Friday, November 6, 2020

Nut pong (Nathan meets Ben, Logan and Phil)

Special thanks to Nathan for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves the idea of nut pong) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Ben, Logan and Phil (click for pictures)

Beer pong […] is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer on the other end. The game typically consists of opposing teams of two or more players per side with 6 or 10 cups set up in a triangle formation on each side. Each team then takes turns attempting to throw ping pong balls into the opponent's cups. If a ball lands in a cup (known as a 'make'), the contents of that cup are consumed by the other team and the cup is removed from the table. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent's cups is the winner.

Nut pong is what happens after too many games of beer pong.

Logan had teamed up with Ben, and Phil had teamed up with Nathan.
After a hilarious round of beer pong, all of four of them were drunk.
Logan was 18 years old, a handsome and athletic high school wrestler with blond hair and blue eyes. Easygoing and relaxed, Logan was a popular guy, easy to connect with, with a great sense of humor.
His team partner, 20 year old Ben, a muscular stud with black hair and brown eyes. He was proud of his impressive body, cocky and confident, and he had a tendency to overestimate his qualities. There was nothing modest or shy about Ben. He was great, and he knew it.
Phil was a professional soccer player from England (he insisted on calling it football). 18 years old, Phil was at the start of a great career, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have time to hang out with his friends. He worked hard, and he partied hard.
Nathan was 19 years old, with brown hair and a mischievous glint in his eyes. His body was average, not skinny, not fat, somewhat more on the muscular side of things. He put a lot of effort into looking and smelling good. Fun-loving and extroverted (he made a point of telling his buddies about his shaving habits, including the details about shaving his genitals), Nathan was a bit of a macho, and he could be a bit of a jerk after a few beers.
It was Nathan who had come up with the “nut pong” idea.
The concept was so simple that even in their slightly inebriated state the four studs would be able to understand the rules: Every “make” results in a nutshot.
“First round: Kicks!” Nathan announced with a grin, winking at his team mate who happened to be quite experienced in the art of kicking balls.
“Lovely idea, mate”, Phil grinned, demonstrating what looked like a very effective and potentially nut-shattering snap kick into the air.
“Oooooooh, our nuts are gonna suffer!” Logan hooted, grabbing his crotch with a wide grin.
“Their nuts! Their nuts are gonna suffer”, Ben chimed in. “I’m the fucking master of fucking nut pong!”
The guys laughed.
“Wait till we get to the baseball bat round”, Nathan quipped, causing the other guys to cringe and laugh at the same time.
They started the game and as luck would have it, Phil scored the first hit, cheering and high-fiving Nathan as Logan downed the beer.
Logan turned to Ben, wiping his mouth as he grinned. “I drank, you spread your legs.”
For a moment, it looked as if Ben was going to protest. But then he shrugged and shot Phil a cocky grin. “Come on, man, what are you waiting for?” He framed his bulging balls with both of his hands. “Hit me with your best shot!”
Phil chuckled. “You got it, mate.”
With that, he brought his foot back and sent it crashing into Ben’s manhood.
Ben grunted through his gritted teeth, his jaws clenching, his face contorting in pain.
“Ughghgh”, Ben groaned, slightly doubling over.
Nathan and Phil high-fived.
“Ughghgh”, Ben groaned, putting his hands on his knees.
“Fuck yeah!” Nathan laughed.
“Ughghgh”, Ben groaned, closing his eyes. Then he opened them again, adding in a toneless voice. “Balls of steel, motherfucker…”
Logan grinned, grabbing a ping pong ball and scoring a perfect hit.
“You take the beer, I take the nut shot”, Nathan announced with a brave grin.
Logan delivered the kick as Phil emptied the cup.
Logan’s foot connected with Nathan’s groin, and a loud THUD echoed through the room.
“Fuck, my nuts!” Nathan moaned in pain as the pain washed through his body.
“I may not be a European soccer star”, Logan grinned as Ben patted him on the shoulder, “but I know a thing or two about football…”
As the game continued, the guys got increasingly drunk, and their kicks grew increasingly vicious.
Phil and Nathan won, leaving Logan and Ben with a pair of very sore nuts and raised level of blood alcohol. But the losing team managed to score a few hits as well, causing Phil and Nathan to be on the receiving end of a couple of hard kicks to their balls.
With both teams slightly tipsy and increasingly bold, they moved on to the next round.
“Punches”, Logan yelled, causing the other guys to cheer and clap wildly.
This time it was the team of Ben and Logan that came out on top, landing three perfect hits that in a row resulted in nut-shattering punches.
Nathan took the first one, Phil volunteered for the second one, and Nathan stepped up for the third one again.
It was Nathan who came up with the idea of pulling out his ballsack, a patently idiotic move that he came to rue very quickly, when Logan sent his knuckles into his crotch, hitting him square in the bare ballsack and making him scream in agony.
From then on, bare balls were the standard for all the punches, and every one of them received at least one punch to the nude nutsack before the round was over.
The third round was the knee round, and the four guys cheered and hollered whenever someone scored a hit, regardless of the team they were on. Sufficiently drunk and adventurous, they just wanted to see somebody get nutted.
“Spread your fucking nuts”, Ben said in a slurred voice, causing the rest of the guys to laugh uncontrollably. “Fuck, I mean, spread your fucking legs!”
“Knee them!” Nathan yelled, putting his hand behind his head as he stood in front of Ben, his bare, red ballsack hanging out of his pants. “Knee them!”
Ben did as he was told, ramming his knee into Nathan’s nuts, flattening them like pancakes and lifting him off the ground.
Nathan managed to score the next point, and he got to return the favor, kneeing Ben in the nuts with all the force he could muster.
Ben squealed like a banshee, cupping his sore, swollen balls as he jumped up and down, trying to relieve the excruciating pain that was radiating from his testicles.
When Ben scored the next point, he quickly laid claim to knee Nathan in the nuts again. His voice was considerably slurred when he announced, “I’m gonna knee him so hard he’ll taste his unborn children on his fucking tongue!”
Nathan grimaced comically. As he spread his legs. His balls were swollen and beet red, and he caressed them tenderly, mumbling, “Goodbye, my unborn children…”
His buddies roared with laughter, cringing in sympathy as Ben crushed Nathan’s nuts with his knee as hard as he could.
“Well, how do they taste?” Ben smirked, watching with glee as Nathan sank to the floor, cupping his nuts with both of his hands.
Nathan doubled over, clutching his battered balls, but he hadn’t lost his sense of humor. “Sterile”, he squeaked. “That’s what they taste like…”
The rest of the guys roared with laughter, and it took a while until Nathan was able to get up again. When he did, Phil had scored the final point, and he generously ceded the opportunity to crunch a pair of nuts to his partner.
Partly due to the pain in his testicles, and partly due to the alcohol in his blood, Nathan was a bit wobbly on his feet. Holding on to Logan’s shoulders helped a great deal, and it allowed him to ram his knee up between the high school wrestler’s nuts, flattening them like pancakes.

“That felt good”, Nathan mumbled with a crooked grin as Logan screamed from the top of his lungs. “That felt really, really---” A hiccup interrupted him. “…really good.”
“I think it’s time”, Ben announced in a booming voice, staggering out of the room, only to return seconds later, “for the baseball bat round.” He was holding a wooden baseball bat, grinning from ear to ear.
Despite the fact that all four bags of balls in the room were severely swollen and badly battered, the guys erupted in cheers and laughter.
“Fuck yeah!” Nathan yelled, playfully smacking his own bruised balls. “Who needs kids anyway?!”
Ironically, it was him who was on the receiving end of the first baseball bat nutshot.
“Oh fuck”, he mumbled, clenching his eyes shut in anticipation of the wood-to-nut collision. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh f---”
Logan drove the bat into Nathan’s nuts as if he was trying to score a home run.
Ben and Phil – even though the latter was on Nathan’s own team – erupted in cheers and laughter as Nathan screamed from the top of his lungs.
While Nathan recovered, both Logan and Phil fell asleep, their bruised balls hanging out of their pants, leaving Ben and Nathan to end the game by themselves.
Both of them were drunk as fuck, but neither of them wanted to admit defeat, so they continued playing, their nuts beet red and bloated, bruised and battered.
It came down to a dramatic finale, with one cup of beer left on either side of the table.
Nathan and Ben went back and forth, trying to score the final point to get a chance to hit their opponent’s balls out of the park.
After what seemed like an eternity, Ben landed the final blow.
“Yes! Fuck yes! Yes, yes, yes!” he roared, waking up Logan and Phil as he did a little victory dance.
“What’s going on?” Logan mumbled, rubbing his eyes.
“Nathan’s nuts are history”, Ben hollered, grabbing the baseball bat. “That’s what’s going on.”
“Let’s get it over with”, Nathan mumbled, grimacing as he spread his legs. “Come on, hit me with your best---”
Ben didn’t let him finish the sentence. He swung the baseball bat into Nathan’s crotch in a perfect arc, viciously squishing his nuts flat and ramming them into his body.
Nathan was lifted off the ground, his eyes rolling back into his head as he collapsed, curling up in a little ball, kicking and screaming, clutching his nuts as red, hot pain washed through his body.
“Fuck yeah!” Ben hollered, dropping the nut-crushing baseball bat to the ground and raising his hands high into the air. “Fuck yeah!”
Nathan was whimpering in pain, clutching his nuts.
Logan and Phil had fallen asleep again.
“Fuck yeah!” Ben yelled, putting his foot on Nathan’s back in a humiliating victory pose. “Bow to the king! Bow to the fucking king of nut pong!”


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Sorry, I never really comment, but I need to applaud you on not only making daily posts, but also for making them always excellent. I honestly have no idea how you can be this good.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Alex,

What a great story! Love seeing the boys having fun and getting all busted up! I bet Nathan really liked this one.



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! It means a lot to me! :-))

Anonymous said...

when will you post a new permanent damage storie? Applauses for this storie.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I don't have a permanent damage story in the works right now, but over at the always awesome "Cracked Nuts" story blog there is a FANTASTIC story unfolding that you will surely enjoy:
"Rupture Fest 2020".
The first part is already online: