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The Ballbusting Olympics: Squash

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenDannySammythe twins and Zach (click for pictures)

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Ball Breaker
Danny's interviews 3

“I’m looking forward to tonight’s competition”, Danny grinned.

“Yeah, me too”, I replied.

We walked toward the control room and the commentator’s box.

The gym – as always – was packed with round about 150 spectators.

“Strange”, Danny said, looking at the audience as we walked by.


“Well, almost all of them are guys. Young guys. A few girls, probably girlfriends, and a few guys older that thirty. But most of them are young guys”, Danny said. “Why?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Well, I guess young men are the target demographic for sports events.”

Danny shrugged. “Probably.”

We stood in front of the first row.

Danny turned to me. “You think they enjoy watching the guys getting nutted?”

He was standing with his back to the audience and I noticed one of the young men behind him look at him with a devious grin on his face. He was a young black guy, probably twenty years old. He grinned at his friends and pointed at Danny who was standing with his feet slightly apart. I knew where this was going. And I was right.

The black guy sneaked up behind Danny, smiled at me, and threw a powerful kick at Danny’s family jewels. His sneaker-clad foot crushed into Danny’s groin and I chuckled when the cute strawberry-blond guy yelped with surprise and pain as the precious orbs in his jeans were hit hard by the instep of the black guy’s foot.

The black guy laughed, and walked to his friends who cheered and roared with laughter at Danny’s misery.

Danny sank to the ground, grabbed his damaged balls and moaned softly.

“Do I think they enjoy watching the guys getting nutted?” I shrugged and tried not to laugh. “Probably.”

The guys behind Danny were high-fiving their handsome buddy, while Danny coughed and curled up in a ball.

I grinned and shook my head.

“Got it”, Danny whispered.

“Good”, I said and walked to the control room where my assistant Chad was waiting for me.

A few minutes later Danny joined us and smiled weakly.

“Everything okay?” Chad chuckled.

Danny nodded weakly. “Sure.”

“Good”, I said. “The show is about to start.”

Danny nodded again and limped to his seat inside the commentator’s box.

The music started and the crowd went wild.

When Danny started to speak I expected his voice to be a little squeakier then usual – but being the professional he is, there were no traces of crunched nuts in his voice.

“Welcome to the fourth day of competition here at the Ballbusting Olympics”, Danny started.

“Today we’re gonna see the athletes compete in Squash. In case you are wondering: Squash is a squeezing competition. Basically, you squeeze your opponent’s testicles. The one who lasts longer wins. It’s that simple.”

While Danny was explaining the rules, the athletes walked onto the stage: the gymnasts’ team with blond twins Michael and Will, and their buddy Parker with his dyed flaming red hair; the skaters’ team with black-haired Leo, blond Tristan, and redhead Sammy, all of them tall and skinny; the jocks’ team with muscular brown-haired Kev, and his buddies brown-haired Ben and dark blond Colin; and the frat guys’ team with black-haired AJ and Reese and blond Zach.

All of them were naked except for skimpy white boxer briefs that did very little to conceal the bulging equipments of the twelve contestants. The twins with their large cocks and hefty nuts stood out, as well as Zach, whose oversized meatballs filled his briefs to capacity, and threatened to slip out through the leg openings...

The cameras showed close-ups of the guys’ impressive equipments, and the crowd cheered with approval, when the pictures appeared on the large screen behind the athletes. When it came to Zach’s enormous meat and two vegs, the cheering grew louder, and Zach blushed.

The twins looked at each other. They were used to being the biggest guys in the room and they seemed to be a little irritated that there was someone who stole the show from them.

“Let me remind you, though, that Zach’s previous performance here at the Ballbusting Olympics was less than impressive”, Danny said. “Those big eggs were pretty much scrambled in Roshambo. So, guys – size isn’t everything… But the audience doesn’t seem to remember.”

The crowd was chanting Zach’s name, and the cute blond frat guy grinned and grabbed his clothed crotch.

“And here is our umpire”, Danny said when young redhead Phil entered the stage, wearing his umpire uniform, tight black boxers and a black t-shirt that showcased his slim, yet muscular chest. “I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know him. But for those of you who have slept through the last months: Phil is the new soccer star here in the US. He’s from England and he has brought his exceptional soccer skills with him to bring American soccer to new heights…”

The audience roared with approval when Phil smiled and took a bow.

“Now the teams are gonna decide who will compete in today’s competition. Let’s have a look at the gymnasts… Who are they gonna--- It’s Will for the gymnasts, ladies and gentlemen. Will is 22 years old and 6’2 tall. He already has received a silver medal for Nutball, and he sure is gonna fight for another medal in Squash.”

The blond hunk hugged his twin brother Michael and his buddy Parker and took a step forward. He winked at the audience and stripped off his briefs, letting his sizeable dick and the low-hanging set of perfectly round balls pop out into the open. His dick was half-hard and Will grinned when the audience cheered and whistled.

“Next up are the skaters”, Danny continued. “Leo and Tristan have already competed in two competition, and both of them have won medals, Leo won bronze for Roshambo, Tristan got bronze in Nutball and last week he won the skater’s first gold medal for Ball Breaker. Sammy hasn’t participated in the Ballbusting Olympics, yet, so I suppose he’s--- Yes, he is. Sammy is up for Squash. He is 18 years old and 6’3” tall.”

The skinny, red-haired skaterboy smiled shyly and took off his briefs, proudly revealing his equipment. His dick and balls weren’t as huge as Will’s but they looked pretty impressive on Sammy’s bony frame.

“Now the jocks have to decide”, Danny said. “All of them have taken part in a competition before, with Kev winning a gold medal in Nutball and Ben getting silver for Roshambo. Colin was less fortunate last week when he got annihilated in Ball Breaker and went home without a medal, but with a pair of throbbing testicles, I guess…” Danny chuckled. “Are they giving Colin another ch--- No, it’s Ben, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Ben again for Squash. Ben is 20 years old and 6’ tall.”

Ben grabbed his junk and put on a little show for the audience, massaging the contents of his briefs and stripping slowly, revealing his pubic hair first, and then, with a dirty grin, letting his hard, thick cock snap up against his belly. His smooth ballsac hung low beneath Ben’s hard dick, and the crowd cheered and clapped.

In the meantime, the frat guys were talking to each other.

“What are they up to?” Danny asked. “They have had a bad start with Reese and Zach getting blown away in Nutball and Roshambo. Last week AJ got silver for Ball Breaker, so I guess, if they aren’t stupid they are gonna nominate him agai--- No, they--- What?! Well, I--- Okay, I guess they are stupid. Apparently Zach has had a boost of confidence from the crowds reaction a few minutes ago. And now here he is, throwing his hat into the ring for Squash. Boy, I don’t know. Well, anyway, the audience is digging it, so… Zach is 20 years old and 6‘ tall.”

The crowd cheered and whistled, when Zach, with newfound confidence, took a step forward and unceremoniously dropped his briefs, revealing his awe-inspiring rod and the two huge, plump testicles that hung low in their shaven sac.

The crowd went wild and Zach grinned. His cock started to harden, bringing more cheers from the audience.

“Well”, Danny chuckled. “I think he’s about to get creamed. The bigger the balls the more to squeeze, or something. Just my two cents… Anyway, now we’re gonna start the games. Sammy and Ben are going to go first.”

The rest of the guys left the stage and Sammy and Ben stood opposite each other.

The room went quiet and Sammy and Ben looked each other in the eyes.

“The rules are quite simple”, Danny explained. “According to the International rules of Squash, the contestants put their left hand behind their back. The right hand grabs the opponent’s testicles. Lefthanders do it the other way round. Then the contestants squeeze simultaneously until one of them gives up or falls to the ground. Using the wrong hand or using both hands is not allowed and will be punished.”

With less than two feet between Sammy and Ben their cocks nearly touched each other. The red-haired skaterboy and his opponent concentrated. Sammy’s dick twitched lightly and grew harder.

Umpire Phil looked at his stopwatch and blew the whistle once.

Sammy and Ben simultaneously placed their hands under the opponent’s sac.

Phil blew the whistle again.

The contestants grabbed their opponent’s balls.

On the third whistle-blow Sammy and Ben started squeezing.

Ben’s muscular hand was wrapped around Sammy’s precious plums and he squeezed the two meaty balls with all his might.

At the same time, Sammy was squishing Ben’s testicles with his bony fingers. His fingertips dug into Ben’s soft ball flesh and the audience cringed in sympathy when the close-up of the jock’s manhandled junk was displayed on the big screen behind the athletes.

“Sammy got off to a good start”, Danny commented. “Look at those long, slim fingers. He has a good grip on Ben’s balls!”

Ben began to sweat. He was clenching his teeth and his face was beet red while he was mangling Sammy’s nuts.

Sammy didn’t look like he was enjoying it, either.

“Oh, look at that”, Danny shouted. “Now Ben is twisting Sammy’s--- Ow, that looks painful…”
Sammy cried out in pain and momentarily loosened his grip on Ben’s nuggets. The hunky jock grinned and twisted the skaterboy’s balls some more.

Sammy screamed.

“We’re at the one minute mark, now”, Danny said. “And it looks like Ben is--- Oh, no, now Sammy has found a way to pay him back…”

Ben’s eyes crossed slightly as Sammy dug his fingernails into the soft flesh of Ben’s bulky balls.

Taking a page from Ben’s book, Sammy twisted Ben’s balls around, causing the hapless jock’s eyes to cross further. He tried to tighten his grip on Sammy’s balls but he didn’t seem to have the strength. Ben cried out in pain and whimpered miserably.

“Uh-oh”, Danny chuckled. “Things are not looking good for Ben…”

With a final, vicious squeeze and a merciless twist, Sammy won the match.

Ben screamed from the top of his lungs and grabbed Sammy’s arm with his left hand.

Phil blew the whistle.

“That’s a penalty for Ben”, Danny commented.

“I give, I give, I give”, Ben whimpered.

Phil blew the whistle twice and the match was over.

Sammy doubled over and grabbed his agonized balls, while Ben collapsed on the ground, nursing his battered manhood and sobbing uncontrollably.

The audience cheered and clapped.

“Wow! Sammy made it to the next round!” Danny shouted. “That was quick. On the other hand – in some circles Sammy is known as “the ball doctor”, and believe me, he has no intend on curing you when he gets his hands on your balls… I speak from experience…”

Ben was rolling on the ground while Sammy was catching his breath with his hands on his knees. He waved at the audience, his face contorted with pain, but grinning with pride at the same time.

Kev and Colin, Ben’s team mates, rushed on stage and knelt by their beaten buddy. Tears were running down Ben’s red face, and when Kev pried his hands away from his balls, the camera was able to get a good picture of Ben’s squashed possessions. His cock was flaccid, now, and his balls were shining red.

Some guys in the audience winced at the sight.

“Ouch”, Danny commented. “That’s a loser for you…”

Kev and Colin helped their buddy up and brought him into the locker rooms, while winner

Sammy followed them, limping and cupping his aching gonads as well.

“Now it’s the battle of the big ones”, Danny quipped when Will and Zach, both of them extraordinarily well endowed, took to the stage. “Look at those dongs… If I was to make a prediction I’d say that Will has very good chances to crush Zach’s nuts. Those oversized suckers don’t stand a chance. And Will has been known to be able to take some pain…”

The two contestants faced off.

Will grinned confidently, while Zach seemed to be a bit intimidated by the good-looking gymnast.

The crowd was chanting Zach’s name, causing him to lighten up a bit and wave at the spectators.

With a hint of pride he stroked his long, thick pole that was fully hard and pointing north.

First whistle. The contestants placed their left arms behind their backs and their right hands underneath their opponent’s bulging ballsac.

Second whistle. Will and Zach grabbed each other’s equipment.

Third whistle.

“The game is on”, Danny shouted.

Will hadn’t lost his confident grin when he clamped his hand shut, trapping Zach’s hefty nuts inside his palm and squeezing the two big orbs hard.

Zach winced and his face went pale. The muscles in his arms contracted when he squeezed Will’s big balls.

But it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Will was in the lead for this fight.

“Will is in the lead!” Danny shouted. “Look at his face! He’s determined to win.”

The blond gymnast’s face was a mask of iron will. He didn’t let on that his testicles were getting quite a bit of pressure themselves, while he was crushing poor Zach’s tender globes in a vice like grip. He kneaded them in his palm and a slight grin crossed his face when he saw Zach panting and moaning, inches from his own face.

“Look at that!” Danny shouted. The cameras were showing a close-up of the two crotches. Zach’s balls were caught in Will’s hand with nowhere to go. Judging from the muscle movement of Will’s hand, Zach’s balls were exposed to hellish torture. The two soft, fleshy nuggets were squashed and kneaded inside Will’s hand, and the poor frat guy groaned loudly.

His big, rock hard cock started to leak precum that dropped down on Will’s arm.

Zach was trying to apply pressure to Will’s junk, but Will seemed to be immune.

“God, this is so humiliating”, Danny commented. “And I think… O god, I think I know where this is going…”

Will clenched his teeth and applied more pressure to Zach’s sensitive nuts.

Zach’s cock twitched and more precum oozed out of its tip.

Zach moaned and writhed.

The audience shouted his name, cheered and clapped for him.

“Why doesn’t he give up?” Danny screamed. “He has no---“

Then, suddenly, accompanied by a loud moan from Zach’s mouth, and a slight crossing of his eyes, Zach lost.

His cock twitched violently and jet after jet of hot, creamy jizz spurted out of its tip, coating Will’s arm and his abs, and Zach’s own arm.

Zach shrieked in pain and let go of Will’s balls.

His cock continued shooting, creating a white, sticky coat of semen on Will’s body.

“I give”, Zach croaked, and Phil blew the whistle.

Will grinned and squeezed hard one last time. Then he let go of Zach’s balls.

Zach coughed and grabbed his crotch, sinking to his knees and falling to his side.

His dick wasn’t finished, yet, and the audience watched with fascination as his twitching member shot a few more jets of jizz, while Zach was cupping his balls with his left hand and covering his face with his sperm-coated right hand.

Will held up his arms in a winner’s pose and the audience erupted in cheers an applause.

Zach let his right arm sink and looked at Will, leaving a few drops of jizz on his nose and eyebrows. He looked miserable.

“That was a glorious win for Will”, Danny said. “But he may be up for a penalty after that last squeeze after the whistle-blow. Nevermind, apparently he doesn’t worry about that. Let’s look at Zach for a minute. It’s another crushing defeat for him – and he will be up against Ben in a few moments for the battle for bronze… Wow. This must be tough for him. And I don’t see his team mates anywhere. Looks like they prefer staying in the locker room instead of helping their mate…”

Will reached down and Zach winced in anticipation of another attack on his sac. But Will just grabbed Zach’s cum-covered right hand and shook it. He smirked at Zach and walked off the stage.

“Wow. Will isn’t even in pain. God. And look at Zach. What a pussy”, Danny chuckled.

Zach covered his face again, moaning and groaning and nursing his battered balls with his left hand.

Ben came out from the locker rooms and grimaced. He was rubbing his balls, but he grinned when he saw Zach lying in a puddle of his own cum.

“The show must go on”, Danny chuckled. “Apparently Ben hasn’t quite recovered from his match against Sammy. But now he will be facing Zach. This is going to be quick…”

Umpire Phil grabbed Zach and helped him to his feet. He looked dizzy and instantly doubled over, cupping his sore, spent balls and looking at Ben with fear in his eyes.

Ben chuckled.

Phil blew the whistle, and Zach groaned and stood opposite Ben, who immediately placed his left hand behind his back and his right hand below Zach’s moist sac.

Zach groaned and reached between Ben’s thighs.

“Man, poor Zach”, Danny commented.

On the second blow of the whistle, both athletes grabbed their opponent’s ballsacs.

Zach winced.

Ben smiled.

When Phil blew the whistle for the third time, Ben immediately went to work. He clamped his hand shut around Zach’s sperm covered babymakers, trying to get a good grip on the emptied balls.

Zach did likewise, but he didn’t look very confident. Neverless, he tried his best. He squeezed hard and Ben grimaced in pain.

This was nothing in comparison to the spectacle that was showing on Zach’s face, though. The poor frat guy raised his eyebrows and retched.

“He’s trying to regain his dignity by defeating Ben”, Danny observed. “But that’s gonna be tough. Ben has a good grip on Zach’s balls…”

Ben kneaded Zach’s balls in his hand, squeezing the delicate orbs and twisting them at the same time.

“O god, he’s--- Wow! Look at Zach’s cock it’s rising again”, Danny chuckled. “Perhaps Ben is going to get another sperm sample… I bet that one is gonna be a lot less rich in content…”

Zach’s face went red. He didn’t want to give up, and increased the pressure on Ben’s nuggets.

But Ben was determined. He screamed in pain and twisted and squished Zach’s testicles with renewed frenzy.

Zach’s cock was fully hard now, and it didn’t take more than a few minutes of passionate ball squeezing on both sides for Zach to shoot his second load within the quarter of an hour.

The audience was yelling and cheering, but this time they weren’t cheering for Zach but for Ben…

“They want to see Zach cum again”, Danny chuckled. “This is so mean…”

With a bloodcurdling scream Zach clenched his eyes shut. His cock started shooting.

“One, two, three”, Danny counted the jets that came flying out of Zach’s member. “Wow, that’s impressive. Well, okay, the rest doesn’t exactly ‘shoot’”, Danny said cheerfully. “It’s more like a little streamlet…”

The audience went wild and Zach moaned: “I give…”

Ben grinned and both contestants let go off each other’s balls at the same time.

“Bronze for Ben! Bronze for the jocks!” Danny shouted.

Zach was standing doubled over, his hands on his knees, his cock oozing cum that dripped onto the floor. He was looking down at the pool of cum and moaned loudly.

Ben was doubled over, too, cupping his aching balls.

“That’s Ben’s--- Wait, what the---“

Ben straightened, shrugged, grinned at the audience and, with a well-placed kick, brought his bare foot crashing into Zach’s double-drained meatballs. The dull sound of his instep connecting with Zach’s empty, wet balls echoed through the gym, and the audience went silent.

Zach screamed in pain and collapsed on the floor.

Ben shrugged innocently and started to walk off stage.

“Oh, man… Why did he do that? He will get another penalty shot for that. That was completely uncalled for! He is the winner, I mean - come on!”

Umpire Phil followed Ben into the locker rooms, while Zach moaned and sobbed on stage. He crawled away, right when Phil returned with an angry look on his face.

“I hope Phil has told him what is in store for him at the awards ceremony when all the penalties are dished out”, Danny said. “I can’t belive it, he--- Anyway, let’s move on. Now it’s the last fight for today. Will and Sammy compete for the gold medal. And here they are!”

The blond gymnast and the red-haired skaterboy walked on stage and shook hands. Both of them seemed to be hungry for the gold medal and eager to get their hands on their opponents’ nutsacks.

After Phil had blown the whistle three times and the athletes had gotten into their positions, the match started.

Will clenched his teeth and grinned with ostentation, obviously trying to intimidate Sammy with his attitude, while Sammy was holding his ample set of testicles in his bony hand, mercilessly kneading the two balls between his fingers and in his palm.

Sammy didn’t care for Will’s attempts at psychological fighting. It was the physical fighting that got to him. Will’s hand was wrapped around his tender babymakers, squeezing the life out of them and making Sammy alternately moan and scream in pain.

“Oh, man, this is a tough fight”, Danny commented. “Both of them are good at this! Look at Will’s face. He is trying not to show how much Sammy is hurting him. But he is sweating and… Well, I think Sammy isn’t out of the running…”

The audience cheered and clapped, some shouting Will’s name, some Sammy’s.

Close-ups of the guy’s packages getting viciously kneaded and squeezed, alternately appeared on the big video screen behind the contestants, and some guys in the audience winced at certain especially mean twists.

“We’re at two minutes!” Danny shouted. “Wow! And there is no end in sight!”

The two contestants continued squeezing the life out of each other’s balls.

Sammy was screaming and moaning in pain, his cute face wet with sweat and his eyes wide open and glassy with determination.

Will’s face was beet red. He was sweating profusely, but he tried to maintain his intimidating grin. That made his face look like a freakish mask, as his eyes were filled with tears of pain, his nose was trembling, drops of sweat were running down his cheeks, his teeth were clenched, yet his lips were curved upward for a tense smile.

“Three minutes and counting!” Danny shouted.

Sammy screamed at the top of his voice as Will took the lead and twisted his nuts viciously with his hand.
Then slowly the grin vanished from Will’s face. His expression in his eyes changed from fierce determination to panic.

“What the---“ Danny shouted. “What… Wow, Sammy’s back! Look at the close-up!”

The close-up on the video-screen showed Will’s large balls and Sammy’s skinny hands. Sammy had changed tactics: Now his fingernails were digging into Will’s soft ballflesh.

“The fingernails”, Danny chuckled. “That tactic has worked with Ben – and I think it is working with Will, too!”

Indeed, Will’s face looked like his nuts were caught in a meat grinder. His eyes bulged and his cheeks puffed as Sammy’s fingers squished his poor balls.

“Sammy’s got him!” Danny shouted. “He has got him! He---“

Will’s eyes twitched and his mouth opened in a silent scream. His hand that held Sammy’s nuts loosened and his lips trembled.

Sammy grinned viciously and continued applying pressure to Will’s poor, meaty balls.

Suddenly Will gasped and he opened his mouth. He coughed and shouted with a hoarse voice: “I gi---“
Sammy’s eyes lit up and he twisted Will’s nuts hard.

Will’s eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed on the ground.

“Gold for Sammy! Gold for the skaters!” Danny shouted.

The audience went wild, clapping and cheering for Sammy.

Will was lying on the ground, groaning softly, too exhausted to grab his agonized manhood. His team mates, Michael and Parker, rushed on stage to his limp body and slapped his face a few times, bringing him back to full conciousness.

A hoarse scream escaped Will’s mouth and he curled up in a little ball, his twin brother and their friend kneeling next to him with sympathetic expressions on their faces.

Sammy was standing doubled over, his hands clutching his aching testicles. He was torn between the pain in his nuts and the joy of victory. His team mates, Leo and Tristan, came running onto the stage, hugging their friend and jumping up and down.

“Congratulations!” Danny shouted. “This is the second gold medal for the skaters! Congratulations!”

On stage, Will was slowly getting up. The audience clapped and cheered when the naked gymnast limped over to Sammy, shook his hand and congratulated him on his victory.

“That’s it for today”, Danny said. “Tune in next week to see our last day of competition here at the Ballbusting Olmpics. It’s Punch Ball next week. Good bye!”

We rolled the end credits and Danny switched off the microphone. He left the commentator’s box and joined Chad and me in the central control room.

“Good job, Danny”, I said. I was sitting at the panel and turned around with my chair.

Chad nodded.

“Thanks”, Danny grinned. “It was a good night! Great fights!”

“Absolutely”, I said.

“You know, I was thinking about earlier today”, Danny said.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“The thing you said.”

I stared at him.

“You know, do young men enjoy watching the guys getting nutted?” Danny said.

I raised my eyebrows.

Suddenly Danny lunged at me. I was sitting with my legs spread and he had perfect access to my two delicate nuts.

His fist connected with my crotch and flattened the bulge in my jeans.

I coughed and doubled over. Stars were blinking in front of my eyes and a feeling of nausea crept up inside me. I moaned and looked at Danny who was laughing out loud.

He tried to put on a serious face, but he failed. He giggled and shrugged. “I know I do.”

Chad chuckled. “Yep, me too.”

I groaned.

“It’s funny”, Danny grinned.

“It never gets old”, Chad chimed in.


I interrupted them with a loud moan. “Stop it already”, I grunted.

I clutched my damaged balls and rubbed them.

Chad and Danny laughed. They high-fived each other and left the control room.


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There needs to be more cum scenes like these.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll see if I can increase the number of cum scenes in the stories. I don't want to do it in too many stories, tough. I don't want it to become boring...