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Testicular examination - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the ninth part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one. 

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden has three questions running through his brain on this bright and warm spring morning as he lies on his hospital bed:
  1. I’m a fourteen year old boy that has been hit far more times in the boy-nuts than normal. Why me?
  2. How do I keep finding myself in surreal situations like this?
  3. How will I get revenge on my big brother, Gino, that started this whole mess?
Jayden is wearing a hospital gown and nothing else. The loose sheeted gown feels totally absurd on the growing boy. At his age Jayden is uncomfortable when it comes to showing his body, even though he has a very athletic, swimmers build, and he has been putting on a lot of muscle due to his new wrestling training. Without underwear, Jayden’s genitals clearly protrude away from his body, his heavy sack of nuggets are clearly outlined by the thin material, and his semi-hard penis sticks up and to the right. Jayden stares down at his equipment wondering if everyone else will notice the outline of his cock and balls. At least he can feel proud of one thing; he knows his young testicles really are bigger than Chase’s!

Chase! For sure the worst part about being stuck in the hospital is having Chase for company. By some twist of fate the two of them have ended up sharing the same room and Jayden feels especially peeved about this. The two competitive boys have been squabbling and taking pot shots at each other for most of the morning and are both a little worse for wear, especially down south.

Chase is a mean jerk at the best of times. He has been trying to belittle and make fun of Jayden for most of the morning and is constantly bragging about his wealth. This is even reflected in his choice of hospital attire. His gown is made of pure silk, which drapes across the young swimmer’s athletic frame. The silky gown showcases not only the boy’s impressive penis and nuts, but also his nipples and outie belly button. He is almost a year older than Jayden and in many ways it shows. The firm muscles on his developing chest and square shoulders are clearly outlined through the fine material. As Chase paces around the room the silky fabric glides across the head of his penis as it rocks back and forth, keeping his cock aroused. His young gonads are visible too, swinging purposely between his legs. They have grown quite a lot recently and Chase loves to grope and fondle them when he’s bored. It’s also a few days since he unloaded them and his blue balls have resulted in, if possible a worse mood than usual. At least he has one thing to look forward to today! He smirks to himself as he watches the clock tick down.

Professor Smith; Jayden’s science teacher is scheduled to come in to do a physical examination on Jayden in just a few minutes. Chase had met the Professor on the previous day when he came to perform a medical check-up on Jayden. Chase had noticed the doctor’s enthusiasm as he inspecting Jayden’s twig and berries and had calling him a “dirty pervert” for a laugh! Now he couldn’t wait for the old man and his students to get their hands on his rival. If Chase’s dream comes true, they’ll be extra thorough with Jayden’s tackle.

Jayden gulps, as the door opens noticing Chase’s smirk as Professor Smith walks into the hospital ward followed by a rowdy group of students.

“Now class. this young male is Jayden. He’s fourteen years old, and in the midst of puberty. He has recently been in a little accident so please be careful with his hands and head. Luckily for our young volunteer, we will not be going anywhere near those parts today. Instead our focus will be on his reproductive organs, especially his testicles.”

With a flourish of his hands the fifty-five year old doctor pulls up the sheeted gown up to the boy’s navel revealing Jayden’s assets beneath his honed abs.

Jayden gulps in horror, his heart thumping in his chest as the entire room stares openly at his nakedness. His face blushes red and he tries to avert his eyes so he does not have to look at any of the male college students who are all gazing at his manhood. Jayden’s eyes find Chase who is smirking meanly across at him. He sees him mouth the word, “Loser;” under his breath as he strokes his cock under the silky gown.

“Oh my! These testicles seem to be rather red, and a little bloated. Jayden how did this happen?” Asks Dr. Smith.

Chase laughs, which causes everyone look at him for the first time.

“Who’s that Professor?” Asks one of the students.

“That’s young Chase DiPetrio. His father sponsors our program, and luckily for you’ he’s the reason we get to explore Jayden today.”

Everyone in the room turns their attention back to Jayden, his nudity openly on display.

“Well, it’s kind of a long story,” Jayden starts to answer as his voice cracks. The guys in white lab coats snicker looking at each other and then back to Jayden.

“You will remember that I said that Jayden was in the cusp of puberty. A changing of one’s voice is symptom of that. Keep going Jayden. You were going to tell us about what happened to your testicles.”

Jayden’s mouth turns, if possible, even drier as he hurriedly blurts out, “I got in a fight with a friend. I mean former friend of mine,” Jayden glares across at Chase and the rest of the room begins to put two and two together. “And he...he hit me with a baseball ball, right in my boynuts, I mean testicles!” Jayden blushes.

The male college freshmen could not help but snicker and laugh at Jayden as he tells his tale. Jayden closes his mouth wishing that this day was over already.

“At least I got him back though, his boynuts...”

“Just call them balls, idiot!” Chase interjects, he rolls his eyes and gropes his bulge “I don’t have boy-nuts anymore!”

Jayden’s skin is on fire as he gives Chase a death glare, hatred pouring from every pores.

“And don’t worry Doc, these big balls are just fine!” Chase says. “That kid hits like a girl.”

Chase slaps his own balls for emphasis then grimaces as he knocks his nuts a little harder than planned.

“Let’s take a quick look,” Professor Smith suggests as he drops Jayden’s hospital gown and lifts Chases hospital attire completely off of his body, the light material collects up near Chase’s shoulder and everyone in the room can now see Chase’s rigid dick. Chase doesn’t even get a chance to protest as Professor Smith scoops up both of Chase’s slightly swollen balls and rubs the sac together.

“You will notice immediately that 15 year old Chase’s body is further along in development than Jayden’s. A year really makes a huge difference at this age”

Chase shrugs proudly then grins meanly across at Jayden who is still glaring across at him with a face like thunder. But it seems the Professor is not quite finished with his assessment of Chase yet.

“Well well well! But this is rather unexpected!” The Professor sighs and frowns “Now as I feel the contents of Chase’s scrotum it’s immediately clear that both testicles are actually slightly smaller than Jayden’s. Now considering the age gap, it’s almost certain that Chase’s gonads will always be smaller than his well-endowed young friend here.”

Jayden’s face suddenly lightens up as he watches Chase’s manhood being neutered metaphorically by the comparison to his own bigger set.

“Bullshit!” Chase croaks in protest “My nuts are fucking big. Jayden’s balls are swollen, you just said it!”

“Calm down, Chase, your, um, boy-nuts are quite normal!” The professor chuckles then whispers in the boy’s ear “I’ll teach you to call me a pervert, young man”.

Chase’s face turns ashen white and his eyes turn in desperation to Jayden who can’t help but smile back at him.

“So Professor, are you saying that my boynuts...I mean testicles are actually larger than Chase’s?” Asks Jayden innocently.

“Haha yes indeed” the Professor winks as he gives Chase’s balls a hard squeeze then extends his other hand until he has both boy’s assets in his hands. Then he turns back to the class.

“Now class, you will also notice that Jayden’s young penis is also a little bigger than Chase’s. I must say Jayden, if you carry on developing at this rate you’ll end up dwarfing your friend’s four incher here!”

“Four-incher! Mine’s way bigger than that!” Chase argues his face turning crimson with shame “I’ve got six and a half inches when I’m rock hard!”

“Now young man, I have the proper instruments if you really want me to check?” Professor Smith chuckles as he continues to play with Chase’s nuts, rolling them around his silken sac.

“No, I...Ugh. Not so hard, please! Anyway, my balls aren’t the ones being examined today. Jayden’s are, for fuck’s sake” Chase twists and writhes in Professor Smith’s grip his thighs quaking, his forehead creasing. Chase moans and tries to grasp the hands that are fondled and squeezing his young plums.

Professor Smith grins, “Oh didn’t you know, your father volunteered you as well. See I asked to compare two volunteers near the start and end of puberty. Sadly you don’t quite fit the bill, but you will have to make do.”

Professor Smith ignores Chase’s furious protests as he continues to fondle the teenager’s male anatomy.

“My, agh, dad did what!?” Chase spits, anger clouding his eyes. “I’m going to kill him.”

The professor ignores him as he addresses the class.

“Jayden is in my high school senior advanced placement biology class at Bartlet High School. He’s quite intelligent for his age, and I think he will more than likely go onto college early after this year if he wants to. He made a great subject before during one of my recent lessons and I’m sure he’ll make a wonderful test subject with us today. Let’s get to today’s lesson. I want each of you to get a feel of what’s it like to examine another’s testicles. You will be searching for any lumps, bruises, contusions, or irregularities. You can be quite thorough in your examinations as his parents have signed a waiver. Jayden is a very healthy young male specimen, and his reproductive organs, like any other male, are quite easily stimulated. Now watch me,”

Dr. Smith releases Chase’s balls and places a camera in front of Chase and moves over to Jayden and does the same to him. Both boy’s manhood’s are displayed on large monitors to the entire freshman class.

“Jayden’s balls really do look bigger!” says one of the freshman.

“Right, looking at those nutsacks I would not have guessed that Chase was older,” says another.

“Still, I bet they’re both bigger than yours” laughed another.

“Now for those in the back who can’t see well you can watch on your computer screens. This recording will be available for all to review our examination after the lesson.” Dr. Smith explains as he pulls on two latex gloves on each hand with a quick snap that makes Jayden jump.

The professor reaches forwards and gently takes hold of each of Jayden’s testes, one in each hand. “You need to get a good feel for the testicles. Each pair that you come across will vary in size, shape, and texture. Roll them between your fingers like so. Make sure to knead the testes keeping a good strong firm grip on them. This is slightly uncomfortable for the test subject, but as Jayden has emphasized in his story he doesn’t mind having his testicles roughed up a bit.”

“Wow, that’s not what I meant....”

“Don’t be modest Jayden, I’ve seen you’re wrestling matches. Your testicles always seem to bounce right back, you are a very resilient young man. Anyways, after you get a good concept of each testicle make sure to check the tubes that run from each ball. Whoops! Sorry about that Jayden. In my old age, I sometimes get a little careless. If the penis gets in the way, like it is for me now you may give it a few strokes like so, that usually begins the process of an erection which keeps it out of your way.” Dr. Smith explains rubbing the head of Jayden’s semi-hard cock a few more times until it is fully erect and towering skywards. Jayden let’s out a slow groan as air squeaks out from between his teeth. Jayden takes a quick look around the room, and sees that the freshmen have an almost hungry look to them. Jayden can tell that they all can’t wait to get a turn.

“Now back to the testicles, as you can see that penis of his will stay out of our way for a while now. Once you have examined each tube go back to the scrotum and focus on moving the testicles throughout the sac. See how far apart you can pull the testicles and really explore the scrotum. It’s important to see how pliable a good scrotum is so that when you see other scrotums in the future you can compare them to Jayden’s healthy set here.”

“Dr. Smith, I have a question. What happens if you accidentally squeeze Jayden’s boynuts...I mean his testicles,” the freshman finishes with a smirk.

“Great question, Nathaniel. I would say that it is important to squeeze each teste. The oval organs are usually about the size of large olive but can be a range of different sizes. They are secured by the spermatic cord at the end of the testicles. Most men have a set of two, others may only have one; which is uncommon. I have seen others that have a few extras; very rare. Now I’m going to move over now so that each of you may have a turn.”

Nathaniel was the first up to approach Jayden, his enthusiasm is evident in his rush to pull on his white gloves. Nathaniel reaches forward to grab Jayden’s nuts. Jayden’s eyes widen as Nathaniel crushes the balls in between his fingers, one hand of each of Jayden’s boynuts. Jayden sucks in a lungful of air as Nathaniel places each of his thumbs directly in the center of the ball and presses downward. “I see what you mean Dr. Smith. Jayden’s testicles don’t seem to have any deformities,” Nathaniel says leaning forward to end with, “Yet,” in a sadistic whisper.

Jayden looks over at Chase and sees his rival in the hands of a burly blonde hair boy whose arm muscles strain as he crushes Chase’s balls.

“Get off my nuts!” Chase snarls helplessly. His eyes meets Jayden’s and they share a look of utter pain, and defeat.

Jayden’s eyes grow wide as he turns back and groans, eyes glossy staring helplessly as Nathaniel takes his turn.

“Should we twist them too?” Nathaniel asks as he rotates the plump testicles again, watching the fragile nut cords stretch in a painful spiral.

“Not typically!” Dr. Smith laughs.

“Fuck me...” Jayden whimpers. “Is his turn over?”

“Just about,” Nathaniel muses as he tickles Jayden’s scrotum and rubs the top of the boy’s dickhead. “Look Dr. Smith the boy seems to be leaking pre-cum.”

“Very normal for a teenage boy Nathaniel, but if I remember correctly he was always a leaky faucet. Some boys pre-cum far more than others, and Jayden is way above the average in that area. It must come from his overlarge testicles,” Dr. Smith explains leaning the camera in to show the class the clear liquid drops falls from Jayden’s cock.

“Hey Zac,” Nathaniel calls over to his friend working over Chase’s balls.

“Yeah,” Zac answers.

“Do Chase’s balls leak pre-cum, too?” Nathaniel asks.

“Not yet, but his nuts are kinda small. Not sure if they can,” Zac laughs, winking meanly at Chase.

“They’re bigger than yours, dickhead” Chase growls then turns to Jayden.

“Jayden, when we get out of this...ugh. Not so hard, you Neanderthal! We have to get Gino back!” Chase’s head hits the hospital mat. “Fucking hell, my fucking nuts!”

“You got it Chase, as long as...oh god. Don’t touch that! That’s private!” Jayden groans.

“I think that the pre-cum adds an extra stimulant when rubbing his erect penis,” Nathaniel adds.

“I would say so. Your thumb moves quite easily across the head of his erect penis. Jayden seems to take quite a lot of pleasure by that, now if you will be so kind Nathaniel let’s let Jeffery take the next turn, after all we have 29 other students that need a turn. You too Zac.”

“Of course Dr. Smith,” Nathaniel and Zac answer. Nathaniel flicks Jayden’s engorged dickhead making Jayden jump as he steps back with a wink. Zac makes sure to block the camera then powers a fist into Chase’s sorry balls making him grunt and curl up in agony.

And on it went. Each of the thirty freshman boys took a turn rubbing, squeezing, twisting, and pulverizing Jayden’s and Chase’s testicles. When the thirtieth and final freshman walks forward Jayden and Chase’s equipment are both redder than ever and more stimulated from the constant attention. The last freshman wore a doctor’s ear loop mask covering the bottom of his face and a doctor’s hairnet. Clearly, he is trying to get into character. Jayden was so out of it and over stimulated that he didn’t recognize the man in front of him as his balls were once again held. This individual did something different. Instead of crushing the balls in one hand or jacking Jayden close to an orgasm the hands were gentle, and encouraging. Some of the aching that Jayden has been feeling for the past forty-five minutes begins to dilute as his testicles are rolled around in their sac tentatively, with a gentle tug every now and again.

Jayden leans over to stare at Chase and sees that the last freshman is playing with not only his young boynuts, but Chase’s also. This is the first time that one of the freshman has explored both boys at once. Jayden could see that the look on Chase’s face was mimicking his own, Chase was feeling pleasure.

The freshmen who were used to hearing Jayden’s and Chase’s groans and moans of pain are caught off guard. Jayden and Chase are now gasping in pleasure as their boy testicles are being fondled. Jayden for the first time looks up and finds the brown eyes staring back at him, and recognizes the boy as he winks. It’s his brother, Gino. Of course, it’s him. After all wasn’t this Gino’s plan all along. Jayden goes to warn Chase but he sees his rival already knows what’s happening.

“My balls, you can’t...” Chase stammers.

“Shh Chase, we all know how this ends. Ready or not, here you cum!” Gino whispers.

Gino continually plays with Jayden’s and Chase’s nuggets, but occasionally uses his hand covered in lube to rub slow semicircles across the lips of Jayden’s and Chase’s engorged dickheads. Jayden and Chase gasps of pleasure, moaning loud in the quiet room drawing the attention of Dr. Smith who was explaining the differences between the testicle that hangs lower than the other. Dr. Smith looks up into Jayden’s face and sees the look of longing, the hint of pleasure, and the longing or release.

“Faster,” mouths Nathaniel staring at the boys.

Dr. Smith looks around the room and sees the evident erections of many of his freshmen class as they gaze at Jayden and Chase whose naked forms from the waist down, both showcase their young fully erect penises, as the boys quiver beneath Gino’s experienced touch. The class gaze at the pure arousal of the boys as they writhe in pleasure on the beds. “You seem to know what they like,” Dr. Smith says.

“I should,” Gino smiles underneath his doctor mask. “I’ve made both of them cum before. Also, this one is my own brother.”

Gasps ring out across the room. Just as Jayden let’s out a monstrous groan, his back arches, his hips thrust, and his eyes that never leave Gino’s boar into him as he bites down on his bottom lip as he begins to lose control. Chase’s whole body vibrates as he reaches over and grabs Jayden’s erect cock rubbing it and his own. Jayden and Chase groan as both boy’s let loose a volley of cum. Both of Dr. Smith’s cameras are sprayed with jizz as the freshmen cheer. Jayden and Chase keep pumping, as Chase jacks them both off while Gino squeezes their young balls. Jayden’s eyes see stars as they roll back in his head as his seventh volley is being manhandled from his cock. Just when it looks like Jayden is done, his eyes pop open and he lets out an animal squeak and his cock vibrates and he starts firing again. The second orgasm claims the young teen, his whole body thrums with energy and euphoria, as Jayden squirms out his second batch of seed. Jayden pumps out three more bursts before finally falling back against the hospital bed gasping air, groaning in the afterglow of his first double orgasm.

Chase releases both dicks and grabs his chest, his heart thundering beneath his fingertips as his cock leaks a bit of cum and his whole body becomes comatose.

“Well done,” Nathaniel claps Gino on the back. Gino whose eyes never leave his young brother pulls Jayden’s balls back down after they have descended back to the base of his cock. Jayden groans in frustration as his balls are forcibly being retracted away from the base of his cock, where they usually rest after post orgasm.

Chase smirks at Jayden’s boynuts being forced back down until Gino does the same to him, and he cries out in shock, and humiliation as his nuts are forced back into his ball sac. “Fucker, I’ll get you for this.” Chase whines.

“Something for you to remember this day by,” and Gino twists Jayden’s and Chase’s nuts 360 degrees around. Jayden and Chase’s bodies seems to leap up in the air as the boys moan in agony before Gino gives each boy a quick one two punch. The punches rain down on Chase and Jayden’s recently empty ballbag’s, slamming their nuts into the bases of their recently firing cocks. Jayden and Chase curl up into balls on their hospital mats finally able to protect their nutsac’s which are covered in bruises. Exhausted, Jayden and Chase lay against their hospital beds eyes cross, moaning into their pillows.

“Fuck...” Jayden growls. “My nuts...oh man...fuck...”

“Oh good God,” echoes Chase. “My balls!”

“Well, that wraps up the lesson!” Dr. Smith walks towards the door but just as he grabs the handle, he hears Nathaniel ask.

“Dr. Smith should we really leave such an opportunity to examine a pair of testicles that have just had not one, but two orgasms in a row?

Could we compare them to the other set that were only emptied once? Think of what we could learn from this! It would be a shame if we didn’t at least see if there is any changes to the testicles in Jayden’s and Chase’ scrotums.” Nathaniel smiles down at Jayden grabbing his recently drained balls. “I think that I see a learning moment here, wouldn’t you agree?” Asks the freshman as he threatens Jayden’s recently emptied balls by hovering his thumbs over the center of each nuts dangerously, waiting for Professor Smith’s response.

“No way...” Jayden croaks. “I can’t take any more of this.”

Dr. Smith turns back to Nathaniel with an intrigued look, “Hmm OK. Let’s see what young Jayden and Chase have to show us.

“Someone please clean the lens of those cameras. We have more work to do.”

Gino snickers at the look of surprise and fear that cross Jayden’s face as the twenty nine freshmen put on fresh new white latex gloves and line up for the next examination of the recently drained boynuts in Jayden’s sac. Chase attempts to get up from the bed, but Gino slams his fist into Chase’s nuts ending Chase’s attempt to escape. “Where are you going? You have to help out in the name of science.”

“Bastard!” Chase gasps. He looks down at his pitiful nuts. “My balls! You’ve ruined them. They will never be the same after this.”

“Not yet...” Gino smiles grabbing the boy’s balls “But I’ll see what I can do.”

Chase gulps as new pain begins to vibrate in his balls.

Meanwhile, Jayden gulps in fear as stares up into Nathaniel’s face, “Please man, my boys can’t handle anymore...” Jayden can’t finish as Nathaniel’s grip begins tighten and squeeze. Nathaniel digs his thumbs downward deep into the center of each trapped nut. Jayden silently screams as his balls flatten in Nathaniel’s grip.

“We have to keep going Jayden, for science;” Nathaniel smirks. “Just think how much learning will get done in this room when each of us has another turn with your bloated sac of ‘boynuts.’”


Anonymous said...

Aweome story, Jimmy. I can't wait for more from this series. Looking at the votes so far, you seem to be the Donald Trump of the ballbusting world...loved and loathed in equal measure haha. Keep up the great work, you have a passionate fan base. Reg

Anonymous said...

Amd i love the bond of suffering that forms between Chase and Jayden. Genius! Reg

Anonymous said...

Hi Reg,

I can always count on you for the love of my work! Thanks Reg, I really appreciate it. Gosh, I do seem to get night the love and the hate. You know what they say about hate right? It’s a strong emotion, so at least my stories are stirring up something!

I’ve been liking having Chase around in the series more, I thought that I was done with him until I brought him back by popular demand and he really does add something special to the brothers relationship which is great.



(Gino and Jayden Author)

Anonymous said...

Right! Haha. It's better to be awful than average! Reg

Anonymous said...

Soooo hot can't wait for the next one!

Anonymous said...

Es wäre schön, wenn die cousins wieder auftauchen würden.ük

Anonymous said...

Well this is interesting. Team Excellent is beating Team Awful by 10 votes to 4. Poor Team Awful are really getting their nuts kicked in�� Such a great story this one. Oh and Jimmy, you've got an email from me. Reg

Anonymous said...

I think this story is good. I hope we'll see Jayden and Chase get revenge on Gino, who loves to receive Ballbusting too
By -X

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you so much! Another story is coming this month I believe! I am so glad that you enjoyed this one.

Dear Reg,

I'm not going to complain about those numbers at all! I'm pretty lucky overall, to be honest. I'll go answer your email right now!

Dear X,

Thank you so much, I am so glad that you enjoyed the story! Jayden and Chase work together?! That would be a first! ;) Anything is possible, and honestly after the Gino treatment that they just received it could certainly happen.

And a big thank you to all that voted, even if you voted "awful."

Take care everyone!



Gino and Jayden Author