Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Roshambo

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenDannyLeoParkerPhil and Zach (click for pictures)

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Middle of the night
Committee meeting
Second committee meeting
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Booking the show
Lucky cock (The last committee meeting)
Opening Ceremony
Danny's interviews 1

Everything was ready for the second day of competition in the Ballbusting Olympics.

The three cameras were set and the cameramen from the local college TV station were waiting for the show to begin.

Strawberry blond actor-turned-sports-commentator Danny was going through his notes in the commentator’s box.

My cameraman Chad (serving as assistant director today) and I were sitting in the central control room next to the commentator’s box.

The gym was packed with people again. Nearly 150 guys – almost all of them young men in their 20s, apparently that was our demographic for this kind of sports event – were sitting in the bleachers on one side of the gym.

On the other side was the stage. The appropriately lewd event logo – based on the Olympic Rings, but looking decidedly original – was displayed on the large screen at the back wall, where instant replays and slow motion clips were going to be screened during the competition.

I nodded at Chad and he started the countdown.

When the music started and the credits – a fast paced compilation of various nutshots – rolled on the big screen, the audience began to frantically clap and cheer.

I looked at Chad and grinned.

Chad nodded and smiled at me. “It works.”

Over at the commentator’s box Danny was greeting the viewers. “Welcome to our second day of competition here at the Ballbusting Olympics. Last week we saw a fierce nutball tournament with Kev winning the first gold medal of his event for his team, the jocks. The gymnasts had to settle for silver, and the skaters won bronze. The frat guys had a bad start when their athlete, Reese, had his nuts trashed in two matches. They have yet to win their first medal”, Danny said. “Now today it’s Roshambo. For those of you not familiar with the sport: It’s good old nutkicking. As for all games here at the Ballbusting Olympics, Roshambo is played in the nude. The contestants will alternately kick each other’s balls. The game is over when one contestant falls or his hand touches the ground – or he gives up. There will be four games. The winners of the first two matches will battle it out for the gold medal, while the losers will have a match to decide who get’s bronze and who doesn’t get anything at all”, Danny chuckled, “well, except for a pair of aching berries…”

The team walked on stage and were greeted with cheers and applause by the audience.

“Here they are, ladies and gentlemen”, Danny continued. “The skaters with Leo, Tristan, and Sammy. The jocks with Kev, Ben, and Colin. The frat guys with AJ, Reese, and Zach. And the gymnasts with Will, Michael, and Parker. I think there is no need to introduce our umpire. If you have any interest in soccer, you’ll recognize rising star Phil from England, who has just become the highest-paid player in US soccer.”

The players talked to the umpire.

The 18 year old English soccer star was wearing black shorts and a black shirt with a whistle hanging around his neck. He lifted his arms and waved at the audience.

Kev walked over to him and grinned.

“That’s Kev, president of the BOC, the Ballbusting Olympics Committee”, Danny said. “He is talking to Phil. They are probably talking about the rules of Roshambo. Well, they are pretty obvious. You---“

Out of nowhere, Kev kicked the English boy in the nuts. Phil groaned and grabbed his crotch.

The audience laughed and cheered, and Danny chuckled: “Yeah, that’s is basically…”

Kev grinned and patted Phil’s back.

Phil smiled weakly and straightened himself.

“No harm done”, Danny commented. “But I really don’t know what that was about… Now the teams are going to send one athlete to compete in today’s competition. And… it’s Leo for the skaters. That doesn’t come as a surprise. I have heard he is a first-class kicker. Leo is 19 years old and 6’3” tall.”

The black-haired skater boy took a bow in front of the audience. He took off his t-shirt, sneakers, and jeans to reveal a skinny, pale body, a shaven sac with two low-hanging nuts inside, and a nice-sized, limp dick.

“For the jocks, it’s Ben. That’s a bit odd, considering that Kev is the one with the most experience in kicking. But maybe Kev’s privates haven’t recovered from last week’s competition, yet. Ben is 20 years old and 6’ tall.”

Ben stripped quickly and grinned proudly when the audience cheered at the sight of his tanned, muscular body. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed, and his big, juicy nuts were dangling between his beefy thighs. His dick twitched and hardened slightly. Apparently Ben enjoyed showing off his trained body.

“Obviously Ben is very happy”, Danny observed with a chuckle. “This reminds me: While a boner was mandatory for the Nutball competition last week, it isn’t necessary for Roshambo. Oh, now, the gymnasts reveal their choice: And it’s Parker for the gymnasts. Parker is 21 years old and 6’1” tall.”

The cute guy with the dyed, flaming red hair waved at the audience and peeled off his skin-tight jeans, his skimpy t-shirt, and his sneakers. His impressive cock was hanging down, peaceful and quiet, and – with a wink to the audience – he lifted the limp dick to give the spectators a nice view of the big, bouncy balls that were hiding behind it.

The crowd went wild.

“Those gymnasts”, Danny chuckled. “Last week, Will made a point of flirting with the audience. And it has made him last week’s favourite until he lost to Kev. Parker seems to have taken a page from his book, and the audience eats it up. Now, last but not least, it’s the frat guys. I wonder who is going to compete today to make up for Reese’s embarrassing loss last week. It’s Zach. Zach is 20 years old and 6’ tall.”

Zach showed a big smile and ran his hand through his short, dirty blond hair. He looked like the true incarnation of the prom king, with lively blue eyes, a killer smile, and a perfect body, which he didn’t hesitate to reveal. He took off his sneakers, t-shirt, and jeans like a pro-stripper, making the audience clap and cheer for the attractive frat guy.

“Wow”, was the only thing Danny said, when Zach showed his privates.

Zach’s equipment was beautiful: a dick that looked quite awe-inspiring even in it’s relaxed state, and a pair of huge, perfectly shaped testicles that hung low in their shaven bag.

The audience was as impressed as Danny, and they showed it by clapping and cheering frantically.

“Well”, Danny said when he had found his voice again. “Perhaps Parker will have a rival for the title of audience favourite… Be that as it may – this is not a beauty contest, it’s a sports competition. And we’ll see whether those delicate eggs will prevail or get scrambled in today’s battle…”

Zach smiled and obviously enjoyed being the center of attention. He grabbed his naked crotch and wiggled his meat and two vegs at the audience.

“Now, the first game will be Ben vs. Zach”, Danny said, while the rest of the guys left the stage.

The two contestants were standing opposite each other with Phil between them. Phil gave a short groan and rubbed his nuts. When he blew the whistle, the match started.

Ben had the first kick. He grinned at Zach, who didn’t look the least bit intimidated.

Ben shrugged and brought is muscular leg up between Zach’s legs. His naked instep caught Zach’s big nuts dead on and crunched them into his pelvis.

The audience cringed in sympathy, as the pain set in on Zach. The blond frat guy coughed and grabbed his aching gonads. He doubled over and cupped his groin. It was more than a handful, though, and the tip of his dick was pressed against his abdomen.

“Ouch”, Danny commented. “Let’s see that in slow motion…”

On the screen behind Zach a huge close-up appeared, showing his crotch, and – in painful slow motion – Ben’s naked foot coming into the frame and ramming his oversized testicles into his body.

The audience cringed again.

On the big screen, it looked like two innocent hard-boiled were being bludgeoned by a baseball bat.

Ouch, ouch, ouch”, Danny said, very poignantly. “Granted, all of our contestants have big balls. But perhaps it’s not an advantage to have eggs like that…”

Zach peeped at the screen and grimaced. He was standing doubled over in front of Ben, who grinned proudly.

Zach straightened himself and clenched his teeth.

Ben tried to look casual as he spread his legs and let his vulnerable privates dangle between his thighs for Zach to kick.

Zach grimaced again.

“Apparently Ben got off to a good start”, Danny commented. “Zach has to hit his nuts good to catch up to him!”

And he did. Zach took a little running start and powerkicked his foot into Ben’s crotch.

Ben was lifted off the ground and had trouble not falling down when he touched the ground again. He screamed from the top of his lungs and grabbed his genitals.

“That was a good counterattack”, Danny said cheerfully.

Ben was jumping up and down and cupping his nuts, while Zach was looking sick while he massaged his own throbbing balls.

Cupping his aching balls, Ben bent over and let out a hoarse scream.

“Primal scream therapy”, Danny commented. “Let’s hope it works…”

Ben shot Zach an angry look, his right hand cupping his balls and his left hand clenched into a fist.

Zach raised his eyebrows and spread his legs. Obviously, he was still in pain from the last kick.

His supersized gonads were dangling vulnerably between his thighs.

Ben screamed again and lunged at Zach, bringing his muscular right leg up between Zach’s legs and crunching Zach’s poor testicles with his instep.

Zach let out a high-pitched scream when his poor, tender nuts were knocked up against his pelvis.

“Oh”, Danny said. “This could be---“

Zach collapsed on the floor, screaming and moaning in pain.

Phil blew the whistle.

“Yup. Game’s over. It doesn’t look to good for the frat guys”, Danny said. “On the other hand: Zach could be looking at a fruitful career in yodelling. Judging from the noise he is making, he certainly has the talent…”

Zach was writhing on the ground, sobbing and moaning, and cradling his crunched nuts in his hands.

Ben screamed again, this time raising his hands into the air.

The audience seemed to be a bit bewildered by Ben’s attitude. They clapped politely, but without much enthusiasm.

Ben’s face was beet red. He was celebrating his victory with some more screams, until he was remembered of the hammering pain in his balls, and he doubled over, exhausted, and in pain, clutching his manhood, and panting heavily. He walked off the stage where his team mates Kev and Colin hugged him and patted his back.

Zach, on the other hand, was still lying on the ground. AJ and Reese, his buddies from the fraternity, walked up to him and helped him into the locker rooms. He was teary-eyed and sweating.

“So much for those fabergĂ© eggs”, Danny said. “Next up are Parker and Leo. Ben will be fighting against the winner, while Zach will encounter the loser, and battle him for bronze.”

The red haired gymnast and the black haired skater went up to the stage. They smiled at each other and exchanged very sportsmanlike handshakes.

“Now this is fair fighting”, Danny commented.

Phil blew the whistle, and Leo made the first move. He smiled apologetically. Then he took a step back and aimed a vicious kick at Parker’s nether regions. Leo’s lanky, naked body flew toward Parker and his toes smashed Parker’s juicy testicles dead-on.

Parker yelped and doubled over, while Leo was jumping up and down and holding his foot with his hand.

“Oooh, collateral damage”, Danny commented. “Poor Leo has hurt his foot…”

Parker held his ballsack and crossed his legs. The crowd cheered for him to get up again. He took a close look at his nuts – “Yeah, he’s a gymnast, and a limber one!” Danny cheered – and rolled the two balls between his fingers.

Leo was grimacing from the pain in his foot.

“I bet that pain will be gone in a minute”, Danny mused, as Parker animated the audience to clap rhythmically. He rubbed his sore balls and stood in front of Leo.

“Apparently he thinks he doesn’t need a running start”, Danny said. “And if you look at those muscular legs of his… Well, he could be right.”

The sound of the impact echoed across the gym, as Parker’s instep made contact with the soft, meaty balls of his opponent.

Leo moaned loudly and grabbed his junk.

“Good one”, Danny said.

Parker smiled with satisfaction as the crowd cheered for him. He winked at the audience and lifted his limp dick up again, granting the spectators a nice, full view of his plump, slightly reddened plums. He laughed and patted his balls.

“Parker seems pretty sure of himself”, Danny observed. “But the match isn’t over yet.”
Leo was recovering and getting ready for another kick. He zeroed in on Parker’s ballsack and kicked the 
gymnast’s balls like a football player.

Parker gave a loud groan and grabbed his testicles.

Leo, on the other hand, was still in pain, too, so both contestants were doubled over down, cupping their respective junks, and moaning in pain.

Parker steadied himself and told Leo to stand up straight, too.

Again, he didn’t take a running start. But this time, he turned around and hit Leo’s tender nuts with his heel instead of his instep.

Leo’s eyes bulged as Parker’s heel cracked his nuts. His mouth formed an “O” and his eyes crossed slightly.

“And that isn’t against regulations”, Danny reminded the viewers. “It says nowhere that you have to face your opponent…”

Parker was pretty satisfied with the results of his inventive attack. And he had every reason to be: After a few moments of silent pain, Leo stumbled and fell to the ground.

The audience went wild for Parker, and he grinned sheepishly as he reached down to help his opponent up. 

Leo looked pale, when it dawned on him that he had lost the match.

“And right now, Leo has to face Zach for the bronze medal”, Danny explained. “Yep, it’s the skaters vs. the frat guys again. And the gymnasts and the jocks are up for gold.”

Parker whispered something in Leo’s ear, and Leo smiled weakly and nodded. He was clutching his nuts and sitting on the ground, when Parker left the stage, and Zach came on to face his opponent.

Zach didn’t have the look of confidence on his face that he had shown when first fighting Ben. His large eggs hung low in their sac, but the skin was bright pink. His dong was hanging limp in front of them.

“I don’t think Zach is in top form”, Danny observed. “Leo has just lost his fight, but he looks way better than him!”

Indeed, the hot blond stud looked positively miserable. His face was tired, and his eyes were red.

Leo, on the other hand, managed to look more confident. He was standing now, his hands covering his low hanging nuts, rubbing them gently, and obviously trying to bring them to life again.

“They must be throbbing with pain”, Danny observed. “But that skinny skater boy seems to be a tough little fella.”

Leo and Zach were facing each other now. Phil started the matched, and it was Zach’s turn to start.
Zach ran toward Leo and planted his foot into Leo’s genitals.

Leo groaned and doubled over.

“Okay, not bad”, Danny commented.

The audience applauded politely.

Leo grimaced and straightened himself. Then, with determination and concentration, he went for the counterattack. His foot sailed into Zach’s crotch, flattening the poor frat guy’s meatballs with his instep.

Zach’s eyes crossed and he screamed with pain. He grabbed his balls and doubled over.

“Oooooh, that skater boy has it in him”, Danny said appreciatively. “Too bad he’s out of the running for the gold medal. Perhaps it was just bad luck. Now he has struck Zach’s nuts real good.”

Behind Zach the audience watched an instant replay in close-up. The camera angle was perfect.

Leo’s instep caught Zach’s sac with abit of a left-handed twist, catching Zach’s left nugget dead-on, flattening it perfectly, but only grazing his right nut. The juicy right ball slipped away and – visible in painful detail on the big screen – bulged away from under Leo’s foot.

The audience cringed, and Zach’s face lost all colour. He coughed and rubbed his poor gonads.
Leo was quite satisfied with his skills, and grinned happily. Occasionally, he rubbed his own pair of throbbing balls, but in general, he was doing fine.

It took Zach a while to get ready for his turn. The hot blond frat guy was cupping his big, swollen testicles, and moaning in pain. The audience grew impatient and some spectators even yelled for him to give up.

“Now that’s just unfair, plain and simple”, Danny said. “But on the other hand – he seems to take an eternity to get ready. Hey, Zach, it’s just balls…”

Zach looked mortified, but eventually he was able to continue.

His team mates were standing at the sidelines, looking rather ashamed of their buddy.

Grabbing his throbbing balls in his hand, he stood in front of Leo. With desperation in his eyes, he lunged a kick at Leo’s pills. It landed dead-on, but it didn’t have too much force behind it.

Leo coughed and grabbed his groin, but he was ready for his turn within a few seconds.

Zach looked mortified.

He turned to the umpire.

“Does he want to give up?” Danny wondered aloud.

The audience seemed to guess the same, and they started booing Zach.

Phil shook his head, and Zach looked miserable.

The booing turned into cheering, causing Zach to look even more miserable…

“According to the international regulations for Roshambo, a contestant can only give up on his own turn”, Danny explained. “So Zach will have to endure at least this last kick from Leo. And if I were Leo I’d make it a good one…”

Leo smiled wickedly when Zach spread his legs and let go of his balls, letting those oversized cherries dangle between his legs. He gave a “thumbs up” to the audience, who cheered wildly, and stepped up to the plate. He looked his opponent in the eyes and prepared for the kick.

Zach’s eyes were pleading with Leo to hold back, but apparently Leo was not in the mood for mercy.
He took his leg back, and with a powerful motion sent it crashing into Zach’s crotch. This time, it wasn’t his instep that made contact, but his bony shin. Zach’s dangling goodies were smashed by the skater’s leg, and the poor guy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he went down instantly.

The audience roared with approval, as the limp body hit the floor.

Zach was out cold.

“Those huge babymakers won’t be making any babies, soon”, Danny quipped.

AJ and Reese were in no hurry to come to their buddy’s rescue.

AJ looked embarrassed when he reached down to Zach and shook him until he was conscious again. He roughly inspected Zach’s plump equipment, and shrugged.

Phil, the umpire, took pity in Zach and had a closer look. He nodded reassuringly and Zach curled up in a ball, relieved, but broken.

In the meantime, Reese had walked over to Danny and talked to him.

Danny turned to the microphone again. “I just got some information from Reese, one of Zach’s team mates. And he has told me something that explains things a bit. Apparently Zach has taken the whole thing a bit too lightheartedly, skipping training and so on. Reese told me that they will have a serious talk with Zach. Perhaps he’ll be off the team. Or maybe he’ll be back again – but in better shape. As for now – you better get this pathetic athlete some ice…”

Reese and AJ carried their team mate off the stage to make way for the final battle of the day, while Tristan and Sammy walked over to Leo and congratulated him for his victory. Judging from the look on their faces they weren’t too disappointed by Leo’s performance.

“Now it’s Parker vs. Ben for the finals!” Danny said with excitement in his voice. “The jocks already have one gold medal. With this be the chance for the gymnasts to draw level with them? Or will the jocks extend their lead?”

Parker and Ben were facing each other. The black haired jock was looking confident and cocky, with his hands on his hips and a big grin on his face. His meaty balls were hanging low and his cock was half hard.

“Man, Ben really enjoys the attention”, Danny chuckled.

It was Parkers turn to begin, and when the umpire blew the whistle the red haired gymnast took his time.

He walked close to Ben and grinned.

“What is he up to?” Danny asked.

Parker ran his hands over his body lasciviously. The audience cheered and clapped.

Ben blushed.

Parker grinned and brought his index finger to his lips and sucked on it.

Ben’s cock twitched.

Then Parker brought his moisty finger to his left nipple and rubbed it, causing both nipples to harden instantly – and Ben’s cock as well.

Ben responded with obvious awkwardness. He tried to look away, but his dick rose like a flagpole until it was hard and pointing at the ceiling.

“Ahh, okay”, Danny said. “He’s trying to get that meat out of the way so he has a clear shot at Ben’s balls. Nice tactic.”

Parker grinned.

Ben’s face was beet red. His cock was rock hard and his balls were dangling between his legs with no protection whatsoever to save them from Parker’s assault.

The embarrassment in Ben’s eyes mixed with anger as he sensed was Parker was trying to do.

He frowned at the gymnasts.

Parker shrugged and prepared for his kick. The aim was perfect, and with nothing to prevent Parker’s foot from sinking into Ben’s ample ballbag, his toes crunched into the soft nutflesh with admirable precision.

Ben whimpered in agony, while the audience cheered and Parker took a bow.

The hurt jock grabbed his manhood, clutching his damaged balls, with his red, hard cock pointing up and pressing against his belly.

“Beautiful”, Danny was beside himself with joy. “Beautiful!”

The instant replay showed Parker’s toes crunching Ben’s nuts in slow motion.

The audience reacted with cheers of admiration and groans of sympathy pain.

Ben coughed. He looked at Parker with anger in his eyes.

Parker gave him an innocent wink and licked his lips, causing Ben’s cock to react favourably, while the rest of his body tensed with aggression.

He lunged at Parker and threw a mean kick into his crotch.

“Oops, that was off base”, Danny chuckled.

Parker’s reaction – a shrug and a grin – and the slow moton replay showed that the kick hadn’t grazed the 
gymnast’s balls at all. Ben’s toes had hit his opponent’s cock, but not his nuts, and Parker didn’t seem to experience any pain at all.

That made Ben even more furious. He seemed to get ready for another primal scream – but after he caught a warning frown from his team mates who were standing at the sidelines, he calmed down.

“Thank God, someone talked Ben out of that screaming thing”, Danny sighed. “That was disturbing – and it clearly turned the audience off. Apparently Ben’s team members know that you can’t win a competition like the Ballbusting Olympics against the audience…”

Parker grinned, and the audience cheered.

“The audience is clearly biased”, Danny commented. “But Parker’s tactic is working. He is throwing Ben off guard. And that mighty cock of his is still pointing north…” Danny chuckled. “Damn, an uber-straight jock boy like Ben – it must be hard for him that his body responds like that to a guy …”

Ben frowned at his opponent who seductively sucked his index finger again.

Ben rolled his eyes and looked down at his crotch. The tip of his cock was staring up at him and greeted him with a drop of precum, clearly visible in the close up on the huge screen behind him.
The audience laughed and cheered, causing Danny to laugh out loud: “Look at his face! I didn’t know that these shades of red existed…”

Parker turned to the audience and made them clap rhythmically.

Ben looked like a mortified robin redbreast, his face the color of Parker’s hair.

The audience continued clapping and cheering.

Parker grinned. Then he took a running start and landed another perfect kick right into Ben’s pink nutsack. 

The balls were crushed flat against his pelvis as Parker’s instep made contact.

Ben’s eyes crossed and he stood frozen for a few seconds. Then he groaned miserably and squatted down, his hand cupping his precious balls, and his body rocking back and forth. The tip of his cock was dripping more precum, and the audience went wild.

“Boy, Parker is good at this”, Danny said with a admiration in his voice. “And Ben is still standing. Well, squatting. But technically he isn’t out yet.”

It took Ben several minutes to recover.

In the meantime, Parker was flirting with the audience, flexing his muscles, and letting audience members touch his biceps. When one guy, a hunky curly haired cutie, reached out to touch his crotch, Parker stopped him.

“I need those”, he shouted, causing the audience to laugh and clap.

“’I need those’”, Danny repeated, laughing. “Yeah, that’s right Parker, you do. But let’s see how Ben is doing…”

Ben was standing on his feet again, doubled over and holding his balls. A drip of precum oozed out of his hard cock and landed on the ground. Ben looked down at it and groaned. Then he turned to his team mates.

“He looks ready to give up”, Danny observed.

“No, don’t!” Kev shouted from the sidelines.

“You can beat him!” Colin chimed in.

Ben groaned and straightened himself.

Parker grinned at him and spread his legs.

Ben groaned again and lunged a kick at Parker’s valuables, that had remained relatively unharmed until now.

This time, Ben scored, but the kick was too weak to get Parker into trouble.

The toes of Ben’s foot had caught both balls, and Parker doubled over, but it was nowhere near the destructive hit that Ben would have needed to win.

Parker breathed hard for a couple of moments, then he looked up at Ben, who was doubled over, too.

“Let’s finish it”, Parker shouted.

“Yeah”, Michael and Will, his team mates, screamed from the sidelines.

The audience clapped enthusiastically.

Ben just groaned and rubbed his balls.

His hard cock was pointing at Parker and oozing clear precum that landed on the floor.

“This could be the winning kick”, Danny said.

And it was. With one precise, merciless kick, Parker smashed Ben’s nuts into his body, flattening them with his instep, and rocking them against his pelvis.

The audience was silent.

Ben was frozen in pain. His mouth formed an “O”, his eyes crossed, and his hands were glued to his hips. The only parts of his body that were moving were his balls and his cock. His large, reddened nuts were swinging back and forth from the hit they had just taken, and his fiery big dick was spurting load after load of hot, white cum that landed in a puddle on the floor.

“Ooooh”, Ben’s buddies Kev and Colin were wincing in sympathy.

After what seemed like an eternity of swinging and spurting, Ben croaked in a high-pitched voice, barely audible: “I give.”

The audience erupted in a deafening round of applause, clapping and cheering for Parker and his well deserved win.

“Gold for Parker!” Danny shouted in the commentator’s box. “Gold for the gymnasts!”

Michael and Will rushed onto the stage and hugged Parker. The three of them jumped up and down, laughing and celebrating their victory.

Ben was still standing frozen in the middle of the stage, his hands on his hips, his hard cock shooting the last spurts of white cream onto the floor, while everyone around him was cheering for Parker.

“That was world-class Roshambo”, Danny shouted excitedly. “He literally kicked the cum out of Ben’s balls. It was a risky tactic but it worked!”

Kev and Colin walked over to their team mate, after they had congratulated Parker for his victory. Kev was standing on Ben’s right side, while Colin was on his left. Kev patted Ben’s back.
Ben’s face was a mask of pain. His eyes were open wide, his pupils slightly crossed, his eyebrows were raised, and his mouth hung half open.

Kev shook his head and grinned. Then he winked at Colin, who had a vicous grin on his face.

Colin laughed, and walked around Ben. With a nonchalant kick – not hard enough to be particularly painful, but not exactly friendly, either – he punted Ben’s spent, naked balls from behind with his sneaker-clad foot.

Ben coughed and looked like he was going to puke.

“Oh”, Danny chuckled. “That was mean… But at least it broke the spell on Ben…”

Ben collapsed on the ground and Kev and Colin high-fived each other.

“Wow, if that is the punishment for getting silver, I don’t want to know what’s in store if someone gets no medal at all”, Danny grinned. “So that’s it for today. Gold for Parker and the gymnasts. Silver for Ben and the jocks. Bronze for Leo and the skaters. And still no medal for the frat guys. Tune in next week when we have our third day of competition here at the Ballbusting Olympics with Ball Breaker. See you then!”

Danny switched the microphone off and grinned at me. I grinned back.

Then I looked at Chad, who was grinning, too.

He shrugged. “It works…”


Anonymous said...

Phil should be the one to dish out the penalty shots in the closing ceromonies.

Anonymous said...

ya, Phil should, lol, he should gove Kev an extra little punch for revenge

Alex said...

Thanks, anonymous, great idea! I hadn't thought about that, yet.