Saturday, December 28, 2019

So much love for "Training day: Ballbusting and cumkicking"

Our latest clip Training day: Ballbusting and cumkicking has been at the very top of the clips4sale ballbusting charts for several days now, and your feedback has been absolutely amazing!

Here are a few voices:
wow that was fucking hot!! more of him please
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Love the part when he chokes Elis and knees him repeatedly. These two are perfect together and this definitely one of my favourites vids.
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Fantastic. I love the knees! More of them please
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Cute guy with nice balls. Good action.
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Toby is just wow !
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Wish i had this master at my home
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Great. Love seeing [Elis] being busted.
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Such a lucky boy
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wow this is the hottest you've been in a video
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If you haven't checked it out yet here's all the information that you need:

Training day: Ballbusting and cumkicking
Starring Toby Springs and Special Guest Star Elis Ataxxx
Length: 15 min
Price: $15.99
Quality Guarantee:
Get the clip now at!
MP4: 631 MB
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Anonymous said...

Hi! Would you mind doing a face reveal, Alex? Also, when did you first learn you like bb?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I have been into ballbusting ever since I can remember. I have always enjoyed seeing men get hit in the nuts. And my avatar is as close to a face reveal as you‘ll get. :-))