Saturday, April 4, 2020

Video links: Testicle trick shots (5)

It takes balls to do these trick shots!

Here are some more of my favorite videos featuring guys coming up with ridiculously elaborate ways to hurt their nuggets.

Let's start with some amazing basketball nut shots by veteran ballbusters misfitsstuntcrew. These guys know how to crush some nuts!

The young men in the next clip cheerfully ruin each others' chances of having children until they run out of ideas midway through the video. They probably didn't kill every last sperm cell in a creative way - but at least they tried!

There is only one nutshot in the next video, and it's not really a trick shot. It's a penalty for being bad at doing trick shots. I wish all penalties would look like this...

Skip to 5:54

The next clip is very aptly titled Trust Shot. What do we learn? Never trust your friends!

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Finally, here's a wonderful video from nutshot veterans Wholeganghere. Their latest video has wonderful tricks like "The Nut Jammer", "Nut Jam Jr." and "The Indoor Snowball Buster". Enjoy!

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