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The Ballbusting Olympics: Awards & Penalties

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenDannyKevLeoParkerPhilthe twins and Zach (click for pictures)

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Punch Ball
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I stood with Chad at the entrance of the gym.

“Happy?” he asked me.

“Of course I am. I wasn’t very confident when Kev and his buddies told me about this idea. But the Ballbusting Olympics rocked! And we’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for another event next year.”

Chad smiled. “Great. Will it happen?”


“The Ballbusting Olympics 2009?”

I shrugged. “Phhh, I don’t know. I’m pretty exhausted right now. But who knows?”

Chad nodded.

“But before we make plans for next year”, I continued, “let’s finish the Ballbusting Olympics 2008 first, okay?”

Chad and I walked to the central control room where we had our monitors and controlled the three cameras that were positioned in the gym.

The audience had already taken their seats. There weren’t as many people here as on the days of competition but we were very satisfied nevertheless.

The show started with a fanfare and the audience clapped and cheered.

Danny, our actor-turned-commentator walked onstage in his ‘kinky tuxedo’, a sexy piece of clothing that consisted of a black tie, a tight black jacket and black pants that had a strategically placed hole in them, allowing Danny’s juicy, smooth balls to breathe the open air. The two delicate orbs were hanging out his briefs and Danny winked at the audience who went wild with cheers.

Danny had a wide smile on his face when he addressed the audience. “Hello!” he shouted into his microphone. “This is it! This is the Award Ceremony of the Ballbusting Olympics 2008!” He paused for applause. “First we’re gonna give the athletes their medals. And then it’s time for the penalties!”

The people in the audience cheered and clapped. Most of them were young men from various fraternities and sports clubs on campus. There were a few girls, too, probably girlfriends accompanying their lovers, but the majority was guys in their late teens and early twenties.

“Let’s hear it for the athletes!” Danny shouted and one after the other all the athletes came on stage. “The gymnasts: Will, Michael and Parker! The skaters: Leo, Tristan und Sammy! The frat guys: AJ, Reese and Zach! And the jocks: Kev, Ben and Colin!”

The twelve guys were naked and in various degrees of fitness, ranging from skinny Leo to very muscular AJ. They all had genitals of above-average size but the twins and Zach got the jackpot. Zach’s hands were holding his huge balls as though he was afraid someone would hurt them… The rest of the guys were less demure, wiggling their crotches and smiling proudly as the audience whistled and cheered.

“And here is our umpire and star guest: soccer sensation Phil!”

Phil entered the gym and the applause of the audience turned deafening.

The handsome red-haired 18 year old smiled and waved at the crowd.

Then the medals were given out.

The gymnasts received five medals. The were the only team who got a medal in every competition: Parker won gold for Roshambo and bronze for Punch Ball, Will received two silver medals for Nutball and Squash, and his twin brother Michael got bronze for Ball Breaker.

The skaters got four medals: Gold (Ball-Breaker) and Bronze (Nutball) for Tristan, another gold medal (Squash) for Sammy, and another bronze medal (Roshambo) for Leo, making the happy trio the only team to win two gold medals. The three skater boys posed for a photo, their medals dangling from their necks and their juicy plums and proud rods dangling between their thighs.

The jocks got four medals, too: Gold (Nutball) and silver (Punch Ball) for Kev, another silver medal (Roshambo) and bronze (Squash) for Ben. Only Colin went home completely empty-handed, having lost his game of Ball Breaker. He didn’t look too comfortable between Kev and Ben, when they posed for a picture, but he managed a slightly convincing smile.

The frat guys two medals had been won by AJ: Gold for Punch Ball and silver for Ball Breaker. His team mates Reese and Zach, both attractive and big-balled (although Zach deserved the top-spot, of course) looked at AJ’s medals with open envy on their faces.

After everyone had received their medals, Danny announced that it was time for the penalties.

The audience cheered while the athletes were shocked. Apparently they had successfully forgotten about the fun part of the ceremony.

Danny read the list of penalties, “Nutball: Kev for a timeout in the match against Tristan.”

Kev winced.

Danny continued, “Nutball: Will for a timeout in match against Kev.”

“Hey”, Will shouted. “That’s not true! I threw the ball before---“

“Yeah”, Phil interrupted him. “But I viewed the footage afterwards and I was wrong. You were two seconds over the limit!”


“I’m the referee”, Phil reminded him.

Will shrugged and pouted.

Danny grinned and continued reading, “Roshambo: Parker for the use of his heel in the match against Leo.”

“Wait a moment”, Parker said. “Didn’t you say that it wasn’t against regulations?”

Danny shrugged. “Apparently I was wrong…”

Parker raised his eyebrows.

“Roshambo: Zach for trying to give up on his opponent’s turn in the match against Leo.”
Zach groaned but didn’t even try to protest.

“Roshambo: Ben for cumming in game against Parker.”

Ben’s mouth dropped open. “For cumming?”

Phil shrugged. “It’s against regulations…”

Ben shook his head. “But what was I supposed to do? Do you think I meant losing to Parker and spilling my juice?”

Phil shrugged.

“Ball Breaker: No penalties.”

The athletes sighed with relief.

“Squash: Ben for grabbing the opponent’s arm in the match against Sammy. Zach for cumming in the match against Will. Zach once more for cumming in the game against Ben. And Ben once more for viciously using his foot in the game against Zach.”

Ben and Zach looked at each other with exasperation in their eyes.

“Punch Ball: Leo for a timeout in the match against Parker.”

Leo winced.

“And finally”, Danny grinned. “two for AJ in the match against Kev. One for punching the opponent's balls after he gave up, and the other one - and I like this one best: AJ for going limp-dicked...”

The audience cheered while AJ didn’t look very cheerful…

“Let’s do it in alphabetical order”, Phil suggested. He was wearing his soccer cleats and the guys looked at his shoes with sceptical faces.

“Okay, folks”, Danny said. “AJ, you go first. Spread ‘em, pal”

AJ glanced at Danny but complied.

His naked balls were dangling between his thighs and his limp dick was hanging in front of them.

Phil smiled. “Could you…” He pointed at AJ’s cock.

AJ raised his eyebrows and grabbed his dick, lifting it up and out of the way for Phil’s kick.

Phil nodded and prepared to give the first penalty. He was standing in front of AJ, concentrating on the targets and tapping his right foot on the floor.

AJ began to sweat. His eyes twitched with anticipation.

The audience began making noise for Phil, and Phil grinned and nodded.

Then he took a step back, and lunged for AJ, planting his foot right between the poor frat guy’s thighs, scoring wonderfully and mashing AJ’s poor, delicate balls into his body.

AJ yelped and doubled over, while the audience cheered and whistled.

Phil turned around and smiled.

Then he looked at AJ again, who was panting heavily, his face had changed to the color of overripe cherries, and his cherries had taken the same shade… His hands were caressing his throbbing testicles, squeezing them and trying to get rid of the pain that was radiating through his body.

When he realized that Phil stood in front of him, waiting for AJ to open his legs for the second kick, AJ groaned miserably.

“Come on”, Phil said.

AJ sighed and reluctantly let go of his nuts. His dangling reddened berries were hangin low in their sac, and AJ dutifully grabbed his cock to secure maximum damage to his sore balls.

Phil smiled and winked at AJ. Then he kicked his balls once again, his foot sinking into AJ’s balls, his instep flattening the two precious jewels against AJ’s body.

AJ screamed in pain and collapsed on the ground, curling up in a little ball and massaging his poor gonads while muttering obscenities and cursing Phil.

The audience clapped and cheered.

Phil, the star soccer player, looked at the line of naked guys waiting to get their balls kicked.

“One down, 6 to go”, he said matter-of-factly.

“It’s Ben’s turn now”, Danny announced. “And he’ll get 3 kicks in a row.”

Some guys in the audience cringed in sympathy as the young jock spread his legs.

Phil walked around him and told Ben to bend over, which Ben did, albeit reluctantly. The English redhead looked at the two meaty nuts dangling between Ben’s legs and grinned.

Ben looked at the audience who was silent, waiting for the impact.

Phil took his time and Ben began to get nervous.

Then, just when Ben started to turn around, Phil’s cleats hit home. The soccer player’s foot connected perfectly with Ben’s fruitbasket, smashing the contents into his body and bringing a shrill, high-pitched scream from Ben’s lips.

Ben’s hands found the center of pain and wrapped around the soft, injured mounds, cradling them, while their owner moaned and groaned in agony.

Phil didn’t lose any time, now, following up his devastating kick with two more, similar assaults on Ben’s manhood, carried out in rapid succession. Phil’s foot crashed in between Ben’s legs, driving his hands into his balls and making Ben stop mid-scream.

His eyes watered and he coughed. His lip trembled and he looked down at his groin as though he expected that Phil’s kick had knocked the stones out of his plums.

The audience went wild, and Phil took a bow, just as Ben collapsed next to AJ. Both boys rolled around on the ground, clutching their respective crotches and moaning loudly.

„Kev, your turn“, Danny grinned, and the President of the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC) walked up to Phil.

He seemed pretty confident and less timid than he predecessors, probably because he knew that he had just one kick coming his way…

The young, muscular jock smiled at Phil and shook his hand.

Phil grinned.

Kev grabbed his genitals and jiggled them for the audience, who went wild again with cheers and applause.

Then Kev spread his legs and nodded at Phil.

A second later his facial expression changed from confidence to ruefulness, as his precious balls were flattened by Phil’s powerful kick.

The two juicy orbs were smashed hard, the instep of Phil’s shoe landing right on target and driving Kev’s testicles into his body.

Kev’s cheeks puffed and he gagged.

Accompanied by the cheers and applause of the audience, Kev kissed the dust. He landed on the ground face first, his hands embedded in his crotch, joining AJ and Ben in their inventive interpretation of modern, slightly disharmonic, soprano music…

“Leo!” Danny pointed at the skinny skater who looked at the three fallen, muscular guys with a sceptical expression of his face. Obviously he wasn’t very happy to be next in line for the casting of their little ensemble.

The pale, naked 19 year old was trembling as he stood in front of Phil. His ample equipment looked pretty huge on his rawboned body. His ribs and his hip bones stood out, and he awkwardly scratched his head.

Phil smiled at him reassuringly and took a step back. With a little running start, he kicked at Leo’s crotch. The tip of his shoe connected with the skater boy’s ripe testicles, and the poor boy let out a bloodcurdling scream and grabbed his agonized orbs.

His knees touched and his face went even paler than it usually was. Slowly, very slowly, the cute boy slumped down and curled up next to his three companions in misfortune. Another shrill, sobbing voice was added to the choir, resulting in a bizarre, yet compelling quartet of misery.

Three guys were left standing.

Gymnast Parker with his dyed flaming-red hair, his team mate Will, and big-balled Zach looked at the four guys and gulped.

“Let’s hear it for Parker!” Danny shouted and the crowd cheered for the 21 year old indie boy.

Parker grinned wearily and assumed the required position, spreading his legs and letting his impressive genitalia, his long dick and his juicy gonads, swing freely between his legs.

Phil changed positions again, walking behind the limber gymnast.

Parker grimaced in anticipation, but not for long, as Phil powerkicked his poor testicles from behind. The tip of his foot connected with the backside of Parker’s balls and his nuts were propelled forward and up, almost touching his belly on the upswing.

Parker whimpered and collapsed, almost landing on top of Leo. His hands cradled his injured manhood and he rolled on the ground with the other four victims.

Will and Zach looked at each other. Both of them were equipped with extraordinarily large testicles, and matching dicks, but Zach had the upper hand in this size contest. His dick was a little bit longer and a little bit thicker, and his juicy grapefruits were clearly larger than Will’s.

“Good luck”, Zach said with a miserable expression on his face.

Will shrugged. “Nothing I haven’t endured before…” He winked at Zach. “I’m gonna put on a show!”

He took his position, spreading his legs wide, lowering his upper body, and putting his hands on his knees, like a sumo wrestler at the beginning of the fight.

His big, juicy nuggets swung between his legs and Will grinned as Phil stood in front of him. He even jerked his cock a couple of times so that it pointed at the red haired boy and didn’t interfere with Phil’s kick.

Phil chuckled and shook his head while the audience clearly appreciated Will’s obedient cooperation.

Will’s twin brother Michael didn’t seem as appreciative, though. He blushed and made an annoyed face.

Will let go of his cock and put both of his hands on his knees again.

Phil brought up his foot, slowly, lifting the juicy orbs inside Will’s scrotum.

The blond hunk grimaced comically, crossing his eyes and opening his mouth.

The crowd laughed and clapped.

Then came the real deal.

Phil chuckled, brought back his leg and smashed his foot into Will’s waiting balls. His instep made perfect contact.

Apparently, it took a few seconds for Will’s brain to process the information that his throbbing balls sent through his body.

Some guys in the audience chuckled, some cringed, some cupped their own crotches in sympathy, as the pain set in on Will.

The comical grimace on his face vanished and his face went blank. Then the comical grimace returned, albeit without the deliberate comedy, as Will’s eyes crossed and his mouth opened, this time unintentionally.

A barely audible wheezing sound escaped his lips and his eyes crossed even further.

His hands were glued to his knees and he didn’t seem able to move them to nurse his battered balls.

Phil chuckled.

Will’s eyebrows rose and his lips trembled. The look on his face turned mournful, before he finally broke down, his hands finding the way to his throbbing testicles.

Michael shook his head disparagingly and sighed.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen, last but not least, it’s Zach”, Danny announced, and the ample-nutted frat guy smiled droopily as the audience cheered and clapped.

The muscular scratched his crotch and looked at the six guys that were lying on the ground, moaning, groaning and sobbing.

He shot a glance at the exit door, but apparently thought twice about it. It wouldn’t have been too wise to make an attempt to escape, with all the guys in the audience that were waiting to see his big, juicy eggs scrambled.

Phil patted his back reassuringly.

Zach sighed and spread his legs.

The two oversized babymakers dangled between his legs and the expression on Zach’s face said that he was probably thinking of some nice, happy place he’d rather be. Maybe he was envisioning a beach and palms, the deep blue see and a couple of hot girls to satisfy his every need…

Phil did everything to wake Zach up.

His foot crashed into Zach’s big, delicate potatoes and mashed them good and proper.

Zach’s jaw dropped and his eyes opened wide in terror and pain, when his nuts were slammed into his body. He gagged, but the sound of his retching was outdrowned by the cheering and clapping of the audience. The muscular blond guy looked sick. His face was wan and his eyes twitched.

Some guys in the audience were writhing in sympathy pains, but the rest was laughing and cheering at the poor guy’s state.

Phil chuckled and walked behind Zach.

He whispered into Zach’s ear and the frat guy nodded weakly.

It took a few seconds, but then Zach was as ready as he could be for the second kick.

Reluctantly, Zach let go of his precious babymakers, his hands pressing against his belly. His eyes were wide open and he looked miserable.

“God, look at his cock!” Danny laughed.

Zach’s proud rock seemed to have a life of its own. It was fully hard and standing up above his big, juicy balls.

“Make some noise!” Phil shouted at the audience who complied happily, whistling and cheering.

These noisy surroundings didn’t do much good for Zach’s condition.

Inexplicably, his dick twitched happily while his facial expression was telling a completely different story.

Zach looked down at his cock and grimaced. He cleared his throat and frowned. He was just getting ready to start insulting the audience for taking delight in his situation when Phil changed his priorities for the moment.

His foot sailed into Zach’s oversized manhood, cracking his nuts with a resounding smack, causing Zach to whimper in pain and fall to his knees, clutching the huge, hurting orbs in his ballsac. His cock was twitching violently and a little drop of preecum oozed out of its tip, drawing more cheers and mischievous laughter from the audience.

Phil smiled and stood in front of Zach who was on his knees, his hands clutching his balls below his impressive erection. He head was down, and when he looked up, his face had changed. His pain and agony had transformed into rage and anger, and when Phil took a bow for the audience, Zach lunged at him from behind and grabbed his clothed crotch, causing Phil to yelp and try to free his nuts from Zach’s deadly grip.
Zach squeezed Phil’s balls through the thin fabric of his black shorts, bringing loud screams of pain from the young soccer player’s mouth.

Danny rushed to help Phil and planted a hard, well-aimed kick at Zach’s throbbing testicles.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs and let go of Phil’s bollocks.

The soccer star doubled over and rubbed his groin, but apparently he wasn’t in too much pain as his attention shifted quickly to Zach who was rolling on the ground, his hands clutching his newly hurt balls, and his raging hard-on pointing at the ceiling.

Without further ado, Phil knelt down next to him and slapped Zach’s face, making him let go of his crotch and reach for his face with a surprised expression on his face. It was just a split-second but it was enough for Phil to grab Zach’s precious babymakers with both of his hands.

Terror flashed up in Zach’s eyes as Phil, with an expression of merciless determination, squished Zach’s meatballs in his hands, squeezing down on his left nut, then on his right nut, then on both nuts at the same time.

The audience edged him on, chanting “Finish him!” and clapping wildly.

Phil grinned viciously as he saw another drop of precum ooze out of Zach’s hard erection.

“He’s gonna make him cum”, Danny shouted, “oh god, this is so ironic…”

Danny laughed and quickly walked over to help Phil. He grabbed Zach’s hands and held them tight, while Phil squashed Zach’s grapes.

Zach screamed hoarsely, his face beet red and his eyes clenched shut, as his hard-on began twitching violently.

With another vicious grin, Phil let go of Zach’s balls and started punching them, hammering his fist down on Zach’s poor balls.

After three solid hits to his testicles, Zach’s cock was ready.

The first spurt of hot, white cum came out of the tip, flying high and landing in Phil’s face, covering his left eye and his nose with the slimy cream.

Phil grunted and wiped his face with his hand. He looked at the sticky hand, balled his fist and smashed down on Zach’s crown jewels once again, just as the second and third jet of jizz came spurting out of his cock.

Zach was yodelling from the top of his lungs, qualifying for the solo part of the septet that included his six predecessors who were still writhing on the ground, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings.

His cock continued shooting streams of thick, white cum, while Phil hammered down on Zach’s busy balls one final time.

Zach yelped and his yodelling stopped.

He coughed and groaned, as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Cum was oozing out of his twitching dick as Phil and Danny let go of the poor guy.

The audience clapped and cheered while Zach curled up in a little ball, joining his moaning companions in the final movement of their rendition of “Pain! The Musical”.

Danny grabbed the microphone and shouted the names of the hapless guys who were rolling on the ground in pain. The audience went wild with applause and a couple of the poor hurting boys smiled weakly and waved at the audience when their name was called.

“And finally”, Danny screamed enthusiastically. “Put your hand together for our umpire, star soccer player and first class ball kicker… Phil!”

The red haired Englishman took a step forward, smiled and waved at the crowd. He grabbed his crotch with his left hand and gave a “thumbs up” gesture with his left hand.

Some guys in the audience laughed while the applause rose in a thundering crescendo.

When Phil let go of the will sized bugle inside his black shorts, Danny took the opportunity to get Phil involved in the Ballbusting Olympics one final time.

He took a running start and kicked his balls from behind. His sneaker-clad foot crashed into Phil’s tender manhood, traumatizing his poor, young balls and smashing them into Phil’s crotch.

Phil stumbled forward, his facial expression changing slowly, from initial surprise and disbelief, to painful realization paired with just a hint of wistfulness (he probably realized that tonight wasn’t date night after all…), and finally to unbearable pain and suffocating sorrow.

He fell to his knees. His hand found the aching nuggets in his crotch and held on to them for dear life. Then he keeled over, landing face-first on the ground.

Eight guys were lying on the floor, now. Eight guys moaning and groaning, sobbing and nursing their battered balls.

The rest of the guys, Michael, Colin, Reese, Sammy and Tristan were watching their team mates suffer with a look of amusement mixed with compassion on their faces.

Danny grinned.

“That’s it, ladies and gentlemen!” he shouted. “Thank you for coming here and watching the Ballbusting Olympics 2008! See you next year!”


Anonymous said...

Poor Zach! But so freakin hot! Keep him cummin'!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I will...

Anonymous said...

so who won?

Alex said...

There was no competition. These were the penalties for the five sports competition, all rolled into one.

I guess everybody lost... :-)