Tuesday, April 21, 2020

What would you do to Jonathan's balls?

Our reader shrews12001 had a wonderful idea for a new series of interactive posts for this blog: A reader provides some pics of their nuts, and the rest of us use the comments section to share their fantasies and describe what we would do to them.

(If you want to see your own balls up here please send your pics to alex@ballbustingboys.org or alexander.nehling@gmx.net.)

You might recognize the following pair of nuts: it belongs to my friend Jonathan (follow him on twitter), the star of a few of my stories.

Isn't that a beautiful dick with a pair of incredibly delicious plums?

Want to put a face to the dick? Here is cute 19 yar old Jonathan with his weapon of mass destruction safely locked up:

A dick like that deserves to be locked up, right? Here's another picture of the weapon. I think we can be very sure that it doesn't go off unintentionally.

Cute, right? Back to the balls. I can't get enough of them! So plump and perfectly round!

 I would love to kick them from behind! Spread your thighs for us, Jonathan!

That's it! Perfect target! Those sperm tanks are just dying to be grabbed and squeezed, aren't they?

God, they must be filled to the brim with teenage spunk!

In the final shot it looks as if Jonathan's balls are tiny - but I'm pretty sure it's a matter of perspective. I really love the rope work, by the way!

Oh, I bet it would hurt like hell if someone stomped down on those tied up balls. And I bet that stomp would make that massive dick squirt a big, fat load. Damn, what a mess!

Now over to you: What would you do to Jonathan's beautiful balls? Share your ideas by leaving a comment, no matter how detailed or vague, how long or short. Let's make those balls hurt!


shrews12001 said...

Oh, gosh i dont know. Busting up such a young pair of balls could be dangerous. But then again, kids younger than you take shots all the time and turn out fine. Hmm. I do love a twink with an awesome set of equipment such as yourself. And I'll admit those boys are making me salivate a little.
Ok. Lets do it. Did you abstain from cumming for three weeks like i asked? Good. We can take off that cage and get you ready. There, now one slow scratch up that shaft and you shou-yep, hard as rock almost instantly. Now sit.
I found this comfy chair to play our little game and i think youll appreciate it. You'll very much need to sit after what i have planned.
Get your wrists and ankles cuffed here. There we go. What's that? Yes the pillows are meant to force you forward. You see how your testicles now dangle over the seat and the wooden frame holds then out just slightly. Good.
STOMP. Because thats how this works. I stomp my boots into your swinging sperm sacks and crush them flat against the frame until you just cant help it and that mouthwatering cock of yours sprays some delicious hot teen spunk into the air.
That's the good news. The bad news is we dont stop until you manage to give yourself a facial. But your cock points out rather than up? I guess youll have to flex really hard when that nut hits.
Mmm. Look at that cock twitch. 3 weeks of 19 year old jizz boiling in those balls. Actually. Thats not fair. You deserve a reward and, well fuck, i just want to taste your meat and veg. So im going to swallow that pole and suckle those berries like a starving calf until you feed me some of your own special milk. Then we can continue. Granted after a draining it'll be way harder to stomp out another nut and almost impossible to shoot all the way to your face. But we've got all the time in the world. Good what a tasty fucking boy you are. Now gimmie some sugar.

Anonymous said...

Look this site, Alex!

I am Brazilian and I follow this site. In fact, I have several hot testimonials there, from these recent ones. You can call me Dan! hahahaha