Saturday, April 11, 2020

Video: Shaun busts his beautiful balls

Remember these beautiful balls? They belong to Shaun (look at more pics and tell us what you would do to Shaun's balls here).

Shaun is 19 years old and a huge fan of this blog (follow him on twitter), that's why he sent us two videos that he wants us to share with you. Isn't that sweet of him? He is awesome!

Here is the first one. I would call it an "unboxing vid" in the great tradition of people unwrapping packages and revealing what's inside. In Shaun's case there's a beautiful dick and a pair of very valuable jewels inside!

Let's have a look:

I bet you would love to see those precious gems get de-valued a little? Fortunately, Shaun knows just what we want to see, and he does the job for us. Frankly, I could watch him crunch his nuts again and again and again!

And here is another video. In this one, Shaun shakes his goodies in slow motion before punching himself in the valuables. Priceless!

Special thanks to Shaun for sharing these beautiful videos with us!

If you have a ballbusting request for Shaun just send him a message on twitter. He is has told me that he is looking forward to your messages, and he wants to do what you tell him! :-))

If you want to see your own ballbusting video here on this blog just send me an email ( and we'll find a way to make it work!


Andrew said...

Nice looks, great body and likes his balls busted. Perfect.

shrews12001 said...

You know, with the first set of pics i was content to stretch and beat those twink nuggets until they looked like plums in color and size. And yeah maybe put some bruises and a few dental imprints on that meaty shaft cause it looks like it's just daring you to try. But now that i see the whole boy....well, shit. I want to bend him over, slam that little ass and yank his balls for leverage.
I'd kill to watch that adorable face turn red and freeze in a rictus scream when i bottom out in his puss, give him a second to breathe, then dig my thumbs deep into the center of each of those pretty boy berries. Just his eyes and mouth gaping wider and wider until his smooth little body gives in and empties him of his cream. To just lap up every drop and force it into his screaming mouth while i twist and tear at his churning, pumping testicles.
Jeez. Some guys i want to bust but this beautiful little thing I'd truly love to fuck up and over in every sense

Anonymous said...

Very nice boy.his cock must get Strokes,too5

YurToiletSlave said...

What is the Twitter account of Shaun? Trying to find his twitter the one posted is showing. Account doesn't exist. Look into this. Thanks.