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The Ballbusting Olympics: Punch Ball

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“We’ve got five minutes before the competition starts,” I told Chad as we walked toward the central control room.

The audience was in a very good mood and the twelve guys who had met David Beckham were greeted with cheers and applause as they limped back to their seats.

Danny, our strawberry-haired actor-turned-commentator was sitting in the commentator’s box.

“Was that---“

“Yeah, I think it was”, I interrupted him, slightly annoyed. “Listen, guys, could we just move on?”

Chad and Danny shrugged.

“Yeah, of course”, Danny said.

“Thank you”, I said and sat down.

A few moments later the show began.

The gym filled with applause when the music started.

“Welcome to the final day of competition here at the Ballbusting Olympics”, Danny said into the microphone. “Today it’s Punch Ball. It’s quite simple: The contestants are going to punch each other in the nuts. They go alternately for 1 minute at a time. Giving up, collapsing on the ground, or passing out means that you lose – you lose the match and probably the ability to father children, as well. “ Danny chuckled. “It’s gonna be an interesting battle… And here are the athletes. The skaters with Leo, Tristan and Sammy; the gymnasts with Parker, Michael and Will; the jocks with Kev, Colin and Ben; and the frat guys with AJ, Reese and poor Zach, or ‘Big Balls’, a nickname he earned around here because of--- well I think I don’t have to explain that... Zach had a very hard time last week. If you tuned in last week to our Squash competition, you have witnessed the juice getting squeezed out of his huge nuts. It was not a pretty sight… There were some rumors that he might have left the team, or that he might have been fired. But apparently he made up with Reese and AJ. Anyway, he is here tonight.”

The athletes stood on the stage, wearing nothing but tight white briefs that displayed their equipments.

“And here is our umpire, star soccer player and happy Englishman Phil”, Danny announced.

Redhead Phil smiled and took a bow as the audience cheered and whistled. He was wearing his umpire’s uniform: skimpy black shorts and a tight black t-shirt.

“Look at his muscular legs”, Danny said dreamily. “No wonder he is the up-and-coming star of American soccer… Well, anyway, now the teams are gonna choose who will compete in Punch Ball. First up are the skaters and they choose… Leo. Leo is 19 years old and 6’3” tall. He has already competed in the Ballbusting Olympics, receiving bronze in Roshambo. So maybe he is gonna add another medal to his collection…”

The skinny black-haired skaterboy took a step forward and slowly peeled of his shorts, revealing his nice-sized dick and the two pendulous balls that dangled below.

The crowd cheered and Leo grinned sheepishly.

“Now, who is going to be the one fighting for the gymnasts?” Danny continued. “Will has already participated in two contests, so I guess they will choose either Michael or--- Yes, it is Parker. Parker is 21 years old and 6’1” tall. He already has one gold medal, coincidently from Roshambo.”

The lean, yet muscular gymnast smiled brightly and stripped off his briefs, letting his ample endowment swing between his legs. His dick was half-hard and Parker stroked it a few times and winked at the audience who went wild with excitement, clapping and cheering for the cute indie guy with the dyed flaming red hair.

“Wow”, Danny chuckled. “Seems like Parker is looking forward to the competition… Next up are the jocks. They have a pretty impressive resume with Kev winning gold for Nutball and Ben receiving silver for Roshambo and bronze for Squash. Colin participated in the Ball Breaker competition, but he didn’t win anything. So perhaps the jocks are going to give Colin a chance to--- No, the jocks play for safety and choose gold-medallist Kev. Kev is 20 years old and 6’1” tall.”

The brown haired jock with the brown eyes grabbed his junk and wiggled his package to the delight of the audience. Then he reached inside his briefs and took out his big balls and matching dick, tugging the waistband of his briefs underneath so that his ample genitalia was showcased nicely. The audience roared with approval and whistled, causing Kev to grin and take his briefs off.

“Now last, and probably least, it’s the frat guys”, Danny said. “The frat guys have a very mixed record, to put it lightly… Reese got beaten in Nutball, and Zach got annihilated twice, in Roshambo and in Squash. The only one to get a medal for the team was AJ, and I have a hunch that--- Yes, that’s a wise decision, the are choosing silver-medallist AJ. AJ is 21 years old and 6’ tall.”

The handsome, muscular stud with very short black hair had an expression of absolute confidence on his face when he took a step forward and took off his briefs, revealing his long, slender dick and the two juicy balls that hung low in their sac.

“Okay”, Danny continued. “Now we have the athletes. So we’re ready to go. In the first round, Parker will face off against Kev, and Leo is gonna fight against AJ. Then the winners of those matches fight against each other for gold, and the losers are going to battle for the bronze medal.”

Everyone except for Parker, Kev and umpire Phil left the stage.

“According to the international rules of Punch Ball, the contestants have to maintain an erection throughout the competition to allow the opponent open access to their nuts. Failing to have a hard-on can result in a penalty”, Danny explained while Parker and Kev jerked their cocks, achieving the acquired state of aggregation within seconds.

Phil tossed a coin, and Parker cheered when he was chosen to start.

Kev shrugged.

“Apparently Kev is pretty confident. Let’s see how long that impression lasts”, Danny chuckled.

Parker kneeled down in front of Kev, his fists clenched, and his eyes on the dangling targets in front of him. He waited for Phil to blow the whistle.

“It’ll be interesting to watch the different tactics: Will they deliver a few hard systematic punches or will they just bash their opponents’ nuts in at rapid speed, making up in velocity for what their punches lack in power”, Danny said.

Phil blew the whistle and Parker started.

He chose the second tactic, punching Kev’s ballsack with both fists, alternately hitting Kev’s balls with his right fist and his left fist.

Kev’s eyes bulged as Parker’s punches hit home, crunching his poor, dangling plums at high speed for a full minute until Phil blew the whistle.

Parker stooped and looked up at Kev.

Kev groaned and doubled over. His hands clutched his aching testicles underneath his rock hard cock.

“Now Kev has thirty seconds to recover. Then it’s his turn”, Danny explained.

Kev moaned and massaged his throbbing meatballs. He got down on his knees and threw a vicious uppercut into Parker waiting gonads, driving them into Parker’ pelvis.

Parker shrieked in pain.

Kev grinned and nodded. Then he crunched Parker’s juicy nuggets with another uppercut.

Parker’s eyes watered and he let out a loud moan.

“Kev is taking the other route – and it seems like it’s pretty effective”, Danny commented. “He’s getting Parker’s balls dead-center with every hit…”

Another hard uppercut flattened Parker’s hefty nuts into his body, and Parker gagged.

Kev grinned.

“He’s got ten seconds left”, Danny said.

Parker’s balls took another hard hit from below as Kev powered one final upper cut into his poor balls.

Phil blew the whistle and Parker whimpered as he doubled over and cradled his aching gonads.

Kev grinned and the crowd cheered for him.

Parker looked miserable. He was sweating and panting, his hands glued to his crotch as he tried to walk off the pain.

“And now it’s Parker’s turn again”, Danny said. “Let’s see if he can focus on Kev’s balls instead of his own…”

Parker had serious trouble. He knelt down and cringed. The first fifteen seconds went by and he wasn’t able to go for Kev’s nuggets.

Kev grinned and mocked his opponent.

Parker groaned and clenched his right fist, his left one still nursing his aching manhood. A weak punch at Kev’s balls was all he could muster, and Kev winced, but he didn’t seem to be in much pain. He smiled confidently.

“It doesn’t look good for the gymnast”, Danny said.

Another weak punch and another confident grin later Parker’s time was up. The red-haired gymnast looked miserable as he got up and spread his legs.

Kev didn’t even take his recovery time.

He kneeled down in front of Parker and landed a series of powerful uppercuts into Parker’s reddened nuts.

Parker screamed louder and louder with each hit before he finally gave up and collapsed on the floor.

The audience went wild and Kev nodded and grinned.

“That was an impressive win”, Danny commented. “Kev didn’t have any trouble defeating Parker.”

The gymnast was writhing on the ground, cradling his aching balls and moaning in pain.

His team mates Michael and Will rushed onstage and helped Parker get into the locker rooms.

Kev grabbed his crotch and wiggled his meat at the audience, who erupted in cheers and applause.

AJ and Leo walked on stage and stood opposite each other, jerking their cocks to full hardness.

A coin was tossed and AJ was the winner. He had a determined expression on his face as he knelt in front of the skinny skater.

The expression on Leo’s face was far less confindent. His juicy balls dangled vulnerably in front of AJ’s face, and Leo gulped, when AJ clenched his fists.

“I think AJ is going to go for the quick kill”, Danny said. “He probably wants to add another medal to his collection, but his main reason will be that he wants to restore the good reputation that his fraternity once had – before they decided to send weak-balled Zach and Reese to the Olympics…”

Phil blew the whistle and AJ opened fire. At blazing speed, his fists pummelled Leo’s poor, plump balls, flattening them against Leo’s bony crotch or sending them bouncing up, hitting them from underneath and from above, and making Leo yell in pain.

“Wow”, Danny said. “He’s--- wow.”

A few seconds before his time was up, AJ stopped his assault, clenched both of his fists and brought them together from the sides, trapping Leo’s balls in between.

Leo’s eyes bulged and his mouth opened in a silent scream. His eyebrows rose and his eyes rolled back in head as he collapsed on the floor.

Phil blew the whistle and AJ jumped around with joy.

The audience went wild and cheered for the frat guy.

“That’s a win for AJ!” Danny screamed. “And his nuts haven’t even been touched by Leo. Boy, that gives him a huge advantage over Kev! And Leo is going to have to suck it in, because his is going to have to face Parker in just a few moments.”

Leo was lying on the ground, out cold. His naked, skinny body was sprawled out on the floor, his hard cock twitching and his big balls bright red.

His team mates Sammy and Tristan rushed onstage and slapped Leo’s face, bringing him back into the world of nut pain, and making him curl up in a little ball. He still had his massive erection, but otherwise he didn’t seem to be very happy… He sobbed and moaned, cradling his assaulted balls in his hand, writhing on the ground and looking just miserable.

“Poor Leo”, Danny chuckled. “That was humiliating…”

Parker had recovered from his ball beating and walked on stage. He looked down at his opponent and grimaced in sympathy pain.

“This should be an easy victory for Parker”, Danny said. “Let’s hope that Leo is lucky enough to get the first turn. If he isn’t, Parker will have a walk-over…”

Phil tossed the coin, and Parker grinned when he saw the result.

Leo groaned. He was still lying on the ground.

“Leo has to get up now”, Danny said. “Or he’ll have to face a penalty shot at the Awards Ceremony…”

Leo was rolling on the ground, his hands clutching his throbbing testicles.

Umpire Phil looked down at him with a stern expression on his face. After waiting another few seconds, Phil reached for his notepad and wrote something down.

“Yes, that’s a penalty for Leo”, Danny said.

Leo looked pale. It took him quite a while to get up, but when Phil threatened to add another penalty shot to his list, Leo groaned and straightened himself.

Parker got down on his knees in front of him and balled his right hand into a fist.

When Phil blew the whistle, Phil grabbed Leo’s balls with his left hand and held it behind Leo’s balls.

Leo groaned.

“That’s a good idea”, Danny commented. “I’m surprised that nobody has thought of that before…”

Parker slammed his right fist into his left hand - with Leo’s tender nuggets in between. They were flattened cruelly, and Leo screamed in pain.

Parker looked up at him and repeated the manoeuvre.

Leo screamed again, only louder, when his balls took the full force of the impact and were crushed between Parker’s knuckles and his palm.

On the third punch, Leo stopped screaming.

“Oooooh”, Danny winced. “That looked very painful. And I mean very painful. Let’s see that in slow motion…”

On the large video screen behind the athletes, a slow motion repeat showed Leo’s juicy plums flattened by Parker’s powerful punch.

Some guys in the audience winced in sympathy.

“I’m surprised those suckers didn’t just burst…” Danny chuckled.

Parker let go of Leo’s nuts.

Leo’s eyes crossed and his mouth opened to let out a long, hoarse, wheezing sound.

“Parker has fifteen seconds left”, Danny said. “He could end this now…”

Parker seemed to think about it. Then, instead of punching Leo’s balls into oblivion, he simply flicked Leo’s sore right nugget with his index finger.

That was enough.

Leo yelped and collapsed on the ground.

“Bronze for Parker”, Danny screamed as the audience went wild once again. “He’s such a class act. He could have emasculated Leo right there, but he just flicked his right ball. Parker, you’re a gentleman!”

Parker grinned and took a bow.

The audience clapped and shouted his name, and the red haired indie boy grinned shyly.

Leo was rolling on the ground, his hands wedged between his legs, and his eyes squeezed shut. He sobbed in pain, and his friends and team mates Tristan and Sammy knelt at his side and patted his shoulders.

Leo’s raging hard-on was protruding above his hands, and Sammy jokingly nudged the meaty pole with his finger. It swung back and forth and Tristan laughed.

Leo apparently had no sense of humor. He groaned and rolled to his side, curling up in the foetal position and clasping his battered balls.

Danny laughed. “It must be great to have pals like these…”

Tristan and Sammy carried Leo off stage into the locker rooms, Tristan grabbing Leo under his armpits and Sammy taking hold of his feet.

Parker smiled at the audience and loped off stage, his hard cock swaying from side to side.

A few moments later Kev and AJ stood opposite each other, their hard cocks pointing north like compass needles, and their heavy balls dangling below.

Phil tossed the coin, and AJ was the one to begin.

“This is the last final in the Ballbusting Olympics”, Danny said. “Kev and AJ face off to decide whether Kev will get a second gold medal for the jocks, or AJ will bring it home for the frat guys. It’s their last chance for gold, so I expect AJ to give everything he has. In addition to that, he hasn’t endured any pain in his first match today, so Kev is at a disadvantage…”

Kev and AJ looked each other in the eyes, both of them with grim expressions on their faces while they jerked their cocks.

AJ cracked his knuckles and got down on his knees, Kev’s dangling goodies in front of his face.

Phil blew the whistle and AJ went to work.

“He doesn’t change his tactic”, Danny commented while the loud slapping sound of hard knuckles on soft, tender ballflesh echoed through the gym. “Parker tried that, too, and it didn’t work. But AJ is putting more force behind his punches…”

At rapid speed, AJ punched Kev’s poor balls, hitting both of Kev’s balls with hard punches, throwing in a few upper cuts for a change, and giving Kev’s meaty nuts a good shaking.

Kev let out loud screams at first, rising in frequency and in pitch, as AJ’s punches got harder and harder.
Kev’s cock twitched, and his facial color changed to an unhealthy purple, when AJ’s uppercuts hit home.

But Kev was able to endure a full minute of high-speed punching, and when Phil blew the whistle and Kev had his thirty seconds of recovery time, the audience clapped and cheered for the muscular jock, who doubled over and massaged his tortured testicles.

A thin layer of sweat coated Kev’s naked body as he was trying to get rid of the pain, fondling his balls and panting heavily.

“Now it’s Kev’s turn”, Danny said.

Kev groaned and got down to his knees. He balled his right fist and smashed AJ’s balls from underneath with a well-placed uppercut. Both of AJ’s nuggets were squashed by Kev’s punch and AJ yelped in pain.

“Kev’s sticks to his winning tactic, too”, Danny said.

Another uppercut hit AJ’s balls. Both of them were crushed flat between Kev’s hard knuckles and AJ’s body.

Kev made sure to grind his fist into AJ’s balls to increase the effect of his technique.

Kev seemed to be very relaxed, considering the ball beating he had taken. He hit AJ’s jewels at a steady pace, crunching the tender plums every four or five seconds with hard and efficient upper-cuts.
AJ’s face went pale.

“I wonder where all the blood goes”, Danny chuckled. “It has left his face, but it has left his dick, too.”

Indeed, AJ’s rod was slowly deflating, shrinking down with every well-placed hit.

After sixty seconds, and more than a dozen hard punches, Phil blew the whistle and Kev stopped. AJ instantly doubled over and grabbed his crotch.

Kev looked at his opponent’s face and grinned. Then he looked at AJ’s crotch, where his limp dick had shrivelled inside his hands and laughed.

“Good work”, Danny chuckled. “I think that’s a penalty for AJ…”

Phil wrote it down while AJ tried to walk of the pain, clenching his teeth and moaning in pain.

Half a minute later it was his turn.

Having just experienced the efficiency of Kev’s tactic, AJ decided to adapt it – with a twist. He turned to uppercuts, too, but he focused on one ball. His left hand held Kev’s right ball out of the way, making Kev’s left nut stay in place for the first hard uppercut.

AJ’s right fist sank into Kev’s poor ball and flattened against his crotch.

Kev shrieked.

“Nice idea”, Danny commented.

AJ’s fist crashed into Kev’s left ball again and again, hitting the precious nugget dead on and causing Kev to scream in utter agony.

“He has a nice singing voice”, Danny mused. “Coloratura soprano…”

Kev’s screams grew louder and louder until, on one particularly well-aimed punch, his screaming
turned into a sick gurgle.

AJ looked up at Kev in surprise. His left hand was still holding Kev’s right ball, and his right fist was in position for another punch.

“AJ has twenty seconds left”, Danny said in a low voice.

Kev’s eyes were crossed and his mouth hang open, spit dangling from his lower lip.

“I…” Kev croaked.

AJ shrugged and punched Kev’s nut again, causing Kev to moan hoarsely.

AJ looked up at him again.

“I…” Kev croaked again.

“Fifteen seconds”, Danny said.

AJ raised his eyebrows and punched Kev’s poor ball once again, hitting it dead-on and driving it into Kev’s crotch.


“Ten seconds.”

AJ seemed to get annoyed. He put all of his force behind the next hit and his knuckled dug into Kev’s meaty ball with admirable precision.

“I… give…” Kev croaked,

Apparently AJ hadn’t heard, because he drove another hard bare-knuckled punch into Kev’s bulging jewel, causing Kev’s cheeks to puff and his eyebrows to raise. He collapsed on the ground and moaned in agony.

The audience erupted in cheers and applause, and AJ seemed to be in a trance. He got up and stood in front of the audience.

“Gold for AJ! Gold for the frat guys!” Danny screamed. “Finally! Gold for the frat guys!”

Slowly, the realization came to AJ. His face started to lighten up, and his limp dick started to rise again like a barometer mirroring the work of his brain. When his cock was fully hard, AJ jumped into the air and screamed.

His team mates Reese and Zach came rushing onto the stage, hugging their naked buddy and jumping up and down with him.

“That’s it! Gold for the frat guys!” Danny screamed. “And that’s it for the Ballbusting Olympics!”

The audience was clapping and cheering and Reese and Zach were carrying naked AJ on their shoulders.

“This was the last day of competition. Maybe we’ll be back next year. There will be the Awards Ceremony next week. Be sure to tune in when everyone gets their medals – and star soccer player Phil will give out the penalties… Thank you for watching! Goodbye.”

Danny grinned at me and waved.

I grinned back.

The audience was cheering and giving standing ovations for AJ.

He was sitting on his team mates’ shoulders, one ass cheek on Zach’s shoulder, the other one on Reese’s shoulder, his legs spread wide, and his arms reaching for the sky as he screamed in joy.

Kev was writhing on the ground in agony, and his friends and team mates Colin and Ben were at his side, talking to him and congratulating him for his silver medal - but AJ and his victory celebration was the center of attention.

Several members of the audience rushed toward them, congratulating AJ for his win and patting his shins or his thighs.

One of them, a young guy with short black hair and a cocky grin, decided to show his admiration another way. He rushed towards the crowd, slipped in between AJ’s legs and headbutted his poor gonads that were dangling below his hard cock.

AJ’s eyes widened and his lips formed an “O” while the rest of the crowd was completely oblivious to his pain. His buddies continued to cheer and carry their friend on their shoulders while AJ’s eyes crossed and he shrieked in agony.

I looked at my assistant director Chad, who was sitting next to me.

“Should we tell them?” I asked.

Chad shook his head and grinned. “Let them have fun for a while…”

While the crowd was celebrating AJ and getting in more than a few nutshots to the recently hailed winner, Chad and I worked on the video material, creating the end credits, inserting flashes with additional information etc. Danny left to film some interviews.

Twenty minutes later the gym was empty.

Chad talked to the cameramen, while Danny and I walked across the gym to the locker rooms.

Kev was still lying on the ground. Colin had left, but Ben was sitting next to him.

AJ was sitting in a corner, his legs spread wide and his hands cupping his sore crotch. His eyes were wide open and it seemed like he was in a trance as he was staring across the gym.

I knelt down at his side and patted his shoulders. “Congratulations, AJ!”

“Thanks”, he said hoarsely.

“Everything okay?”


“How are your nuts?”


“Great”, I grinned and gave his naked nuts a playful little slap.

“Ow”, AJ whispered.

“Sorry”, I chuckled.

Danny and I made our way to Reese and Zach, who were standing a few feet away.

“Hi”, I said.

The two frat guys grinned at me.

They were both naked except for their skimpy briefs.

I noticed that the fabric of Zach’s briefs was partially ripped apart.

“What happened?” I pointed at his crotch.

Zach groaned. “They tried to rip my briefs off!”

“The audience?” I couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah, of course”, Zach stared at me. “They were pretty demanding…”

“But we have a new game now”, Reese grinned and looked at Zach’s crotch.

The rest of us looked at it, too.

One of Zach’s huge juicy balls had slipped out of his briefs. I wondered how he managed to fit
those oversized nuts into these skimpy briefs, anyway… The naked nut was showing through one of the ripped holes in the fabric.

“The game is called ‘Spot the nut’”, Reese grinned and hammered his fist down onto Zach’s perky, naked testicle. The poor nut was smashed good and hard, and Zach’s eyes watered.

Danny and I chuckled.

Zach doubled over and clutched his poor balls, moaning in pain.

“Wanna play, too?” Reese asked.

”No, thanks”, Danny grinned.

“Listen, Zach”, I bent down to see Zach’s pain-contorted face and look him in the eyes. “I wanted to ask you if you’d like to, you know, work for us some more.”

Zach groaned.

“Is that a ‘yes’?” I turned to Reese.

Reese grinned. “Of course it is.”

Zach groaned again.

“Good”, I smiled. “Let’s talk on the phone when you’re feeling better.”

I turned to leave. “You coming?” I asked Danny.

“Nah”, Danny grinned. “I’m going to play ‘Spot the nut’ for a little while…”

Reese laughed.

Zach groaned.

I smiled and left.

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