Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What would you do to Jan's balls?

Our reader shrews12001 had a wonderful idea for a new series of interactive posts for this blog: A reader provides some pics of their nuts, and the rest of us use the comments section to share their fantasies and describe what we would do to them.

(If you want to see your own balls up here please send your pics to alex@ballbustingboys.org or alexander.nehling@gmx.net.)

So here is the fourth set of nuts, and it belongs to our reader Jan (email him at aes15@ok.de if you want to get in touch or visit his BDSM blog which has some hit, mostly non-ballbusting-related stuff). Jan has told me that he likes some harder, nastier stuff ("going into direction of nutbursting and castration too"). Do we let him keep his joystick? Here's Jan's doomed dick and balls:

Wait - where's Testicle #2? Has one ball gone already? Is he a One Nut Wonder? Let's see some more pics:

Ah, there they are, both of them. For now. Those jewels look rather small to me. That reduces their worth, right?

I guess we should just throw them in the trash, don't you agree? Wait, what's that - a knife?!

Oh, wouldn't it be a pity if something happened to that juicy dick?

Nuts in peril! Nuts in peril!

Now over to you: What would you do to Jan's subpar manhood? Share your ideas by leaving a comment, no matter how detailed or vague, how long or short. Let's make that dick and those balls hurt!


shrews12001 said...

Well. This gets nasty so strap in. You asked for it.
Thank you for joining me in the tool shed. Now listen, we arent here to necessarily destroy your nice cock or your substandard testicles. I mean, averaged out you have an adequate set of meaty bits. But that wont do now will it? No. If you're going to have a nice, thick fuck stick you should have a juicy pair of baby makers to go with it, yeah? Let's see what we can do.
First your ankles will need to be secured as will your torso and right arm. We dont want you running away when we're making progress or passing out and collapsing, as that could cause serious injury as you're about to see.
So let's get you night and trussed up here and you lay your junk on the bench.
Hmm. With balls that little they might try to hide. I can take care of that, you just hold that plump cock out of harms way with the free hand. Im not doing all the work myself.
We'll just stretch this sack out and with our little drill here we can fasten them down to our table with a small clamp and they wont escape. Thats better, and they're already looking a bit bigger. Maybe i shouldnt have clamped them so tight at the end of your scrote? Did i crush them a bit at the back or are your nut chords a little worse for wear? It's part of the process.
You're panting already. Just seeing this mallet in my hand is a little worrisome? It's ok, we're all better for the experience if we face our fear.
No one can hear you so go ahead and let that scream out. And no i wont just aim for both next time. That just impedes our progress. But by all means do try to pull away. Stretching your sack and nut chords beyond their limit will help you maintain a nice, healthy low hang. Probably. But i digress.
Three each, getting there. But you need to hold on to your cock so it wont be in the way. Try harder.
Ok, seriously, i know this is intense but screaming and flailing wont help and letting go of your cock just puts in in peril. Let me just duct tape it to your stomach and we will proceed.
Hmm. Not bad. They're swelling nicely and your sack is stretched paper thin above and below the clamp. Hopefully they dont swell so badly your scrotum bursts. But, then again, that throb in your cock and the precum flowing down onto the bench tells me you wouldnt mind at all.
Now lets..shit. All that pre has loosened the tape and once again that hard dick is in the way.
Oh well, hold it against your stomach for a moment.
Yes i know! Its amazing how useful a staple gun can be in this situation! But dont worry! I just got it through the purple mushroom head so nothing important was punctured! Once you calm down we'll begin again.
Hell, why wait?
WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAMMMM. Yes, two hands to a single nut was the way to go.
WHA--oops. That right one looks a little flatter than it did before that last hit. Lets make that even at least.
There, two even nuts and surely those two heavy sprays of jizz we just forced from your balls splashing onto your face and into your screaming mouth must have been refreshing.
And now we can--are you serious? Ive never had a person lurch so hard on a shot of nut sludge that the staple came loose.
See now you're just aggravating me. I got it. Ill just wrench your cock over to the side here and BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM.
There it is. Now i cant promise your dick will be totally functional after this. I've never had to actually nail a cock to the bench but i didnt see an alternative. But four nails straight through the shaft and one pinning the head for good measure should do it.
I must say your balls are much bigger despite losing their shape a bit. Lets try a few more.
WHAMWHAMWHAMWHASPLAT. Oh shit. Well. I guess the left one wasnt as tough as its twin. Might as well give the survivor some room. WHAMSPLATWHAMSPLAT. Better? Yes? Good. What's that? No i wont 'just kill you' silly. Oh, i see. End it? Your last nut? Ok then. WHAM

Jan said...

As the owner of these balls: Thank you very much ;)

This was the kind of fantasy I looked for (but I am open for others too xD)

shrews12001 said...

Im not the best writer and i kinda adapt other story elements ive read, but im determined to come up with one good comment for each of these since i feel responsible for the guys taking a chance and posting their junk. If youve got the balls to post them on the internet you deserve at least one good dose of mind numbing nut pain or ungodly cock torture. XD