Saturday, April 18, 2020

Art by glamdring: Paying debts

I have teamed up with the awesome glamdring, creator of the awesome vlog Nads destroyed that specializes in hot (and often very brutal) picture captions. He created the caption below and I wrote a little story inspired by it.

Artwork created by glamdring

”Aww, mate, come on“, Johnny said, a pleading look on his face.

His bookie shrugged his shoulders. “Debts gotta be paid, man.”

Johnny looked at him. He was bare naked, covering his crotch with his underwear, standing on the dance floor of the local club, surrounded by jeering, cheering, laughing guests. There was a hen do and several stag parties – and Johnny could only imagine what they were going to do with him…

“This is bollocks”, Johnny protested.

“Yeah, mate”, his bookie chuckled. “Your bollocks.”

Unfortunately, the IOU was very clear: Johnny’s balls were his collateral in case he couldn’t pay his debt. And unfortunately (but by no means unexpectedly), Johnny hadn’t been able to pay.

The bookie turned to the compère, a flamboyant middle-aged man wearing a ridiculously colorful outfit. “The balls are all yours”, the bookie smiled. “Let’s make some money.”

“Alright, alright, alright!” the emcee yelled into the microphone. He reached between Johnny’s legs and grabbed the piece of cloth that Johnny was cupping his nuts with. With an energetic yank, he pulled it away, revealing Johnny’s fat dick and his plump, low-hanging testicles.

Johnny’s head turned crimson and he tried cupping his manhood with his hands. The bookie and a few helpful members of the audience prevented that by tying Johnny’s hands behind his back.

“Now look at that little ding-a-ling”, the compère chuckled, playfully tugging at Johnny’s limp noodle. “What a cute little thing. And the bollocks…” He gave them a squeeze that made Johnny’s face contort in pain. “Nice and full…”

The audience went wild with cheers and applause as Johnny whimpered in pain and embarrassment.

“Let’s start with a few kicks, 2 quid a piece. Who wants to kick those bollocks? Who wants to kick them?”

The crowd went wild, and a line started forming. One by one, they stepped up to the bookie, gave him two pounds before stepping up to Johnny and delivering a nut-shattering kick to Johnny’s precious jewels.

One of the bachelors in the room got treated to a full dozen kicks that he delivered cheerfully and forcefully, much to the joy and laughter of his friends. In fact, his performance was so great that the hen party participants decided to pay for another dozen.

Slowly but surely, the bookie’s pockets filled with cash, and the emcee came up with a lot of fun and creative ideas to crunch Johnny’s nuts.

“Three quid per stomp! Come on, step up!”

“Who wants to squeeze his balls? Five quid per minute!”

“What do we have here – a pair of pliers? Who wants to use them on his bollocks? Ten quid per minute per bollock.”

“Who can milk a load out of his dick just by busting his bollocks? Hundred quid for a ballbusting cumshot!”

By the end of the night, Johnny was a mess, sweaty and exhausted, his nuts beet red, bruised and bloated.

When the guests were gone, the bookie counted the money. After the emcee got his share (and a little extra for his great performance), there was a sizeable sum of money left.

“Not bad”, the bookie chuckled, playfully patting Johnny’s swollen nuts and making him moan in pain. “Your bollocks are pretty profitable. One more night and you’re debt free.”

Johnny let out a groan.

The bookie laughed. “And you know what? You might have found your calling. I mean, let’s face it: With your history you’ll never find another job in town – you might as well do this for a living.”

Johnny stared at him.

The bookie strugged his shoulders. Then he brought his leg back and kicked Johnny’s nuts as hard as he could.

Johnny let out an ear-piercing scream and collapsed on the ground.

Without a word, the bookie added two pounds from his own pocket to the debt stash. “Just think about it.” He got up, leaving Johnny on the ground, clutching his nuts, his face a mask of pain. “See you tomorrow. Ice your bollocks so they are nice and fresh, alright?”


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,

Always love a partnership story, that poor blokes balls. I don't know if he could handle one more night!



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Short, but sweet. That was a good one!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, guys! :-))