Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zero tolerance

Featured in this story: ChadLeo and Parker (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Easter preparations
Easter egg hunt
A tip from the public

A few weeks ago, on Easter Day to be precise, we had a little Easter egg hunt. Most of our models and some of their friends were there to participate, and we had a little guessing game called “How many eggs are in the basket”.

On Sunday, one of our viewers pointed out that Leo had cheated in the game. He had known abut Nate and extraordinary equipment (he has three nuts), and he didn’t tell anyone. He “guessed” right, of course, and he probably even told his friends Tristan and Sammy who guessed right, too.

Parker and Chad on the other hand betted on the wrong horse – and they were severely punished. Their nuts were black and blue afterwards (quite literally so…)

Well, long story short: Parker and Chad decided to get revenge. And I helped them.

Parker, the “indie boy” with his dyed, flaming red hair, was the first to arrive. He was wearing skintight green jeans and sneakers, and a colourful t-shirt.

I offered him a drink and asked him what his plans were.

“Well”, Parker grinned. “I guess we’re gonna kick his nuts in.”

I chuckled. “How did I guess?”

A few minutes later, my cameraman Chad arrived. His brown hair was tousled and he looked as attractive as ever. He is 30 years old, but he looks younger. He has this carefree “I’m looking good so I don’t have to wear good looking clothes” attitude. He was wearing blue jeans that looked like he was wearing them since the turn of the millennium, are a beige shirt.

“New shoes?” I asked him when he sat down with us on the couch. I looked at his new leather boots and grinned.

“Well, sometimes all I need is a good reason”, he grinned and kicked his right foot into the air.

Parker and I chuckled.

We drank a few beer while we waited for Leo.

The black-haired 19 year old skaterboy was a bit late. Finally, he stood in the doorframe. He was wearing baggy jeans with the waistband of his boxer shorts visible above, and two t-shirts on top of one another.

“Hi”, he said cheerfully. “What’s up?”

He stood in front of the couch.

Parker and Chad got up and grinned at him.

I decided to remain seated and watch the show while drinking my beer and eating a few peanuts.

“Let’s get right to the point, okay?” Parker said smiling.

Leo stared at him and nodded. Apparently he was sensing that something was wrong, but he had no idea what it was.

“You remember the Easter egg hunt?” Chad started the interrogation.

“Yeah”, Leo grinned. “Your nuts got beaten up really good!”

“Oh yes”, Parker nodded. “Do you remember why?”

“Well”, Leo smiled. “You---“ He paused. The smile vanished. “You… lost at the… guessing game…”

“Right”, Chad said grimly.

Leo looked over his shoulder and seemed to search for a way to get out of the studio.

But Parker stood in the way.

Leo started to sweat.

“Well, do you know where this is going?” Parker asked.

“I--- No, I--- I have no idea”, Leo stammered.

“Well, we have heard that you knew about Nate”, Chad said slowly.

“I--- why--- what about him?” Leo whispered.
“Oh come on”, Parker laughed. “You know what we’re talking about. You knew that Nate had three nuts. You cheated!”

Leo looked at me in panic.

I shrugged.

“But--- Yeah, okay, I knew, but--- Hey”, Leo pointed at me. “he knew that I knew!”

I shrugged again. “I didn’t remember.” I knew that part of the whole thing was my fault – Leo was right, I should have remembered that he knew about Nate – but considering the situation I had no intention of getting involved in this…

And I was pretty relieved that Parker and Chad waved Leo’s protests aside and stepped closer to the poor, skinny skaterboy.

Leo smiled nervously. “Okay. Guys, listen, I’m sorry, okay? I should have told you that I knew, okay? I shouldn’t have taken part in the game, okay?”

“Too late”, Chad said.

“But – what are you going to do?” Leo asked slowly.

“Well…” Parker pretended to think about it. Then he grinned at Leo and said: “We’re gonna kick your nuts in!”


Leo’s cry of protest was interrupted by a hard, mean kick in his crotch. Chad had taken Parker’s cue and his new boot had crunched Leo’s nuts.

Leo coughed and crumbled on the floor.

“Hey”, Leo moaned. “I said I’m sorry… Why don’t we---“

Again, Leo was interrupted, this time by a precise and deathly kick from Parker. The tip of Parker’s sneakers found its way between Leo’s thighs from behind, catching at least one of Leo’s gonads and ramming them into his pelvis.

The poor skaterboy shrieked in pain and grabbed his crotch.

Parker knelt down next to Leo and pried the hapless guy’s hands away from his groin. He grinned at Chad, who smiled and smashed his fist into Leo’s soft bulge, causing Leo to scream again.

He struggled to get out of Parker’s strong grip and managed to free his right hand. With a frantic expression on his face, Leo’s hand found its way to Parker’s crotch. Before Parker had a chance to react, Leo grabbed the big bulge in Parker’s tight jeans.

“Fuck!” Parker yelled.

“See?” Leo screamed at him. “This isn’t---“

He was interrupted again. Instead of focusing on Parker’s nuts, he should have guarded his own, because Chad took the opportunity and landed another hard punch at Leo’s tenderized nuggets.

That knocked the wind out of him and he curled up in a ball.

Parker got up and massaged his bulge. He grimaced in pain and looked at Leo. Then he grinned at Chad.
“Dress code?”

Chad chuckled and grabbed Leo’s arms. Parker quickly opened the fly of Leo’s jeans and yanked them down over his sneakers. He stripped off his boxers as well, while Chad ripped off Leo’s t-shirts.

The poor guy was lying on the ground now, naked except for his shoes and socks. He cupped his aching gonads and looked at me for help.

I looked at him with sympathy, and took a sip from my beer.

Leo’s naked schlong and his beaten balls were resting on his thighs.

Chad grabbed Leo’s arms again to prevent him from guarding his crotch.

With mind-dazzling speed Parker punched Leo’s poor balls four times in a row, landing four perfect hits, connecting dead-on with Leo’s agonized testicles.

Leo coughed. “Fuck, you fucking---“

“Come on, Leo”, Parker grinned. “How about this: We get three more kicks at your cute little balls - and then we’re even, okay?”

Leo looked at him and gulped. “I--- Why---“ Then he sighed. “Okay, three kicks.”

Chad chuckled. “Get up, then.”

Leo nodded and tried to get up. Chad helped him and he instantly doubled over, cupping his sore balls, and moaning in pain.

Parker stood in front of him. “Listen, Leo, you have to get your hands away from your balls or we won’t be able to---“

Chad grinned and stepped behind Leo. He looked down at his brand new boots, and with thundering force he brought his foot up into Leo’s balls from behind, driving his hands into his balls.

“Fuck”, Leo screamed in a high-pitched voice.

“One”, Chad grinned. Then he lined up his foot again, took a little running start, and crushed Leo’s nuts again. His instep smashed into Leo’s hands and his poor, battered testicles and drove them into his pelvis, lifting the skinny skaterboy up in the process.

Leo coughed and gagged.

Parker cringed in mock-sympathy.

“Two”, Chad said. “Leo, why don’t you get your hands away. I’m afraid I’m gonna break them.”

Leo nodded. His face was red and he was sweating. At the moment his hands were away from his balls, Chad’s boot crunched his precious jewels a third time.

“Fuck”, Leo groaned and collapsed on the floor, sobbing and cradling his injured gonads.

“Three”, Chad grinned.

Parker looked at him and raised his eyebrows. “Who said you were going to give him the kicks?”

“Well”, Chad shrugged. “I thought…”

Parker shook his head and turned to Leo. “Listen, pal, why don’t you let me kick you one very last time, okay?”

Leo moaned.


“You said we’d be even”, Leo whispered.

“Then, we are even”, Parker smiled and patted Leo’s back.

Leo moaned loudly and got up.

He spread his legs and reluctantly let go of his balls.

“Good boy”, Parker smiled. He took a step back, focused on Leo’s crotch, and brought his sneaker-cald right foot up into Leo’s agonized babymakers.

Leo let out a high-pitched scream and froze. He was unable to move. His eyes crossed and his eyebrows rose, while his mouth was hanging open and his arms were glued to his hips.

Parker chuckled.

“Wow”, Chad grinned. “That was a good one…”

A wheezing sound escaped Leo’s lips.

“I think he wants one more”, Parker chuckled.

Chad laughed.

Parker brought his leg back again and landed another perfect kick between Leo’s slim thighs. The instep of Parker’s sneaker’s connected with Leo’s meaty nuggets and flattened them into his body.

“Fuck!” Leo screamed and collapsed on the floor.

Chad and Parker grinned.

“No hard feelings, okay, buddy?” Parker chuckled.

Leo moaned and looked at them. He massaged his battered balls and showed a weak smile. He pointed at his dick and groaned: “No hard feelings for a long time, I guess…”

Parker and Chad laughed.

They sat down next to me and grabbed their beer.

We watched Leo roll on the ground in pain for a while before we switched on the TV and watched a sitcom.

A few minutes later Leo joined us. He put on his boxers and sat down next to me.

“Want a beer?” I asked.

“Yeah”, he said softly, nursing his balls inside his boxers.

I fetched one and sat down again.

Leo put the cold bottle of beer inside his boxers and cooled his nuts. He sighed with relief.

I grabbed my own bottle and clinked it against Leo’s.

“Cheers”, I grinned.

Leo moaned and doubled over.


Carter said...

Man, you sure are lucky they didn't go after you!

Alex said...

Sshhhh! Don't tell them! ;-)