Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chad's stress balls


Featured in this story: Chad and Danny (click for pictures)

Danny was sitting on the couch, looking at his shoes. He was wearing sneakers that looked pretty new. His strawberry blond hair was tousled and he was wearing blue jeans and a bright green shirt and a jacket.

I waited.

After a few moments of silence, he looked up and told me in a dismal voice: “My brother’s coming to town.”

“Oh”, I said.

Danny nodded and looked at his shoes again.

I said tentatively: “That’s--- well, I don’t know… That’s good, isn’t it?”

Danny shrugged.

“When is he coming?”

“Sometime in July.” Danny looked at me with the expression of a beaten dog. Then he reached into a pocket in his jacket and took out some pictures.

I couldn’t see them from where I was sitting.

Danny sighed again. Then he gave me the pictures.

I looked at them and laughed.

Danny winced.

I held half a dozen pictures in my hand, printed with a laser printer. All of them were screenshots from movies Danny had done with us. One showed him naked, covered in cum. Another one was a picture of Danny’s naked balls getting kicked by Jimmy, the twins’ brother. The others showed him in equally obscene poses.

I smiled at Danny and shrugged. “You look good…”

“Phhh.” Danny made a disapproving grunt. “He threatens to show those pics to my parents if I don’t let him… you know… have a session with me here at the studio…”

“Oh”, I said.

Danny’s brother David was a cocky and more often than not unabashedly mean guy. A professional dance who enjoyed humiliating Danny physically and psychically. I didn’t know what
to say. On the one hand I didn’t like to see Danny, who had become something like a friend to me, get bossed around by his brother. On the other hand the sibling dynamics usually led to quite entertaining antics…

I seriously didn’t know what to say, so I repeated: “Oh.”

Danny looked miserable.

My cameraman Chad was editing some stuff on the computer, so I told him to go to the kitchen and get us a beer.

When he left the room, I asked Danny: “Are you gonna do it?”

Danny looked at me like I was stupid. “Do I have a choice?”

I smiled and shrugged.


Chad returned and gave us each a bottle of beer. He stood in front of us, a bottle in his hand, wearing jeans and a tight, sleeveless top that showcased his muscular chest. He scratched his three day stubble and looked at me.

“Well”, I said to Danny. “Nothing you can do about that, is there?”

Danny shook his head.

“Come on”, I patted his shoulder. “Grin and bear it. He’ll be here in July?

Danny nodded.

“That’s more than a month from now. In the meantime…” I looked at Chad. “Why don’t we lift your spirits a bit?”

Danny and Chad looked at me.

I stood next to Chad and smiled, putting my arms around my cameraman’s shoulders. “Chad here hasn’t been too nice to you the last time your brother was around, hasn’t he? So, well, perhaps you’d like to take your bad fretfulness out on someone who deserves it?”

Chad paled.

I grabbed Chad’s fly and unzipped it.

He wasn’t wearing any underwear and Danny looked at his dark pubes.

Chad started to protest.

Chad”, I interrupted him. “You owe it to him…”

“What? I think I paid my dues the last time around! There’s---“

I stopped him with a authoritative glance.

Danny looked at Chad’s open fly and shrugged, a bored expression on his face.

Chad rolled his eyes. Then he reluctantly put down his bottle and took off his shoes and his jeans, giving me a long, reproachful look.

Chad was standing in front of the couch, wearing only his sleeveless to, his large cock and ample balls dangling between his legs.

Danny stood and slowly walked over to Chad until he was standing in front of him. He shrugged, sighed, and threw a powerful kick right between Chad’s thighs. His sneakers crunched my cameraman’s precious orbs into his pelvis and he moaned hoarsely and collapsed on the ground.

I looked down at Chad and grinned. “Better?” I asked Danny.

Danny shrugged, a slight grin on his face. “A bit…”

“Come on, get up, Chad”, I said, prompting my poor 30-year-old employee to moan in pain.

I grabbed Chad’s hand and helped him get up.

“Fuck”, he whispered, cupping his sore nuts with his right hand.

“Your nuts are the perfect stress balls”, I grinned.

Danny chuckled. Chad didn’t.

With his left hand, Danny pried Chad’s hand away from his balls. He grabbed the stud’s big, dangling jewels and weighed them in his right hand.

“Pretty heavy stress balls”, Danny smiled. Then he squezzed down on the meaty package inside his palm, digging his fingertips into the soft, fleshy balls, and twisting his hand for increased efficiency.

Chad screamed with pain and struggled to get out of Danny’s deathly grab. To no avail. Danny increased the pressure on Chad’s poor orbs, kneading them between his fingers and using his left hand to flatten the delicate testicles further.

After a few minutes, Chad stopped screaming and gurgled hoarsely, causing Danny to let go of his groin.

Chad collapsed on the ground and curled up in a ball, whimpering in pain and rubbing his sore manhood.

I looked at Danny. “Better?”

Danny smiled. “A bit…”

When Chad had calmed down, I asked Danny: “Finishing shot?”

Danny laughed and nodded.

I helped Chad up again and told him to stand with his back to Danny, leaning forward so that his hands were resting on the couch table. His juicy, reddened bits were completely vulnerable, dangling between his thighs for Danny to crunch.

With a little running start Danny kicked his nuts in. His sneaker-clad foot sailed into Chad’s groin from behind with admirable accuracy. The tip of his foot hut both nuts dead-on and crunched them into Chad’s body.

Chad yelped in pain. He fell to the ground, holding his crotch, writhing in agony, and muttering obscenities.

Danny looked at me and smiled.

“Better?” I grinned.

“You bet”, Danny laughed.

Chad was moaning softly. His hands were cupping his aching balls, trying to stop the excrutiating pain that was pumping through his body.

“Thanks, Chad”, Danny said cheerfully. He grabbed the pictures that were lying on the table, put them back into his pocket and headed for the door.

“You’re welcome”, Chad whispered hoarsely, still rolling on the ground and nursing his battered testicles.

I grabbed my beer and clinked it against Chad’s bottle. “Cheers.”

“Oh, man, I’m gonna get back at you for this”, Chad moaned.

I laughed and took a gulp from the bottle. “We’ll see…”

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