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Brothers and cousins - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the fifth part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one. 

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

To avoid confusion, Logan‘s younger cousin (who shares the name Jayden with Gino‘s brother) will be called Junior in this story.

Jayden was still wincing in the hot tub, but he did admit that this was the right remedy for his swollen nuts, even if it seemed unconventional.

Recently he had somehow not managed to avoid a metal railing post and had nailed himself quite spectacularly in the gonads, unfortunately for Jayden this was not the first bust of the day or even the second. Jayden was beaten pretty thoroughly below the belt by a wrestler named Logan. Logan was the eighteen year old blonde stud of the Bartlet High School Wrestling team, and captain to boot. Jayden thought that it was a great idea to spar with the wrestling star as he had heard rumors that Logan was in fact a major ball buster. Initially, Jayden went into this with the idea of pairing up his brother Gino, a ball buster with no balls to bust, except for his own and he really wanted that to end, and soon.

Logan is perfect. He played with Jayden’s privates like a fiddle and even made him cum; unwanted in-front of the entire wrestling team. But as Jayden saw this as a test, in which he passed and made it onto the team it was well worth it. For the next time he walked into this High School he would be bringing his brother Gino, and that would be something he would want to see and couldn’t wait for.

Logan’s two cousins tried to help Jayden to the locker room, but he was a little worse for wear; and the confrontation with the metal railing really nailed it home for him. Nicely, the cousins suggested a quick dip in the pool which helped to wash off the spunk, and get rid of the mess of a wrestling outfit that Logan destroyed. Caleb, Logan’s oldest cousin even let him borrow his swimsuit but it was a little tight on Jayden. Caleb’s 12 years old and that two year difference is extremely noticeable in swimwear. Caleb’s swimsuit clung to him like a second skin, and showed off his cock which floated to the left and his bulging ball bag, which was quite large for a fourteen year old.

Caleb and Junior, Logan’s youngest 10 year old cousin left to get change, which left the battered Jayden to relax his straining muscles in the hot tub. Logan was pretty lucky to have a school with a hot tub, and two great cousins. Lucky indeed.

Caleb and Junior walked back in, both sport baggy swim trunks that hung past their knees. Jayden looked up and said, “Hey guys, the waters nice. Come on in!” Jayden splashes.

Caleb immediately enters, Junior slowly enters pausing at his crotch line but before Junior took that extra step Caleb pulls him in dunking his younger brother under the water.

“Ow! I was not ready!” Junior spits water out of his mouth. “You jerk!” Junior punches Caleb on his bicep. Junior then tries to punch him again as Jayden pulls Junior back.

“Wow, you two!” Jayden got between the battling brothers trying to stop them from doing any real damage to each other. “Do you guys always fight like this?”

“Always!” They shouted together. And Jayden never knew which cousin the blow came from but he felt all it all the same. Jayden stood in between, a hand on each boy’s chest keeping them apart when a punch meant for either 12 year old Caleb or 10 year old Junior when he felt impact smacked him straight into his protruding junk.

Jayden gasped, and the sound made the bickering brothers stop short and look at Jayden who momentarily forgot where he was, as it was so unexpected. The pain, so familiar to Jayden overtook him and he let go of the brothers to grab himself and fall back against the hot tub. “Aww man, one of you got me good,” Jayden complained.

“He did it!” They both said and Jayden couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s okay, I will recover in a bit.” Jayden nursed his boys under the water. Both Caleb and Junior forgot their fight and sat on either side of younger teen. Caleb put his arm around the boy’s shoulders and asked, “I’m not sure if it was me. I meant to get Junior, it might have been me and if so I meant to hit Junior in his tiny peenut’s.”

“I’m pretty sure that it was me, and trust me when I say that I have the bigger peenut’s I have checked,” Junior nods his head knowingly. “Anytime I hit Logan in his boy bits he always goes all cross-eyed and counts his nuts. He usually counts three.”

“Oh yeah! He does do that!” Caleb laughed squeezing Jayden’s shoulders, sympathetically. “Why don’t you check to see if you can even find Junior’s peenut’s, you may need a magnifying glass!”

“Jerk!” Junior yells, face turning red as he climbs over Jayden and jumps on-top of Caleb. The 10 year-olds foot went directly between Jayden’s legs followed quickly by a second foot, both squishing Jayden’s sore ball bag against the rough hot tub cement seat. Jayden sank under the water in renewed pain. ‘Those little feet hurt!’ he thought as the boy’s toes duh deep into his groin pinning the balls beneath his foot. Jayden hollered under water trying to lift Junior off of his nuts. Jayden sank to the bottom holding his nuts again as soon as they were freed in order to get away from the onslaught.

“Caleb!” Junior yells and points down. Caleb released his head lock on his younger brother and looks down.

“He might be drowning!” Caleb mouthed.

Both boys dove under roughly grabbing Jayden. Surprised Jayden let go of his nuts to try to reach the surface but one of the cousins hands replaced his on his nuts and started to squeeze real hard as both cousins yank him the surface. Jayden lost his breath and took in a mouth full of hot tub water before he breached the surface as he was thrown onto the pool floor. Jayden saw stars his head hit the hard cement floor as Caleb hammer blows both fists into his guts causing water to gush from his mouth. Spluttering our water from his mouth Jayden moaned trying to regain his barring while   Junior just kept applying pressure to his nuts, squishing and squashing his tender nuggets in his wet swim trunks. “Do it again!” Junior screamed, “He may still have water in his lungs!”

Jayden tried to say, “No,” but the hammer blow knocked what air went into him, right out and Jayden ended up in a coughing fit. Junior kept on squeezing, he even started to increase the pressure on the sad nuts as he twisted his grip on the testicles. Jayden thrashed on the floor. “Stop...” Jayden said hoarsely. “I’m alive.”

“Thanks to us!” Caleb shouted sitting Jayden up, his arm around his shoulders again. “You scared us half to death, we saved you!”

“I...Ugh...know.... you can let go now Junior,” groaned teen Jayden leaning against Caleb for support.

“Oops! I didn’t mean to! I was scared!” Junior whined releasing his hold on the teen’s ball bag, not even realizing that he was crushing the poor boynut’s.

“It’s okay, it happened to me once too on a Christmas morning last year,” Jayden started as the memory hit him of how scared he was of Gino and grabbed his balls instead. If only he could go back to that moment, everything would be different.  “But never mind that now. I’m just really sore. Let’s get back into the tub,” and both cousins helped him slip between the water.

“So, what’s it like?” Caleb whispered.

“What, what’s like?” Jayden asked.

“Getting hit in the boy bits,” explained Junior. “We know it hurts, we have had enough experience with Logan but he never described it to us. He thinks that we don’t understand anything.”

“I imagine that some guys just have weak nuts. Sorry, dude. Looks like you fall into that category,” Caleb rubbed Jayden’s chest sympathetically. “Right, man?”

“Trust me when I say, you don’t ever want to find out. And if I was you two, I would invest in a pair of cups, because eventually Logan will get you both back. You want to be prepared,” Jayden warned, rubbing his own testicles underwater tenderly.

“Yeah right, we are too little,” said the 10 year old. “So really what does it feel like?” The boy persisted.

“It’s a pain like no other, you get kind of woozy, you’re... “Boy bits” as you call them throb in pain, you just want it to end but then they end up all achy even if the blow to them was quick. Depending on how hard you get the boys knocked you could be down for quite some time. That’s been my experience anyways,” Jayden emphasizes as he tries to explain his ball pain to an enwrapped Caleb and Junior. “It’s hard to explain, just imagine the worst pain that you have ever felt, double it and then maybe you’ll have a small idea of what’s it like to get hit in the sack.”

 “By-the-way, be careful with Jayden’s nuts he’s our new friend,” Caleb said punching Junior in the stomach.

“I’ll give you your first hit to your nuts if you don’t watch out,” threatened Junior as he held his stomach.

“You hit like a girl, Junior! I’ll knock your boy bits into orbit if you try! I bet that you ended up crying too!” Caleb challenged.

“Now guys,” Jayden places a hand on both boys chest again holding them against the hot tub wall, “Let’s not do anything that either can’t take back. Remember how I said it really hurts? Caleb’s right. It might even make you cry.” Jayden rubs both boys chest, feeling the muscles beneath his fingers tips from the growing boys and tried to calm them down. Jayden noticed that both boys had dime sized nipples and he couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the two brothers.

“Or something else,” Caleb expresses as his eye brow raises up and down. “One time we tied up Logan in a tent and he was helpless...”

“I don’t know if I like where this story is headed,” Jayden says.

“Let’s just say, I looked some things up on the internet, and I now know what can happen now if you apply the right amount of pressure to the right places,” Caleb explains with a smirk looking down at Jayden’s crotch. “You know what I mean?”

“Oh boy,” said Jayden.

“Like what?” Junior asks curiosity evident in his wide eyes, “Tell me.”

“You’re too little, you can’t get them. Plus you wouldn’t understand, you’re a baby.” scoffed Caleb.

“Am not!” Junior stood up shaking with anger in his oversized swim trunks, which hung extra low on his small frame. Jayden grabbed him around the middle and pulled the boy down so he was forced to sit down on his lap.

“Come on Junior, let’s not get carried away, he’s just teasing you. Don’t give in to that! Trust me from one younger brother to another, he’s trying to make you mad,” explains Jayden while trying to wrestle the younger lad into compliance.

Jayden held him still as best as he could but he would not stay down, “Let me go!” Growled Junior, his anger turning on Jayden now as he struggles, and flails in the teens arms.

“No! Now I have had enough, you two need to stop being so mean to each other, and Caleb stop teasing him,” Jayden warned them.

“You asked for it!” Junior’s hands shot behind his own back slid down Jayden’s tight abs and into Jayden’s shorts unprotected shorts. Junior’s fingers probed between the netting of the swim trunks, past Jayden’s flaccid dick and to the family jewels beneath. “Got ‘em,” Junior said leaning back against Jayden’s body to keep the older lad from stopping him, and gave the boy bits a tentative warning squeeze as he rolled the balls around their sac. Jayden froze, panic seizing him as he looked into Junior’s eyes, and gulps. “Now will you let me go? Or else things will get a lot worse!” To emphasize his point Junior squeezed hard on Jayden’s nad’s for extra emphasis feeling the oversized nards in his hands. Junior explored the older teen’s nuts in his fingers, rolling them as he constricted the balls trying to make them smaller and shoving his thumbs deep into the center of each nut.

“Oh man!” Jayden breathed. “My bits, you’ve got my bits again. Let ‘em go Junior!” Jayden pleaded. “Remember that aching I was telling you about,” Jayden explained still holding back the younger sibling from getting to Caleb, which was made tougher by the constant pressure now applied to his manhood. “You’re making it happen to me! It hurts, ugh. That blinding, pounding pain is happening to me and you’re causing it! Junior, stop!” Jayden squeezes Junior’s body against his own as his eyes begin to cross.

“Not until you stay out of my fight with my brother. I’m going to kick him right between his legs as soon as you let me go. Now do it. Or do I keep doing this?!” And Junior twists the older teen’s balls apart, stretching the two balls as far apart as the ballsac would allow. One hand clutched each ball crushing the nut meat beneath as Jayden howled in agony.

“ stop, you’ve got my boynut’s, ugh!” Jayden moaned. “Ugh, Ugh! You’re crushing my boy bits!” Jayden’s voice grew higher on the word “bits,” as Junior twists the organs again.

“I’m good at this! You see me Caleb, I’ve got ‘em and Jayden isn’t going anywhere,” Junior laughed with delight as the older boy thrashed to escape his clutches. “Remember bro, these could be your boynut’s in my hands.”

“You sure do,” and Caleb cozied up next to Jayden and reached in between them. “Can I squeeze one, while you squeeze the other?” Caleb asks. Caleb’s hand slides down into Jayden’s swim trunks and he grabs Jayden’s cock, slowly rubbing it up and down waiting for his brother’s answer. Jayden twists to see Caleb, mouth dropping open in surprise as he moans from Caleb’s caress.

“No! Don’t!” Jayden pleads coming to his senses. “Bad idea!” Jayden tries to not get an erection, but Caleb’s flicks his thumb against the head and he gasps, “Fuck.”

“I’ll only let you Caleb if you promise me that I’ll get to be the first person to hit you in the boybit’s,” Junior says.

“Deal! I want lefty though. It will be the easiest ball for me to hold,” explains Caleb. Junior nods, excitedly as he gets to later bust Caleb. The agreement between the brothers’s made Jayden’s heart sink. Junior releases the ball, but the nut was quickly re-grabbed by Caleb. “I wonder which of us can crush his boynut’s the hardest? Also his nut is so much bigger than mine!”

“Everyone’s bigger than you Caleb, and I agree! We should have a contest!” Exclaims Junior with joy.

“Absolutely!” Caleb high fives his brother as each Kruger boy bares down on their assigned testicle.

“No, guys! My peanuts! I don’t want you to crush them!” Jayden let’s go of Jays middle and tries to pull Caleb and Junior’s hand off of his nuts. The brothers use their free hands to pin them by Jayden’s side as they work on the sad sack between Jayden’s legs.

Jayden cries out in agony, as the two brothers watch him struggle in their grasp. Eventually Jayden tires and succumbs to the pain, and exhaustion. Early he fought and lost against Logan Krueger, Wrestling Captain and now he was in danger of losing to the younger generation: Logan’s two younger cousins. “My bits are doomed,” Jayden groaned.

“Your boynut’s are ours,” Caleb claims triumphantly. “When we become wrestling stars like Logan, we will do this all the time.”

“Ugh, Ugh, I bet,” Jayden struggled and finally using both legs managed to shove Junior off of his lap. Jayden used his free hand to shove Caleb off and desperately climbed out of the hot tub.

“Don’t let him get away!” Junior sputtered coming up for air.

“I’ve got him,” and Caleb kicked Jayden right between the legs knocking the damaged goods against Jayden’s abs with a wet smack. The balls pulsed in Jayden’s sack as he stared down at Caleb’s toes as they retracted from between his legs. Jayden went to reach for them but Caleb’s foot sneaked in between his fingers and punted him again. This time Caleb also managed to kick the erect head of Jayden’s cock.

“My dick...” Jayden fell to his knees clutching himself.

“Nailed him,” Caleb walked around to watch the damage on poor Jayden’s face. “We are better at this than Logan, that’s for sure.”

Junior joined his brother Caleb, “Let’s do the leg thingy!” Jayden excitedly says jumping up and down and grabbing by Caleb’s arm.

“Sure!” Caleb grabs Jayden in a full Nelson from behind leaving Jayden’s nuts completely unprotected.

“Have you, you know? Shot?” Caleb whispered in Jayden’s ear. “I can’t quite yet, but I bet you can. All I get is that tingly feeing,” Caleb explained whispering in Jayden’s ear. Caleb forced Jayden onto his ass, and wrapped his legs around Jayden’s waist and using his feet to press Jayden’s thighs apart leaving him wide open for his brother Junior to do some real damage. “I’ve got a really fun idea to do to you,” whispered Caleb in Jayden’s ear. “I think that I can make you cum if you can. Let’s find out!”

Not wanting to be left out of the action Junior grabbed both of Jayden’s ankles and sat down in front of teen wiggling his toys just next to Jayden’s protruding bulge. Delicately at first Junior began working his foot between Jayden’s outstretched legs and tentatively begins by tapping on Jayden’s nuggets. “A wet bathing suit is perfect for kicking, you can see the boynut's outlined and everything. See?” Jay explains tapping his foot against Jayden’s wet sack, tapping both of his nuts. “Let’s see what I can do!” With that Jay begins to sink foot kick after foot into the wet outlines nuts. Junior’s kicks were dead on and nailed the wet basket with each kick into the older teen’s balls.

Jayden’s nuts throbbed worse than ever and he knew how little his pleading meant to the two boys, but laid out like this he couldn’t do anything but moan until Caleb said, “Stomp his nuts Junior and pull on his feet, use them for leverage. I’ve looked this move up its called gas pedaling, I think that it’s very effective.”

“Sure!” Junior said with glee as he pulled back Jayden’s ankles as far they could go and rubbed his feet in between the teen’s thighs crushing the balls and with his toes pushing and pressing the penis down too. ‘Might as well, hurt it all,’ Junior thought as he used his toes to pinch the top of penis head. ‘I bet that hurts! Look at the faces that he is making!’

“You have to stop Junior, or I’m going to... Ugh, Ugh, Ugh!” Jayden’s body presses against Caleb’s and along his back he feels the Caleb’s penis, which is hard beneath him. With Caleb’s legs wrapped around Jayden’s body he uses his feet to feel around Jayden’s torso and then pressed his own feet next to his brother’s so the played a foot crushing game between them with Jayden’s cock and testicles stuck in the middle. Four feet rubbed at his swollen cock and balls and Jayden was shuddering, trying to hold it in as Jayden began to lose control from all the contact to his twig and berries. The constant pressure, the relentless stomping, and squeezing really took a toll and Jayden shuddered, “Caleb and Junior...guys, you have to stop...I can’t...ugh.” Jayden spasm in Caleb’s clutches as the swim team entered the locker room area. Jayden opened his mouth to call out for assistance, but was too late. Jayden’s penis throbbed as Caleb squeezed the head and jerked it roughly against the smooth wet bathing suit meshing and Jayden couldn’t help but shoot forced to orgasm by another Kruger. Jayden moaned as he shot in his wet bathing suit, with balls throbbing and four feet continually rubbing his pulsating cock.

Caleb felt between his toes a shooting pressure and knew that Jayden must be coming, and he leaned against Jayden’s neck into his ear. “Feels pretty good right?” Caleb smirked he pressed his own body against Jayden and he could feel Caleb’s erect penis against his skin along his back. “Looks like yours is not dry like mine, I can feel it between my toes,” Jayden unwillingly kept firing no longer able to stop until finally his orgasm abated and Caleb let him go allowing Jayden to curl up into a ball.

Logan walked over to his two cousins, “You two were supposed to be helping him! Does this look like help?” Logan said annoyance in his voice as he bent down to look at Caleb, then grabbed his arm and pulled him up from the ground to standing. “That’s not ‘help.’ Caleb. You are the older one I expect...” whatever Logan was going to say was lost when he sees where Caleb’s hand is.

Caleb reaches up and grasped onto Logan’s family jewels and squeezed hard, surprise and red coming to Logan’s cheeks as his boys are squeezed. “I am doing a very good job at it.” Caleb warns watching his younger brother sneaking up behind Logan and nodding his head, with a wink. “We all agree,” and he looks backwards as if looking for his younger brother. “Where is he?” Caleb asked as he let go of Logan’s balls.

Logan breathing a sigh of relief, glad that for once it was a quick bust with these two cousins of his.  Logan went to continue with his lecture but was interrupted again with a solid kick from behind from his youngest cousin, which sent Logan down to all fours before he even knew what hit him.

 “Oh there he is!” Caleb laughed as he watched Junior kick Logan again. The wet smack echoed throughout the pool area as he nailed the wrestling champ right in balls twice in a row. “Go ahead ask Junior, he thinks we are doing a great job with your new recruit,” Caleb patted Logan’s cheek as he stretched in front of his cousin. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go help poor Jayden get home to his older brother Gino. Right Junior?” Caleb smirked.

“Absolutely!” Junior hollered kicking Logan’s nuts so hard that his toes felt the bottom of Logan’s abs when the nuts bounced off of them.

“Ugh! My dingleberries...Fine, I don’t care. Just be careful! Yup, you got all three!” Logan groaned clutching his aching nuts.

“Always do,” Junior smirked as they hauled Jayden out of the pool by the armpits, dragging him to the showers, while the teen moaned and groaned the whole way.

Logan stayed on the ground for a while, his teammates laughed at his predicament being busted by a couple of kids. 


An hour later Jayden collapsed on his couch, both Caleb and Junior are cookies at the bar in Gino and Jayden’s kitchen talking amicably with the Gino and Jayden’s Mom.

“It’s too bad you missed Gino, I’m sure that he would have loved to meet such nice boys, and I just got off the phone with your Mom, such a lovely woman and it’s all set up. Jayden would love to babysit both of you! I’m sure that he will be feeling better by then, the poor kid stomach ache.”

“Oh yeah, real bad,” confesses Caleb with a mouth full of cookies. “He should stay on the couch for a good long time.”

“I’ll take care of him.”

“Yeah, his poor tummy hurts him a lot,” Junior nodded his head knowingly. “He’s happy to finally be home.”

“Yeah, he had one heck of tryout session,” says Caleb. “I’m glad that we will be seeing him again soon when he comes to our house this Friday, we will have a lot of fun, right Junior?” asks Caleb as he muses with Junior’s hair in all directions. “Junior gets scared of the dark.”

Junior stares daggers at him until Gino and Jayden’s mom looks his way and he smiles, “Caleb’s such a big kidder, but one of these days I’m going to kick him right back,” Junior smiles devilishly.

“You two remind me of my boys so much, they used to fight for days on end! My stars! Look at the time! Why don’t you to run along home? Jayden will watch you two on Friday! Take care now!” Gino and Jayden’s mom waves as the two boys leave her home.

Gino pulls his car into the driveway walking up the drive and kissing his Mom on the cheek, “Who are those kids?”

“Oh, they are Jayden’s newest responsibility. He’s babysitting them on Friday night, your brother is under the weather. Stomach ache! Poor boy!” I’m going to head to the store to buy him some ginger ale, saltines, and tums can you watch over him until I get back?” She asks.

“Of course Mom, I will go and check on him now. I know just how to soothe a tummy ache,” Gino grins heading into the house.

“I really have the best kids,” and she walks towards the car as the front door slams shut Gino heading straight to the couch to help out with Jayden’s sore tummy.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I hope that you like the continuation of the Gino and Jayden saga. I’ve really enjoyed writing these stories, and it’s because of Alex that I’ve gotten back in the writing game. The next two Gino and Jayden stories are finished and will be published soon, and just so everyone knows I’ve heard your requests for Chase’s character to return and I am working on that one now. Have a great weekend everyone!



Felix said...

Hi Alex! Just wondering what celeb you'd like to see in my next story. Well written btw Jimmy

Mickey said...

Gosh I absolutely adore this series - especially when Logan's cousin got him by the jewels, there is something so erotic when the over confident guy get busted to a gasping mess on the floor. The more I read the more I really wish for a Gino Logan interaction :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Felix,

Thank you! Judging by the polls on the story board I think that you know some celebrities who are considered quite popular. ; )

Hi Mickey,

Gino is absolutely going to meet Logan and it’s going to be quite epic. To be truthful I always saw that interaction as the building point to where the Gino and Jayden saga was headed. That story took me the longest to write because I wanted to get it right. So, hang tight it’s already on Alex’s calendar and will be coming out. In fact it will be here sooner than you think...



Anonymous said...

That was super hot!

I can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

I’m glad that you enjoyed the story, the next one is coming soon! I’m super thankful to Alex for giving me a place to write the stories.



Anonymous said...

Awesome story Jimmy! I can't wait for Gino and Logan to face off! I only worry if Gino's balls are tough enough.
I also wonder Gino's nads measure up vs Logans haha.
I can't wait for the return of Chase. When Gino kicked his balls right out of his speedoes it was one of the hottest things i ever read. Chase is a great character because he's really mean and cocky, like a teenage villain, whereas Gino and Jayden are both very likeable. Chase is just asking to be beaten and humiliated
It would be great if Chase gets to compare his balls with Jaydens. I'm sure Chase is proud as hell of his budding boyhood and convinced that he outranks the rest of the swim team (despite what Gino said) !
I can't wait for more of your stories!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

First, thank you so much for writing to me. I really appreciate feedback, I find it really helpful to the writing process. I hope that you enjoy the clash of Gino VS Logan, it was long in coming and in truth I struggled with it.

I’m glad that you look at Chase as a villain, I personally feel that he is one as well. His story is going to be darker than any story that I have done so far as Chase’s character deserves that type of story. I’m writing it right now and currently working on the ending.

I’ll make sure to ball comparison in there just for you, that also sounds like a great scene/moment to write. And you are absolutely right, Chase is quite proud of his assets, even if Gino doesn’t think that he measures up:

Alex has gotten me back in the writing game, and I’m planning on continuing to churn some out!



Anonymous said...

Wow, i'm glad you see chase in the same light.
I am actually working on a story of my own with some guidance from alex and i hope to have it finished in next weeks. All the best,
Call me Reg:-)

Anonymous said...


My pleasure. Also, I can’t wait to read your story! Let me know if you would like any help, or to bounce ideas off of me. I love working with fellow writers. Villains are fun, and Chase absolutely does not see himself as a villain. He thinks that he is the in fact the victim, and he wants sweet, sweet revenge. Good luck writing!



Anonymous said...

Jimmy, My email it would be fun to share ideas with you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Reg,

Mine is

I look forward to corresponding with you!



Anonymous said...

That was so hot! Love to see these boys dominating and milking older guys! Please more!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment. I’m far from done with Gino and Jayden saga, you can expect at least three to four more stories with featuring the brothers. I’m glad that you are enjoying them!



Anonymous said...

I would love to see them humiliate older men too, like Logan's hunky father! It would be so hot to see an older man in a situation where he's begging to not be made to cum but completely lose control of his cock in front of a bunch of boys !

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment! I don’t have a story focusing on an older man losing control of his cock while being busted and cumming. I will keep that in mind and see if I can work that into a future story sometime!