Friday, January 17, 2020

Daddy's boys: Camping trip (written by Oscar)

Our reader Oscar wrote this wonderful ballbusting story. I hope you'll enjoy it as much a I did! Hint: If you want a sequel let Oscar know in the comments section. If you enjoy this story and you want more he might be persuaded to write another one... ;-)

It was day three of the camping trip and David was growing tired of the constant bickering between his 18 and 19 year old sons, Jack and Adam. It had been eight months since his wife passed away and things had been getting back on track, but he was convinced after the last three days of the trip things were going backwards.

“Dad, Adam got crumbs all over the side and he hasn’t cleared them up”

“Dad, Jack just threw something at my head, I don’t know what it was but it really hurt”

It went on relentlessly. David came up with an idea to remedy the situation by forcing the offending son pay a forfeit administered by his sibling.

So Jack would say: “Adam just kicked me in the leg” and David would reply:

“Adam, you have to let your brother kick you in the leg”

On one occasion Jack abandoned his washing-up duties to poor a cup of dirty dishwater over Adam as he sat on the sofa.

“Jack!”, David yelled, “you have to allow your brother to pour a bucket of ice water over your head”

The remedies were always related to the original offence and both his sons had enough respect and fear of their father that they would always obey, even with some protest.

It was the last night and David was tired. His sons had been bickering all day on the PS4 and he laid on the sofa staring up at the ceiling, silently cursing the lack of peace he was able to get throughout this vacation.


“Dad, Jack just killed me”, making reference to the game.

David knew he had to come up with a remedy, a punishment for Jack to endure, but he wasn’t really focusing so he just blurted out the first thing to come to his head

“Jack,” he began, “you have to let your brother stand on your nuts”

There was a silence. All three tried to process what was just said. David was trying to process it himself

“Did I really just say that?”

He noticed that his sons were now stood over him as he laid there looking upwards at them

“Dad?” asked Jack

David had two choices, he could either change his mind or follow through with it. He spent the next few seconds balancing up the two options up in his head:

Can I really make them go through with it?

Is this going too far?

WIll they respect me if I back down?

“Get them out Jack!” he said as he pulled himself up for his horizonal position, signalling his intention to oversee what was about to happen.

“But…….what the fuck?”

Few things annoyed David more than bad language from his sons. Especially in his presence, he viewed it as the height of disrespect. He shot a look at Jack who flinched, instantly regretting what he said. David stood and glared at his son for a few seconds before walking over to the table.

“Jack, Adam. Come here”.

David surveyed the large 14 ft solid oakwood table that stood in the middle of the dining room. He had no worries that it would hold Adam’s weight as David himself was stood on it only last night to change the lightbulb that hung over it just last night and he had a few pounds on his son. The table was steady as a rock.

“Okay, this is what’s going to happen”, David started, he noticed that Adam was grinning from ear to wear while Jack was walking over at a snails pace, with a look of absolute fear on his face. “Adam you’re going to stand on the table, and Jack you’re going to rest your nuts on the table and Adam you’re going to stand on them for 10 seconds”

Jack stood over the far side of the room. He was frozen. David repeated the instruction, this time in a louder voice. Jack was to know he wasn’t in the mood to be disobeyed. He scuttled over to the table to join his dad and his Adam.

“Get on the table Adam”

Adam began to leap up before his dad barked “Take your shoes off first!” at him.

As Adam was crouched on the floor untying his shoes, David began to give instruction to his other son. As he was doing so he began to regret the punishment as disproportionate but he was in too far to back down now.

“Okay young man, pull your pants down.”

“But, I can just undo my…”

“Okay young man, pull your pants down” - his voice was louder than the first time.

Jack pulled his pants down, he turned around to check behind him, he saw his own butt in the reflection of the window that was behind him. He looked down at his manhood and then looked up at his father, desperate for a change of heart but he saw his Dad starting disapprovingly at him. He took the few steps required to the table,

“Spread your legs so you’re at the right height to rest your balls on the table. And pull that dick out of the way, I don’t want to see that”

Jack spread his legs and rested his balls on the table. His brother was already on the table, having taken his shoes off in seconds.

David was impressed by the size of his son’s dick but would never dream of saying so.

“Okay Adam I want you to listen”, David said, “using the heel of your foot you’re to stand on Jack’s balls for 10 seconds. Once I say ‘done’ you must stop and get off the table at once. Is that understood?”

“Yes Dad”, Adam replied

David could see Jack was shaking, maybe even sobbing. He couldn’t imagine the pain he was about to put his son through, but he would be undermined if he changed his mind now. There was no going back.

Adam walked over his brother and quipped: “Dude, I can’t believe I’m looking at your dick, this is so gross.”

“Adam, get ready. In 5 - 4 - 3 -2 - 1…..”

The high-pitched scream that came out of Jack’s mouth must have been heard for miles around. It was a quiet resort where the sound of wildlife can be heard for miles, Jack’s painful cries definitely echoed throughout the neighbouring lodges.

Almost immediately Jack visibly lost the ability to support himself with his own legs, the only thing keeping him up was his brother’s right foot that was pinning his nuts directly to the table.

David looked down and could see that Adam was primarily standing on Jack’s left testicle, there was some pressure on his right but the left was definitely taking the brunt of the pressure. It was purple and as close to flat as it was probably possible to go. David made a mental note to look up treatment for ruptured testicles online immediately after.

So fascinated with it what he saw he forgot to count. Approximately 7 or 8 seconds had already passed before David remembered the count.


Jack released a muffled groan, which was all he could manage as the pain coursed through his body. He was sweating profusely and on the verge of blacking out, yet after the initial shriek he found himself physically incapable of producing anything from his voice box


David kept a steady pace, he didn’t want to put his son through this longer than he had to, at the same time he didn’t want to count fast and undermine the punishment.


“That’s 7 future kids I’m killing” - snorted Adam as he began to twist his foot to grind his heel primarily into his brother’s left teste.

“Adam!” yelled his Dad, not impressed by his other son’s gloating. “That’s enough!”

Adam smirked inwardly, knowing that he’d extended the time by a few more seconds.


Jack could taste blood. He was dead on his feet. His pain was excruciating. He didn’t know what a ruptured testicle felt like but he was sure his had.


Adam was now standing on one leg, putting all of his weight on his brother’s nuts.

“.....1……..Adam, that’s enough”

Finishing on a flourish Adam jumped up in the air, landing not on the left testicle that had beared the brunt of the force throughout as he intended, but instead landing with the ball of his foot inadvertently landing on Jack’s right testicle, that had primarily escaped any punishment.

“Adam!” David barked, “don’t jump on table”

Adam apologised and climbed down. He stood over his brother who was now collapsed in a pile on the floor. To gloat Adam started doing star-jumps over Jack. David didn’t approve but he did find it funny.

He went over to the freezer and pulled out a bag of frozen corn and threw them the otherside of the table, it struck Adam on shoulder and landed next to Jack on the floor.

“Ouch!” protested Adam

“That’ll teach you to be so cocky”

Jack was dry-heaving on the floor.

“Dad if he’s sick on my feet, I’ll…..”

David told Adam to move away from his brother. He stood there watching him in silence until the heaving stopped and he was sure he wouldn’t vomit on the floor. He considered telling him to put his ass away, but decided he was probably incapable of movement. As soon as the retching succumbed to deep sobbing he retired to bed and instructed Adam to do the same.


The next morning David rose early, at 5am, as he always did. Jack was still on the floor, during the night he had rolled onto his back. His pants were still around his ankles. He was snoring.

David bent kneeled down onto the floor. His son was aroused, he must have been having one of those dreams. He surveyed the damage, he gently touched his left testicle and Jack groaned in his sleep but didn’t wake up, the pain he endured last night must have meant his body shut-down into a deep sleep.

David stood up to make breakfast.

“At least you won’t have to attend any little league games, son”, he smirked to himself as he started making himself is morning coffee, knowing the odds of Jack ever having children was now about about 50 times less likely than the ground coffee beans turning into wine.


Andrew said...

I liked the finishing flourish of the the jump.

Anonymous said...

Great story although a little cruel;)
I would love to see a sequel.
Could you describe how the boys and their dad look (height, build, features).
Maybe David is secretly jealous that his sons get more sex than he does.
Adam seemed pretty happy to knock Jack down a peg, so i guess the boys are super competitive, and maybe Jack is usually more cocky and dominant.
I imagine Adam will laugh at his brother for having weak nuts, and the dispute could escalate until David steps in and proposes a way to settle the argument.
It would be quite hot if his dad-nuts get attacked also. I wonder how they compare to his teenage sons' haha

Lenny Bennu said...

Great story! Really hope to read more soon :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a sequel to this

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story. I want a sequel, would be great if the dad bust his sons or if the sons how a way of rebellion bust their father's balls

Anonymous said...

a delicious story! I loved! too hot! please continue with this story. I would love to see the father being hit by the balls and hitting the balls of his children. children being kicked!

Anonymous said...

Hi Oscar,

What a fun little family story. I am in agreement with everyone else, we want to see this family again! I imagine that the two brothers will contribute to misbehave. Daddy has to show them who’s boss!

Can’t wait to read more!



Anonymous said...

Great story. More please. Boys will be boys after all and a good father has to punish them each and every time they misbehave.

Anonymous said...

Will you make a sequel

Русский Парень said...

let both brothers get hit in the balls with a bat. or their father.