Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Ballbusting Olympics: Danny's interviews 4

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Danny and  Zach (click for pictures)

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A few days ago we had our fourth day of competition in the Ballbusting Olympics. The teams competed against each other in a fierce ball-squeezing game called Squash. Sammy received the gold medal for the skaters, making the skaters’ team the first one to win two gold medals, after Tristan had won for Ball Breaker a week earlier. Will came in second place for the gymnasts, Ben won bronze for the jocks, and Zach, whose had been unlucky when competing in Roshambo, was unlucky again. His nuts were squashed mercilessly, and the poor frat guy had involuntarily shot his load twice during the course of the night. Danny, our strawberry-blond actor-turned-commentator, went backstage after the show and talked to some of the participants.


Danny is smiling into the camera and holds a microphone in his hand. He is standing in the locker rooms.

“Hi, this is Danny, and I’m reporting from the Ballbusting Olympics.”

The camera zooms out. Standing next to Danny are the three frat guys, black-haired hunks AJ and Reese, and their blond team mate Zach.

Danny addresses Zach. “Zach, your performance today was… well, let’s call it creamy…”

AJ and Reese chuckle while Zach looks mortified. The camera pans down his body. He is stark naked, and the fighting has left some marks on his oversized genitals: His big balls are red and slightly bruised, and his huge dick is smeared with dried cum.

“Yeah, well”, Zach mumbles. “It wasn’t my best day…”

Danny chuckles. “I guess we all agree on that…”

Zach blushes. “Listen, I really tried to--- I mean, I gave my best, and---“

“What he is trying to say”, AJ interrupts him, “is that his nuts obviously aren’t up to this kind of competition. I mean, we trusted him after he blew Roshambo. We thought he’d have a chance at winning at least one match in this competition.”

Reese nods.

Zach stares at his feet.

“And”, AJ continues. “We made a deal with him.”

Zach looks at AJ in disbelief.

“We told him that he’d have to at least win one fight or we’d punch the cum right out of his nuts”,

AJ says.

Danny looks at him with an amused expression on his face.

“We wanted to motivate him”, AJ explains.

Zach slowly shakes his head.

Danny chuckles. “Well, I doubt that there is much cum in him. He blew his load twice in the last hour.”

“Tough luck”, Reese says.

AJ nods.

Zach is petrified. “You mean you want to do it right now?”

Reese and AJ shrug.

Zach’s lips tremble. “Right here in the---“

Danny turns to face the camera and grins. “How’s that for aftershow entertainment?” He steps out of the frame so that the camera gets a good view of the three frat guys.

Zach is trying to argue with AJ and doesn’t notice Reese who gets behind him and throws a powerful kick at Zach's low-hanging balls from behind.

Zach yelps with pain and surprise. He grabs his poor balls and collapses on the ground, reduced to a sobbing mess.

AJ gets down on his knees and grabs Zach’s thick schlong. He sighs, shoots Zach a disgusted look and jerks it a few times until it is hard. He turns to Reese: “Come on, Reese, punch his nuts. Let’s get it over with…”

Reese shrugs and punches Zach’s meaty nuts at a steady rhythm while AJ strokes Zach’s thick, hard cock. He definitely lacks tenderness but makes up for it in determination. His hands whirls up and down at frenzied pace, while Reese continues to punch poor Zach’s balls, alternately hitting his right nut with his left fist, and his left nuts with his right fist.

Zach has given up struggling. He is moaning in pain, his head resting on the cold floor. The 20 year old frat guy’s face is wet with sweat while his buddies manhandle his family jewels.

After a couple of minutes, Zach’s moaning gets louder.

“Ugghh”, AJ comments when the tip of Zach’s dick starts leaking precum. “Go faster”, he orders Reese.

Reese nods and increases the pace and the force of his punches.

Zach gurgles and pants heavily. “I---“

His cock erupts with a flow of semen.

Reese stops punching his buddy’s balls, and AJ lets go of his cock. He isn’t quick enough, though, and some of Zach’s cum is spilled on his hand.

Zach curls up in a ball, his cock sputtering out some more of his watery, white cream.

Danny steps into frame and chuckles. “Man, that was--- well, I don’t know what that was, but it was something…”

Behind him, AJ looks at his hand and turns to Zach. “Lick it up”, he says with a disgusted voice. He holds his cum-smeared hand close to Zach’s mouth.

Zach sobs and laps up his cum from AJ’s hand.

Danny looks at Zach. He shakes his head and grins. “Bon appetite”, he muses. Then he turns to face the camera. “I think that was enough for today. I fact, it was more than enough for today. See you next week. I’m Danny…”, he points at Zach who is curled up on the ground, cupping his balls, his cock dripping cum, and a trace of spunk on his lips. “… and this is… well… weird…”

Fade out.

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