Thursday, April 30, 2020

Beckhamania (revisited)

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The last day of competition in the Ballbusting Olympics started with a bang.

My cameraman Chad and I were going through some notes in the central control room.

The audience was taking their seats. We had sold more than 150 tickets, and we were very happy with that. About two thirds of the people had taken their seats. The audience comprised mostly young men in their twenties. I recognized some of the guys’ faces and I assumed that many of them had watched most if not all of our past contests.

I was starting to tell that to Chad but before I could open my mouth, something happened that made the audience whisper and point at the door.

Chad had noticed, too, and both of us turned our heads to see what they were pointing at.

Chad whispered to me: “Is that---“

“David Beckham”, I said slowly.

“Is it him?”

“I--- I don’t know… He looks like him.”

“But is it really---“

“Chad, I don’t know!”

“I just---“

“I don’t know, Chad!”

Chad shrugged.

We watched the guy who stood at the entrance. He was talking to someone and was completely oblivious to the commotion that was going on in the audience.

Chad tapped my shoulder. “Why don’t you ask him?“

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