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Pride before the fall - part 1 (written by Reg)

This is another awesome story written by our longtime reader Reg, author of the amazing story GoPros and low blows (part 1, part 2, part 3). I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

Author’s note: The character “Chris” is based on a former friend of mine who really did look hot-as-hell but turned out to be a total arsehole. He was, I realise now, a paranoid, selfish and, overall rather pathetic excuse of a human being. His betrayal of my friendship inspired me to write this little tale.

Chris stood shirtless in the changing room checking out his reflection in the mirror. He was a good-looking guy, around average height with dark blond hair. We was wearing Armani glasses with classy  blue frames, that had little impact on his eye-sight, but accentuated the sophisticated and seductive image he was keen to project. Although he was now 28, he still had a fresh, youthful face that made him look several years younger.

Chris had a few close friends, but many people thought he was a vain and arrogant jerk. Behind his confident fa├žade, there lurked a deep-rooted insecurity which he addressed by promoting himself at the expense of his peers. In his schooldays he had reached puberty early and, for those few blissful months, experienced the thrill of being physically and sexually superior to his classmates. Ever since that time, he had yearned to be a true alpha-male; feared by his rivals and capable of seducing any girl he desired. To his dismay, however, fate had dealt him a rather short straw. His youthful looks didn’t help and neither did his naturally slender and unimposing stature.

So, while he acted the part of a mean, tough guy, when it came to the crunch, he usually lacked the bite to back up his bark. Inevitably he had got into plenty of fights but was often beaten down by bigger and stronger opponents. His sex-life too had rather fizzled out since his teen years. The hot girls he lusted after were too busy flirting with more rugged, macho types and, despite his raging libido, Chris rarely got much action under the sheets.

It was around two years ago, out of sheer desperation, Chris had decided enough was enough. He figured the best way to compete against these muscle-bound studs was to become one himself. He started to work-out regularly and, fueled by his naturally obsessive nature, was soon hitting the gym nearly every day of the week.

As Chris admired the reflection of his newly transformed physique, he had every right to feel proud of his hard work. In the past, he had always felt ashamed to be seen shirtless, exposing his soft, fragile torso and puny arms but those days were behind him. His upper body was now encased by firm, shapely and very manly muscles. At 75 kg, he was still not quite as hunky as he wished to be, but there was no doubt in his mind that he looked hot as hell. His shoulders had grown attractively broad, his pecs firm and square and his biceps now bulged into solid balls whenever he bent his arms. His eye-catching looks were further accentuated by his nicely defined abs that tapered down to his slim waist. His exposed torso was tanned from his recent vacation and almost completely smooth, apart from a crop of hair under his armpits and a dark furry trail that ran down from his navel into his shorts.

‘What a fucking stud!’ He exclaimed to himself with a proud grin as he clenched his muscles.

There was no more doubt in his mind; the guy in the mirror was a true alpha-male! With all those manly muscles he would never be humiliated again. Now he could win back the girl of his dreams and get revenge for the humiliation he had suffered in the past.

Today he was going to deal with Kyle, an arrogant teenager that had instigated his most recent defeat. His ill-fated fight against the tough young thug had been over a chick called Carla, his former lover, and the memory of that day remained his worst nightmare.

Carla !!! The mere thought of the girl caused a warm, tingling feeling in his loins. She was the hot, frisky 18 year old chick that Chris had seduced in a bar almost a year ago. As they made small talk, he had quick noticed how her eyes were drawn to the defined muscles beneath his shirt sleeves. It was clear she just wanted to tear his clothes off with her bare hands and he was more than willing to give her the chance! Minutes later they were back at Carla’s place, semi clothes and rutting like wild beasts on her couch. It was raw and wild, and they were soon shacking up regularly for hot, steamy sex that drove Chris out of his mind. The chick was just his type; a hot, shameless slut who was up for almost anything. They both aspired to be dominant and their foreplay would often descend into lustful, naked wrestling. Carla had a firm athletic body and Chris had to use all his manly strength to bend her to his will. She would writhe and squirm to escape his clutches, but she could rarely escape being pinned down and impaled by his potent throbbing tool.

Time after time she was overpowered by his manly muscles and forced to concede to the devastating, erotic thrusts of his sex-tool. Finally, one day she decided to break the dead-lock and made a bold counter attack to the core of his libido.

The first time Chris felt her fingers closing around his dangling ball-bag sent a horrifying chill down his spine. His furious protest was quickly cut short when she cruelly isolated his left gonad and pressed her fingertip deep into his vital organ. Chris had instantly screamed his submission and curled up into a ball groaning and cursing. The shame of conceding so quickly to a girl hurt Chris even more than the deep throbbing in his precious nut. He was pissed-off, but strangely it made him feel horny as hell! Before the chick could celebrate, Chris had leapt on top of her, pinning her to the floor with a determined snarl. He was instantly rock-hard, thrusting his hips forward as he ploughed her helpless pussy with his mighty man tool! When she came, Carla’s screaming orgasm must have woken half the neighborhood and Chris realized that the crazy bitch had become totally aroused by hurting his balls.

Next time they faced-off, Chris was soon straddling the girl as he endeavored to force her into a humiliating schoolboy pin. One of her arms was already clamped down under his knee and Chris laughed as he groped her left boob while he tried to restrain her free hand. Then to his horror, the bitch changed tactics and made a sudden grab for his dangling low-hangers. Chris howled in distress when she clutched his man-eggs, immediately releasing her tit and grabbing at the hand that was threatening his manhood. He gritted his teeth, trying desperately to conquer the crippling pain in his groin. The girl was now laughing cruelly as she rolled his  precious orbs between her fingers. With a cheeky laugh she pressed her fingertips into his sensitive male glands, making him writhe and howl in distress until, finally he pleaded for her to spare his manhood. From that point on, Carla abandoned all pretense of fighting clean and Chris knew he had to pin her quickly or his manly nuts would pay the price. Desperate to avoid another shameful defeat, Chris would try desperately to tough it out, channeling all his inner strength to resist her devastating testicle torture. He soon realized that his mighty man-balls were far tougher than he had ever imagined. His beloved gonads hurt like hell of course, but the ache in his balls was a price worth paying. Nothing could beat the power-rush when his tortured nuts pumped their manly juices all over Carla’s pretty face.

Sadly, all good things come to an end, and Chris was left devastated when Carla suddenly stopped answering his calls. His initial dismay quickly turned to outrage when he found out that his chick was now shacking up with another guy! Before his red mist could pass, he had tracked down his rival and was sickened to discover he had been dumped for a mere high-school kid. Chris was convinced the juvenile delinquent had played some devious trick, so he hatched a plan to confront the boy and put him in his place.

The next day Chris waited outside Kyle’s school, then he discretely followed the boy and his friends to the soccer pitch where they trained. He waited impatiently until the training session finished and the players hit the showers. Carefully he counted the players leaving the changing room until, to his delight, only Kyle was left inside. Now was the chance for Chris to put this under-age pussy-thief in his place and take his bitch back! Chris boldly kicked open the door and approached the half-dressed teenager with a menacing snarl.

“You little shit!” he yelled angrily “You stay away from Carla or I’ll beat the living crap out of you!”

The youngster turned around and frowned back at him but did not show the slightest trace of fear. He was a little taller than Chris with dark spiky hair and an athletic build. His chiseled jawline gave him a mean, purposeful look and his thin lips were curled into a contemptuous sneer. It was a cocky, insolent expression that reminded Chris of the tough thugs that had tormented him in his schooldays.

“Piss-off, loser!” Kyle retorted with a smirk “Who the fuck are you, anyway?”

Kyle didn’t bother waiting for a reply. Ignoring the intruder, he simply turned his back and continued to strip off his football kit, until he was wearing only his underwear. Chris was left dumbstruck, not just by the boy’s flippancy but also by his impressive physique. He couldn’t fail to notice that his rival had a chiseled, athletic body with muscles that could rival his own.

“Are you checking me out, pervert?” The boy sniggered.

The teenager ran his fingers over his slim but nicelty-defined pecs then rubbed his washboard abs. With a cocky smirk he groped at the prominent bulge in his white briefs.

“You like this huh? You fucking pedo!”

“How dare you!” Chris snarled back angrily.

“Come on then if you want a piece of me” Kyle raised his eyebrows and peered confidently back. With a mischievous grin he then raised his open hands, like a bear showing his claws.

“What are you waiting for, wimp?” the boy grinned. He stood, holding up his hands, inviting his older rival to test his strength.

“I’ll show you who’s a wimp!” Chris growled as he locked hands with the boy.

Chris grunted angrily as he tried to power the youth to the ground, but Kyle was strong. Their muscles flexed and quivered as they tussled. Both grunting and groaning as each tried to gain the upper hand. Soon Chris could feel his muscles burning as the ripped teenager continue his relentless assault. He gritted his teeth and shook his head defiantly but, to his disbelief, his manly muscles were gradually being powered back by the young punk. He was soon on the verge of falling to his knees and to the mercy of the cocky teenager. In desperation he kicked his leg upwards between his opponent’s thighs, aiming at his boy’s prominent bulge. It was a weak kick but his shin still made solid contact with the teenager’s balls. Kyle grunted in pain, instantly releasing his hold as his hands dropped to his groin.

“Dirty fucker!” the boy gasped angrily. His knees closing inwards and he squatted down clutching his aching package “Ugh Fuck ! Right in the fucking nuts!”

Chris wore a triumphant grin as he stood over the hurting youngster.

“That’ll teach you to respect your superiors!” he laughed meanly “And if you go anywhere near Carla again I’ll…”


Out of nowhere, a savage uppercut powered into Chris’s shorts leaving him gob-smacked. It was a critical hit, nailing both of his mature man-orbs and crushing them flat against his pelvis. Chris grasped his manhood as pain exploded from his groin. He roared in pain and anger, shaking his head as he tried to defy the agony in his precious man-nuts.

Fortunately, Kyle was still winded as Chris doubled over, nursing his balls. The boy’s punch had really scrambled his fertile man eggs and the ball-busted stud felt totally incapacitated. He could only look up in despair as the angry boy slowly rose to his feet and strode towards him.


The boy’s palm struck him hard on the cheek. Chris was rocked sideways, he staggered a few steps backwards, clenching his fist as he prepared to punch back when…THUD ! A thunderous punt struck home between his legs. Before he could scream, Kyle’s bare foot had swung back up and crushed his aching man-balls once again. With a deathly groan Chris keeled forward, coughing deeply before finally succumbing to his testicular trauma.

“My fucking balls!” Chis groaned in despair as he finally dropped to his knees, but Kyle was not finished with him yet. The teenager grabbed him by the hair, pulling him back up and pressing their heads together.

“Believe me your balls won’t be doing any fucking !” the boy snarled .


Chris howled in agony as Kyle’s knee hammered again and again into his poor, defence-less gonads. With a wretched groan the blond stud slumped once again to his knees and then keeled forward, curling up into a fetal position.

“Ooh, what’s the matter tough guy?” the young thug mocked him cruelly.

“Fucker! My fucking man-balls!” Chris wailed in agony as he clutched his shattered gonads.

“Is that really all you can take?” Kyle laughed “Stand up if you think you’re such a big man!”

He grabbed Chris under the arms and hauled him upwards. His teenage biceps flexed into rock-hard balls as he raised his crippled opponent and shoved him hard against the wall.

“Now, let’s see how much of a man you really are!”

Chris jaw dropped open in horror as he felt the boys hand slide into his shorts and wrap around his floppy scrotum.

“That’s my ball-bag!” Chris yelled in despair as he began to writhe in panic “For fuck’s sake! Not my nuts again!”

“You call these things nuts?” Kyle grinned wickedly as he slowly rolled the older man’s mangled orbs between his slim fingers “Peanuts maybe!”

“No! Not the balls!” Chris pleaded in terror, grasping the boy by his solid biceps “Please! I fucking give!”

Desperately he grasped Kyle’s wrist and tried to wrench the boy’s hand from his tortured nads. He was gaping at the boy with an imploring expression and shaking his head in dread. Kyle just grinned back as he tightened his grip, making Chris gasp and choke as his love-spuds were mashed and mangled. Finally, with a brutal twist, Kyle released his cruel grip leaving Chris to stagger briefly before crashing, half-conscious to the floor.

Next thing he knew, Chris was lying on the floor with Kyle’s dirty briefs shoved into his mouth. He gazed up through blurry eyes at his naked and victorious opponent. The teenager’s semi-hard cock was swaying triumphantly between his smooth legs as he rolled his hips in a victory dance. His boy-balls dangling right above Chris’ face like ripe grapes in their silky sac.

“Not such a big man now, huh?” Kyle laughed down at him, grabbing his junk “Come back when you grow some balls, loser!”

Chris could only respond with a muffled cry of shame and misery. He had a burning desire to reach up and crush the boy’s love buds before they could ripen but his muscles were paralyzed by the agony in his own mangled testicles.

THUD! Without warning Kyle’s bare foot suddenly stamped hard into his firm abs. Chris clutched his guts and groaned.

CRUNCH! The boys foot came down again, much harder…right on his swelling man-balls ! His body jerked up in agony as if struck by lightning, his mouth opening in a silent scream. Then everything faded to darkness.


Part 2 is coming tomorrow.


firefox77788 said...

Hot story! Hope he gets his cleats out as the punishment continues!

Anonymous said...

So good! Thank you for telling the story. Let's see Chris tied up and abused some more before we move on to his revenge.

Anonymous said...

Reply from the author :
Thanks so much for your comments, it means the world to me.

Firefox77788, i'm so glad you enjoyed the 1st part and i assure you there is plenty more fun to come.

Anonymous, i assure you there will be a lot more punishment coming Chris's way!

Hope you enjoy the part 2 and 3 over the next couple of days!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Reg,

I’ve been waiting for this masterpiece to come out. Reg is a new writer on here, but he does not show it at all. His story is fresh, fun, sexy, and offers plenty of Ballbusting which we all love. Can’t wait for more. You knocked this out of the park!



Gino and Jayden Author

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Jimmy!


Jonny Kramtoader said...

Really hot story. Have already reread a few times. Inspired me for some of my own choices in the story I'm writing.

Anonymous said...

From the author:
Jonny Kramtoader, having anyone read my story is nice, a reread is great, inspiration for a future story is just WOW. Now i'm intrigued! Will your story be published here on Alex's blog?