Friday, May 30, 2008

Poll results: Favourite model?

During the last month we asked you to vote for your favourite model. More than 100 people did (Thanks a lot!) , and these are the results (more tha one answer was possible):

Simon, "the geek" 61%
Leo, "the skater" 60%
Danny, "the actor" 37%Kev, "the jock" 33%Michael % Will, "the twins" 25%Jesid, "the sex buster" 5%Nate, "the three nutter" 1%
I have to admit I'm very surprised by two things:

1. I didn't know that Simon is this popular. I like him, but I expected Leo to take the top spot (which he missed by exactly 1 vote...). Now I am going to try and include him in more stories. He will be in the story with Ryan Phillippe, and No. 2 and No. 3 (i.e. Leo and Danny) will be, too.

2. I didn't realize that Jesid and especially Nate are this unpopular. Admittedly, I don't care about Jesid that much - but I like the character of Nate. Both of them will be featured in a few stories that are coming. But in the long run I think they'll be out...

Thanks again for voting! It's great to see your opinion!


Anonymous said...

Im surprised by the poll myself! I thought Danny or the Twins would be the most popular (I guess thats just because they are my favorites.) You can write more stories with Simon and Leo but just make sure to keep Danny and the twins in there as well. :)

Alex said...

Don't worry, Danny and the twins will continue to get featured frequently. I' quite fond of them myself...