Saturday, January 4, 2020

Best of the busts: December 2019


If you have been following this blog for a couple of months you might know that I am a huge fan of our  ratings feature that enables you to leave feedback quickly and easily. At the bottom of each post you can rate it on a scale from awful (1 star) to excellent (5 stars).

Many of you have left their votes and I encourage you to use the feature because it helps me understand which posts you like and which posts you don't like. Of course I'm always trying to make my readers happy, and you can count on my desire to give you more of the stuff you like and less of the stuff you don't like... :-)

Now let's have a look at last month's posts. If you haven't read every single one of them you might want to check out one of the top picks...

The three top rated stories of December 2019:
Christmas week - a Gino and Jayden story
(written by Jimmy)
average rating: 4.83/5 (12 votes)

Family jewels: Sacktap trap
average rating: 4.63/5 (16 votes)
Christmas Eve - a Gino and Jayden story
(written by Jimmy)
average rating: 4.60/5 (15 votes)

The three top rated "Video links" posts of December 2019:
Boys just wanna have fun (51): 4.50 (4 votes)
Christmas nutcrackers (6): 4.25 (4 votes)
Golf nuts (2): 4.17 (6 votes) Original Videos: 
"Training day: Ballbusting and cumkicking" - Trailer and description: 5.00 (7 votes) + 7 one-star-ratings*
"Training day: Ballbusting and cumkicking" - Extended trailer: 5.00 (4 votes) + 5 one-star-ratings*
So much love for "Training day: Ballbusting and cumkicking": 5.00 (3 votes) + 2 one-star-ratings*

"Toby's ballbusting world of sports": Trailer and description: 5.00 (6 votes) + 7 one-star-ratings*
Everybody loves "Toby's ballbusting world of sports": 4.86 (7 votes) + 11 one-star-ratings*
"Toby's ballbusting world of sports": Extended trailer: 4.63 (8 votes) + 10 one-star-ratings*

* Someone is trying to make a point by rating posts about our Original Videos down multiple times. Point taken. Why don't you go somewhere else and take your destructive energy with you? (See here.)

My personal pick:
Jimmy's Gino and Jayden series (Christmas Day (your rating: 4.32/5 (22 votes)); Christmas Eve (your rating: 4.60/5 (15 votes)) and Christmas week (your rating: 4.83/5 (12 votes))) is a wonderful contribution to this blog, and I love all of his stories very much. I can't tell you how happy I am that he is continuing the series - you have something to look forward to!
And as The B Factor continues I am enjoying my collaboration with our reader Jason very much, and while his story Sweet revenge (Elimination #5) (your rating: 2.60/5 (15 votes)) wasn't liked by everybody I really appreciate his contribution.

And what's your personal pick?
As I said, I always try to make my readers happy. Let me know what you liked about last month's stories, and I'll try and give you more of the same! What's your favorite story of December 2019? And what did you like about it?

Just leave a comment or send me an email (

And don't forget to rate the posts. It's just one click. :-)


Jason said...

You are sweet Alex, but "wasn't liked by everyone" is an understatement. People pretty much hated my story :) Thanks anyways! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

You can’t please everyone in your writing. I’m glad that you wrote your story, even if it was not well received. Keep writing Jason! Hating is better than indifference. Which means that they had strong feelings about your story.

I’m writer to on the blog, as well as Alex and I believe that we can all agree that not everyone will love your work, but it feels good to keep writing. Keep it up!



Jason said...

Thank you Jimmy for the kind words! :)

Nud said...

Hey Jason,

I wasn't a fan of your story there either, but don't consider that as I never want to see you write ever again. I complain about Alex's stories all the time that I'm sure he must be tired of it, but I'm still here reading his blogs and stories(and proceed to bitch about it some more.) Some of us haters wouldn't voice our discontent if we didn't believe it could be improved. There're many writers that I simply ignore because I don't think they can/will improve.

Write more, Jason. And try to explore your story potential too. Unless I'm somehow convinced that you cannot give me story I'd enjoy, I won't count you out.