the first time loses focus, the bright agony of Jayden’s knees begins to really sink in and he slumps down on top of Jayden with a groan.

The air is knocked out of Jayden’s lungs as Sam Hell’s weight on top of him makes him cringe. Both Jayden and Sam huff and puff, each trying to recover; and Jayden does so first his knee still in between Sam’s raises it nailing the devil coins for a forth successful hit.

“My coins, fuuuck!” Sam Hell starts to roll off of Jayden, but the fourteen year old stubbornly rolls with him so that he is now on top. “Get off of me, Gomez!”

Jayden answers with a hand reaching between them and grabbing Sam Hell’s nuts in one hand, using his other to press against his foes neck to restrict his air flow.

Sam bucks, and fights him every inch of the way; never giving in. Jayden struggles to maintain his grip but Sam manages an elbow to Jayden’s jaw making him see stars and he follows it up with a headbutt to Jayden’s forehead forcing the younger boy to retreat and fall backwards grabbing his head as throbs and black spots bloom in his vision.

“Ugh!” Jayden groans his vision blurring. “My head,” he moans.

Sam Hell curls protectively around himself, one hand on his throbbing balls; the other punches the mat. “Brat! For that I will milk you again!”

Gino struggling against the ropes that bind him enraged. “You did not milk him!” He shouts, anger leeching off of him.

“I did Gino, and he liked it!” Sam Hell states sitting up with a groan. “Everyone caves under the devils touch, even your little brother.” He begins to crawl on top of Jayden using his own knees to keep Jayden’s legs on the floor.

Jayden sensing and feeling the danger ignores the throbbing in his temple and rears back launching a punch. Sam knocks it aside lazily and traps the offending arm against the floor. “You have my attention Jayden, I should have started with you. My mistake. I won’t make it again.” The two struggle with Gino watching helplessly.

“Bill!” Gino shouts looking over at Jayden’s ex.

While this fight was happening, Bill is edging Chase, teasing his cockhead with his delicate fingers watching Chase’s deeper blue eyes groan in unwanted pleasure, his lips slack jawed as he gets closer to release. Not quite registering Gino’s call at first he digs with his other hand deep again into Chase’s ballsac, shaking the nuts within their thin membrane sac as Chase tries desperately to hold back the orgasm that threatens to erupt from his pulsing, throbbing cock.

“Gino?” Bill looks over at Gino still stuck in the ropes and then sees where he is staring and the vision brings back such a terrible memory for Bill. Remembering the pool room ending confrontation of Chase making Jayden spew his warm, hot white cum while he watched back in the pool tied up unable to do anything; the feeling of helplessness that Jayden and him shared. And it’s as if something finally clicks into place for Bill, and he looks down at himself and what he has been doing to Chase, stooping to his level, and he’s disgusted with himself. He lets Chase’s cock, which swings up slapping him in the belly and drops Chase’s balls, just as Chase was about to spew and his erection strums in the air pulsing needing just a bit more stimulation but finds none.

Chase blue balled, humps the air ridiculously and looks up from his useless thrusting cock and sees Bill turn and run to Gino.

“I’m sorry,” Bill begs pulling at the ropes. “I…I don’t…I didn’t…” he shakes his head unable to process what he’s done as his heart thumps wildly in his chest, shame coloring his cheeks; his light sky blue eyes determined to free Gino.

“It doesn’t matter Bill, just free me. Hurry!” Gino encourages watching Sam Hell finally grasping Jayden’s wrists in one hand, his other reaching down Jayden’s stomach. Jayden sucks in his belly, trying to twist his hips but is unable to as Sam Hell grasps his whole package in his hand.

Jayden sucks in a breath his dark brown eyes revealing in fear as Sam Hell tightens his grip. Jayden looks over at Jake seeing the strong man in all of his glory. He is on the ground in pinning the three boys, Adam, Rex, and Max are in one group squeeze his arms are around all three, their arms stuck by their sides. One of Jakes overlarge perilously hands is in between the three boy’s thighs as they are all turned facing one another. Jayden is both amazed and horrified that Jake seems to be squeezing six balls at once in one overlarge hand all three boys groan moaning about the state of their balls, and dropping fertility of possibly fathering children someday.

Sam Hell sees the sight too and looks back at Jayden, “I win. I always do. I told you in the home that if you joined me you would be on the winning team. Instead, you chose the losers.” Sam Hell tightens his grip making Jayden whimper, biting his bottom lip.

“My boyballs, Sam…shit,” Jayden finally begins to give up, and that alone makes Sam Hell’s cock rise in victory.

“Yes! You have lost, you are the biggest loser! Get ready Jayden, I am going to make you cum!” Sam rejoices in his victory as he feels a boot slam into his side so hard that he loses his hand hold on Jayden’s goods and goes rolling into Jake.

Jake annoyed, loving his hold on Adam, Max, and Rexs collective ballsacs which are difficult to hold onto at the same time looks up at Gino freed from the ropes and coming straight at him his eyes flash with determination. Jake tosses his bounty to the ground. Adam, Max and Rex land around him curling into protective fetal positions groaning in agony, and kicking their heels in pain as Jake charges straight at Gino.

Jayden looking up watches as Jake starts to charge, and Sam Hell holding his side rises from the mat. With great precision Jayden kicks out hitting Jake in the shins as he passes by making him stumble losing his footing and go sprawling towards Gino. Gino knees the falling giant hard in the chest between his pecs dropping him to the farright so that he does not land on his younger brother.

Jake goes down with a huff by Gino’s feet as Gino capitalizing on Jake’s weakness reaches down grabbing Jayden’s arm and pulling him up to his shaking feet. Jayden almost drops back to the mat, but Gino hangs on tight to him and keeps a strong hold on his brother so that he does not fall back down. “I’ve got you,” says Gino.

“How touching,” Sam Hell jeers lunging forward. “But utterly useless,” the devil his red eyes blazing lets out a war cry as his forward momentum sends him directly at the brothers.

Gino shoves Jayden aside and crashes into Sam Hell, the two titans twisting and fighting against each other. Jayden sees Jake beginning to rise and with the last of his energy rushes at him, his groin awash in agony from all the hits that he has taken today slows him down but he finds an inner strength to keep going. Jayden knows another blow will finish what little he has left in reserves and slides into Jake kicking him hard in the side sending him sprawling before he can get back up.

“Gino, get Logan’s key!” Jayden yells jumping on top of Jake trying to keep him down, and more importantly away from Gino and Sam’s match.

Taking a chance Chase calls out to Bill, “Bill, go for the key while Sam is preoccupied.”

But Bill shakes his head, “No…I don’t want to get close to them.”

“Bill, come on we could end this so much quicker with him, and…” but Bill walks up to Chase and puts a hand firmly over his mouth silencing him.

“Chase, do you ever stop talking?” Bill asks rhetorically. Pulling his hand away Bill pulls up Chase’s underwear and shorts, a little roughly. “Sorry,” he says and finds that he actually, surprisingly means it. “I guess I have a lot to be sorry for.” Bill adds pulling at the ropes, starting to loosen them.

“I…I do too,” Chase admits with reluctance. “Maybe we can both get some redemption here Bill, for the things that we have done.”

“You and I both know that we don’t deserve it,” Bill says regretfully. “Not after today.” He pulls some more and frees one of Chases arms and the two work on freeing the other.



“I’m sorry for being such a dick to you.”

Bill’s eyes meet Chase’s and the two stare at each other for a long moment. “Me too Chase, I wasn’t always fair to you. It didn’t help that we both wanted the same guy.”

“This time, if Jayden can actually forgive either of us, let’s let him pick and be okay with the decision. No matter who it is. Okay?” Chase asks.

Taking a deep breath, Bill and Chase pull out his left leg and then the right. Chase leans heavily against the ropes and his other arm draped around Bill’s shoulders for support. “You have a deal,” and saying that out loud breaks Bill’s heart, but still he can’t take his words back. “But I have already lost Jayden.”

“Don’t count yourself out yet Bill, Jayden may surprise you.”

“I can’t hurt them Chase, they are my new foster brother’s I promised,” Bill says changing the subject, the plea in his voice raw.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t make that promise. Besides,” his lips curl up. “We all know that I’m the dick anyways. Everyone will expect it, and they have it coming.”

Bill not daring himself to say anything gives him a hug, and Chase unsure what to do with that stays limp until Bill pulls away.

“Save our boy,” Bill says, wiping at his pale blue sky eyes which are starting to turn red around the edges.

“That I will,” Chase says determinedly stumbling his way over to Jayden who despite his best efforts crumples under the sheer power of Jake and finds himself underneath the lumbering giant who easily outweighs him by two weight classes. Jayden tries to move beneath him, but finds he is trapped, and Jake leering down at him snickers in delight.

“Hey dickhead!” Chase yells making Jake twist his neck, his large hand cupping Jayden’s nutsac about to squeeze. “Fight someone your own size!” Chase launches a kick right in between Jake’s legs. Jake clenches his thighs slowly and stopping the invading foot and stands up with the invading leg still trapped firmly between his thighs inches below hitting the intending targets.

“Kid, you are going to regret getting back into this,” Jake twists Chase’s leg making him fall hard to the floor. “Look around me, I drop every one of you making you cry for your mommies.” Jake pulls Chase violently forward and takes Chase’s other leg in his other hand. “Make a wish bro,” Jake advises lifting his foot high into the air and taking aim.

Chase’s blue eyes go wide, not sure how he could have messed up so quickly yells up, “No, man not my big nuts!” A note of panic in his voice as Jake takes even more careful aim and drops his foot straight down.

In horror Chase watches Jake’s foot falling, steamrolling right into on top of… Jayden’s foot? Jayden saves Chase at the last possible moment kicking Chase hard in the butt; which knocks Chase’s precious nuts just barely out of the way. Jayden screams when Jake’s foot stomps down on his ankle, his toes going numb and Gino’s head spins towards his brother in alarm.

Gino snarls, his lips pulled back in righteous anger directed at Sam Hell and punches him as hard as he can in the stomach, his knuckles digging into Hell’s perfectly sculpted abdomen and knocking the devil boy back against the ropes. Sam Hell flies back toward him and Gino kicks up his foot kicking Sam in the chin, he hears the clanking of teeth as Sam’s mouth snaps shut and he drops to the mat.

Jayden pulls in his foot, clutching the wounded appendage and groaning.

“Jayden!” Chase screams with worry and he ignores his own danger as Jake stomps into his nuts perfectly connecting with both the swim captains bulging balls flattening them instantly.

“God!” Chase groans grasping Jake’s ankle as he twists the foot deep within his bulbous boys grinding them into the mat. The rolling of Chase’s testicles beneath Jake’s foot makes him feel sick.

Gino surprising Chase comes to his rescue spearheading Jake right in the stomach sending the giant sprawling backward but not falling as the key that he managed to remove from Sam Hell drops to the floor by Chase’s side.

“Don’t ever touch my fucking brother,” Gino yells punching every part of Jake that he can get his hands onto. Jake returns the same and the two go blow for blow punching each other in the face.

Bill runs up to Chase grabs the key and turns towards Logan running up to him and starts on the hand cuffs. Logan has been out of the fight for so long and has been itching to get back in, and he watches blessedly as Bill unlocks his cuffs and takes off for Sam Hell with a quick, “Thank you.”

Sam Hell has gotten back up and he comes towards Gino ready to tag team against him with Jake as Logan charges him. “How did…?” Sam looks down seeing that the necklace with the key is missing from his neck.

“Shit,” Devil boy tries to prepare himself but before he can Logan is on him grabbing him around the waist in a wrestling grab and tossing him to the floor. Sam finding himself on all fours feels Logan behind him launching one massive arm through his legs and lifting him in the infamously destructive crotch lift.

Sam Hell gapes at the pressure in his groin that starts to builds as Logan lifts him into the air, his blue eyes blazing with intensity, “Now it’s your turn, Sam.” Logan says crushing the devil boy’s nuts against his arm which are firmly tucked between Sam Hell’s thick thighs.

“Try as hard as you can Kruger, no one can take out my devil stones…they are indestructible!” Sam Hell scowls, his face contorting fighting back the pain. At the same time Sam Hell does not lay flaccidly in Logan’s embrace but he bucks, strains his muscles, and battles with every ounce of his being to get free from Logan’s ball busting embrace. No matter how he struggles, Logan does not let up. A fierce determination to get his revenge back on Hell; and more importantly to give him a very dose of his own medicine for all of the testicles that he has busted today rages through Logan.

“Your funeral, or should I say your testicles. Devil stones, huh. You are certainly a strange one Devil Boy,” Logan grins, his upper body straining as he carries Sam Hell across the ring his eyes on the top turnbuckle as he gets an idea of how he wants to finish off the Devil once and for all.

Punch after punch Gino and Jake brawl, slamming fists into each other while they blossom matching black and blue eyes. The last right hook that Gino fires sends Jake staggering backwards slamming into the corner, where he rests heavily.  

Gino breathing hard runs as fast as he can, and kicks out using his momentum to kick at Jake, his foot connecting with Jake’s balls but seemingly kicking through them as they bounce up and off his shoe, floundering in their sac. Jake’s eyes bulge outward comically as he drops to his knees grasping himself, whimpering; “Fuuuucking hell! Sammmm, my balls!” Jake screams his voice rising in pitch.

Chase stumbles over to Jayden, “Are you okay?”

“My ankle,” Jayden whines.

“You saved my balls, thanks Jayden.” Chase leans down grasping one of his arms. Bill rushes forward grabbing the other and together they bring Jayden back to standing on one leg, the other stays in the air, Jayden not confident of putting any pressure underneath it.

“Thanks guys,” Jayden groans, biting his bottom lip.

“Is it broken?” Bill asks nervously, his forehead crinkles into a frown.

“I don’t think so. Sprained for sure,” Jayden answers leaning heavily on both of them.

“Jayden,” both Bill and Chase start at the same time then stop, waiting for the other to continue.

“Let’s have this discussion later,” Jayden pleads. “I still have to get to Leroy. Can one of you get the key from Adam?” Jayden asks.

“I’ve got him,” Chase says.

Bill runs over to Adam and lifts the key over his neck. Adam gives it to him willingly. He is looking a little green in the face as he holds onto his nuts. Going over the ropes Bill rushes to Leroy and starts to unlock Leroy’s cuffs. Leroy stuck in the cuffs the longest takes a few moments to collect himself as he leans against both the ropes and Bill heavily.

“Shit I’m sore,” Leroy grimaces stretching his muscles.

Bill looks down in shame, “I’m sorry Leroy.”

“You should be,” Leroy simply states pushing off the ropes and out of Bill’s embrace. “After all, this is all your fault!” He adds angrily pointing his finger at Bill’s chest. He promptly turns and heads over to the last cage to get to Jayden before Bill can figure out how to respond.

“Jayden!” Leroy calls pushing past the cage door and running into the ring.

“Leroy,” Jayden smiles wide, pulling away from Chase, he stumbles and both Chase and Leroy catch him; he smiles gratefully at the two of them.

“I’ve got him,” Leroy says, his voice husky. “You can let go of him now Chase.” Chase pauses, not wanting to, his face torn. Finally he relents and Jayden rests against Leroy looking up into his eyes. “You okay?” Leroy asks.

“I’ve been better,” Jayden says. “Are you okay, I tried to get you out of there but…I couldn’t,” and at this Jayden’s bottom lip trembles at his failure of not being able to save Leroy right away. “I’m so sorry Leroy.”

In the ring Gino is pulverizing Jake’s nads holding him in the corner by his wrists, as he kicks out at the bottom of his ballsac which continues to swell. Jake grunts upon each impact, and is unable to get Gino away from his neither regions and is forced to endure each and every blow.

On the other side of the ring Logan has climbed up to the top turnbuckle after securing each of Sam Hell’s feet, and takes careful aim while Sam his neck bulging with the effort to get free watches in fear as Logan jumps up in the air. Logan takes careful aim for his targets and leaps in the air, his feet diving straight down with an elbow drop landing dead center of the Devil Boy’s plump package nailing the tender slightly pain resistant gonads within.

Sam Hell lurches up and lets out a howl of anguish and crumbles back to the mat, breathing hard as the undefinable horror bursts within his ballsac burning with a fiery intensity in the worst hit to his groin that he has ever taken.

“I say that we all get to do that to Kid Devil, at least once. But only after I take one more swan dive,” Logan laughs getting ready to climb the ropes to the top.

Adam, Rex, and Max start to climb to their feet shuffling over Jayden, Chase and Leroy; while Bill hangs out near the entrance not sure what to do.

Gino turns back to face the group, “Anyone else want a go at…” but before he finishes his sentence the doors at the top of the arena burst open and two police officers enter the room.

“Hey what are you kids doing in this abandon building?” One of the officers shouts down.

“Look at that those wrestling rings and cages, how did those get here?” Asks the other officer.

“Scatter!” says Chase and points at that the back. “Back door. This way follow me!” he yells.

The boys follow after him, Gino picks Jayden up, throwing him over his shoulder after seeing him stumble along with Leroy.

“Faster,” Gino yells as the group high-tails it out of there leaving behind both Jake and Sam Hell. Bill almost stays but Gino gives him a shove and reluctantly Bill follows the group.

At the other entrance Chase ushers everyone through and locks the door. “My cars this way.”

“Mine is next to his,” Adam says.

“Can either of you legally drive,” asks Logan.

“We have fake ID’s,” says Chase, rolling his eyes as if that’s the most common thing.

“We are driving,” Logan points to Gino and himself as he holds out his hands for the keys.

Rather reluctantly Adam and Chase hand them over and they rush to their cars as the police officers bang on the other side of the door shouting to turn around and get them from the other side.

A short car ride later the group of nine boys park at Gino and Jayden’s driveway and exit the vehicles standing around looking at each other.

“Let’s give it another hour or two before we go back for my car,” says Logan to Gino.

“Agreed,” Gino says. “I want you in the house to ice that foot. I want to take a better look at it.”

Jayden just nods his head and ask, “And you better do the same to your face. Mom and Dad will kill you when they see your black eyes!”

“Good point, ice for all!” Gino begins to head to the house when Jayden asks a question.

“Can I have a minute, alone with my friends?”

Gino and Logan look unsure of this, but Jayden assures them that the fight is over.

“Trust me, it’s over Gino and Logan. No one is going to fight anymore, right?” Jayden asks raising his eyebrow.

Everyone nods their heads.

“I want to talk to Adam, Max, and Rex first,” says Jayden and adds afterwards to Leroy, “Do you want to wait out here with Bill and Chase or inside with my brother and Logan.”

Leroy answers immediately, “I am staying right here with you.”

Max helps Jayden into the garage. Jayden leading the way with Max help brings him over to sit on the workout bench, his brother Rex and Adam following him inside after. They stand around awkwardly remembering the last time that they were here when Gino paid them to kick Jayden, his younger brother in the nuts.

“I want to say first,” Jayden begins, before sighing deeply taking a moment to gather his thoughts. “I know that I owe the three of you gratitude for changing sides and helping me. I want to emphasize how much I appreciate that, really thank you. You all showed huge bravery in that, and all I can say is thank you for helping to save my brother, Logan, Leroy and myself.” Jayden’s eyes soften as he looks around the room and he can tell that he has their full attention.

“But I also have to say this. Each of you has allowed Chase to turn you into his stooges for various plans. Today was not the first day, and it won’t be the last unless all over you stop following him around like a ring leader. Let me ask all of you something now. Is that what you all really want to be? His…” Jayden thinks thoughtfully for a moment before finding the right word. “His lackeys.”

Jayden’s tired brown eyes travel between the three, but he does not give them a second to answer as he states, “You don’t have to answer me, or even change what you are doing. But you need to know, that the three of you have been mean. I guess it’s a matter of how you want to live your lives. It’s up to each of you to figure out what kind of person you want to be.”

Max comes forward first kneeling down in front of Jayden, and he’s smiling warmly. “We had a moment today, and I want to share with you that I’m going to change. I’ve learned from this. I want to start over, we used to be such good friends, swimming made us so competitive but it isn’t worth this.” Max gives Jayden a hug, which Jayden returns patting his back softly.

“Thank you Max,” Jayden whispers in his ear.

“No man, thank you for this second chance,” he brushes the hair out of his eyes.

Rex walks forward, “But Max…”

“You can choose what you want,” Max stands up putting his hand on Jayden’s bare shoulder. “But I’m done following Chase around. Things are going to be different for me. Jayden, I’ll see you around.”

“I hope so Max,” Jayden says a smile playing at his lips.

Max leaves the garage, with Rex not sure what to do. He follows his brother out looking confused.

Adam finds himself alone with Jayden, and he is not sure what to do about that. He clears his throat. “Jayden, I’m…I should go.”

“Sure Adam, but think about what I said.”

Adam nods heading to the door, but before he leaves Jayden adds. “And Adam…?”

Turning back Adam fixes him with a glare, not friendly or unfriendly but one of caution and uncertainty.


“He will never love you, if he doesn’t respect you.”

Adam’s beady eyes quiver for a moment, and his breath hitches in his throat. Adam nods curtly as he turns and leaves.

Chase, Bill, and Leroy enter the garage the sound of Adam pulling out of the driveway is cutoff by Logan yelling. “No you don’t! Park that car!”

Adam does, making all the boys snicker.

“You are not legally allowed to drive it, I will drive you home. And Gino will pick me up in Chase’s car. Now move over.”

Bill closes the door muffling Logan’s orders as he turns sheepfully to look at Jayden.

Jayden watches the three for a moment before he takes a deep breath and without preamble simply states his feeling, “I love you Chase,” and he stares directly at Chase, which makes him stop breathing.

“And Bill,” Jayden turns to face him too. “I love you too,” Jayden says. “I love each of you in different ways, but I have to be honest...both of you drive me fucking crazy. You keep putting me through so much crap. Today for instance, I didn’t know that this was a plan; and yes I figured that one out for myself. Originally I was so scared for both of you, I thought that Sam Hell and Jake were going to hurt you. I came to rescue you!” Jayden turns away from them and Leroy sits next to him putting a hand tentatively on his knee.

Jayden smiles warily at Leroy, exhaustion finally taking its toll. He turns to face the other two who look downtrodden. “And I was rewarded in my efforts by fighting my worst enemies, two of them who you kindly started fostering in your house Bill. Really no one should ever have to live with Mr. Sullivan, he’s truly a monster. But good god guys if you love me so much why do you put me through so much shit? What did I ever do to deserve this?” He asks, genuinely baffled.

Chase and Bill look at each other and surprisingly Chase answers. “Nothing Jayden, you deserved none of it.”

“You didn’t and we are sorry,” Bill adds.

Jayden looks confused looking at the two of them. “Did you two…make-up?”

“More of a truce actually,” says Chase. “It’s about time.”

“Well, at least one good thing came out of all this,” Jayden agrees.

“Things are going to be different from now on,” says Bill. “We both agreed to stop being dicks to each other, and to stop putting you in the middle. We both love you more than enough to stop doing that. No matter what you choose.”

“Choose?” Jayden’s eyebrow rises.

“If you ever forgive either of us, Bill means. We both want to peruse a relationship with you, but we agreed not to stand in each other’s way if you ever make a choice,” Chase gulps, reaching out his hand towards Bill.

Bill looks at it, and nods his head taking the offering and Jayden watches mystified as they shake hands.

“We will leave you alone now, you have a lot to think about,” Chase tries to smile, but the shirtless beautiful boy can’t quite manage it. The cool look he usually sports is lost on him after exposing himself in such a fashion. He puts an arm around Bill’s shoulders. “I’ll give you a ride home.”

Bill cringes, but doesn’t push him away as he leaves the garage gym arm and arm with Chase.

Jayden utterly flabbergasted turns back to Leroy, and shakes his head.

“So, what are you going to do? Who do you want?” Leroy inches forward his lips a hairsbreadth away.  “I know that we just started, and I’ll respect you no matter who you choose, especially since you love them.”

“I can see myself falling for you already Leroy,” Jayden’s says, his singlet gets tight in the crotch as he kisses him briefly, and pulling back. “But to be honest, I don’t know what I am doing. My head is going in a million different directions and I don’t know who to choose.”

Leroy smiles, “Fortunately, you don’t have to choose right now. Instead, let’s focus on this one simple fact: I want you,” Leroy pulls Jayden’s arms around his waist and leans in even closer to Jayden. “And I know that you want me, so kiss me already boy wonder.”

Jayden laughs, and complies finding Leroy’s lips and presses his mouth hard against his enjoying the feelings of intoxication liberation and so satisfaction all brewing in one simple kiss.

The garage door opens leading to the house with Gino sticking his head in. “I gave you five minutes. I have to ice that foot, you can kiss him later.”

“Fine,” Jayden grumbles pulls off of Leroy, who helps him stand up.

“Nope, no walking around today,” Gino scoops him up cradling him close to his chest, as he carries him through the house to Jayden’s bedroom. “You are on bedrest. Leroy while I am doing the car shuffle, make sure that he stays put, and does not move that ankle.” Gino instructs putting a pillow underneath it and slowly pulling off his shoe and sock. “I’m going to be an hour doing the car shuffle with Logan and then towing my truck back here. Jayden you stay in bed. Okay?”

“Okay Gino, I’m sure I will find something to occupy my time,” he says with a smile his hand wrapping around Leroy’s.

“I will make sure that he stays put,” Leroy confirms. “You can count on me.”

“Good enough,” Gino stands up ruffling Jayden’s hair but leans back in and kisses him on top of his head. “I’m so glad that you are okay, both of you.” Gino adds going to ruffle Leroy’s hair, but he ducks out of it.

“No one touches my hair,” Leroy declares pointing his finger threateningly at Gino. “Or else.”

Gino grins, “I can’t wait to find out what the, ‘Or else’ entails.” Gino laughs as he softly closes the bedroom door leaving the two alone at last. Leroy leans over to Gino’s younger brother and kisses him.

Shaking his head Gino runs a hand through his hair and heads to the car, it’s going to be a long few hours and by the time that he gets home to make dinner he is sure that his little brother and Leroy will have worked up quite an appetite.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna post a more elaborate comment later on, but, just for now I gotta say

This story was a wild ride from start to finish and I absolutely loved it.

-Anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anon 1,

I am so happy that you liked it, and I can't wait to hear more about your thoughts on the story!



Anonymous said...

Wow Jimmy, simply awesome story! I think there's something for everyone to love here and it's so epic!
I really love the devil boy character, he really is pretty tough. It's really hot the way he acts like his nuts are invincible even though I suspect he somtimes wants to curl into a ball and cry about his shattered manhood.
I also love Bill yurning into an evil villain...if only for a while. Suddenly Chase seems like the nice guy.

Congrats on another fabulous story.

Anonymous said...

This is one of you biggest stories to date and it really shows, Wowie did a lot of stuff happened, thus, this is gonna be my biggest comment

I felt like this really is a turning point in the series, and I'm pretty intrigued to know where the series might be going from here...

So, I wanna begin by saying that The beginning scene with Leroy and Jayden was one of the best (and hottest) parts of the entire series, I love the way the two boys battled for dominance in their love making process, and I loved how it wasn't just Jayden getting busted but also Leroy, I loved how passionate the two of them seemed to be for one another, and that's why this scene was my favorite in the entire story (Maybe even the series) and I can't wait to see the boys go for a few more round with each other now that Leroy is staying with the Jayden's family

Speaking of passionate love

Chase and Bill...

Well, unlike his little baby nuts and cock, Bill is starting to become a big dick in the series, especially with this story, not only did he manipulate
Chase to join his evil plan to then betray him in the end, plus, Jayden to come to the warehouse and get his "boynuts" almost completely destroyed by the devil boy and Jake, but he also manipulated Sam and Jake as well! Promising them a home away from Mr. Sullivan (Which I'm glad to hear he no longer takes care of any kid) but when things went bad, Bill just abandoned them in the warehouse all by themselves! And, yes, I know Sam and Jake beat the shit out of our heroes and almost broke their most proud their baby makers (And it's honestly pretty intimidating how tough and sturdy their baby makers are, especially Samvs Devil Coins) but... In the end I couldn't help but feel bad for them, after spending who knows how many years in the household of an abusive and horrible person, Sam and Jake finally get the chance to get away from him and start a new life with somebody new! Hell, I was expecting Sam hell to knee Bill in his little baby nuts when Bill told him that he wanted this to stop and then he said he wanted to hug him, but he didn't, because he was actually grateful ... And then he just left them there alone... Just like Barbra Brirr did when she left them with Mr. Sullivan without a care for their health...

By the way, I loved how dramatic they were during the match, like, going out of their way to look scary and intimidating and putting on a show for Logan, Gino and Jayden, putting on the scary black masks, the fake blood and the dramatic presentation, just like movie villains!

Anonymous said...

And now we are off Chase and his goons... Well, I guess this was gonna happen one way or another, Chase's minions getting tired of getting their bits mangled because of Chase's schemes... Good for them, the poor twins have put their family lineage in line too many time for Chase and It really surprised me when Max showed off a bit of maturity as he was the one who decided to leave the gang (I guess the Twins knocked some sense into him with their bat when he was captured by them on his last appearance)

And now Adam... Well, as much as Adam wants, no matter much he helps Chase with his schemes and plans, no matter how many times he puts his balls on the line for Chase, or how much he loves chase, I don't think Chase will return the feeling, yeah, maybe Chase sees him like a friend and he was nice to him when he helped him, but I don't think Chase loves Adam as much as Adam loves him... After all, Chase has already confessed his love to Jayden and he only sees Adam as one of his friends...but who knows if that's gonna change

Speaking of Chase, well, for once, Chase wasn't the big bad guy on this story, he didn't plan any of this, Bill did, both the main plan and the secret plan of betraying him and taking Jayden all for himself, Chase was practically stuck through the entire story, and when he wasn't well... At least it's cool that Chase is gonna chill with his rivalry with Bill... And now he's gonna let Jayden decide all by himself, a moment that really stood out to me was when Chase was holding Jayden and then he tripped trying to get to Leroy, the two of them catches Jayden and Leroy tells him to let Jayden go, and, Chase doesn't want to, he pauses, the old Chase could have very well kicked Leroy's black orbs and called him to back off, but he didn't, he let Jayden go, I don't know why that moment really stood out for me, maybe is because... I still want Chase to end up with Jayden,he seems to actually love Jayden really bad and that excuse of taking Jayden away from Gino as revenge doesn't hold anymore, Chase really cares for Jayden, yeah, Chase may have told his usual "You are a loser" thing he always says to Bill, but, you can really see Chase's character development, making me fall in love with this idiot even more

Well, whoever Jayden Chooses to stay with, let it be Leroy or Chase, as long as it isn't Bill, I'm gonna be super excited for the next stories, eagerly waiting for the next one

Fantastic story as always Jimmy, thank you so much for writing them! Can't wait for for more of your stories and projects!

-Anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,

My dear, dear friend I am so glad that you liked this story, and I super appreciate you adding your flair and making the story better. You are far too good to me. Devil Boy is so viciously mean, and it’s been fun to turn the little devil, pun intended upon the greater universe. None of the boys will forget their encounter with Sam Hell, Devil Boy or Jake.

Chase was actually kind of a hero in this story (which was very different to write). Bill’s character went through a lot and as you might be able to tell is far from over in his progression. Bill was pretty devious, but also he did do something really kind, he is now sharing his home with both Shane and Sam Hell. More on that later of course, but that is going to be a difficult transition for the Bartlett community.

You know what’s coming next, and I’ve already been writing another story which will be a lot of fun!



Dear Anon 1

Thank you for writing to me! And writing you did. I’m so glad that you liked the story. Easily this was the most difficult to write for so many reasons but it brought the arc to an exciting finish. I am glad that you are liking Jayden and Leroy’s chemistry together. Truthfully I never pictured them together until I started writing the six issue arc dislocation, and the bond between them needed to be explored. It’s a huge honor to say that that was my best in the series moment, thank you. The two characters seem very natural together, but as you could tell early on they did have some unforeseen difficulties…

Oh Bill…this was a rough day for him. He went through a roller-coaster ride, and was quite the bully himself. Was it Chase’s influence that did him in? Circumstances? Or did he just have enough? In either case, he certainly showed that he can be a tough one to mess with. Bill’s new step brother’s will change how he interacts with the other characters in the future, and he did leave them behind to take the fall; again not the nicest thing to do.
I’m so glad that you liked the side plot with Chase’s as you put it “goons.” Max went through a really big change. Jayden and Max had an important moment together, and Max tried to change the course of the story for his friends and the outcome in the match. Max’s change in allegiance will impact the “goon squad” for good. Adam however, is still just as faithful; but we can tell just how unreciprocated those feelings are from Chase. For now, Chase only has interest in one guy, and that’s our dear Jayden.

Both you and Reg picked up on that Chase started to change from his villainous ways; at least in this story. You almost wanted to cheer for him when he was finally freed and trying to save Jayden and his “goon squad.” And I’m glad that you caught that small but important moment where Chase, let Leroy take care of Jayden. That shows a big change in him.

That does bring us to…what will happen next. And it’s really the story everyone has been waiting for… “Who is Jayden going to choose?” I promise you, it is going to be a good one! An announcement on this is coming real soon!



Anonymous said...

If I can add one more thing...i really love how the Police broke up the "party" just before Logan could put Sam out of commission for good.
This way Sam can still claim that his Devil Coins are undefeated. I hope we see more of Sam Hell in future. He's an awesome character!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Reg,

I can guarantee you we will see more of Sam Hell in the future. Devil Boy is going to be a torn in the boys side for some time to come.

I am glad that you are liking this villain Reg! He's vicious, mean, and above all else he enjoys being extra cruel to Jayden and by extension now a lof the other characters in the Gino and Jayden universe.



Felix said...

I loved it!!!!!!!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Felix,

I am so glad! Writing for this site and all of you makes my day, it's a real pleasure!