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The Ballbusting Olympics: Opening Ceremony

Featured in this story: DannyKevParkerthe twins and Zach (click for pictures)

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Lucky cock (The last committee meeting)

The gym was packed. My cameraman and I had come a few hours before the show was set to start, because we had to set up the equipment with the crew of the local college TV station. Now it was ten minutes before the beginning of the show and the benches were filled with more than one hundred people, mostly jock type guys in their early twenties, presumably college students.

I was impressed. Apparently Kev, Ben and Colin, the members of the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC), had done a good job with the publicity.

This was the first of the seven days of the Ballbusting Olympics. Today we’d see the Opening Ceremony, tomorrow was going to be the first of five days of competition, and an awards ceremony would end the spectacle.

The gym had been divided into three ares: auditorium, stage, and media. The media area consisted of a commentator’s box, a small central control room, three cameras, and a small interview stage with the official logo – a sophomoric and pretty graphic topical variation of the Olympic emblem with the five rings – on the back wall.

The TV station crew consisted of three cameramen. Chad and I were in charge of the editing and the organization. We had employed our model Danny, a modestly talented but very attractive actor with an up-for-anything attitude, as the commentator. The strawberry blond 21-year old was sitting in the commentator’s box and reading some notes.

There were four Olympic teams: the jocks (Kev, Ben and Colin), the gymnasts (blond twins Will and Michael and their red-haired friend Parker), the skaters (black-haired Leo and his friends Tristan and Sammy) and the frat guys.

The frat guys were three guys that had answered a call for participants. AJ, Reese and Zach, belonged to a local fraternity. AJ and Reese were 21 years old and Zach was one year younger. Zach had dirty blond hair that was cut very short, AJ’s hair was black and just as short as Zach’s, while Reese’s black hair was a bit longer. They were standing on the interview stage wearing just boxer briefs, displaying their muscular and lean bodies, and answering a few questions for Danny.

Danny was wearing a sport jacket and jeans, and he looked great in it. He had a microphone in his hand and two cameramen were standing behind him.

I walked a bit closer so that I could hear what they were talking about.

“… so we though: why not?” Zach was saying. “We have some experience in sports – soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it.”

Danny nodded and smiled. “So what do you think: Do you have a chance of winning a few competitions?”

AJ laughed. “A few? We have a chance of winning them all!”

“Have you practiced at all?”

“Of course”, AJ grinned. “We have been trading punches and kicks for the last weeks to toughen up our nuts.”

“Yeah”, Reese grimaced and grabbed the big bulge inside his tight underwear.

Danny told one of the cameramen to zoom in on Reese’s package, causing Reese to blush and smile nervously. I looked at the monitors inside the control room. One was black, one was showing Reese’s face, and the third one was zooming in on Reese’s nether regions.

Reese had nothing to be nervous about: His cock and testicles were clearly outlined, and he was obviously very well endowed.

His hand was squeezing his ample baggage while he continued: “Training camp was hell. But I think I’m best equipped for the competition, now.” He let go of his bulge and the package filled the monitor screen.
“Good for you”, I heard Danny say.

Then, out of nowhere, a fist came crashing into the frame, and into Reese’s ball bag. The camera showed in high definition as Reese’s genitalia was crunched into his crotch. The soft fabric of his boxer briefs offered no protection whatsoever and the hard knuckles dug into Reese’s soft flesh and flattened his poor nuts.

I turned around to see what had happened.

Reese’s team members Zach and AJ were laughing their asses of, while Danny and the cameramen were chuckling. One of Reese’s buddies – apparently AJ, who was standing next to him – had busted his balls good. Reese was exhaling slowly and the colour of his face changed to an unhealthy paleness.

The cameras in the control room were capturing the action excellently: Reese’s abused package that was held by his slender hands was filling one screen while his pale face with his slightly crossed eyes was displayed in full size on the other one.

Reese coughed.

“Ooohh, looks like they are not that tough, after all”, Danny grinned and held the microphone out to Reese’s mouth.

“Maybe you’re right”, Reese whispered.

AJ chimed in: “Come on, Reese, suck it in!”

Reese nodded and breathed slowly. “I’m okay, I’m okay…”

“What sport are you going to compete in?” Danny asked.

“Nutball”, Reese exhaled.

“That’s on for tomorrow. Perhaps it wasn’t such great idea to bust his balls like that?”

AJ, Zach and Reese were perplexed.

AJ and Zach turned to look at Reese.

“Nah”, Reese said quickly, rubbing his crotch. “I’m okay, I’m okay…”

“Good”, Danny said and turned to face the camera. “That’s it for now with the frat guys. AJ, Zach and Reese are spruced up for the competition.” He turned to the three athletes again.

“Good luck, guys.”

“Thanks”, the frat guys said in unison.

Danny gave the microphone to one of the cameramen and walked over to me. “That was the last interview. We’re ready to go.”

I smiled. “Great!”

The TV station had given us half an hour of air time for each day. Today’s broadcast would consist of the four interviews with the teams, the official inaugural address by BOC president Kev, and two dancing segments by our professional gymnasts Will, Michael and Parker.
It was just a few minutes before the show was about to begin and I walked backstage – i.e. into the locker room of the gym – to see the twins and Parker.

They were already dressed for their gig, although dressed was the wrong word. They had decided to go for unconventional costumes. They were naked and their muscular bodies were painted with bright colours.

Blond twin brothers Michael and Will had various shades of blue paint on their bodies. Their extraordinarily big cocks and balls were swinging between their legs, with an intriguing, neo-modernist coating of bright blue paint.

Their friend Parker, whose hair was shoulder-length and dyed flaming red, had decided to go with that colour. His body – that was just as muscular as the twins’ – was decorated in a red color scale. His genitalia was impressive but not as big as his buddies’.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah”, Will said.

“One minute”, I said, and the gymnasts nodded.

I went out into the gym again and headed for the control room.

Kev was standing at the side and went through his notes. The BOC president was wearing Danny’s ‘kinky tuxedo’, an inventive variation on the traditional piece of clothing. It consisted of a black jacket, a black tie and black briefs that had a strategically placed opening that allowed for Kev’s big, shaved testicles to hang out in the open. Kev was completely oblivious to me as I walked past him.

I looked down at his exposed nuts and grinned. With a quick backhand slap to his valuables I caught his attention. The sound of the slap caused a few spectator in the front row to turn their head. They roared with laughter and nudged their mates as Kev yelped and doubled over.

“Good luck”, I grinned.

“Fuck”, Kev moaned. “Do you know how many people have done that today? More than a dozen! And Ben and Colin got me twice!”

I shrugged. “That happens when you are in possession of the ‘lucky cock’…”

Kev moaned and tried to concentrate his attention to his notes again.

I went into the control room.

Danny was sitting in the commentator’s box next to us. He smiled and gave us a ‘thumbs up’.

The cameramen were in place behind their cameras and the show was ready to go.

Chad was standing next to the audience.

I gave him the sign and he walked on stage.

“Okay guys”, he shouted to the audience. “We’re about to start. Put your hands together now for the Ballbusting Olympics!”

The sound of one hundred people eager for the show to begin filled the gym. They were clapping and cheering.

I rolled the opening credits, a thirty seconds collage with ballbusts from our website’s videos of
“Soccer Balls”, “Take one for the team” and “The menu”, accompanied by an upbeat version of some dramatic classical string music that culminated in a powerful fanfare when the words “Ballbusting Olympics 2008” and the official logo appeared on the screen.

The crowd went wild. We had set up a large screen on the back of the stage so that the audience could see the clips.

After the opening credits the lights went out and new music started. To the well known beginning of Richard Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra” three spot lights went on and found the twins and Parker on the stage. They were standing naked on the stage, Parker in the middle and the twins on either side. Their hands were in front of their crotches and set to the giant crescendos of the music they exposed their imposing genitalia one after another. The audience cheered and clapped.

Then the music changed into something I recognized as an excerpt from the “Matrix” soundtrack with thumping beat and full orchestral sound. The three gymnast showed stunts, including handstands, lifts, some human pyramid action and so on.

For the big finale Parker went into a handstand and spread his legs until he was showing a full split. His face was facing the audience and his cock hung down on his belly. His big balls were bulging up from his crotch and the twins walked toward him. In time with the beats of the soundtrack they hammered their fists down onto Parker’s balls. One – two – three – four – five – six – seven –eight. One of the cameras had Parker’s crotch in close-up and I cringed as I saw that the twins weren’t faking as I had expected. Their fists crunched Parker’s bright red balls and drove them into his bony crotch. I wasn’t sure whether they had rehearsed it that way or the twins had taken some liberty with the choreography. Either way – Parker had to be in agony…

The music stopped and Parker collapsed on the ground. The twins stood next each other and struck a pose, smiling into the camera and winking.

The light went out.

The gym filled with the applause of the audience, and the three artists took a bow and went off.

Parker had considerable problems staying on his feet. He leaned on to Michael and Will for support.

Chad had joined me inside the control room. He chuckled.

I looked at him and grinned.

“The audience is digging it”, Chad commented on the tumultuous cheers and applause.

I nodded. “Who knew that classic gymnastsics could be such a crowdpleaser.”

“Classic with a twist”, Chad grinned.

I smiled.

We focussed on the stage again where BOC president Kev had already begun his inaugural speech. He was standing in the middle of the stage with a microphone in one hand, his notes in the other one. He was very good at hiding his is nervousness, but his bare chest was glistening with sweat and his big balls that were presented in the ‘kinky tuxedo’ were tight against his body.

“… so I’m really happy that so many of you have come here to be a part of the first annual Ballbusting Olympics”, he said.

The crowd cheered and clapped.

Chad looked at me. “Annual?”

I shrugged.

Kev continued. “You will see four teams of athletes compete in five different sports. Tomorrow it’s Nutball.” Kev paused for applause. “The week after that it’s Roshambo. Then it’s Ball Breaker, then Squash. The last competition will be Punch-ball.” The crowd cheered. Kev smiled. “You will see nuts get crunched, balls get busted, and the sweet dreams of parenthood get smashed to pieces.” The audience went wild. “Thank you all for coming today. I hope you have bought your tickets for the competition days, because we are nearly sold out. Before I let the teams introduce themselves, I want to say: May the toughest nuts win.”

Kev smiled at the audience. The guys cheered and clapped and rose from their seats. Kev’s smile widened. His balls relaxed and hung low in their sac, outside the black boxer briefs, now, making for a perfect target for a sneaky attack from the audience. Something collided with Kev’s balls at high speed. Kev’s cheeks puffed as the air left his lungs. He doubled over and let go of the microphone and his notes. They crashed onto the floor while Kev was bending over and grabbing his groin.

I acted quickly and let a slow motion repeat appear on the screen behind Kev. Now we saw the hit in all its glory. It was a full can of soda that came out of nowhere. It crashed into Kev’s balls – we saw it in slow motion – and caught both of his precious presidential balls dead on. The edge of the can sank into his right nut while his left nut was flattened by the side of the can.

The audience watched with sheer delight as the impact was shown in painful detail on the big screen behind poor Kev. It looked seriously painful. Kev’s meaty right ball was severely deformed and I saw several audience members cringe – albeit with malicious glee on their faces.

I decided to show the slow motion again and the audience loved it.

The BOC president coughed and sank to his knees, while the crowd cheered and applauded.

“Let the games begin”, someone shouted.

Chad chuckled. “Seems like they have already begun…”

I dimmed the lights in the gym and the audience sat down again. I ran the first of the four video interviews. It showed the skater team, Leo, Tristan and Sammy.

I walked out of the control room and over to Kev who was writhing on the ground.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

Kev looked at me with a painful expression. “No.”

I was silent.

“Fuck, it feels like a bomb has gone off down there…”

I smiled. “Not a great start for your presidency, hmm?”

Kev moaned.

I helped him up and moved him to the side.

On the big screen Tristan was talking about Leo’s genitalia, lightly tapping his friend’s crotch, and drawing laughter from the audience.

Kev and I sat down.

He was cupping his sore bulge and nursing his battered balls.

We sat there throughout the next three video segments, where the rest of the teams, the frat guys, the gymnasts, and the jocks, introduced themselves.

I looked at the screen and saw Kev bragging about his ability to take pain.

Someone in the audience shouted: “Yeah, but not when it comes to soda cans…”

I chuckled.

Kev groaned.

“Come on, get up there”, I said when the last video had ended.

Kev groaned and got up. He walked onto the stage and grabbed the microphone.

The crowd went wild again.

“Thanks. Now that’s it for today. Our gymnasts, Michael, Will and Parker, have prepared something for you now. Have fun and enjoy the Games. Thank you.”

The audience cheered and Kev grabbed his nuts protectively, as if fearing another attack on his manhood. None came, though.

I dimmed the lights again and ran the music the twins had given me for the second set.

This set was more cheerful than the first one. The music was lighter and the acrobatic moves were faster. The set ended with the Can-Can from Offenbach’s “Orpheus in the Underworld” and the three acrobats interlaced their arms and threw a parade of high kicks into the air, their naked genitalia bouncing happily up and down.

The audience clapped rhythmically and cheered for the three guys on stage.

They resolved the figure and for the big finale Parker jumped into a full split, trapping his nuts between his body and the hard wooden floor, and showing a painful, yet funny grimace on his face.

The crowd cheered and applauded and I ran the end credits.

“That’s it”, I grinned at Chad.

“Great”, he smiled. “I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s Nutball, isn’t it?”

“Oh yes”, I said. “It’s Nutball.”

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