Saturday, December 21, 2019

Family jewels: Sacktap trap

Yesterday's story was a little brutal so I thought it would be nice to follow it up with a more light-hearted one right away. Due to popular demand here is another chapter of the Decker family's adventures...

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Cock knock

“Stop it!” Colin laughed. “Dad! Grandpa! Stop it!”

The 20 year old stud was laughing uncontrollably as his father and his grandfather were taking advantage of very precarious situation that Colin had gotten himself into.

The old treehouse in the garden, the one that Colin’s grandfather Bob had built 40 years ago, when Kenneth, Bob’s son and Colin’s father, had been a little boy, had been abandoned for a couple of years.

The men of the Decker family had deliberated what to do with it for months. There was a lot of sentimental value attached to it: Kenneth had played with it, Colin had played with it, and – unbeknownst to Bob – Kenneth had lost his virginity in it. And a few years ago – unbeknownst to Kenneth – Colin had also lost his virginity in it. To cut a long story short, there was a lot of sentimental value attached it.

But it was in desperate need of some serious repairs. In the state it was in right now it wasn’t safe to play in for Colin’s future children.

Kenneth had quipped that Colin’s children weren’t a done deal just yet, punctuating his joke with a punchline that lived up to its name, literally punching his son’s ball bag with a quick, hard uppercut. With Colin writhing on the ground, Bob had intervened on his behalf, delivering a forceful kick to Kenneth’s nuts and a message: “Don’t mess with my great-grandkids, son!”

After some more playful nutpunching and jocular cockknocking they had called a truce and decided to do some much needed repairs.

The wooden ladder and little porch had all but decomposed so they leaned a ladder to the tree and went in through the window. Being the youngest and the most athletic, Colin went in.

Unfortunately, with Colin halfway inside the tree house, the Decker family’s boyish antics were back on full display.

Things started innocently enough, with Kenneth and Bob springing a good-natured tickle attack on Colin while he was vulnerable, his upper body inside, his lower body hanging outside.

But the tickling made Colin squirm and writhe which caused the window frame to collapse, trapping him in this position while Kenneth and Bob were standing on the ladder, holding on to his lower body.

“Grandpa! Dad!” Colin laughed. “Stop it, please! Stop it!”

His father and grandfather ignored him, chuckling as they worked their fingers all over Colin’s abs.

“Do you think his feet are ticklish?” Bob asked Kenneth with a grin.

Kenneth chuckled, shrugging his shoulders. “It’s worth a try…”

“Nooo!” Colin protested, struggling helplessly as his grandfather took off his sneakers and threw them away.

“I think the answer is yes”, Bob quipped as he started tickling Colin’s socked feet, eliciting roars of involuntary, exhausted laughter from his grandson.

Colin’s father roared with laughter as he smacked Colin’s ass, making him yelp in between fits of laughter.

“Let’s turn him over”, Kenneth suggested, laughing.

“What?!” came Colin’s panicked voice from inside the tree house. “No! Please, no!”

The treehouse creaked and squeaked as Bob and Kenneth turned Colin over, holding him in place, suspended mid-air.

Inevitably, Bob and Kenneth focused on a new target now, Colin’s bulging crotch. His ample genitalia was outlined in the fabric of his sweat pants, and it was quite obvious that Colin wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“I think that’s what the young people call a dickline”, Bob quipped, playfully sending his palm down, flattening the juicy package.

Kenneth let out a laugh as Colin screamed in pain.

“I was wondering if you had him circumsized”, Bob continued as Colin kicked his legs, grunting and groaning in protest. “But I guess this answers the question.”

“Chop-chop”, Kenneth laughed, slapping Colin’s nuts cheerfully.

“Stop hitting me in the dick!” Colin squealed in a comically high-pitched voice, slightly muffled by the fact that his upper body was stuck in the tree house.

Kenneth and Bob roared with laughter.

“Okay, son”, Kenneth grinned. “We’ll let you go if you identify the three out of the next five punches.”

“What?!” Colin protested. “Who said anything about five punches?!”

His father and grandfather ignored him.

Kenneth winked at his father, and Bob smacked Colin in the nuts as hard as he could, making Colin wail in agony.

“Who was that?” Kenneth asked cheerfully.

“This is ridiculous!” Colin groaned but he couldn’t but chuckle.

“Need another example?” Kenneth asked playfully.

Before Colin had a chance to reply, Bob smacked his nuts again, eliciting another shrill squeal.

“Dad!” Colin blurted out, his voice cracking. “It was you, dad!

“Nope, that wasn’t your dad”, Bob laughed. “That was me.” As if to prove it, he slapped his grandson’s balls once again, hitting them hard.

Colin screamed in agony as his father and grandfather roared with laughter.

“Number two, maybe you can get it right this time”, Kenneth laughed. Once again, he nodded at his father.

Bob sent his palm down, crushing his grandson’s nuts with a resounding smack.

Colin let out a wail. “Now, that was dad!”

“Wrong again, young man”, Bob declared cheerfully.

“Boy, you’re bad at this!” Kenneth laughed. “Next try.”

Bob winked at his son. Then he smacked Colin’s nuts, using his knuckles this time for variety.

“Dad!” Colin howled. “Now, that was you.”

Kenneth and Bob roared with laughter.

“Get your act together!” Bob laughed. “You suck at this!”

Colin let out a grunt.

“You realize that you can’t win this any more, right?” Kenneth chuckled. “So there’s no harm in me telling you, son, that these two punches are from daddy with love.”

From inside the tree house came a frantic grunt. “Da---”

Colin was rudely interrupted by a picture perfect punch to the nuts that was quickly followed by another one that was just as effective.

Colin screamed from the top of his lungs as the pain washed through his body.

“You up for another round?” Kenneth asked cheerfully.

“Best of ten”, Bob suggested, to the roaring laughter of Kenneth, and to strident protests from Colin who started kicking his legs fraantically.

Before they had a chance to put their plan into action, though, the rotten wood gave, and the tree house collapsed, sending all three Decker men tumbling to the ground.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the collapse, and the three men roared with laughter.

“I guess the treehouse is history”, Bob chuckled.

“Yeah, just like my grandkids”, Kenneth chimed in.

They laughed.

“I’m gonna get you back for that!” Colin threatened, grinning from ear to ear. “I’m gonna get you back! Your nuts are going to pay!”


Danny Storm said...

So hot definitely hoping for some traces of cum next time tho!

Ballbuster said...

Is a funny story and i loved it, but would be great that Kenneth and Bob also be busted for the next time.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story and I‘ll think about your suggestions! :-))

Anonymous said...

Nice part but first one was better. More mutual ballbusting please, no one-sided fights... Thanks.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,

This was actually my favorite story of the family yet! The one sided Ballbusting was refreshing, and a great turn in the story. It’s unfortunate that the tree house fell down so early, but we know one person who was VERY thankful that it did. Can’t wait for more!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy! Your opinion means a lot to me! :-))