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The Ballbusting Olympics: Nutball

Featured in this story: Danny, KevTristan and the twins (click for pictures)

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Middle of the night
Committee meeting
Second committee meeting
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Booking the show
Lucky cock (The last committee meeting)
Opening Ceremony

After yesterday’s opening ceremony I was pretty sure that the first day of the competitions would be sold out. And I was right. There had been more than one hundred people here yesterday. Today there were 150. We had to bring chairs from the looker rooms in order to get everyone a seat. It was a small gym and the fixed seating only allowed 120 people. Word of mouth was pretty good, apparently.

I was sitting in the central control room next to the commentator’s box. My cameraman Chad – acting as assistant director – was with me and the three cameramen from the local college TV station were on their places.

Danny, our actor turned sports commentator, was testing the microphone.

I told Chad to tell the audience that we were about to start. He did, and the crowd went wild.

I smiled and ran the opening credits.

The four teams were already on the stage: the skaters, the gymnasts, the frat guys, and the jocks. All of them were wearing just underwear.

I heard Danny explaining the proceedings in the commentator’s box: “Now every team is going to send one athlete into the competition. The first game is Nutball. So the best bet is to choose the team mate with the best throwing accuracy. Pain resistance is a plus, too, but that is valid for every competition here at the first annual Ballbusting Olympics.”

I grinned. Danny did a good job.

“It’s Tristan for the skaters”, Danny announced. “Tristan is 19 years old, and 6’3” tall. He has never competed in a Nutball championship. Now he is showing his assets.”

The blond skater boy took off his boxers, revealing a well sized set of testicles below a half hard cock. His pubic hair was trimmed while his balls were cleanly shaven.

“Tristan brings everything you need for a good game of Nutball”, Danny commented. “Now it’s the gymnasts. Who are they gonna choose? It’s Will. Will is 22 years old, and 6’2” tall.”

Will turned his back to the audience and stripped down his boxer briefs, revealing his tanned ass cheeks and bringing wolf whistles from the crowd. He turned around and winked at the audience. His big, bouncy nuts were hanging low below his impressive dick. Will smiled, and the crowd cheered.

“Perhaps we have an early favourite here?” Danny continued. “Now it’s the frat guys. Yesterday they told me that Reese was the one to compete in Nutball. But perhaps they have changed their mind and… no, it’s Reese. Reese is 21 years old and 6’2” tall. It’s a good choice. According to my information Reese is the best baseball player at Beta Delta Pi.”

The black haired stud grinned and pulled down his boxer briefs. His hard cock snapped up and a few audience members gasped in admiration. It was a thing of beauty, and it rivalled Will’s proud member in length and girth.

“Wow”, Danny chuckled. “This is a surprise. Reese is a supersize contender. And look at those huge apples. Wow.”

The audience cheered for Reese’s revelation.

“And, last but not least, it’s the jocks”, Danny continued. “And this one is a no-brainer. But do they--- Of course, they go for Kev. He is the reigning champion of nutball in his dorm, and it would have been quite stupid not to choose him for this competition. Kev is 20 years old, and 6’1” tall. He is president of the BOC, and one of the founders of the Ballbusting Olympics.”

Kev threw his boxer briefs at the crowd and did a few crotch chops, causing the audience to go wild again.

“We are gonna see four games today”, Danny explained. “According to the drawing, first the skaters will play against the jocks. Then it’s the gymnasts against the frat guys. Then the winners play for the gold medal, and the losers play for bronze.”

The guys who weren’t going to play left the stage, leaving the four naked guys on stage. They smiled for a photo, then shook each others hands. I saw Kev trying to nut tap Reese and laughing his ass off when Reese winced and frowned at him.

“Now there comes the umpire from the locker rooms. And--- wait, is it---“ Danny stared at me with his eyes wide open. I nodded. Danny grinned and shook his head. “It’s really him. New soccer superstar Phil is acting as an umpire for our first game of Nutball.”

The crowd cheered wildly when they recognized Phil. He is a British soccer player and I knew him through the twins’ brother Jimmy, who is a professional soccer player in England, too.

Phil grinned and enjoyed the standing ovations.

Then he talked to the competitors. There were marks on the ground for the two players to sit on. Tristan sat down on one side, Kev sat down opposite him, both with their legs spread wide apart. They were sitting with 10 feet of space between them.

Both jerked their well sized cocks for a couple of seconds so that they stood straight up and didn’t obstruct the access to their nuts which where resting on the floor between their thighs.

“According to the international rules of Nutball you win either by knock-out or by points won after five minutes”, Danny explained. “Now the opponents can choose their weapons.”

Next to the players there was a variety of objects, some baseballs, tennis balls, pool balls, but also obscurer objects, like shoes, Rubik’s Cubes – and soda cans. The soda cans had been a late addition by me after Kev’s forceful encounter with one yesterday. I grinned as I saw Kev stare at the soda cans.

Tristan grinned, too, and made a show of choosing the soda cans as his weapons.

Kev went more traditional and chose the baseballs.

Then Phil, the umpire, blew his whistle.

The first game started.

Tristan threw a full can of soda but missed narrowly.

“That was a miss”, Danny commented. “He has to do better than that, because---“

Kev grinned and threw the baseball at Tristan’s family jewels. It landed perfectly and smashed Tristan’s marbles into the hard floor. Both of his testicles were hit dead on and Tristan yelped in pain. The crowd cheered.

“Yep”, Danny said. “That’s what I thought. With an athlete like Kev you have to strike early or he will take the lead…”

Tristan grimaced and massaged his nuts. He grabbed another can of soda and weighed it in his hand. He took aim and threw the can at Kev’s balls, missing again, but zeroing in on the targets.

“This is not going too well for Tristan”, Danny said. “He has to land a hit or he’ll be out soon…”

Kev smiled and grabbed a baseball. With a quick and powerful overhand throw he tossed the baseball at Tristan’s nutsack, scoring another direct hit and bringing a round of applause from the audience. Tristan coughed and fondled his nuts.

“This is ugly”, Danny commented. “Tristan doesn’t stand a chance…”

Tristan’s face was pale when he reached for another can of soda. He gulped and looked at the ceiling.

Kev smiled, knowing that Tristan’s throwing skills were way beyond his.

Tristan tossed the can of soda, but it landed at Kev’s knee, way off target.

“Wow, this is ugly”, Danny chuckled. “Perhaps the cans weren’t the best choice in weapons to begin with…”

Kev smiled and landed his third hit in a row, the baseball sinking into the soft flesh of Tristan’s testicles. His hard cock twitched and Tristan screams in pain. Some guys in the audience cringed, and Kev grinned proudly.

“Ow, ow, ow”, Danny grimaced in sympathy. “Perhaps he should just give up…”

But Tristan tried to ignore the pain in his poor balls and grabbed another can of soda. He panted heavily and looked at the can, praying silently for this one to hit home. He looked miserable. Then he straightened himself and concentrated on the target, Kev’s heavy, juicy balls below his rock hard dick.

Kev grinned.

But this time Tristan scored a hit, and a good one at that. The hard metal can sank into Kev’s soft ballflesh, crunching the precious orbs into the floor. Kev groaned.

“Yes!” Danny shouted, and the audience cheered for the underdog. “We have to see that in slow motion.”

I pressed a button.

“Wow, look at that”, Danny said with admiration in his voice.

Kev was cupping his damaged balls while the slow-mo repeat was playing on the screen behind him.
The hit was perfect. Both of his balls were flattened by the weight of the can. It didn’t even bounce off but stayed in place for a split-second and crunched Kev’s marbles further.

The clip stopped, and Kev was looking sick.

“Perhaps this is Tristan’s chance”, Danny said. “There are two minutes left. If Kev’s aim is off now…”

Kev tried to collect himself. He groaned again and massaged his nuts with his fingers.

“Looks like Kev’s in real trouble, now. But he can’t play for time. The regulations say he has to make his move within 30 seconds or his opponent is granted a penalty point.”

Kev grabbed a baseball and tossed it at Tristan’s junk. His aim was considerably off, though, and Tristan grinned as he reached for another can of soda.

Kev looked mortified.

Tristan took aim and threw then can with as much force as he could muster. The can crashed into Kev’s ballsac, making Kev yowl in pain and roll to his side.

“Looks like the tide has changed”, Danny commented. “Kev is leading, but by a small margin. It’s 3:2 now, and the clock is ticking. Kev is taking all the time he can, now.”

Kev was rolling on the ground in agony, cupping his sore balls, and moaning miserably, while the audience was cheering for Tristan.

“Kev has to throw within the next 5 seconds or Tristan gets another point”, Danny said. “3 – 2 – 1.”
Phil blew his whistle.

“That’s it. It’s 3 points each now”, Danny commented. “Wow. Will Kev be able to get out of his misery? Time is running out and he has to land a solid hit…”

Kev grimaced in pain, clutching his aching gonads. He looked at his opponent with a sinister expression on his face, and grabbed a baseball with his right hand, while comforting his throbbing balls with his left.

Tristan smiled nervously.

“Time is running out”, Danny repeated.

Kev grimaced again. With all the force left in him, he pitched the baseball at Tristan’s junk. The hard ball sank into Tristan’s jewelry with a loud, dull thud, bringing a loud “Ooooo” from the crowd and a hoarse “Ooooo” from Tristan’s lips. Tristan’s eyes crossed slightly and his fingers found the aching lumps in his scrotum. He coughed.

“Yes!” Danny screamed. “That could be it. This could be the win for Kev and the jock boys.”

Tristan coughed again.

Phil, the umpire, looked at his watch. He put the whistle into his mouth and blew it twice, ending the game.

Tristan rolled to his side and curled up in a ball.

Kev got up and stroked his hard cock a few times with his right hand while he formed the victory sign with his left.

The audience cheered and clapped.

“It’s a win for Kev!” Danny screamed. “Unbelievable. That was a photo finish!”

Tristan was curled up on the floor, rolling from side to side and moaning loudly in pain.

“Next up are Will for the gymnasts and Reese for the frat guys. Kev will be battling the winner of that match for the gold medal while Tristan will have to fight the loser to get a medal at all… Now the umpire is clearing the field.”

Phil helped poor Tristan get up and led him to door to the locker rooms where Tristan’s team members Sammy and Leo were waiting with a bag of ice in their hands.

Kev walked over there, too. Ben and Colin were smiling and they high-fived their winning team member. Kev smiled weakly and grabbed his balls that had taken quite a beating as well.

Now Will and Reese came onto the stage. Their naked bodies were glistening in the bright light of the gym, their chests smooth, their arms and legs muscular, and their faces brimming with excitement.

Will stood in front of the audience and jumped up and down, his hands over his head, clapping rhythmically and bringing the audience to clap and cheer. Will’s genitals bounced happily.
“Will is counting on the audience to support him”, Danny commented. “He probably knows that it’ll be tough to beat baseball star Reese in the next match…”

Reese seemed unimpressed. He stroked his supersize meat and sat down on the mark.

“Reese seems eager to begin. Now the umpire calls for Will to sit down, too”, Danny said.

Will sat down opposite Reese, while the crowd cheered for him.

Reese smiled gently.

“What will be the contestants weapons of choice?” Danny asked. “Reese is going for the baseballs. Well, that’s no surprise. But what is Will going to do? He – ooh – he takes a chance and chooses the pool balls. Those heavy things are hard to throw. But when they hit the mark, they really hit the mark… Now the umpire starts the game. Reese is going to start.”

The two players were sitting opposite each other, their legs spread wide, their cocks hard and pointing to the ceiling, their massive plums resting peacefully between their muscular thighs, with determined looks on their faces.

Reese weighed the baseball in his hand and stared at Will’s massive fruitbasket.

Will grinned at him and pointed to his nether regions as if to say: “Yeah, these are the targets, dummy…”

Reese ignored him and tossed the baseball at Will’s junk.

It landed on Will’s nuts, albeit a bit off target.

“Now this is interesting”, Danny said. “Will the umpire count it as a point? Will doesn’t seem to be in any pain.”

Phil took a step towards the contestants and looked at Will’s crotch as if he was expecting to find a mark of the impact. Then he nodded. The hit was counted.

“That’s an early lead for Reese”, Danny commented.

Will shrugged and took aim with the pool ball.

“This is gonna hurt”, Danny predicted.

And it did. The pool ball flew at a perfect arc and embedded itself into the soft flesh of Reese vulnerable jumbo nuggets, drawing a collective gasp from the audience, and a pained scream from Reese. The poor frat guy grabbed his nuts and doubled over.

“Ouch. It’s a tie, now”, Danny said.

Reese was breathing heavily and I decided to run a slow motion of the impact. It appeared on the screen behind Reese and the audience watched silently, fascinated by the perfection of the hit. The heavy pool ball crunched Reese’s meaty nuts into the floor and they flattened considerably before they retained their natural state.

I saw several audience members grimace in pain, while Reese was trying to cope with the pain.

When the clip ended, the audience erupted in cheers and applause for Will.

The attractive, blond gymnast grinned and nodded at the crowd.

Reese managed to catch his breath in time, and grabbed a baseball.

He threw it with maximum force and managed to hit Will’s balls dead on. Will gasped as the baseball struck his reproductive organs, his soft balls taking the brunt of the impact, while his dick was twitching, too.

He groaned and grabbed his groin.

Reese was still in pain from Will’s earlier hit, but he managed a victorious smile, while Will was doubled over and coughing.

“That one was a winner”, Danny commented. “Will is taking his time to cope with the hit. But he has to be careful or--- okay, now he is back on track. He grabs another pool ball and aims for Reese’s manhood.”

Will concentrated. Then his eyes narrowed as he focused on the target area.

Reese looked frightened. His slightly reddened balls were completely unprotected as his thick hard cock was standing straight up. Perhaps Reese knew that this was it.

Will exhaled slowly, then he fired the pool ball at Reese’s crotch. It landed perfectly, right on the left nut. I cringed.

“Ooooh”, Danny grimaced. “Ooooh, that was a bad one. That was a bad one.”

Reese’s eyes crossed, his mouth formed an “O” and his eyebrows rose. Then his eyes rolled back in his head, and he passed out.

The umpire rushed over and had a look, then he declared the match over.

The audience roared with approval and clapped and cheered for Will, who grinned and took a bow.

“It’s over. Wow!” Danny screamed. “I can’t--- wow! Reese passed out. It’s a knock-out win for Will. That means he will fight against Kev for the gold medal. Wow.”

Reese’s team mates AJ and Zach rushed over to their friend and with the help of some smelling salt brought him back into the world of consciousness – and ball pain. Reese yowled and grabbed his poor balls. AJ pried his fingers away from his groin and inspected his left nut, fearing for some permanent damage.

At the same time the slow motion replay was screening in the background. The audience cringed in sympathy at the sight of Reese’s poor left nugget being crushed severely by the heavy pool ball.

AJ nodded in relief.

“Good. Everything seems to be all right”, Danny commented. “Now first up is the match of the losers over the bronze medal – which means, unfortunately, that Reese will have to get into the ring again, to battle it out against Tristan. This should be an easy victory for the skater boy. No doubt about that…”

Reese protested when the umpire told him that he would have to stay for the next game – to no avail.

“Well, rules are rules”, Danny said with a compassionate voice.

Reese was rolling on the ground, trying to cope with the pain that was radiating from the delicate orbs inside his sac. In the close-up from one of the cameras a tiny strand of precum was visible oozing from the tip of his rock hard cock.

“Well, at least his nuts are functioning”, Danny commented. “At least for now. With Tristan coming up to bust his balls some more, perhaps that reassuring knowledge is soon proven premature…”

Tristan walked on stage and sat down opposite Reese, who was still writhing in agony.

“On the other hand – Tristan hasn’t had the perfect record with Kev. Maybe Reese does have a chance to win bronze after all… Now what kind of instrument is Tristan gonna choose? He seems to think about that. Oh, now he has made a decision. And he goes for – oooh, the Rubik’s Cube. That’s--- I don’t know… If he lands one or two good hits with the pointy edges, he could finish Reese for good…”

Reese was still incapable of going on, but the umpire grew impatient. He talked to Reese and convinced him to sit on his mark.

The two opponents were sitting opposite each other. Tristan was smiling and stroking his cock so that it was fully hard again. Reese didn’t have to do anything, because his dick was standing proud. His face was telling another story, though. He clenched his teeth to ignore the pain. When he saw Tristan with the cube in his hand, he paled.

Tristan grinned.

Reese chose to stick to the baseballs.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea. It didn’t do him much good in his first match. But let’s see”, Danny said.
Reese grimaced in pain again and threw the baseball. It landed nowhere near Tristan’s nuts and

Tristan grinned happily.

“Wow. That was way off target!” Danny commented.

Reese groaned when he saw Tristan twist the cube.

Tristan winked at his opponent and threw the cube at Reese’s meaty balls. It hit them nicely, but not very hard. Nevertheless, the impact of the hard edges seemed to renew the pain in Reese’s nuts and he yelped in pain and grabbed his goodies.

“Ouch”, Danny said. “I don’t think he’s gonna last long…”

Tristan grinned and the audience cheered.

Poor Reese tried once more to land a good hit with the baseball, but, again, he didn’t hit Tristan’s nuts. The baseball hit his thigh, and Tristan laughed.

Reese looked miserable.

The look on Tristan’s face changed to a mask of fierce determination.

“Apparently Tristan is going for the kill”, Danny observed.

Reese groaned. His body trembled, making his hard dick twitch and the balls inside his sac vibrate.

Then, with a baseball player’s pitch, Tristan threw the Rubik’s Cube at Reese’s poor ballbag. And it hit home.

Reese’s cry of anguish was drowned in the applause and the cheers of the crowd.

The hard, pointy edge of the cube had hit both of Reese’s massive nuggets dead on.

“I give”, Reese screamed and fell to the side. He sobbed uncontrollably and cupped his poor, mangled balls with his hands.

“That’s bronze for the skaters! Bronze for Tristan!” Danny screamed inside his commentator’s box.
Tristan jumped up and down, his genitals bouncing happily between his legs. His team mates rushed onto the stage and hugged him.

The audience went wild.

Reese was lying on the ground, reduced to a sobbing mess. He was cradling his nuts with his hands, trying to ease the pain inside his sore testicles.

His team mates AJ and Zach walked over to him and patted his shoulder, trying to calm him. But they didn’t look too happy, either, having lost the first of the five competitions.

“Now it’s time for the finals”, Danny said. “Kev for the jock boys, and Will for the gymnasts. Both of them have taken hits, but Kev definitely had a harder time winning against Tristan. So it’s gonna be a suspenseful match… The two finalists are sitting on the ground, legs spread, cock pointing up, everything is alright according to the international regulations. Now the umpire asks them which instruments they choose, and--- oh, okay. They both go for the pool balls. Ouch. This is going to be a heated battle…”

Phil blew the whistle and the match started.

“Five minutes from now we’ll have our first gold medallist!” Danny said enthusiastically.

Kev took the first pool ball and looked at his opponent.

Will smiled confidently. He grabbed his balls and weighed them in his hand.

Kev smirked. Then he took aim and threw the pool ball like a shot-putter.

Will’s eyes widened with terror as the pool ball flew through the air toward him.

Moments before impact, Will closed his eyes in resignation.

It was a perfect hit. The weighty ball crashed into his precious marbles and crushed them both with mind-numbing accuracy.

Will let out a pained yelp.

Kev grinned and balled his fist in a victory pose.

The audience was torn between cringing in sympathy and cheering for Kev’s competent gaining of the lead.

Will moaned as the ball rolled away from between his thighs. He grabbed his balls underneath his hard cock. The look on his face spoke volumes.

“Well done”, Danny said with admiration.

Will tried to shake off the pain, and grabbed a pool ball to issue an appropriate counter attack.

Kev smiled confidently. The smile turned into an eery expression of pain when the pool ball crashed into his nuts.

The sound of the impact was heard across the gym, and the audience roared with approval and cheers. 
Apparently they were rooting for Will…

Kev took his time and nursed his balls with both of his hands, until the umpire looked at his watch.

In order not to give Will a penalty point, Kev grabbed another pool ball.

With a loud groan that resembled a tennis player’s noise when serving – or a fatally wounded gunshot victim, for that matter – Kev sent the ball flying at Will’s defenceless crotch.

The ball landed with a loud ‘splat’ on Will’s valuables and Will moaned and rolled to the side.

Kev let out a loud “Yes!” and the audience applauded.

“Will seems to be in a bit of trouble…” Danny observed.

Indeed, he was. His face was pale and his eyes watered.

“He has to be careful about the time…” Danny said as the poor gymnasts was writhing on the ground, cupping his crotch and rocking back and forth.

Kev looked pretty satisfied, and continued to rub his balls.

Will was doing the same. He was groaning loudly, and the audience began chanting “Will, Will, Will!” to stir him into action again.

Will moaned and sat up straight, spreading his legs and grabbing the next pool ball, right when Phil, the umpire, was putting the whistle into his mouth to award Kev the penalty point.

Will tossed the ball at Kev’s crotch with surprising strength and Will screamed when the pool ball hit home. He clutched his crotch and wailed in pain.

“Both contestants are putting on one hell of a fight”, Danny said. “It’s a nailbiter!”

The audience went wild, shouting the finalists names and cheering for them, while Kev was lying on the ground, moaning and gagging.

Will didn’t look like he was feeling much better, his face had lost all colour and he looked like he was gonna feel sick any moment.

Kev got into his position again, his face beet red and his hand comforting his poor balls.

He gave it another go, grabbing a pool ball and throwing it at his opponent’s groin with all the force he could muster.

That was enough.

Will screamed and collapsed, rolling to the side with his hand cupping his aching balls. He laid down on his belly with his tanned ass cheeks moving up and down as he tried to get rid of the pain in his poor nuts.

Kev smiled weakly.

“Could this be the end?” Danny asked. “It’s 3:2. If Will doesn’t get up soon, Kev will be the winner.”

Will was moaning and groaning, writhing on the ground and cupping his throbbing meatballs.

His team mates were standing at the sidelines. His twin brother Michael and their friend Parker were shouting for Will not to give up.

The umpire blew his whistle.

“That’s a penalty point. Kev leads 4:2. I don’t think Will is going to get up again”, Danny said.
He was right. Half a minute later Phil blew his whistle twice, ending the fight after 5 minutes.

“We have a winner! Our first gold medallist!” Danny screamed.

Will sobbed and his team mates kneeled next him.

Kev stood and smiled weakly. He jerked his cock a few times, stopping after he grimaced from the pain in his nuts.

On the big screen behind him the replay of his victorious hit was played in a loop.

The audience clapped and cheered, and Kev raised his hands in victory.

His team mates, Ben and Colin, came on stage and hugged him.

“Gold! Gold for Kev!” Danny screamed.

I grinned at Chad, who was sitting next to me in the control room.

“That was the first day of the Ballbusting Olympics”, Chad smiled.

“Yep”, I said. “And we have 4 competitions yet to come…”


Anonymous said...

Hi, have you thought into making more olympics? Btw, where did you get those so hot cover pics?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Right now there are no plans for a new series of Olympic competitions - but you never know! :-))

I'm not quite sure but I think the picture of this particular title card is from a Bel Ami photoshoot, probably by Tarek del Moreno or Joan Crisol. Their photos are quite hot... :-))