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King Rush defends the crown jewels (written by Riley)

Our reader Riley sent me this wonderful furry ballbusting story. It's the first part of an epic series. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Author's note: I do not own the character of King Rush. I have been granted permission to post this story by the owner of the character of King Rush. Riley is my own created character.

It had been a long day for King Rush. He had overseen many of his loyal subjects presenting problems and tasks that needed doing for the betterment of his kingdom. He was tired, and in need of a rest. Turning to his royal guard, he dismissed them from the throne room. At this time of the day, King Rush enjoyed his solace and isolation, allowing the time to process the day and prepare mentally for tomorrow. Once the guards had left, he sat back in his throne and tore off his shirt, lowering his formal trousers to expose a pair of black shorts.

As he sat, he rubbed his forehead gingerly, pondering what tomorrow may bring. The sun slowly set outside on his kingdom, and the throne room grew increasingly dark. Suddenly, his ears twitched forward as heard some light footsteps. His eyes darted open and he stared ahead. “Who goes there?”

The shadows were long in the throne room, and for a moment the King almost thought he had imagined things. But then, from the darkness, there came a young fox, his fur a dark blue. He had a mop of black hair hanging above intense green eyes, wearing nothing but a tight yellow speedo, his white chest exposed. His fluffy tail stood up behind him, the white tip swaying elegantly as the young fox approached. As he neared, the king noticed the young fox also wore red wristbands and a red collar. These indicated the status of a slave, but the king frowned. He had abolished slavery when he first rose to power.

The young fox lowered himself to one knee. “My King, my name is Riley, and I am an aspiring wrestler. I hail from the distant land of Australia. It would be a tremendous honour if you would wrestle me, so that I may test my skill against someone as honourable as you.”

The young fox smirked a little then. “But know that if you accept my challenge, I tend to fight dirty…and your bulge might get hurt,” he snickered, looking up at His Majesty. “Surely, His Majesty wouldn’t be afraid of wrestling a twenty-one-year-old fox, would he?”

With a giggle, King Rush places his footpaw onto the chest of young Riley as he knelt, pushing the young fox backwards to the floor before placing his footpaw back onto Riley’s chest. Displaying a sense of dominance he rarely exerted, as it was usually up to the King’s Guard to display such authority, the King enjoyed this sense of power.

With a smirk, he looked down at Riley. “So, what you are saying is that I should protect my bulge? You are a small fox, though cute, I admit, I doubt you would be able to wrestle this wolfo…”

Riley smirks as he looks up at his King. “Yes, Your Majesty, I mean exactly that!”

The fox gets to his knees and launches an uppercut between King Rush’s legs. The King, noticing the sudden movement and impending blow, stepped back before the fox could cause any real damage.

“Hey now, wrestler boy, that is no way to treat a king is it?” The King said sternly. “I’ll be able to hold you down in an instant!”

King Rush took a deep breath as he stepped back once more, allowing the young fox the opportunity to stand and make his move.

Riley bowed his head slightly. “I’m sorry, Your Majesty, but I thought you ready.”

The young fox waited for the king to be distracted by his seeming apology, before then trying again, this time kicking between the king’s legs…

“I am here to wrestle! Are you not ready?” Riley smirks as his foot sails upwards towards the king’s bulge.

With wide eyes the king retreated quickly, grabbing the young fox by his foot, pushing him backwards before he could strike at his manhood.

“W-woah, you really do play dirty!” King Rush remarked. Wasting no time, the wolfo knew he had to do something before Riley did manage to kick him where it would hurt. He ran towards the young fox, a defensive stance as if he was going to run right through Riley and tackle him to the floor.

Riley was impressed with the speed of the king but was determined as ever. As the king charged towards him, he watched with careful observation, and smirked as he quickly sidestepped King Rush. Before the king realized what had happened, Riley dropped to his knees behind him and slammed a fist between the kings’ legs from behind, his knuckles squashing that bulge nicely.

King Rush widened his eyes in shock as he felt his bulge flatten from the young fox’s knuckles. “Oh…f-fuck! O-okay, th-that hurts!” He whispered hoarsely as he sunk to the floor.

Riley smirks as the king falls onto his back, and then places his foot on the royal bulge and raises his arms.

“Is that all those royal orbs can take?” Riley had a slight tent in his own yellow Speedos now as he raised his arms in victory, before he twists his foot into the crown jewels for added humiliation.

King Rush yelped as his nuts were flattened further. He knew he was usually resistant to pain, but his balls, it seemed, was an obvious weak point. Hoping for some relief from the ache in his balls, the king widened his eyes and gave a low, intimidating growl to the young fox, hoping Riley would back off. The king was trying to read the young fox; would he cease his attack on the king, or continue and jeopardize his future in the kingdom?

Riley was a bit stunned by the growl, and for a moment almost considered stopping his attack. But having the upper hand over the king, a wolf of royal blood, was too much for the young fox to surrender just yet. Slightly hesitant now, he removed his foot from the king’s bulge and reached down, taking a hold of each of King Rush’s ankles and holding them up. He spread the wolfs legs and looked down, seeing the crown jewels perfectly outlined in the king’s shorts. He smirked, then stomped down.

The king let out a loud howl, as loud as he could as Riley’s foot smashed down on his balls. He started wriggling, trying to escape the foot on his bulge. “F-fuck you! G-get off me!”

His reaction clearly instinctive from what he had experienced. Eventually, the king flopped his head to the floor, the nasty, sickly feeling started to fill his stomach as his balls continued to be flattened. He closed his eyes tight and winced.

Riley smirked, loving seeing the king in nut pain. He took his foot off the crown jewels and knelt between the legs of King Rush. “I didn’t know a king’s balls could be soooo fun…”

As best as he could, King Rush curled up into a ball, his stomach hurting from the tough blows he had suffered. He was dazed for the moment, moaning in pain and was clearly suffering.

The king noticed Riley seemed to be surprisingly relaxed, as though the young fox were enjoying it. “Y-you sadistic f-fucker…” He said, shock and pain in his voice.

Riley said as he places his hand gently on King Rush’s bulge, slowly placing his fingers around the outline of the king’s nuts and gently massaged.

The king started to pant out as Riley came closer to him, the fox’s fingers curling tighter around his nuts. King Rush moved his own paws to his bulge, trying to cup and cover them, trying to protect them from further attack.

Riley placed his face close to the king’s face, breathing heavily as he stared into the kings eyes. He was thrilled to be so in control of this royal. Riley grabbed the shorts bulge tighter and squeezed King Rush’s balls. “I enjoy these toys so much…”

Riley’s yellow Speedo had a very noticeable tent now, and he released the kings bulge before opening his palm and slamming it forcefully down onto King Rush’s crown jewels.

Letting out another howl of pain, tears forming in King Rush’s eyes, he quickly rolled over and cupped his aching manhood. Desperately, he struggled to crawl away from this sadistic fox. Facing down he breathed a sigh of relief, knowing his bulge was not so accessible from this position. With his paws massaging and nursing his balls, he sighed, laying on the floor on his tummy whilst he whimpered.

Riley stroked the bulge in his own Speedos as he watched King Rush cupping his balls, a sight that was almost too much for the young fox to handle. Riley reached down and grabbed the back of the kings shorts by the waistband and yanked it up, wedgieing the king hard.

The king thought that he was safe, having curled up and covering his manhood to protect it from any more of the young fox’s brutality. How wrong he was, feeling Rileys paw grasp around his waistband as he was suddenly lifted.

“So, Your Majesty,” Riley smirked as the shorts tightened around the king’s balls, “how do your nuts feel now? Hehe…”

Widening his eyes, the king’s ears stood high before dropping quickly back to his head, the feeling of his shorts tightening hard around his balls causing him to whimper with each outward breath.

“Aggh! P-put me down please! R-RILEY!”

Riley laughed, and as he held the shorts firmly, he swung an uppercut between King Rush’s legs from behind five times in quick succession, nailing the crown jewels several times with his knuckles dead on target. The king cried out in pain having his nuts punched five times in a row, feeling as though he was about to throw up.

Riley dropped the king and stood with his hands on his hips, proudly and defiant. The king started to crawl away, annoyed that this looked almost pathetic.

“What are you going to do about this, Your Majesty? How can you ever stop me?” Riley smirked as his Speedo stretched out in front of him.

“P-please s-stop!”

It was becoming too painful for King Rush to stand, but it seemed the brutal young fox didn’t want to stop. He turned his head around to face Riley, King Rush’s eyes wide and almost begging for Riley to stop, panting heavily as pain radiated from his balls throughout his body.

“Oh, my King, did I bust your ballsies too much?” Riley chuckled mockingly at his king.

He knelt before the king and yanked his shorts off, exposing the royal. The sight of the naked wolf mesmerized Riley for a little bit.

“You know,” Riley said, eyeing off the king’s balls, “sometimes, I have beat the cum out of balls, and I think that’s what I want from you…”

Riley licked his lips as his hands traced up the inside of the king’s thigh.

King Rush had dug his claws into the floor as his shorts were yanked clean off, the clawmarks slightly visible in the floor after he was exposed. He listened and attempted to stand to run at this point, having recovered somewhat from the constant attack to his nuts.

Riley watched in surprise as the king managed to get to his feet but wasn’t about to let his helpless victim escape just yet.

He quickly wrapped his fingers of his right paw around the kings bare nuts.

King Rush grunted in disappointment at his failed escape attempt, holding his stomach and crotch in pain. “N-noooo! AHHHHH!”

“You’re not going anywhere, Your Highness.” The young fox smirked as he squeezed the wolfs balls.

Using his free hand and his teeth, he tore the kings shorts into long shreds, creating material he could hopefully tie the royal up with.

The king screamed out in pain as Riley grabbed and twisted his balls again, his ear twitching at the sound of his shorts being ripped. He fell to the floor again, curling up into a ball, crying and moaning in pain as the young fox appeared to show a hint of mercy.

‘Why did I agree to this match…?’ King Rush asked himself.

The king continued to eye off the door, holding his balls with one paw and attempting to slowly and almost pathetically shimmy himself towards the exit and the safety of his guards.

Riley saw his opportunity as the King slowly dragged himself, quickly reaching down and tying one of the shreds around King Rush’s ankle.

Then he quickly did the same to the other ankle and grabbed both shreds which were tied tightly around the king’s ankles, preventing him from moving.

The king continued to struggle, wiggling slowly despite being defenseless. The pain from his groin was just too much at this stage.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Riley said as he pulled the rags closer to him.

King Rush, face down, was dragged back face down to Riley, his balls dragging on the floor as Riley laughed.

“R-Riley…s-stop!” He squeaked, panting out his words, annoyed that he sounded so pathetic for a wolfo.

He wiggled his leg as Riley grabbed the rags tighter. King Rush turned his head to see the smug, almost sadistic look on the young fox’s face. The king dug his claws into the floor harder as Riley pulled back yet again, the king’s poor cock and balls dragged along the rough floor below.

“S-STOP PLEASE!” He screamed out as he was pulled back, laying now at the footpaws of young Riley. The king attempted to reach down, trying to undo the bindings on his ankles.

Riley noticed what the king was doing and kicked roughly between the wolf’s legs to prevent him from undoing his bonds. As the king curled up yet again, rubbing his aching nuts, Riley glanced around the room and spotted the kings throne. He smirked.

“What a perfect spot for some added humiliation…” Riley thought to himself.

He reached down and once again grabbed the rags around King Rush’s ankles, dragging him across the floor. The king’s balls were yet again scraped along the rough floor.

The king growled out in pain. “Aggh! S-stop dragging me please! R-Rileyyyy!” He cried out as the young fox dragged him towards the throne showing no mercy, his own claws digging into surrounding objects and the floors.

Riley then bound both of the king’s legs to each leg of the throne, before lifting King Rush up and sitting him on his throne, binding his arms to the armrest. The king wiggled, squirmed and moved around trying hard to prevent Riley from getting the better of him. As he was sat upon the throne and bound to the throne, King Rush whimpered slightly. The King was restrained now. For a foxxo, Riley was surprisingly strong. The wolfo, in his pain, didn’t make it too difficult for Riley to immobilize him.

King Rush wriggled and struggled more, feeling the cloth tightly wrap around his wrists. He tugged, but it was pointless. Riley’s work was very tight. He wasn’t going anywhere. The young fox had clearly thought this through, as King Rush noticed he couldn’t even attempt to free himself with either of his claws.

Riley knelt between King Rush’s legs and placed his fist in front of the crown jewels.

“Ready for some fun?” Riley smirked.

The king moaned, then looking down noticed Riley’s fist positioned between his legs, his cock and balls totally at the mercy of the young fox now. King Rush whimpered at the realization that he couldn’t defend himself even if he wanted to, his body tensing up hard and ready for a potential blow to his manhood as Riley tormented him mentally with the thought of pain.

“R-Riley, l-let me go please! D-don’t do this!”

Riley continued to smile as he watched the king squirm, his fist inching ever so closer to the crown jewels. With his other hand, he reached up and grabbed the king’s cock, moving it out of the way and pressing it hard against the kings navel.

Slowly his fist made contact with the king’s nuts, mainly his right one, and slowly Riley added more and more pressure, adding a grinding effect with his knuckles too.

“Oh, my King…. Your balls are so much fun!”

“Oh…N-NO…..R-RILEY STOP THAT F-FUCK!!! PLEASE!” The king growled in protest, howling out at each teasing push Riley made towards his poor, abused balls. No matter how much he opposed, there seemed to be no stopping Riley, every action seemed to result in more punishment to the crown jewels.

Then Riley reached his fist back and slammed it onto the king’s sack. The last blow caused King Rush’s eyes to roll to the back of his head, his stomach filling up with the horrible, sickly feeling. He became a little dizzy as if he was almost about to pass out for the moment.

Riley noticed the king seemingly about to pass out, so he used his left hand to gently stroke the king’s cock. He nestled his face against the king’s chest, his tongue gliding over his nipple.

“My king,” Riley said as he gave a playful bite on King Rush’s nipple, “keep focused, we have so much to do!”

The king could feel himself drifting until Riley stroked his cock and told him to focus, a whimper escaping him as the young fox hinted at so much more to do. Never had King Rush dealt with such a brutal foxxo, and what was scary was that Riley really seemed to be enjoying it, and he was now unable to move or defend himself. The poor royal was totally at the mercy of young Riley.

The young fox lowered his face down to the king’s vulnerable balls and gave them a lick too, enjoying the fact he had a king right where he wanted him. Riley gave a lighter and more playful slap to King Rush’s nuts, and then smirked.

“R-Riley, just tell me what you want from me, stop doing this…p-please!” He squeaked out in a pathetic high-pitched voice.

The lighter smack at the end also making him twitch his body. He so desperately tried to close his legs and move his paws, but he was so helpless in his vulnerable and open position on the chair.

Riley smirked up at the king and traced a finger along his balls.

“I want what is in these crown jewels, My King…” Riley jerked the kings cock a couple times, trying to get the wolf hard…”I am going to bust the royal cum out of these ballsies of yours…”

Riley snickered as he continued to stroke King Rush’s cock.

King Rush started to shiver a little in his throne as Riley stroked his cock, this emotional rollercoaster making him feel pain and suffering, followed by pleasure was emotionally starting to show. He had no idea what this sadistic fox was going to do next, going from sweet and caring to harsh and punishing so quickly, without warning. The king stared down into Riley’s green eyes as he dropped slowly into submission, tugging slightly on his restraints to feel the binds around his wrists and ankles. Reaffirmed in his own head, the king realized the level of control the young fox had over him now, naked and vulnerable King Rush sat at Riley’s unrelenting mercy.

Riley stooped low to between the king’s legs, letting his tongue trace over the king’s cock lightly, still jerking it slowly.

King Rush let out soft moans at the teasing sensations Riley was putting him through, much less painful and much more pleasurable than before. His panting got a little shorter and he closed his eyes in enjoyment, feeling Riley’s tongue rub across his dick causing him to shiver with enjoyment.

Seeing King Rush’s cock hardening slowly, Riley rubbed his own bulge through his Speedo and smirked up at the king.

“My King, I am going to empty your balls,” he said, “until you like when I bust your balls…”

Riley aimed another fist towards King Rush’s nuts as he stroked the king’s cock.

“Are you ready, Your Highness?”

“N-No, R-Riley, please don’t! Ahhhh…”

Based on what he knew of Riley so far, he was sure that the young fox was going to go for his balls anyways. The king held his breath and tensed his body, waiting for Riley’s next move. Everything now felt amazing, indicated by the kings throbbing member, he looked down and saw Riley’s own bulge, licking his lips happily.

“P-people will hear this when I scream out you know…”

Riley noticed the king looking down at his bulge and smiled, clicking as to what the king was saying.

He climbed up onto the throne, one foot between King Rush’s legs and close to his balls, the other one on one of the armrests, so that Riley’s bulge was now only inches from King Rush’s face.

“Well, I guess I have to gag your loyal subjects don’t hear you…”

Riley slid the front of his Speedos down, his own member throbbing in front of the king’s face. Riley moved closer, the top of his foot now pressing up under the king’s nuts.

“Are you ready to empty your crown jewels, Your Highness?”

King Rush shuddered nervously as his eyes fixated on Riley’s own cock, his breathing getting heavier.

Suddenly the doors slammed open. Two guards stumbled in, with another young guard following behind. The guard following behind was nursing his bulge, limping slightly. He saw Riley about to shove his cock down the king’s throat. The young guard pointed to the young fox, and squeaked in pain.

“That’s him! He is the one who attacked me!”

Riley spotted the intruding guards and muttered under his breath an expletive. He pulled his Speedos back up and hopped down from the throne, his green eyes staring into the King Rush’s eyes. “I’m sorry, Your Highness, I must away!”

The young fox planted a passionate kiss on King Rush’s lips, and the king did not altogether protest. Riley pulled away as the guards neared, then stomped down on King Rush’s balls, eliciting a high-pitched howl from the king.

“Until we meet again, Your Highness!” Riley said, before darting towards the wall, pouncing up to a high window, and leaping from the window to freedom.

The guards helped free the king, and he immediately sat back in his throne with his paws massaging his busted balls.

“Are you okay, Your Majesty?” One of the guards asked, “Who was that?”

“That was Riley,” King Rush said, nursing his crown jewels, “and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.”

to be continued


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