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The Ballbusting Bandit (written by Riley)

This is the second part of Riley's epic furry ballbusting series King Rush defends the crown jewels. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Previous parts:
King Rush defends the crown jewels

Author's note: I do not own the character of King Rush. I have been granted permission to post this story by the owner of the character of King Rush. Riley is my own created character.

Riley moved through the crowded street with an almost graceful elegance, darting from shadow to shadow to be sure he was out of sight. He was dressed in dark clothing that hugged his body tightly with a hooded cloaked draped over him, the hood sheltering his face from the guards who monitored the streets. Over his shoulder draped a small satchel, light enough for him to move without encumberment.

Up ahead, the tower caught his eye. The tower was the main spire of the castle and nestled the edge of the castle wall. At the highest most point of the tower was the throne room, and as Riley looked up to it, he smirked. Despite all the odds against him, he was not going to fail.

As he reached the castle wall, he analyzed the brickwork, searching for a possible route to climb. His agility was a skill none would be able to surpass, but even this steep wall would prove a challenge for him. As he searched, his eyes found a slightly tattered parchment clinging to the wall. He moved to it and tore it down. It was a ‘wanted’ poster.

Riley chuckled to himself. This was the kings work. The poster had a rough sketch of Riley, somewhat flattering in Riley’s own opinion, beneath the word ‘Wanted’ in bold lettering. Below the sketch, the description read ‘The Ballbusting Bandit’. The young fox smirked at the title King Rush had given him. It was not subtle at all. Since these posters started appearing throughout the kingdom, Riley had to lay low. Even some of his own friends, though not many, had made the connection. Thus, he had to retreat to the shadows, live in isolation.

But it was all worth it.

Riley moved further down the wall away from the busying street. He found a spot out of view and discrete, beginning his climb. At first, he was slow, but once he started, he soon found his step, and quickly darted upwards.

Eventually getting to the top, the young fox climbed through a window and onto a beam, the ceiling support inside the throne room. The room was dark, and seeing the room again gave Riley a flood of memories. King Rush cupping his busted balls; Riley kissing the king on the lips. His heart beat a little faster as he held his breath in anticipation, being as quiet as possible as he moved along the beam until he was directly above the throne.

The young fox made himself comfortable, placing his satchel on his lap. He had been plotting for months since their last encounter. Riley was disappointed because he had been so close to sticking his own cock in King Rush’s mouth but had to flee quickly when some guards returned.

He looked down at his satchel and peered inside, eyeing off the contents. He had brought with him some chloroform, a cloth, some rope and a burlap sack. He smiled to himself, because he knew King Rush’s weak spot. That prominent bulge inside those royal shorts.

He had watched the king’s movements, and knew he liked to spend time alone in the throne room at the end of the day. And any moment now, he was going to enter that throne room, and then Riley would make his move.

Riley was hard just thinking about it. This time he wouldn’t be interrupted, this time he was going to bust the king’s balls empty. He closed the satchel and sat back in the shadows, waiting.

~ ~ ~

King Rush passed some of his guards as he approached the entrance to the throne room. He was trying to remain as formal as he could but was truly exhausted. He was dressed in some formal clothing, a nice silk shirt accompanied by formal trousers which were a little too tight for his liking.

As he neared the door one of the guards made a formal bow and said, “Your Majesty, would you like me to do an inspection of the throne room before you enter?”

King Rush sighed. He just wanted to have some time alone and didn’t have the patience for this right now. Besides, that young fox Riley hadn’t been sighted for months. It would be highly unlikely he would appear now. “No. I will be fine. If you hear anything though, be sure to come at once.”

The guard bowed again, then opening the door for King Rush to enter, and he did. As the door closed behind him, King Rush signed a sigh of relief. Finally, he was alone, and he slowly made his way towards his throne. He had installed two pedestals on either side of the throne, with two large fragile vases on top of each. He had them placed there in case he ever found himself in need of something to knock over if he was ever bound like Riley had bound him before. But lately, they had exchanged replaceable vases for some priceless ones, and King Rush loved them.

Just as he neared, from behind one of the vases, the king noticed a shadowy figure emerge. Whoever it was, he was hooded.

“W-who goes there?” King Rush said in a stern voice, concealing his anxiousness. “You are trespassing.”

The hooded figure raised its arms to its hood, and lifted the hood off, revealing his face. King Rush gasped as his eyes widened. It was him. It was the Ballbusting Bandit. It was Riley.

Riley smirked, then picked up one of the vases. “Say, this looks pretty priceless, Your Majesty…”

King Rush raised his hands. “Riley, please put that down. Please don’t do anything irrational. If you aren’t aware, you are wanted for what you did to me!”

Riley smirked. “I know. But I like to finish what I started. And nothing will stop me from that.”

The young fox hurled the vase towards King Rush, who panicked and raised his hands above his head, catching the vase. Riley moved fast.

In his attempt to catch the vase, King Rush had left himself open. His legs spread to leverage the weight of the vase, his bulge very prominent in his tight trousers. And Riley noticed all of this.

The young fox took a step closer and slammed his foot up into King Rush’s bulge. The king felt his nuts inside his trousers flatten up between Riley’s foot and his own pelvis. His eyes went wide and slightly cross eyed, as his mouth gaped, and his knees buckled together, struggling to stay standing.

Riley grabbed the vase. “Good catch, Your Majesty.”

King Rush cupped his bulge and sunk slowly to his knees in front of Riley. He tried to make a sound, but nothing came out as pain radiated from his balls throughout his body.

Riley lowered the vase back onto the pedestal. “I love the decoration, My King. But I didn’t come here to compliment your d├ęcor.”

The young fox reached into his satchel, as King Rush moaned. “R-Riley, s-stop….”

Riley smirked, extracting a cloth and a bottle, dipping the bottle a little on the cloth. “Stop? I don’t think so, Your Majesty. Stopping is what got us here. Stopping is what changed the course of our lives.”

The fox stepped closer to the king. King Rush raised his hands to push Riley back. Riley anticipated this move however, and as soon as he saw the king’s hands leave from his bulge, Riley exploited it yet again. He slammed another kick into the king’s nuts.

King Rush yelped feeling his nuts flatten once more. He hunched forward in pain, when Riley reached out and caught his face in the cloth. Immediately, the king inhaled the fumes and struggled to break free.

“There, there, My King,” Riley said in a mock soothing voice, “rest up. You have a busy night ahead of you.”

~ ~ ~

King Rush stirred. His eyes slowly beginning to open as he regained consciousness. His head felt dazed and fuzzy, as he eventually regained his composure. He went to rub his head but couldn’t. He frowned, looking to his arm. It was tied down. “W-What…?”

The wolf looked around, realizing his sudden predicament. He was no longer in the throne room, rather, now in some dimly lit log cabin. As he continued to look around, he noticed he was tied to a large plank of wood, on a slight slant so that he was standing but facing upwards to the ceiling. His arms were both tied apart and so were his legs. He struggled again, furiously trying to break free.

“It’s no use.” A voice whispered from the shadows.

King Rush stopped. His eyes scanning the darkness. “Riley?”

The young fox stepped forward into the light, no longer wearing his cloak. Riley stepped closer, reaching out and placing one hand on King Rush’s belt, lifting himself to be eye level with the king. Then he reached forward and planted a kiss, soft and delicate on King Rush’s lips.

When their lips parted, Riley leant back, and their eyes locked. King Rush had never forgotten those eyes, green and alluring. The young fox smiled before stepping down and admiring the position the king was in. “My, my,” the fox said, “you are in a pickle, Your Majesty.”

King Rush sighed. “Riley, please. Why are you doing this?”

Riley extended a finger to nestle just below the king’s chin. “Do you remember when you first came to power, My King?”

The king gulped, as Riley’s claw lowered from his chin to his silk shirt, digging into the collar and shredding down. The silk shirt was torn right through the middle, and Riley opened it up, exposing the king’s chest. The young fox traced with his sharp claw down the wolf’s chest and to his nipple, pinching it slightly. King Rush inhaled sharply at the fox’s delicate touch.

“Your first order was to abolish slavery.” Riley’s tongue glided across his lips as he looked down to the king’s bulge. “It was a brave campaign for such a young king.”

King Rush grunted. “W-What does that have to do with you?”

The young fox’s eyes darted up to meet those of the king. “It has everything to do with me.”

Riley’s claw traced further down, gliding across the wolf’s navel and lowering to the king’s belt buckle. He reached up with both hands now and undid the belt buckle, sliding it off.

“W-wait, please.” King Rush whimpered. “W-whatever I did, I can compensate you for it.”

Riley’s eyes shifted from the bulge in King Rush’s tight trousers to the king’s face. He smirked again. “I’m about to be compensated, My King.”

As Riley’s eyes glanced back down to King Rush’s bulge, the king’s heart began to beat faster. “No, please, Riley.” He whimpered. “Please, don’t!”

The young fox ignored the king, instead his claw tracing down over the bulge in King Rush’s pants. Slowly, Riley traced over the outline of the king’s cock, then slowly further down around each of his balls. He could feel the power he had over the king, as King Rush shuddered slightly, his breath growing shorter with each passing moment.

Quickly, Riley sent a backhand into the king’s nuts. King Rush grunted on the impact, his eyes widening and his mouth opening as he gasped. Instinctively he tried to cup himself, but he felt the restraints on his wrist tighten. Without hesitation, Riley sent another backhand into the royal bulge. King Rush yelped slightly, the shock of pain jolting his entire body.

Still looking at the royal bulge, Riley rubbed his chin and chuckled. “These are unusually tight pants, My King.” He rubbed his claws along the inner thigh of the king. “You didn’t wear them just for me, did you?”

“N-no,” King Rush managed to mutter, breathing heavily.

“Oh?” Riley raised an eyebrow, then smiled. “Well, if you didn’t wear them for me, why wear them at all?”

The young fox reached forward, his claw slipping down the front of the king’s tight trousers. King Rush felt a tingling sensation below his navel, knowing what was about to happen. “Riley, please.”

Riley looked up at him, and smirked yet again, before slicing through the trousers with a quick swipe. For a moment, the king’s trousers sat still on the king, before they split right down the middle, slipping down to hang in tatters around his lower legs.

King Rush exhaled heavily, a sense of dread overcoming him. Riley, on the other hand, beamed as his eyes looked at his handiwork. Now the king was practically tied up in front of him wearing nothing but a pair of tight, bright blue briefs.

“Hmm, I like these, My King.” Riley said as he pulled the waistband of the briefs back carefully, stretching them out and then letting them snap back hard.

King Rush yelped as they snapped back, stinging just below his navel. Riley stepped back up to the slanted platform the king was tied to. He rested his chest on King Rush’s chest and looked into his king’s eyes.

“When you abolished slavery, you really affected the lives of many of your subjects.” Riley’s hand traced down the chest of the king, passing by his nipples. “In fact, while many rejoiced for their freedom, a forgotten few suffered.” Riley’s hand traced further down, passing the king’s stomach. “I am a product of the forgotten few. And when I am finished with you, Your Majesty, you will remember the name of Vulpes for the remainder of your days.”

Finally, Riley’s hand reached the bulge in King Rush’s briefs, and grabbed it. He twisted the king’s bulge, forcing a groan from the king, and Riley smiled. His face was mere inches from the king’s, delighting in the pain he was inflicting on the king.

He released his grip on King Rush’s balls, and the king sighed in relief. But then Riley rammed his knee up into the king’s nuts, flattening them brutally between Riley’s knee and his own pelvis.

King Rush let out a guttural howl. Long and drawn out, his howl filled the room, and Riley’s ears curled back against his head. He rammed a second knee into King Rush’s bulge, flattening it once more. The pain brought the king to silence, and Riley chuckled. “Well, I know how to make you quiet now.”

The king hunched forward, as far as he could manage, panting heavily. “S-someone would have h-heard that, R-Riley.”

Riley laughed, almost maniacally, and it scared the king. The young fox smirked. “We are in a cabin outside the castle walls, deep in the forest.”

King Rush frowned, trying to ignore the pain in his balls. “H-how did you get me here?”

Riley reached forward and placed a finger over the king’s lips. “Hush, Your Majesty. There are things you needn’t worry your pretty little head over.”

The young fox knelt and slammed his fist upwards into King Rush’s bulge. Riley smirked as he felt each of the king’s nuts flatten against his knuckles, up against the king’s own body.

King Rush cried out in pain. “R-RILEY! P-please, stop!”

Riley looked up, still smirking. He slammed his fist up again.

“P-Please!” King Rush grunted as Riley punched his balls again. “NOT MY NUTS!”

The young fox stopped for a moment, his green eyes flashing upwards to King Rush’s. Their eyes met, and the king felt a sudden stirring in his groin seeing the young fox on his knees in front of him.

He tried to distract himself, struggling against his bindings, but it only made things worse. King Rush’s heart began pounding against his chest as he felt himself growing in his tight briefs. The young fox, being practically eye level with King Rush’s bulge, noticed immediately what was happening.

“Hmmm,” Riley begun, “It seems, finally, I have your attention, My King.”

He got to his feet and took a step closer to the king, stretching out a finger and tracing it along the outline of King Rush’s growing cock. The sensation was overwhelming for the king, as his eyes rolled into the back of his head despite the pain throbbing from his loins. As Riley’s finger continued along to the head of his cock, a slight dribble of precum oozed forth. The young fox noticed the wet patch forming on King Rush’s underwear and beamed.

“Now we are getting somewhere,” Riley said as he reached up and patted the cheek of the king’s face.

The king remained silent, a whirlwind of emotions tearing through his mind. He wanted so much to escape but was still so unsure of what Riley was planning. There was a sense of dread and fear, a sense of intimidation he got from the young fox. So often he was left afraid of him. And yet, strangely, there was a side to Riley that the king could sense was soft and delicate, caring and nurturing. His heart began beating harder as he watched Riley step back, looking up and down at the king’s body.

Riley pursed his lips, and blew a cheeky kiss towards the king, before stepping forward and launching a mean kick between King Rush’s legs. The young fox’s foot smashed into the king’s testicles, flattening them hard against his body. The king tensed his abs as he buckled in his bindings and howled hoarsely.

“N-nooooo,” King Rush whimpered as he slumped forward. “P-please, my balls….”

Riley chuckled childishly to himself. “This is so much fun!”

The front of King Rush’s briefs protruded out, his hard cock straining against the tight, bright blue fabric. Riley reached forward and grabbed the front of the briefs, stretching it out so that the king’s cock bounced upwards, free of its restraint.

“My, my,” Riley’s eyes lit up, “a very deserving royal member.”

He then yanked the front of King Rush’s briefs up hard, giving the king a mean nut wedgie. King Rush moaned and groaned, begging for the pain to stop. Further the young fox stretched up, the waistband of the briefs reaching the king’s chest. The outline of King Rush’s balls was so perfect in the stretched briefs, and Riley smiled to himself when he noticed this. He reached a fist back and punched into the king’s wedgied nuts.

“AGGHHHH!” King Rush gasped in shock. “S-STOP! RILEEYYYY!”

Riley reached back again and punched once more. King Rush’s poor balls had no where to escape, trapped in the nut wedgie and taking the full impact of the young fox’s fist. The sickly pain creeped slowly into his stomach, as his crotch felt as though it was on fire.

Riley punched again, and this time the impact of the punch flattened the king’s nuts so much that they popped out of each of the leg-holes of the king’s briefs. King Rush looked down, noticing his hard cock perfectly outlined in his briefs while each nut had been freed from his underwear. He sobbed in a panic now.

“Please, Riley,” he begged, “I don’t know if I can take anymore!”

Riley pulled on the king’s briefs to raise himself up once more to be face-to-face with King Rush. Riley pressed his own bulge up against the king’s, and King Rush could tell that while he himself was erect, so too was the young fox. Riley thrust forward slightly, their bulges rubbing together. “You may think you can’t take anymore, Your Highness. But your cock would suggest otherwise.”

Riley reached down and grabbed the outline of the king’s wedgied cock, giving a playful squeeze and forcing the king’s eyes to roll into the back of his head once more. King Rush drooled slightly, unable to help himself as he could do nothing to stop Riley.

The young fox then gave a rough slap to King Rush’s nuts once more, eliciting a slight squeak from the king as his nuts ached in pain. Riley stepped down and retreated towards the shadows. The king could hear the young fox fumbling through an array of storage equipment, and his heart started to beat with anxiousness. “R-Riley...?”

The young fox returned to the light, carrying a black rolled up satchel. He held it firmly in his hands, hesitated a moment before his eyes darted up to meet the king’s. There was a menacing stare for a moment, as King Rush shuddered slightly. “W-What is that?”

Riley smiled, remaining silent for a moment as he stepped closer to King Rush. “This? Oh, this will ensure we have a memorable night, My King.”

The young fox unraveled the bag and lay it down at the base of the platform King Rush was bound to. Slowly he begun unbuttoning it. The king leaned forward as much as he could, trying to get a clearer view of what the satchel contained. Once the last button had been unfastened, Riley pulled back the cover. The satchel contained an assortment of tools.

King Rush noticed first the whip, a braided handle with multiple strands of leather folded around it. There were clamps and ropes, wires and ball-gags. Even a blindfold. King Rush’s eyes widened, and his cock twitched slightly. “R-Riley, w-wait…”

Riley stood silent, looking down at the assortment of tools. His face shifted patiently up, his eyes meeting the king’s. Slowly, his lips curled into a sinister smile. “I’ve waited a long time for this, Your Majesty.”

to be continued


Anonymous said...

I give you four stars only because there are few testicle torture, but I'm sure in the next chapter there will be a lot of pain for the poor king's jewels (and I'm sure I'll give 5 stars ;). I like the moments in which the king seems to be charmed by the fox. I think it's very clever to insert moments that seems there is softness, even romanticism between them...they are moment very arousing and I hope there will be more sexual involvment.
Maybe, it can be useful to have an image for helping us to imagine Riley.
By -X

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next chapter

Riley said...

Thanks so much for the feedback guys. I really appreciate the opportunity to share content, and am so happy that some people genuinely enjoy my stories.

If you have any suggestions for future installments, please let me know and I will happily consider them!
There are plenty more chapters coming so stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

How can I contact you?
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Riley said... is the email for Riley.

I look forward to hearing from you!