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Ballbusting buddy (written by David)

This is the very first ballbusting story written by our reader  David from Russia. Obviously, English is not his native language. I hope you enjoy his story as much as I did!

A few years ago, my friend Anna and I (I will call her that) went to another city to see the sights.  The first days we spent together, until she introduced me to her friend who lived in this city.

At first it was awkward for us to communicate with him, but several hours passed and we became friends.

In my country, it’s not customary to talk freely about my orientation and therefore I did not begin to tell him that I was gay.  However, the two of us liked gay jokes, so I felt quite comfortable.

The three of us drank a lot of alcohol, had fun and ended up going to bed three together in one bed.

Late at night, I woke up with a slight pain.  Nick (I will call him that) slept in the middle and, turning in my sleep in my direction, rested my knee on my nuts.  I tried to remove his leg, but he suddenly lifted it and this time hit me hard, knocking all the air out of my lungs.

I moaned softly so as not to wake anyone, turned my back on him and, waiting for the pain to subside, fell asleep.

The next day we spent together.  I waited for the right moment and decided to talk about the night incident.

He laughed and I said: "I will no longer sleep with you in the same bed, my balls did not like it."

Nick sympathetically asked me: "Sorry dude, did I hit you hard?"

It seemed to me that he was sorry, so I replied that in fact my eggs can withstand much more and should not worry.

At that moment, his hand crashed into my crotch, striking me in the balls with a loud slap.

I doubled over, grabbing at my balls, while Nick laughed and said: "You yourself said that your eggs can withstand more.  No offense, buddy."

I laughed too.  But he did not know that I specifically said so, hoping that he would lead to a provocation and hit me, because then I could revenge with impunity, which I did there that evening.  We drank again and started fighting on the bed.  I am a little larger than him, so I ended up on top, pushing my knee into the bulge in his jeans.

I kept Nick in this position until he recognized my victory.  After that, we continued to drink.  The next day I went home.

A few days later I signed up for Nick on social networks.  We talked a lot and from time to time joked about hitting the balls, calling them the tradition of our friendship.

I liked this, because the other friends whom I beat in the balls laughed at it, but they never started, and if I had always been the initiator, I could, as it seemed to me, give out my preferences for ballbasting.  So I really appreciated friendship with Nick.

He himself joked from time to time that he would break my balls when he arrived, and did not even suspect that these messages made my cock strain every time.

Three months later, he came to my city, and we went to the pub.  After drinking a lot of beer, he began to talk about the girls whom he fucked.  It was hard for me to keep up the conversation, because I never had a girlfriend, but I did it.

A suitable case appeared only in the evening, when we hugged to say goodbye before he got on the bus.

Then I leaned over to his ear and said: "Do you think I forgot?"

And he sharply raised his knee, breaking Nick's eggs.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember his face at that moment, but I remember how he said that he would take revenge.  Then I hugged him tightly and said that I would miss him.

A month later, I went to serve in the army.

In my country, military service lasts a year and it is forbidden to use telephones.  However, this can be done if no one sees.  So I continued to chat with Nick.  Our friendship was growing stronger, and conversations more frank.

We often joked about balls.  Sometimes I thought that Nick also likes ballbasting, but if I asked and it turned out to be wrong, I would have to stop doing it.

Therefore, I did not tell and presented everything as a joke.

In January of this year, I returned home.  Nick came to visit me a week ago.  We walked and I talked about being gay.  He was surprised, but calmly reacted to this and said that he would now joke more often with me.  I decided to check whether our friendship had changed and, pointing with my hand to the side, said: "What is it over there?"

Nick was distracted and I thrust my fist into his balls.  Despite the pain, he was not at a loss and did the same to me.  We laughed and went limping to my house.  At home, we drank a little again (I must say, I do not like alcohol, but you can do anything and blame beer on everything.)

A little later Anna came, I prepared the food.  It was fun.  As a result, we began to play the truth or action.  Anna wanted to make us kiss, but Nick did not agree, so she told us to undress to underwear.  Nick said that he would take off his clothes only if she took them off and so the three of us stayed in one underwear.  We sat in chairs opposite each other and my leg was on Nick's feet, a centimeter from his bulge.

Apparently we really drank a lot, because Anna told me "We have been friends for so many years, why haven’t we kissed yet?"

We started kissing, then pulled Nick to us and began to kiss each other in turn.

I really don’t remember how it happened, but later the three of us, naked, ended up in my shower room.  There was no sex, because Nick made it clear that he did not want anything like that.  We just washed ourselves.  I am still laughing with this.

After that, Anna went home, and Nick stayed overnight with me.  I decided that it was time to continue the tradition and began to fight it.  At some point, I was at the bottom, grabbing his hands, wrapped his legs around his hips, and rested his heel on his junk.  Nick moaned and freed himself a few seconds later.  We found ourselves face to face, he held my wrists and, smiling twice, raised his knee to my crotch, flattening the balls in my underpants.  I rarely get in the balls, so these strokes were especially painful.  Seeing the pain on my face, he let me go and let me curl up on my bed.

I lay there for about a minute while he was sitting nearby and asked for forgiveness

As soon as I came to, I decided to act and sharply raised my hand, firmly grabbed his plums.  He howled loudly, then I leaned on him with my body, pressing to the bed and with my free hand closed his mouth.  I liked to feel his balls in my hand and I wanted to enjoy every second.  For about ten seconds I just held him in that position and then began to squeeze my palm, looking into his eyes.

At a certain moment, the laughter in his eyes turned into a panic.  I held him by the eggs for about a minute, and then squeezing them one last time, let go.

Nick curled up in an embryo position and lay there for about ten minutes, completely ignoring me.

I've got ashamed.  I did not think that I would cause him so much pain, so I said: "Listen Nick, I overdid it a bit.  Do not be offended by me.  Do you want me to let you make me one free kick so that we are counted?"

As I expected, he turned on it.  Not one guy will refuse the opportunity to break the eggs of another guy.

Still holding on to the nuts, he stood in the middle of the room.  I stood in front of him.  All this excited me, but it was scary, because, as I already said, I don’t often get in the balls and even when this happens, the blows are most often weak and now I knew that Nick would put all his strength into this blow so that  avenge the fact that I almost turned his eggs into fruit puree.

While I got up, I directed the penis up and a little to the left so that the erection was not obvious, but Nick could not miss this despite the alcohol.

"Spread your legs more, I want this blow to be 10 out of 10," he said and smiled.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and already regretted that I suggested this.  He would have forgiven me so.  But it was too late to refuse, so I did as he said.

Extending his right leg, Nick touched my balls with his toes, exerting a little pressure.

Then he winked at me and said: "Saying goodbye to my children," he lowered his leg, and immediately lifted it with maximum force.

For a moment, I rose above the ground, no longer touching the floor.

And when he touched him again, he immediately fell to the floor.

It seemed to me that my balls burst in my underpants and clasping them with my hands, I realized with great relief that this was not so.

Nick sat on the floor beside me, removing my hands and putting his place in their place.

He did not hurt me, but simply held my balls and stroked my back with his free hand.

Leaning toward my ear, he said: "Do not start the war that you can not win."

I smiled through the pain and promised to take revenge.

A day later he left.  Next month I will go to his city again and plan to return the favor.


Anonymous said...

It reads like a true story. Great writing.

Anonymous said...

Hey It's great that Alex published this story. I already completely forgot about it)) And the story is actually true.

Firefox77788 said...

Awesome story! Really like it. Can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Great story,

Thanks for sharing with all of us! We all want to hear more!



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