Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Danny's interviews 3

Featured in this story: DannyPhil and Tristan (click for pictures)

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Ball Breaker

On Thursday we had our third day of competition in the Ballbusting Olympics. The teams competed against each other in a game called Ball Breaker. Tristan received the gold medal for the skaters, AJ won silver for the frat guys (their first medal at all), Michael came in third place for the gymnasts, and Colin went home empty-handed. Danny, our strawberry-blond actor-turned-commentator, went backstage after the show.


Danny is grinning into the camera, a microphone in his hand. He is standing in the locker rooms. “Hi there, I’m Danny reporting from the Ballbusting Olympics. I have Tristan with me here, the first gold medallist from the team of the skaters.”

Tristan smiles. “Hi, Danny.”

“Hi, Tristan. Congratulations on your win!”


The camera zooms out to reveal Tristan’s naked body. His meaty balls are hanging low in their reddened, swollen sac, and his cock is half hard and pointing at the camera.

Danny looks down at Tristan’s crotch and chuckles. “So you got rid of those pants right away, hmm?”

Tristan grins weakly. “Yeah, they were very uncomfortable, holding your nuts in place so they could get crushed by the crossbar…”

“I imagine”, Danny smiles. “You took some serious pain in the sperm making department. How are you?”

“Oh”, Tristan sighs. „I’m fine. You know, I think it was a heated battle and I’m glad it’s over now.“ He grabs his balls and weighs them in his hand. “I think I’ll give those suckers a rest for some time.”

The camera zooms in on Tristan’s crotch. His ripe plums are bulging in their sac while Tristan’s fingers fumbles with them, rolling them around with his thumb and index finger.

The camera zooms out again.

“Let’s see”, Danny smiles. He grabs Tristan’s balls with his right hand and squeezes hard.

Tristan groans and grimaces in pain. He coughs. “Would you… please… let go… of my… nads… please?” he whispers hoarsely.

“Sure”, Danny says cheerfully. He lets go and Tristan doubles over and grabs his crotch. “I think you really should give those suckers some rest.”

“Yeah, I will”, Tristan whispers.

“Thanks, Tristan”, Danny grins.

“Thanks, Danny”, Tristan moans.


Now Danny is standing in the gym. Audience members are leaving and walking past him and a young, attractive guy.

“This is John”, Danny introduces the boy. He is a bit shorter than Danny, with brown hair and lively brown eyes. He is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and looks to be in his early twenties.

“Hi, Danny”, John says.

“Is this the first time you have been to the Ballbusting Olympics?”

“No. I’ve seen every event so far.”

“So what do you think of today’s competition?” Danny asks.

“Well, it was okay. I liked Nutball and Roshambo better, though”, John says.

Danny nods. “Yeah, it was a bit boring, wasn’t it?”

John smiles. “A bit. I’m looking forward to next week, though. Squash sounds fun…”

“Tell me, John, have you come alone?”

“No, I’m here with a few friends of mine. I wanted my girlfriend to come, too, but she isn’t too much into sports…”

“I see. So, well, thanks, John, it was nice talking to you. Have fun next week!”



“I have Phil with me, our umpire, and the rising star in American soccer”, Danny smiles and the camera zooms out to reveal 18-year-old Phil in his black umpire shirt and shorts.

“Hi”, Phil grins.

The two guys are standing in the gym, the empty audience benches behind them.

“After today’s match you had your own share of ballbusting, right?” Danny asks.

“Yeah, there were some…” Phil winks. “…scallywags that needed to be taught a little lesson…”

The camera zooms out and shows five young guys lying on the ground, cupping their crotches and – judging from the expressions on their faces – experiencing quite some pain…

Phil looks down at them and grins. “Nothing like an expert ball kicker to take someone down a peg or two, right, mates?”

Phil laughs when he hears a few soft moans of approval.

Danny chuckles. “You’re from England, right?” Danny asks.

“Yeah”, Phil nods.

“So I imagine there is quite some nutsmashing going on in those boarding schools…”

“Well, first of all, we’re not very different from you”, Phil smiles. “And second: Yes. All-male schools mean that there are more bollocks around, plain and simple.”

Danny shrugs. “Figures.”

Phil nods and grins.

“There have been some rumours that you are going to take an active part in the Ballbusting Olympics’ Awards Ceremony”, Danny says.

“Yeah”, Phil smiles. “I have been asked to hand out the penaltys.”

Danny has a surprised look on his face. “Penalties? I haven’t heard of any penalties, yet.”

Phil laughs. “Well, that’s the fun part. The athletes haven’t heard, yet, either. It’ going to be a little surprise for them…”

Danny laughs. “Well. I’m looking forward to that.

“Me, too…”

“Care to give us a quick demonstration of what we’re going to see?”

“Sure”, Phil grins and takes a step back. He is standing behind Danny. “Spread ‘em, mate.”

Danny looks into the camera with a comical expression on his face. “Well, I didn’t---“

“Spread ‘em already”, Phil repeats.

Danny sighs and spreads his legs. The camera zooms in on the soft, jeans-clad bulge in his crotch.

With a precise, hard kick, Phil’s foot smashes Danny’s bulge and drives his tender testicles up into his pelvis.

Danny groans and sinks to the ground. He is grabbing his groin with one hand while the other hand is holding the microphone.

“That’s it for today”, he moans into the camera. “Tune in next week for the fourth day of the Ballbusting Olympics…”

Phil grins.

Fade out.


Anonymous said...

you know, once the BOC is all over, it would be real to see a Parker-Phil busting session, both take some, both give some, it would be real hot.

(lol, guess I have a thing for redheads)

Alex said...

Hey firecrotchrox, thanks for your suggestion! Nice idea, I'll think of something...

Anonymous said...

parker-Phil would be cool too, but i do think that Phil should be reciving a lil more Now, while still giving, of corse.

Alex said...

Hey deprime, I'll make sure that they both get their fair share of pain... Any more ideas for them? I'm always open for inspiration...