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A boy's anatomy - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the seventh part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.  

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Jayden was sitting in his first ever biology class at Barlett High School. Jayden, at fourteen was in a class of all seniors including Logan, who walked into class with quite a limp. Jayden snickered as he caught Logan’s eyes, “How’s it hanging?”

Logan irritable pointed his middle finger up behind a book, causing Jayden to giggle.

The class filed in and Professor Smith walked in just as the bell rang. He did a role call and stopped when he got to Jayden. “Welcome to our senior biology class, your grades were quite impressive, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on biology. I see that you have also joined our wrestling team, nice jersey.”

Jayden stood at that to open up his jersey to showcase his singlet underneath, “I’m playing tonight it’s my first game, I heard that it was lucky to wear your singlet for the whole day.” Logan and few of the other wrestlers in the room sniggered are that causing Jayden to blush profusely now understanding that he was put up to this to be made a fool of. Jayden quickly sat down.

“I see that your fellow wrestlers have indeed attempted to make fun of you, but I think that you wearing that is perfect as today’s volunteer for our lesson. Your outfit will actually enhance the experience if you would be so kind Jayden to take off your sweat pants and wrestling jersey and stand on this table for me we can begin our most important lesson for today.”

Jayden gulped, “Um okay Professor Smith.” Jayden slowly unbuttons his jersey and let’s it fall to his seat, and shucks off his grey sweat pants and nervously heads to the front of the class to stand on a table. Jayden’s tight fitting singlet clings to his skin, showcasing his fourteen year old body, his swimmers build, and his bulging package. Jayden climbs up the chair and stands on the table unsure of what to do with his hands, he places them behind is back.

“Perfect Jayden. Today I want us to delve deeper into the male anatomy; specifically the male reproductive anatomy, its locations, parts and functions.” At that Professor Smith pulls out a long white rod with a very long metal tip. He snaps it in front of the class causing Jayden to jump, the other students used to his antics stay seated by watch with deadly silence, anticipating the fun that is about to ensue for Jayden.

“Translated from the Latin meaning ‘carrying-away- vessel,’ the duct that transports sperm to the urethra, is not present in all species of animal, although it is certainly present in Jayden here. Thankfully Jayden is wearing his singlet, really illustrates his different muscle groups thanks to its form-fitting structure. The clothing impedes us but barely. You can see the indication of my pointer the location of the penis, oops sorry Jayden that was a bit harsher of a smack than I intended,” Mr. Smith says pulling the rod away from Jayden’s groin.

Jayden stifles a groan as the metal tip pointer jabs into his sensitive cock tip, clearly outlined in his singlet. “Moving on from the penis, and slightly southward now the scrotum.
Now, the scrotum—my apologies, again Jayden, for that tap, which apparently was a bit vigorous. As I was saying, the scrotum houses the testes, something hopefully all of you know by now, and coiled near the back of the testes is the epididymis, which connects the efferent ducts—remember the efferent ducts, class, from the quiz you all did so poorly on?—which connects the efferent ducts to the vas deferens, somewhere approximately right here. Again, apologies, Jayden. You don’t need to bend over, it wasn’t that harsh. Folks, let’s keep the laughter at a reasonable level. Very good. Now, let’s follow the path. During the onset of ejaculation, the sperm travels from
—apologies—through the smooth muscle walls of the deferens in what is known as peristalsis, until it gathers
—once more, apologies—in the urethra, collecting secretions from the bulbourethral and prostate glands, until the flow of semen is expelled from
—and now I fear that my wrist has a mind of its own because it seems as if Jayden is approaching a fetal position. It is not my wish to perform an accidental vasectomy, so perhaps I ought to let our volunteer take his seat.”

Jayden is sinking southward grabbing his boynut’s in both hands and breathing hard, Jayden after a few deep breathes manages to somehow stand back up; with eyes slightly crossed. “His reaction is, however, worth noting. It is a sensitive bundle of parts, the male genitalia, certainly not anything you want someone striking repeatedly with a metal rod. Although if that person is yours truly, a teacher trained in all things anatomical, then one might hope such a teacher knows what he is doing. One might hope. Now, now, boys and girls, I appreciate the show of enthusiasm, but let’s at least attempt to keep the volume to a low roar.”

At this point Logan raises his hand, “Yes Mr. Kruger. You have something to say?”

“You were going too fast with all of the pointing,” Logan points down indicating to his notes or lack thereof. “Maybe you should ask another volunteer to go up and slowly point to the places on Jayden. That way we can take better notes so that we can study better for the upcoming anatomy test.” With his request Logan gives his professor a huge smile.

“Thank you Logan, great idea. And since you have asked so eloquently you can be out volunteer to help all of us out in taking better notes! Let’s start with a quick pop quiz to see who was listening first! Now Logan point to Jayden’s penis.”

Logan stares at Jayden and shoved the metal pointer straight into Jayden’s left testicle. Jayden sucks in a breath from between his teeth, stifling a groan.

“Now that certainly won’t do Mr. Kruger. Try again, that was his testicle.”

“Here?” Asks Logan and shoves the pointer onto Jayden’s right testicle instead, with an innocent look on his face. Jayden’s legs shake on the desk and it takes everything in Jayden to not bend over, and fall to the floor groaning in a ball.

“Anybody know what Mr. Kruger is jabbing with my metal rod?” Asks Professor Smith with a sly smile.

“Jayden’s testicles, and by my judgement he at least was efficient enough to poke both of them,” says Cody with a laugh, one of the other wrestlers on the team.

Professor Smith walks to the front of the room and guiding Logan’s hand until the pointer was at the base of Jayden’s cock, and slid to the tip and back to the base again. “As you can see, I am illustrating for you the length of Jayden’s penis, and unsurprisingly you can see that the penis is begin to rigidify.”

“What does that mean sir,” asks Logan, smirking to both Jayden with a wink and to the class as Professor Smith turns back to the class.

“Jayden is a teenager, which all of you are but he is a younger teenager and still very much in the thick of puberty,” explains Professor Smith while the class bursts into hoots and hollers. “Jayden’s penis is at this very moment filling with blood as his body prepares for sexual activity.”

“Mr. Krueger if you could point to Jayden’s progression please, oops dear me, you seem to have found Jayden’s testicles again. Don’t worry Mr. Krueger I’m sure by the end of this lesson you will know the difference between a testicle and an erect penis.”

“I hope so sir, is this it?” And Logan cracked the pointer flat against Jayden’s erect cock.

Jayden couldn’t help it, he moaned and grabbed Logan’s shoulders so he didn’t fall over. “I’m going to tell my brother,” whispered Jayden in a much higher pitch whisper.

“He can’t help you, if he’s not here,” Logan replies smacking the metal rod against Jayden’s testicles firing pain up and down Jayden’s groin. “Is this it?”

“Mr. Krueger you are still very confused, and I must confess that your confusion may end up causing damage to Jayden if we are not too careful, why don’t you sit down and I will finish.”

Logan grins, “Okay Professor, you know best. Hold this and Logan jams the rod straight between Jayden’s legs crushing his balls and causing Jayden to bend his legs together and trap the metal rod within. Logan walks back to his seat as Jayden grabs the rod and falls to his knees on the table.

“You saved my pointer, thank you Jayden. Oops, sorry about that, I pulled harder than I intended that time. Back to the lesson, Jayden’s erectile penis has begun to emit what’s known as pre-ejaculate. The pre-ejaculate is used to prepare the sexual partner for sex, pre-ejaculate is not ejaculation students and please not the difference.” Professor Smith uses his thumb and forefinger and slowly rubs Jayden’s cock head, and Jayden unwillingly moans in response. Professor Smith rubs the singlet a bit more around the head of Jayden’s penis until he pulls the fingers back indicating to the class the stickiness between. “Jayden is a heavily pre-ejaculate specimen. Wouldn’t you agree Jayden,” says Professor Smith rubbing Jayden’s cock head lips, against the tight material of the singlet. Notice as I rub here, Jayden pre-ejaculates more. What do you suppose will happen if I kept rubbing class?” Asks Professor Smith.

“We could find out,” suggests Logan, causing the whole class to laugh.

“Now, now Mr. Kruger use that big brain of yours, what is happening to Jayden right now?”

“Hmmm, I’m more of a hands-on learner. Maybe I should take over and figure it out,” suggests Logan.

“I think you have had enough hands-on experience for one day Logan, besides I seem to be doing I fine job of it. Look at here,” and Professor Smith points to Jayden’s brow, and then to Jayden’s underarms. “Right now Jayden is beginning to sweat, due to part his nervousness I am sure at being in front of the class and the center of attention, but also arousal. Jayden is very much aroused by my menstruations, and if you look here,” and with a quick jab Jayden’s eyes pop back open, as he was caught in a daydream from his professors gentle caresses. The pointer landed dead center of his nutsac and brought him painfully right back to reality. “Sorry about that last one, it looked painful. You see how Jayden’s scrotum has begun to slowly shrunk against the base of his penis, he is preparing to ejaculate.”

“Most teenagers, especially boys masturbate quite often and can experience several ejaculations a day, a week or during a month. How often do you masturbate Jayden?” Asks Professor Smith.

“Uh, uh, Professor Smith...if you keep doing that...umm I think that...oh man,” Jayden’s face reddens as he gazes around the room, and gulps “You want to know how often I jack off?”

“It would be most enlightening to us Jayden,” Professor Smith smiles adding a quick swirl of the head in between the gentle twisting circles. “Would you say once a week, twice a...”

“At least once a day,” gasps Jayden interrupting Professor Smith.

“Very good, and normal Jayden. Now tell us, do you usually masturbate alone, or with others? Are you sexually active?”

“Oh god,” Jayden groans. Jayden’s hips begin to rock back and forth trying to get more contact from Professor Smith. Jayden’s eyes close, and he whispers trying only for Professor Smith can hear, or so he hopes. “Just a little bit more, a little faster. God I’m ready.”

Professor Smith licks his lips as he turns back to the class, he notices that many of the boys in the classroom are sporting erections, a few have their hands down their pants. “Many of you, might also be feeling a little sexual arousal and that is normal. Seeing Jayden in this state, on the crisp of eruption, and can cause similar reactions to those just observing him.”

“He’s so close,” Logan says, grabbing his dick. He’s rubbing his meaty cock in his grey sweatpants, and Logan groans as the bell rings.

No one in the class moves, and Professor Smith turns back to Jayden. “You have been such a good volunteer, we have all appreciated your efforts in helping us learn,” Jayden nods along still with his eyes closed, humping Professor Smiths hand. “Well for homework everyone I want you to do a little self-exploration, find the parts of you indicated in today’s lesson and we will bring Jayden up here tomorrow to finish where we have started.” And Professor Smith let’s go of Jayden’s cock just as he reached the point of no return. Jayden’s cock throbbed in midair, his singlet making his size and girth known to the class as the Professor turns to the room. Jayden almost screams wanting to cum as the Professor finishes with, “Take a bow Jayden you deserve it,” and the Professor does swirling his pointer in the air and bending over in a bow, and with a flourish of his pointer jumps back to his feet and says, “And a special thanks to Jayden for a memorable lesson.” Professor Smith points the pointer right at Jayden and the tip of the metal wand cracks just right at the bottom of Jayden’s sac, knocking his cock up against the singlet. That was all the stimulation that Jayden needed, as he protrudes his hips up, and ejaculates in front of the whole class.

Jayden’s whole body shakes as he comes in his singlet, with a mightily growl the boy grabs his cock and rubs out the rest, moaning and groaning in front of everyone. The class erupts in a cheer as Jayden finishes. He’s on his knees now in front of the crowd. Jayden’s sexual high comes down and he covers his raging erection with his hands as the boys from the class begin to file out. Logan leaves last and finishes, “Hope that doesn’t hurt your performance tonight on the mat Jayden. Either way, great show today.”

Professor Smith walks over to Jayden handing him a towel which he presses against Jayden’s singlet covered crotch. “You might want to dry off a bit, before you head to the next class.”

“I’m covered in jizz,” Jayden whimpers looking downwards at the mess.

“In the science lab I have a full shower, come wash off in here and hand me that sticky thing. You can wear your sweat pants and wrestling jacket buttoned up. No one will notice that you don’t have underwear or a t-shirt underneath.”

“Thank you,” Jayden mumbles pulling off his sticky singlet and handing it over to his professor who places it into a plastic bag. “Has this every happened before?”

“Usually I am only teaching anatomy to seventeen and eighteen year olds, usually they can hold it in. I didn’t think when I picked you as a volunteer. You really have an extraordinary body Jayden,” Professor Smith profuse stare at Jayden’s naked body as he removes his shoes and socks and stands up completely naked. “Take this towel. I’ll be grading papers. Let me know if you need anything. Anything, at all.”

“Are my...testicles okay?” Jayden asks.

“Let me check,” and Professor Smith grabs Jayden’s nutsac causing Jayden to gasp at the strong grip. “Your scrotum seems to be in fine shape, no bumps, bruises, or irritations. Swollen, but that was expected. More than likely if I kept touching you, they would pump out another batch of semen.”

“I just wanted...Ugh,” groans Jayden. “To make sure. I’ll take a shower now.”

Almost unwillingly Professor Smith let’s Jayden’s balls go, and heads to his desk. Jayden slowly walks to the shower, towel on shoulder, his lithe tight body bouncing towards the shower door.  He has to make it through the rest of the day, getting cleaned after his performance is a good start. When the water bursts above Jayden’s head and he rubs his sticky tummy with a bar of soap he can’t help but think that his first biology class is going to be very memorable experience, and one that his classmates will soon not let him forget.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That was an awesome story, Jimmy. I laughed out loud when Logan confused Jaydens's cock with his testicles...twice haha. And i loved Jayden's comment "i'm going to tell my brother". I can't wait to read more from this series. Reg

Anonymous said...

I've read all your stories and I've loved all of them, but I think this one isn't at the same level! According to me, It's unrealistic: I can't think about a teacher who believes that an eighteen years old boy as Logan doesn't know the difference between testicles and dick, or doesn't know what's going to happen when he jerks off Jayden (other impossible situation in a school). I hope Gino's vengeance will be devasting and he will massacre Logan' testicles.

Anonymous said...

Hey Reg,

I’m So glad that you liked it! The story was so much fun to write. It was done in 2 hours, and I edited afterwords. I’m so glad that it made you laugh, that was indeed the intention! I can’t wait to read your story Reg when it comes out!



Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for taking the time to write back! I agree with you, Mr. Smith acted as if he believed Logan, but clearly he did not and enjoyed watching Jayden suffer. Clearly, I took a lot of liberty with story telling as this would never happen in a school. For part eight it’s going to feature what everyone has been asking me for: Chase. The story is called Chase’s Revenge. I hope that you like that one!



Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, this story shows borderline pedophilia and a lot of people have gone through traumatic experiences (same with some stories featuring rape themes). Maybe you could start putting warnings on top, Alex, Just a suggestion.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I try to put up warnings when I think the subject matter is sensitive. There is a note at the top of this post saying this story features underage characters.

Anonymous said...

Great story! I can't wait to see Jayden taking revenge on Logan and making him cum his pants in front of everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad that you really enjoyed this story. I had a blast writing it, and I’m sure that Jayden is going to try to get revenge on the Logan. So far he’s been very unsuccessful on his own, he may need to call on Big bro Gino again to really save the day, and his boynuts from any future damage!



Hi Anonymous,

I’m sorry that this story was not to your liking, luckily there are plenty of other stories on this blog that are! That’s what so great about this site is that you can find plenty of stories that you love, some that are not your interest, and others that you do not have strong feelings towards. I try hard to not be too critical of someone’s work, as they created something to be enjoyed, for free, and I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Writers can very easily get turned off of writing by people that say hurtful things about their work. Not saying that you have with me, but that’s my general rule of thumb. As this is my seventh story on Alex’s site I new that eventually negative comments would come my way, it’s par for the course.