Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (52)

It's funny because your best buddy is not going to have kids!

Here are some of my favorite clips featuring guys hitting each other in the nards just because.

If your buddy is clowning around you can always go one better and hit him in the nuts. That's an international rule.

Never ever spread your legs when you're fighting with a buddy. Not even if the guy you are fighting is the nicest guy in the world, not even if you're just play-fighting. Never. Ever. Spread legs = nut punch. That's just the way it is.

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You gotta admire a guy who films a series of clips called Intese Nutshot 1-3, right? These guys know how to have fun!

Popping balloons is fun! And it's even more fun when you don't just pop a balloon but pop a testicle in the process!

Skip to 4:37

The guys in the final clip have built a contraption that might be inspired by one of my all-time-favorite videos: a nut kick machine! They use it to punish our protagonist for laughing at funny clips the way you do. After trying it out on his ass a couple of times, they go all in and aim for the main prize: the testicles. There are several nutshots in this one, and I love the clip very, very much!

What's your favorite clip featuring guys hitting each other in the nuts for fun? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending me an email (!


Felix said...

Hi Alex. Just wanted to tell you that I've sent a story to you via the contact form widget on the left of the blog. Please tell me whether it is fine or not and whether I can send more in the future. Yours respectfully, Felix

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Felix! There seems to be problem with the widget: your message hasn‘t reached me! (I have deactivated the widget for now.) can you send me your story per email ( I‘m very interested! :-))

Felix said...

Hi Alex! I had no backup for the story so I will try to re write it from memory.

Alex said...

Oh no! OH NO! I‘m so sorry that your story is lost. I hope recreating it isn‘t too much work! :-((

Felix said...

Thanks for your kind words, Alex. Hope you have received the email.

Alex said...

Hmm. I haven‘t received it yet. Maybe another technical issue... Can you try I‘m sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your effort and your patience! :-))

Marcus said...


Big fan of this website and the original videos to make. Any chance you are able to recover the videos from the YouTube channel painandcardgames?
Great ballbusting in underwear :)

Anonymous said...

Marcus' comment made me curious, so I did a Google search. I didn't find any full videos from the channel, but I think some of the clips in this compilation are from there:

Anonymous said...

Déjà vu mais j'adore !

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

I remember the channel painandcardgames but I don't think I have the videos... :-/

@anonymous (1):
Thanks for the link! That's one of my all-time favorites! :-))

@anonymous (2):
Merci bien! :-))