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The Ballbusting Olympics: Ball Breaker

Featured in this story: ColinChad, DannyPhilTristan and the twins (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Middle of the night
Committee meeting
Second committee meeting
Another committee meeting
Booking the show
Lucky cock (The last committee meeting)
Opening Ceremony
Danny's interviews 1
Danny's interviews 2
Deal with Phil

The third day of competition in the Ballbusting Olympics was off to a good start: The benches were packed with people, and they were having a good time – to put it mildly.

I was sitting in the central control with my cameraman Chad (who served as assistant director, today) and actor-turned-commentator Danny.

With two minutes left before the start of the show, Danny, Chad and I were watching the audience with amusement.

“It seems like some testicles have already broken to peaces”, Danny grinned, shaking his head.

“And the show hasn’t even started, yet.”

He was right.

Roughly a dozen young men was doubled over in pain and comforting their hurting crotches, having been brutally assaulted by some happy-go-lucky ballbusting assassins. The five attractive, young guys, who were wreaking havoc on our audience members’ balls, wore t-shirts with the logo of the same fraternity on them that Olympics athletes Reese, AJ and Zach were in.

They were playing a game of bag tag, with the notable exception that they weren’t going for each others’ nuts but for the poor testicles of the innocent spectators. Every hit was accompanied by cheers and applause by those whose nuts were still intact. Those who were less lucky were moaning softly and cupping their injured manhood.

“This is the perfect warm-up”, I said slowly. “Perhaps we should invite them to the next two shows, too.”

Chad looked at the five guys and grimaced. “I don’t know. And I suppose I’m the one to go out there and tell them that they have to stop it now, because the show is about to start?”

I nodded.

Chad grunted. “Okay.”

He walked out of the control room.

Danny took his place in front of the microphone and I watched Chad talk to the five guys.

Suddenly, one of them grabbed my cameraman from behind and the rest of the guys went up to him, grinned, and slapped his jeans-clad bulge hard, one after another.

I winced when I saw Chad collapse on the ground.

The audience cheered and the five guys took a bow and sat down.

Chad looked dizzy when he got up. He grabbed his crotch and slowly made his way to the control room, limping and grimacing in pain.

He opened the door and sat down next to me with a loud groan.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you walk a bit funny”, I grinned.

“Assholes”, Chad muttered and doubled over in his seat, clutching his balls and moaning.

I laughed.

The show started.

To the cheers and applause of the audience the umpire and the four Olympic teams made their entrance.
“Welcome to the third day of the Ballbusting Olympics”, Danny said into the microphone. “Today we’re gonna see a competition in a game called Ball Breaker. I’ll explain it to you in just a minute. Right now, let’s welcome the umpire and the competitors. As in the last weeks’ games, the umpire is new US soccer star Phil. From England. He is gonna make sure that everything goes according to the international rules of Ball Breaker.”

18-year-old Phil was wearing his standard umpire’s uniform, a black t-shirt and black shorts that showed off his muscular soccer player’s legs. He that waved at the audience and grinned.
All the athletes were we wearing shorts and sneakers, but nothing else.

“Now let’s watch the teams chose the athletes that are gonna compete for gold today”, Danny said. “First up is the gymnasts team.”

Blond twins Michael and Will and their friend Parker were standing on the stage.

“The gymnasts have already received one gold medal in Roshambo and one silver medal in Nutball”, Danny said. “The only athlete who hasn’t made an appearance in the Ballbusting Olympics, yet, is Michael, so I guess he’s gonna be the one to play today.”

He was right.

“It’s Michael. Michael is 22 years old and 6’2” tall.”

The muscular blond stripped off his shorts and showed the audience his impressive genitalia, a thick, limp dick and two meaty balls.

The audience cheered and clapped. Some guys whistled appreciatively, and Michael grinned with pride on his face.

“Now let’s see who is going to compete for the jocks”, Danny continued. “Kev, Ben and Colin are the creators of the Ballbusting Olympics and members of the Ballbusting Olympics Committee. Kev has received a gold medal for Nutball, and last week Ben got silver for Roshambo. And today… yes, today it’s Colin for Ball Breaker. Colin is 20 years old and 5’9” tall.”

The dark blond stud winked at the audience, reached inside his shorts and put his cock and balls on display.

The audience went wild again, and Colin grinned and took off his shorts.

“The skaters have received two bronze medals. Leo and Tristan haven’t been too lucky in the last two contests. Now I guess they’re gonna send Sammy to co--- No, they are--- well, that’s a surprise. They are sending in Tristan to compete in Ball Breaker.”

The dusty blond skater boy hugged his team mates and stripped off his shorts. His meaty, shaven ballsack was hanging low beneath his well sized dick, that was half hard. Tristan grinned sheepishly and blushed.

“Well, perhaps Tristan is in the mood for another competition today. Judging from the state of his dong, he’s up for a party”, Danny chuckled. “And last but not least it’s the frat guys. They haven’t won a medal so far. And they have been pretty much annihilated in the previous contests... I’m sure those oversized sperm factories of Zach’s are still aching from the beating they got in last week’s Roshambo. Now, let’s see who is going to compete in Ball Breaker for them.”

AJ, a handsome, muscular stud with very short black hair, took a step forward and quickly stripped off his shorts. His long, slender dick and the two juicy balls popped into the open, and AJ grinned when the audience voiced their approval.

“It’s AJ. AJ is 21 years old and 6’ tall”, Danny said. “Now that we have our four competitors, I’m gonna tell you about today’s game. It’s a bit like high jump, with the notable difference that you don’t jump over the horizontal crossbar, instead you jump on it with your legs spread. The goal is to break the wooden bar. We’re gonna start with a crossbar of 1 inch in diameter and proceed in 1 inch intervals.”

The custom-designed framework on the stage consisted of two 4 feet racks that held the first wooden bar. The bar was round and around 7 feet long. At one side of the framework three stairs led to a platform where the athletes were going to stand and jump spread-legged onto the crossbar.

“Now, before we start, the athletes have to put on some special pants. This is the only competition in the Ballbusting Olympics that isn’t played in the nude”, Danny explained, while the four sportsmen were handed white briefs by Phil. The briefs had a strategically placed whole right at the perineum, where the guys’ balls were pulled through. Their dicks were inside the underwear, pointing up, and their nuts were hanging down right between their legs. “This way we make sure that they won’t get any splinter’s in their precious dicks, and their balls will take the brunt of the impact. No cheating possible…”

The four athletes had put on the briefs. They were standing in a row, their nuts dangling between their legs like ripe plums. They looked funny, standing slightly bowlegged as not to crunch the tender testicles with their thighs.

Michael was the first one to step up to the platform. His dick was too long for the skimpy briefs, so the tip of it was showing above the waistband of the shorts. His juicy, fat balls were hanging between his legs, looking decidedly vulnerable, two pink jewels waiting to be crushed.

Apparently, Michael was feeling slightly uncomfortable, and the audience took great delight in seeing him look down at the crossbar with a skeptical expression on his face.

Phil, the umpire, blew his whistle, and Michael gulped. He jumped. His naked nuts landed on the wooden bar. They were visibly flattened, but then the wood gave and the crossbar broke under his body weight. Michael yelped and landed with his feet on the ground.

“That was easy”, Danny commented.

Michael grabbed his balls and grimaced. Then he smiled, signalling that the pain wasn’t too bad.

“Yep, it was easy”, Danny repeated. “Michael’s balls have experienced quite a lot of abuse. This isn’t gonna leave a mark.”

Phil put on a new 1 inch crossbar for the next contestant, AJ.

The black haired frat guy was very confident when he walked up to the platform. He jumped, and the bar broke with a loud, crunching sound. AJ groaned hoarsely when his naked nuts made contact with the wooden bar, and when he landed on the ground, he had trouble staying on his feet.

“Ooooh”, Danny commented. “Seems like the frat guys are up for a very bad start, yet again!”

AJ doubled over and grabbed his groin, comforting his naked balls with his right hand, and grimacing in pain.

Next up was Tristan for the skater boys.

“This should be easy for Tristan. I mean, he’s a skater and I’m sure he has gained a lot of experience with racking his nuts on a bar”, Danny said.

Tristan jumped, and the crossbar broke.

The cute skater boy doubled over and clutched his groin with his right hand, showing a victory sign to the audience with his left.

The crowd cheered and clapped.

“Now it’s Colin for the jocks”, Danny said. “After that we’ll go for 2 inches.”

Colin stood on the platform. He looked at the audience and grinned. Then he jumped down on the bar, breaking it easily. His nuts made perfect contact with the wooden bar, and they were crunched between his body and the hard wood.

“Yep, task completed”, Danny said. “No one is having any difficulties up until now.”

Colin grabbed his testicles and patted them with his other hand. He smiled into the audience, but then his facial expression changed and he grimaced with pain.

“Oh”, Danny chuckled. “Delayed reaction.”

The crowd cheered when Colin sank to his knees, cupping his balls and breathing heavily.

The rest of the contestants smirked, while Colin tried his best to get up again. His face was beet red – with pain and embarrassment – when he walked bowlegged to the other guys.

Phil upped the ante, and put the 2 inch crossbar onto the racks.

Michael jumped on it and the bar broke, but the expression on the cute blonde’s face said that he was feeling the pain.

AJ came next. The sound of the bar breaking was out-drowned by AJ’s scream when his balls were flattened against the hard wood.

“Ooooh, that sounded bad”, Danny said cheerfully. “Let’s see that in slow motion.”

On the big video screen behind the athletes a close-up replay of AJ’s jump was displayed. AJ was doubled over in front of it, and the audience cheered when the frat guy’s plump testicles were crunched against the hard wood. The balls flattened between AJ’s body and the wooden bar for a brief moment, before the crossbar broke.

AJ grunted with pain and joined the rest of the guys who were waiting for their turn.

“Now it’s Tristan”, Danny said. “I think the skaters chose Tristan because he might be the heaviest of the three. He isn’t quite as skinny as Leo and Sammy, so I think it has been a good decision.”

Tristan took a running start, ran up the three steps and jumped into the air, landing on his balls, and on the wooded bar, which broke easily. The blond skater grimaced in pain when he landed on his feet, and instantly doubled over and grabbed his poor, precious testicles.

Colin was the last one to complete round two, and he had no problems breaking the bar without having his nuts crunched too badly.

Now it was time for round three.

Phil walked to the framework and put a thick wooden crossbar with 3 inches diameter on it.

“Now it get’s interesting”, Danny chuckled. “This looks pretty bad…”

Michael stood on the platform and looked down at the bar below. He gulped and jumped into the air, landing on his testicles and driving them into the wooden bar. At first, it looked like the bar didn’t break, but a split-second later it did, and Michael landed on the ground. He screamed and fell to the side, clutching his naked testicles and rolling back and forth.

AJ, Tristan and Colin looked at him with worried expressions.

Then it was AJ’s turn. He looked at the ceiling, as if saying a prayer. Then he jumped onto the crossbar nuts-first and screamed when his poor balls were squashed between his body and the bar. Finally it gave, and AJ collapsed next to Michael.

Both of them were rolling around, comforting their tender nuggets, and Tristan looked very uncomfortable when he stepped up to the plate.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Tristan”, Danny said. ”He is easily the most lightweight of our athletes. Perhaps this is his last jump today…”

Tristan gulped. Then he closed his eyes and gathered himself. Without opening his eyes, he jumped into the air, collecting momentum, and landed nuts first on the bar. He whimpered when his balls made contact. But he was lucky, and the crossbar broke, sending him down to the ground to join Michael and AJ in their moaning.

The audience cheered for him, and Danny said: “Wow. I’m impressed… Now let’s see how Colin does.”
Colin smiled uneasily and fondled his naked balls that were presented by the skimpy briefs. The two juicy plums were hanging low in their sac. He jumped onto the bar, but it didn’t break. His balls were crunched between his body and the wooden bar, and Danny winced in sympathy when Colin was hanging suspended in the air, his body weight resting solely on his poor, tender testicles.

Colin’ eyes went wide and his mouth formed an “O”. Slowly, very slowly, his eyebrows rose and his face took on an expression of disbelief and painful realization. A long, miserable wheezing sound escaped his lips, and he tried to lift himself up with the help of his hands.

After what seemed like an eternity, Colin slid to the side and fell to the ground.

The other athletes had stopped moaning to watch their competitor.

The audience was silent.

When Colin’s body hit the ground, the audience went wild, cheering and clapping.

Michael, AJ, and Colin grinned.

“Colin’s out”, Danny shouted. “No medal for the jocks. Wow. Who’s have thought?”

Colin’s team mates Kev and Ben rushed over to their buddy and knelt down next to him.

“While Colin gets helped by his team mates, let’s have a look at that jump again”, Danny said, and on the big video screen behind the athletes, the replay clip of Colin’s losing jump was displayed.

A lot of guys in the audience cringed in sympathy when they watched the close-up of Colin’s meaty testicles getting flattened on the wooden crossbar.

Kev and Ben helped Colin up.

His facial expression hadn’t changed, and he was still in shock.

“No kids for him”, Danny mused when the replay had ended.

Now Phil put on the four inch crossbar, and the camera showed the doubts in three contestant’s faces. The wooden bar looked pretty solid, and Phil, the umpire, grinned at the three athletes when he blew his whistle.

Michael cupped his sore balls, and shook his head, when he stepped up to the platform. He breathed in and held his breath when he jumped. His body was suspended in mid-air by the solid wooden crossbar. His poor, pink testicles were crunched and flattened, and he let out a bloodcurdling scream that made the athletes and the audience wince.

“Ouch”, Danny said. “There goes the next one.”

Michael was still straddling the wooden bar, his feet inches from the ground, and his body resting on his delicate twin globes. It seemed like he couldn’t move. He was screaming and screaming until Phil had mercy, and with a slight nudge he pushed Michael down from the crossbar.

The blond gymnast stopped screaming, and started whimpering. His hands found the aching lumps in his sac and he curled up in a little ball.

“This is ugly”, Danny said. “But, hey, it’s bronze for the gymnasts.”

Michael’s twin brother Will and their friend Parker walked onstage and talked to Michael. The audience clapped and cheered, when the replay of the scene was displayed on the large video screen. The close-up made it look even more scary: Michael large, fleshy eggs were crunched flat between the wooden bar and his body. In the close-up Michael’s cock was clearly visible. It twitched slightly upon impact and the red tip that was looking out of his tight briefs was a bit moist.

Parker had watched the replay on the video screen and put his finger on the tip of Michael’s dick, getting a drop of precum on it. He held it up in the air and grinned at the audience. Then he put the finger in his mouth and made contemplative face. The audience was watching in silence.

“Tastes normal”, the red-haired indie boy grinned. “No harm done.”

He patted Michael’s poor balls and the audience went wild.

Will chuckled, but Michael didn’t think it was funny. He frowned at Parker and cupped his aching gonads.

Parker shrugged and laughed.

“Bronze for the gymnasts”, Danny repeated, laughing. “And what looks like a slimy little consolation prize for Parker…”

AJ and Tristan watched as Will and Parker carried Michael off the stage.

The looks on their faces said that they knew what was in store for them.

AJ gulped and stepped up to the platform.

As he had down in the last round, he looked at the ceiling and moved his lips.

“I’d really like to know what he’s praying for”, Danny said. “Tough balls? A lighting that strikes the bar and breaks it?”

When AJ was finished praying, he nodded slowly, jumped up and down a few times to gain momentum, and jumped onto the solid, wooden crossbar. There was a loud crunching sound when AJ landed on it, his juicy balls wedged between the wood and his body, and AJ screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Oh god”, Danny chuckled. “Was that his nuts or the bar?”

It was the bar, thankfully, and AJ curled up in a little ball when he landed on the ground, moaning softly and comforting his aching gonads.

The audience cheered for the tough frat guy, and Tristan got ready for his turn.

When Phil had replaced the broken crossbar with a new one, Tristan breathed slowly. He was standing on the floor in front of the steps. He gathered himself. Then he ran up the stairs, jumped, flew, and landed squarely on his testicles. His eyes bulged and crossed slightly, but he was lucky: The bar broke.

Tristan landed next to AJ, and both guys moaned and groaned on the floor.

“Congratulations”, Danny said. “That high-jumping technique of Tristan’s is working! Next up is round four. With a crossbar of 4 inches in diameter. Boy, that’s gonna be tough…”

Tristan and AJ were still rolling back and forth on the floor, their hands clasping their naked balls that were hanging out of their tight briefs. It looked quite ridiculous, the way they were rolling those tender nuts in their hands, unable to close their legs to avoid squashing them with their own thighs.

Phil changed the bar on the framework with the help of an audience member. The wooden 4 inch bar was obviously pretty heavy.

“Ugh”, Danny grimaced. “I hope their nuts are up for it. But at the moment, they are down…”

The audience clapped rhythmically and cheered for the two athletes on the floor to get up and go on with the competition.

AJ groaned and slowly got himself to his feet. He smiled weakly and with a pain-contorted face, and walked bow-legged to the platform.

Tristan’s face was red and sweaty when he managed to crawl behind AJ.

The sound of Phil’ whistle ended the break, and AJ looked miserable at the prospect of smashing his gonads on the solid 4 inch crossbar.

The audience urged him on and he stepped up to the platform.

AJ sighed and tentatively grabbed his exposed ballsack. Then he made a jump and landed on the bar. No crunching sound. In fact, no sound at all, except for a low, breathless whimper that came from AJ’s mouth when his brain processed the data that was coming from the two unfortunate baby makers that were wedged between the frat guy’s body and the wood below. The whimper became louder and louder as more ‘data’ came in. The volume went up, as well as the pitch, and within seconds the gym was filled with a pitiful, earsplitting, shrill shriek.

AJ’s mouth was wide open and his face had taken on a slightly unhealthy color. His eyes were wide open, too, and the left eye twitched uncontrollably.

Then, all of a sudden, AJ went quiet. His screaming stopped and his face changed from a horrified expression to one of silent mourning. His lips trembled and his eyebrows rose, and AJ fell off the bar to the ground.

The audience had been watching with silent fascination. Now they erupted in cheers and applause.

“Silver for the frat guys!” Danny shouted. “Silver for AJ! It’s the first medal for the frat guys. And AJ did a good job! His team mates have every reason to be proud of him!”

Reese and Zach, the rest of the AJ’s team, smiled and waved at the audience when they walked up to their buddy, who was curled up in a little ball, nursing his poor, broken balls, and sobbing softly.

They lifted him up by his hands and feet and carried him off the stage.

Now the attention focused on Tristan.

“The skater boy has to break the bar now. He’ll only win gold if he manages to win this round”, Danny said with excitement in his voice.

Tristan gulped and stood in front of the steps.

“Never change a winning tactic”, Danny commented. “He should use that jumping style again!”
Tristan did. With a loud scream, he ran up the stairs, jumped up and landed nuts-first on the crossbar.

The audience winced in sympathy when the cute skater boy’s balls were crunched on the bar.

A long, low, guttural moan came from Tristan’s lips.

Then the bar broke.

Tristan’s eyes crossed and he landed on the ground, clutching his gonads and groaning in pain.

The audience went wild.

“Gold for the skaters! Gold for Tristan!” Danny shouted. “It’s their first gold medal. Congratulations!”

On the video screen behind Tristan the winning jump was replayed in a loop.

“Look at those balls”, Danny chuckled. “The winning balls, flat as pancakes…”

Sammy and Leo, Tristan’s team mates, were hugging each other and jumping up and down, while Tristan was lying on the ground in pain, unable to move.

“Flat as pancakes”, Danny repeated. “Boy, he deserved to win…”

The audience was clapping and cheering for the skaters.

“After the third day of the Ballbusting Olympics, the gymnasts are leading with one gold, one silver, and one bronze medal. The jocks received one gold and one silver medal. The skaters have one gold and two bronze medals, and, finally, the frat guys have received their first medal, silver”, Danny said.

When I looked at the benches, I saw that the guys from AJ’s fraternity, the ones that had started their own game of bag tag before the game, were celebrating their friend’s victory, too. Instead of backhand slaps, they were using punches now. Three young audience members were already lying on the ground, and the number increased by the second.

I looked at Chad and grinned: “Would you be so kind and tell them to stop?”

Chad looked at me with a blank face. “Wha--- “ Then he pointed at the guys and smiled. “Oh, look, I think someone is taking care of them…”

I watched the guys again and saw that Phil, the umpire, was proceeding rapidly towards the five pranksters.

Right when one of them was about to punch another unsuspecting audience member in the balls, Phil kicked his nuts in from behind. His sneaker-clad foot connected with the hapless buffoon’s bulge, and the guy coughed and groaned. He grabbed his crotch and collapsed on the ground.
Phil, being the expert soccer player that he is, didn’t lose any time and went after the four remaining guys. All of their balls were crunched good and proper by Phil’s foot, and within a couple of seconds the five pranksters were lying on the ground, moaning and groaning, and clutching their poor, shattered balls, all the while being mocked and laughed at by the audience members that were standing around, watching Phil take revenge.

With all of the five guys rolling on the ground, Phil grinned and rubbed his hands. A few people asked him for autographs and he happily signed t-shirts and notebooks, using one of the moaning guys’ backside as a blotting pad.

I grinned at Chad.

“Seems like Phil is enjoying it”, I said.

Chad shrugged. “Perhaps we should ask him to come over more often.”

I nodded. “Perhaps we should…”

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