Friday, December 6, 2019

Christmas Day - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is a wonderful holiday story written by our reader Jimmy. It is the first of a series of holiday themed stories that will be published in the coming weeks. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one. 

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

It was Christmas morning and Jayden, a thirteen year old boy was waiting as patiently as he could for his big brother Gino, who just turned seventeen on Christmas Eve the night before, to wake up. Jayden’s light brown skin was very smooth to the touch, and was the color of light caramel. Gino and Jayden’s parents had been an interracial couple so Gino’s coloring was taken from his mother a smooth creamy white, while his younger brother was a darker richer burgundy from his father’s side. The boys shared a bedroom, in their three story house, the bedroom was located on the third floor which the parents thought was a good idea and would keep the boys home at night.

​Jayden decided that he could no longer continue to sit at the bottom of his brother’s bed. Jayden grabbed his brother’s shoulders and shook him gently awaken his from his slumber. Gino made some light sleep noises and rolled over onto his back taking the blankets with him. Gino had gone to sleep the night before in his usual attire, boxer briefs and nothing else. Jayden marveled at his older brother body, his tight swimmers muscles rippled underneath his skin as Gino’s chest rise and fell. Jayden placed his right hand over Gino’s heart, pinching the nipple underneath with his hand. Again Gino, mumbled in his sleep as Jayden caressed his older brother’s nipple. Jayden’s hand glided down Gino’s body over his brother’s tight muscles, a wicked idea brewing in his head. Jayden swirled around his brother’s belly button, wondering if he had the balls…to follow through with his spontaneous plan.

​Jayden’s lips curved into a smile, his heart beating rather quickly as he started to move his hand past Gino’s belly button, his brother’s light brown treasure trail led him to the elastic band of Gino’s American Eagle boxer briefs. Taking a deep breath, Jayden slipped his hand under his bother’s red stripped boxer briefs and exhaled as his hand found Gino’s impressive cock and balls. Jayden began to explore the length of Gino’s cock, rubbing his hand up and down Gino’s immense shaft, which began to swell in Jayden’s grasp. Jayden whistled as beads of sweat began to form at his temples, his heart began to move faster, and his hand quickened, moving up and down his brother Gino’s cock. Gino moaned deeply in pleasure at his brother’s touch, his hips buckling upwards, pumping into Jayden’s hand. “Wow,” Jayden breathed out, his voice cracking as his brother’s lips parted and moaned again.

​In truth Jayden did not know what to get his brother for Christmas this year, and after overhearing Gino’s phone conversation to his friend Francisco, that he could really use a good hand job before his next swimming meet, the day after Christmas, Jayden knew just what to do. Gino moaned again, as his eyes burst open as his awareness came back to him. “Jayden,” Gino’s deep groggy voice moaned, “What are you doing?” Jayden’s eyes widened at the look Gino gave him. Gino was looking really pist off. “Jayden,” Gino moaned again unrestrainedly, “you have to stop right now.”  Jayden was frightened by his brother’s reaction, he knew that his brother could beat him up real badly, as Gino always won when they rough-housed in the past. Jayden did the only thing that made sense to him he let go of Gino’s cock and grabbed Gino’s balls instead.

​“I’m sorry,” Jayden stammered as his hand palpitated Gino’s nuts. “I just thought…I just thought that, that’s what you wanted!”

​Gino’s eyes bulged as Jayden’s grip really began to sink in and Gino moaned this time in pain. “My balls…” Gino groaned. Gino’s cock still continued to swell as Jayden’s right hand worked over his brother’s nuggets. “Jayden, let them go!”

​Jayden tried to do what Gino asked as his fingers worked over Gino’s scrotum, however he could not pull his hand away and at his brother’s pleas he just squeezed the balls in his fist even harder. “I’m sorry! I don’t…I don’t know what I am doing….” Jayden stammered as he worked his thumb deep into Gino’s right nut.

​Gino hiccupped in pain as his eyes rolled up in his head. Gino’s head hit the headboard behind him as the pain intensified in his sac. Never before had Jayden and Gino ever hurt each other below the waist, it was an unspoken rule that they both followed. Gino’s hands curled around his sheets, as his balls screaming in pain. Gino groaned again opened his eyes, seeing stars from the bump he took from his headboard. Gino almost forgot about what was happening until Jayden put his left hand down Gino’s pants as well, apparently so each of Gino’s balls could be separated. “Oh no….don’t Jayden,” Gino said squeamishly.

​“I really want to give you your present Gino, do you promise me that you will just lie back down and give me a chance okay?” Jayden seemed to gain some confidence in himself as he watched his brother’s reactions to the ball treatment that he gave him. Jayden felt a control that he never felt before, and he had worked really hard to give his brother a present and he knew that his brother wanted this. “Gino, trust me and relax,” Jayden said. “You’ll enjoy this, now give up.”

​“Jayden! You’re crushing my nuts. Ungh, ungh, you have to let my balls go!” Gino grumbled. Finally Gino sat up and grabbed Jayden’s wrists trying to pry his younger brother’s hands off of his nuts. Jayden realizing what Gino was doing was almost helpless under his brother’s strength. Jayden did the only thing that he could think of and squeezed his brother’s nuts even harder than ever. Jayden kept up this death grip on Gino’s balls trying to outlast Gino. Gino tried as hard as he could to get Jayden to release his nuts, but his grip was so tight on his balls, Jayden’s fingers were like daggers digging into his nuggets, crushing them completely. “Ohhh God,” Gino groaned in pain as his balls felt completely lost to him.

​“Gino. Do as I say! Let go of my hands, your balls are mine unless you give up! Nothing that you can do will make me let go!” Jayden exclaimed triumphantly.

​Desperate Gino searched his brother Jayden’s brown eyes for some kind of sympathy and saw none. Gino knew that when Jayden set himself to a task that he would see it through until the bitter end. However Gino was quite proud of his enormous packaged and he was not going to let his younger brother Jayden best him and do whatever he wanted to him. Gino was after all the older more powerful brother, and he would not be best by his snot nosed barely teenage brother. It was time to go on the offensive side of things, after all Jayden had a set of nuts too.

​Jayden stood over his brother Gino, smug in his victory, knowing that Gino had no choice but to give in. Gino took in his brother’s appearance. Jayden was wearing his Batman onesie pajama’s, which was made from soft felt and would offer very little protection. Gino swung his hand up hard right between Jayden’s legs, aiming at the soft mound that poked out between his brothers legs. Jayden’s smiled faulted as Gino’s fist pounded into the deep center of his younger package. “Two can play at this game of yours, Jayden,” Gino said through gritted teeth, as Jayden still held onto Gino’s balls.

​“Oh,” Jayden whispered as he watch his brother’s fist swing back up and straight into both of his young nuts again. Jayden’s smiled disappeared completely, as the pain started to rise from his young nuts into his stomach. “Gino! Ow, wait, wait, don’t!”

​Jayden fumbled with his words as Gino pulled back his fist again, and now Gino almost smiled in a grimace as he sent yet another punch into Jayden’s sac this time missing his nuts and nailing Jayden in the dick. “Mmph,” Jayden mumbled through his lips as Gino brought back his hand and threw it with all his might into an uppercut right into Jayden’s ball bag. With a resounding THRAWK! Jayden balls were crushed between his pelvic bone and Gino’s fist. Jayden’s body moved upward with Gino’s uppercut into the air as Jayden was forced to let go of Gino’s nuts, and flew backwards onto the rug covered floor. ”Awww no,” Jayden whimpered grabbing his nuts and curling into a ball and rolling around the floor in pain. “My nuts…” Jayden groaned.

​Gino immediately put his hands into his underwear and grabbed his own nuts, checking to make sure that they were not broken or damaged. Gino took many deep breaths as he fell back onto his bed cradling his balls. Gino rolled over onto his side so that he could watch his younger brother, while nursing his injured boys. “Jayden…why did you do this?” Gino asked.

​“I…ohhh my nuts…Gino….I can’t…find them! My nuts are gone!” Jayden cried out!

​Gino panicked, knowing that if he broke his brother’s nuts that his father would for sure kill him. Gino got up quickly and lifted his brother off of the floor and carrying Jayden into his bed. “It’s okay Jayden, I will find them!” Gino promised as he pulled down Jayden’s pajama PJ bottoms. Gino saw Jayden’s cock which he noticed was much bigger than the last time that he saw it; maybe it would even be five inches if erect. Gino felt around his brother’s ball sac searching for his brother’s balls.

       “Gino…please help me…” Jayden whimpered.

​Gino rubbed two of his fingers across Jayden’s empty sac and gently pressed one of his fingers around underneath the flap in Jayden’s skin. Jayden moaned out loud as Gino started to fumble around searching for his bother’s missing nuts. Luckily Jayden’s balls popped right back out as Gino curved his finger a little deeper. Jayden smiled and sighed in relief as he felt his balls reappear right out into Gino’s hand, the pressure on his balls beneath his skin alleviated because of his older bro.   Jayden closed his eyes, sucking in air, finally reassured that his balls were safe. “Got em,” Gino said as he examined Jayden’s balls between his fingers making sure that they were okay.

​“Thank you,” Jayden whimpered. Jayden rubbed his eyes with his hands and put his hands behind his head, eyes still closed. “My nuts okay?” Jayden asked with a slight concern in his voice.

​“They look good bro, a little swollen, which is to be expected,” Gino laughed.

​“I guess I got a little carried away?” Jayden asked.

​“Yeah, you could say that,” Gino answered as he continued to rub his brother’s balls, softly. “You are really growing up Jayden, these things used to be the size of marbles,” Gino laughed.

​“Really? I sure hope they get to be as big as yours,” Jayden said wishfully. Jayden’s balls were still swollen, but as Gino rubbed his balls the pain died down to a dull throb instead. “That’s really helping, here let me do that to you too,” Jayden said stretching out a hand towards Gino’s boxer briefs.

​“No, I don’t think so,” Gino said grabbing Jayden’s extended hand and pinning it down above Jayden’s head with the other. Jayden’s PJ shirt, followed suit exposing his brother’s smooth belly button. “I think that maybe you deserve a little bit of the rough treatment for a while,” Gino explained to Jayden, “Only fair, bro.” Gino smiled at Jayden’s surprised face. Jayden looked down his stomach at Gino’s hand which was caressing his nuts. “Jayden, I think that you belong on Santa’s naughty list, what do you think?”

​“Gin…o…your not going to…hurt my nuts…are you?” Jayden pleaded. “You already got me so badly. Please.”

​“Well Jayden, I think that you certainly did this to me,” Gino emphasized his words with a squeeze to Jayden’s balls. “And this,” Gino poked his thumb deep into Jayden’s right nut. “And then you squeezed really hard like this,” and with that Gino clamped his hand around both of Jayden’s balls like a clamp, and making sure that his other hand kept Jayden’s hands firmly trapped above his head.

​Jayden whimpered softly as his balls were being worked over by his more powerful older brother, whose grudge for revenge was finally going to be carried out. “Gino wait! You don’t understand, all I wanted to do was give you a hand job! That was my Christmas present to you”…ugh, ugh, ugh, “I panicked when you woke up and I went for your balls”…ugh, ugh. “I’m…sorry Gino…” Jayden pleaded.

​Gino thought this over as he rubbed Jayden’s balls painfully. Gino decided to mix things up and squeeze one nut at a time, first the let, then the right, and back and forth. Squeeze and let go. Squeeze and release. “Why?” pondered Gino. “Why would you give me that?”

​“Because I heard you on the phone with Francisco! You said that you wanted one,” whined Jayden on a particularly hard squeeze to his left nut.

​“Well, that’s true. But that did not mean I wanted you to, plus there is no way I will ever let you get that close to my nuts again,” Gino squeezed Jayden’s nuts really hard to make his point.

​“Ohhhh man…my balls!” Jayden moaned. Jayden’s arms lay limp, his legs like jelly, the only thing he felt were his balls being crushed by his older brother. Gino noticed that Jayden no longer struggled to get him to release his hands, and so Gino let them go and instead started to rub Jayden’s cock with his now hand, and continued to squeeze his brother’s gonads with the other.

​“Tell you what; I think that my Christmas present is going to be to make you cum painfully. Ready bro? Well I am,” Gino said as he rubbed his brother’s cock which turned hard almost instantly.

​Jayden moaned again this time in both pleasure and pain. Jayden has never before had anyone touch his dick like this and he was really enjoying it. Jayden finally opened his eyes and gazed at his older brother as Gino pumped his cock faster and faster. Gino switched things up with Jayden’s nuts and started to flick them, first the right and then the left as he pumped Jayden’s cock. Gino smiled up at Jayden knowing full well what was happening to his brother.

​“Gino…I’m gonna...something’s happening….unnnnnghhh!!!” Jayden moaned out in ecstasy as Jayden began coming all over his Batman’s PJ’s. Jayden’s cum kept flowing for ten more seconds before letting up and Gino let go of his penis, and twisted his nuts one last time before letting them go, making sure his nuts were good and empty. Jayden held himself as he watched his brother stand up and pet the top of his head.

​“Was that your first time?” asked Gino.

​“Ummm yeah….” Jayden said pulling off his cum soaked shirt and tossing it into the clothing bin. Jayden started to pull up his PJ bottoms and then stopped checking out his cock and balls. “Does anything change?” Jayden asked holding his PJ bottoms,

​“Yeah, this is really gonna hurt,” and with that Gino punched Jayden his fist slamming into his naked balls.

​Jayden fell down to his knee’s and cupped his balls in absolute agony. Jayden fell to his side and groaned in serious pain.

​“Getting hit in the nuts hurts a lot after you cum,” Gino laugh as he nudged his big toe between his brother’s fingers and squashing the left nut against the carpet. “Merry Christmas, Jayden!” Gino continued to laugh as he walked out of their bedroom to take a shower before they opened their presents.


Anonymous said...

Loved the story. Hope Jayden will get his revenge soon.

Anonymous said...

I loved this story, I would love to read more from them two, maybe have them play Roshambo or just fight!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous and Anonymous,

I’m the writer of the Gino and Jayden Series, and yes it is a series. I have multiple parts which will be coming out within the next few weeks as the stories take place around Christmas. So much more to come! I’m glad that both of you have enjoyed it so far!



Anonymous said...

Man, wish I had brothers...

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Don’t we all! Although I don’t know if this would have been like your future relationship with him, but one could hope! I’m glad that you liked the story!